You Can Be Terrible if You Call It “Self-Care”

You Can Be Terrible if You Call It “Self-Care”

– Oh man, I am so glad we decided to get mani-pedis
during our lunch hour. – Right? Practicing self care is so important. I mean, sometimes I feel guilty about it, but I just am so much more productive if I take a little bit of time to do things that make me feel better. – Yeah, totally. – Just anything that’ll get
you through the day, you know? – Goddesses? Last night, I was going
to call my parents, but instead I watched three episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Is that bad? – No, that’s just self care. I mean, you just sometimes have to take a little bit of time to
recharge yourself, you know? – Right? – Angels? I have a confession. – Ooh, I love confessions. – Yesterday for lunch, I
was going to have a salad. – Oh, I love salad! – But I ate 13 glazed donuts instead. – Yum! – Was that naughty? – Did that make your soul feel better? – You know, it did. – Well, everybody knows that soul health is so much more important
than body health. Like, that is self care 101. – Okay. (relieved sighing) – You know, a thing that I’ve
really been into recently is that I’ve cut my work hours down from 40 hours a week to like, zero. Does that make me an awful person? – No! That is so self caring! – It’s not lazy if you need it. – I need it. And I feel so much better now. And I just like basically get the same amount of work done. – Did I tell you guys that Tom and I have moved our relationship
into an open status? – Shut up, stupid! Really? – Well, I’m sleeping with other people, and I was going to tell him, but confrontation makes me feel feelings, and that’s like the opposite of self care. Does that make me wet human garbage? – You cannot tell him, and you cannot stop. I mean, think about how terribly it would affect your equilibrium. – He’s happier when you’re happier. – Yeah, that’s what
relationships are all about. – That’s what Oprah’s always saying. – I love okra. – My women, I think I’m just gonna not
pay my taxes this year. Should I just go jump in a haunted lake because I’m so morally bankrupt? – Oh, no! That’s a great idea! – I mean, on the one hand it’s illegal, but on the other hand think
of the amazing self care I’ll be able to do with that extra $5,000. – Oh, totally. It’s the same reason I robbed
that convenience store. Like, okay fine. I could have bought stuff, but shooting up the place really filled me with a childhood joy. That’s so important to chase as an adult. – Oh Katie. – Oh no, was that wrong, babies? – That is so self caring. – Anyway, if that was wrong, all three of us would be in jail for enslaving everybody in the office. (laughing) – Is it organic? – Hello! I’m Siobhan from College Humor. To subscribe to the
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100 thoughts on “You Can Be Terrible if You Call It “Self-Care”

  1. If your decision harms a person against their will, then you shall be treated like bull crap worthless shit you are, or else you can't do it to them, it's that simple, why try to make an excuse to evil, das sad, and das statement is two words spelled backwards

  2. You deserve it, or is it what dey deserve, because you can never get away when you fighting the Cockblock of Conservative Censorship, the Black Jesus of Border Jury, The Joe Kony of Just Kidding!

  3. Honestly yesterday i had to destroy a whole city to get rid of a bush. But like, bushes are bad for my mental health so it's just self care right!?

  4. This has over a thousand dislikes and I find it fucking hilarious because almost all of them are probably just pissy because they can’t handle the truth.

  5. Being physically unhealthy will cause you to eventually feel worse overtime, feel more tired, sick, and less cheeful. Keeping good care of yourself is important for a good self image, and feeling good overall.

  6. Fellow celestials. I just conquered the entire planet, enslaved all humans and crushed those who opposed me. Does that make me a bad person?

  7. I WANT to comment about how unfair this is to a lot of women who really do need to give themselves permission to put themselves first once in a while … but last week I got a call from (someone in my life) from the airport. She and her family were spontaneously going on a tropical holiday! Wasn't that wonderful, and so very important for their well-being? Except I happen to know that she and her husband are both underemployed, this was a school week for their kids, and I'm 98% sure they financed it on their line of credit. The one that is cosigned by a family member and is supposed to be for emergencies … and went into effect the literal day before.


    I try not to be judge-y, really I do, but when she starts a conversation with "I really neeeed to get away, for mental health, etc., etc." all I can think is: no, you don't. You don't know the meaning of proper self-care. You're just irresponsible. And then I see this video and realize that there's a whole bloody culture of deliberate misappropriation and undermining of what should be a meaningful and legitimate thing. Sigh.

  8. Goddesses, They ran out of my fav snack at the corner store, so I conquered all of the west hemisphere, Slaughtered millions (just for funsies), and enslaved the population. Is that wrong?

  9. I got so mad at my grades that I planted 20 C4s in all the school buildings, and set them to detonate in 2 hours, but that's not bad, right? Just a little explosive activity to calm myself down a little. Does that make me a bad person?

  10. as a side note I learned about Crazy Ex Girlfriend from this video and it is PHENOMENAL. It’s hilarious and smart and I highkey recommend.

  11. But seriously how does one eat 13 glazed donuts? I start feeling pukish after ONE. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS KATIE-SENPAI

  12. It starts out OK what they’re doing when it gets a little worse than a gate straight up illegal I love that

  13. I feel like it's an American thing. Or from the western countries. All about "self care". Making things okay coz it makes one feel better. It's ridiculous

  14. My anxiety: See this is why getting eight hours of sleep makes you a self centered overindulgent narcissist

  15. The fact that this is so many people on tumblr and in my school makes me want to jump out a window, I just need to recharge you know?

  16. Don't call me out (minus the really bad stuff like tax evasion and cheating and robbing and enslaving your coworkers)

  17. Hitler: So, I started a second world war literally killing hundreds of thousands of people, but it was self care so I'll be fine.

  18. I think the title of the video was supposed to say “can’t” instead of “can”.. just saying lol

  19. Is it bad when a guy at school told me I was dumb I killed his family and him did it make your soul feel good yes it did then nooooooooo

  20. Amazons?
    I was going to do my part of the assignment but instead I silenced the group chat and started watching Youtube… does that make me radioactive toxic waste??

  21. Nothing is worth doing for yourself, only think of others, being happy is selfish, killing yourself would be good for everyone you know.

  22. Daenerys, probably : Godesses, i was feeling a tad bit upset that that Cersei killed my best friend and that the man that I am in love with told the truth about him to his sisters that I unleashed dragon fire on an entire city killings thousands of innocent men, women, and children, but it made my soul feel so much better. Does that make me a bad person?
    CH: Nooooooooooooooo. That's like so self caring.

  23. Siobhan's my favourite because she has exactly the same "middle of the Atlantic" sort of accent that I have from being raised by a British mother in America

  24. I slept with a married man, and killed his wife and put his kids up for adoption, but it was soooo relaxing and I felt soooo much better after I spent time with him. Is that nauuuggghhhty-waaughhty

  25. Angelic pieces of glitter, I set my school on fire, killed my aunt and uncle, stole 3 cats, broke into an abandoned mall, punched a pastor, shot up a bookstore, and then poisoned my sister, was that wrong my magical light particles?

  26. "Goddess….." I flicked the channel. It's triggered me because I was going out with beautiful and broken woman who surrounding her with f*ck-up woo-woo broken (yes, beautiful) women who called themselves "goddess". Sad and pathetic.

  27. divine godly universal union beings, i was feeling a bit sick so i ate the flesh of the weak and sacrificed their hearts to sun gods

    Does that make me a sack of human garbage?

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