Will Obama ally, Deval Patrick become the 2020 Democrats’ new target?

Will Obama ally, Deval Patrick become the 2020 Democrats’ new target?

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  2. Wait.. do you really think Barry 2.0 will work? Dems LOST the Black and Hispanic Vote because we have a President who KEPT HIS Promises! NOT LIKE LYING BARRY!

  3. Q it wasn't him that was good business it was his wife that was good in business cuz he was a terrible governor in Massachusetts made everything expensive. After 4 years of him being president a bag of chips $0.80 potato chip tax $3.20 total for the chips 4.oo. And that's a small bag. Wink

  4. why do Democrats think if Obama pushes someone that people will vote for him,, 1, He's a Democrat…2, Obama did nothing for more jobs and did nothing for our country, ….3, if you vote Democrat you will lose JOBS…YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE ,..AND PAY A LOT MORE TAXES..AND MUCH MORE..

  5. Take a good look at our next President. It doesn't matter what his policies are, if he can handle the job or how he feels about the people of America. He is NOT white and is friends with Obama. Unfortunately it's in the bag. It's all about skin color these days. No wonder Hussein Obama wouldn't endorse Biden. He was waiting for his buddy Devil, oops Deval to join the show. Predictable.

  6. Uh, no, we don't want another POS in office. Hope Democrats research this guy and don't trust MSM. He is a long time politician, longtime Obummer friend and corruption in his past. No, no, no.

  7. This guy was a scumbag as governor of Massachusetts… he blew the budget by February of every year. Not to mention he used taxpayer money to give himself marble countertops and a new car; not to mention scandals wit the Board of Health, Department of Children and Families (DCF), and contracted state jobs to out of state corporations.

    And that voice… its an affect.

  8. **.. What do we care .. democrats or the de.ep.state.mu.rderers' party is a d.e.a.d party ✅ .. plus .. no one mesures to OUR beloved president Trump .. no one !! It's going to be a huge VICTORY .. you'll see.**

  9. I am a black man and the Obama administration betrayed black America and for this I will never vote for the Democratic ever no matter who runs. RIP Democratic Party Trump 2020 and beyond 😀

  10. Absolutely!! These other entitled democrats candidates will be acting like a spoiled brat crying a river because they want to be the next president. On a side note, will the Americans trust another black Presidential candidate? The last one almost ruined America & a lot of Americans became homeless because of him & as of yet, a lot of them haven’t recovered from it (being an addict or alcoholic). If you didn’t notice, homelessness is a crisis in most democratic city’s.

  11. All Duvall PATRICK Did for Massachusetts, Is spend your Taxpayer dollars on A New Car for himself. And to Redecorate his Office. Not One Dime was spent. To improve The State of Massachusetts.

  12. America is going to vote Republican . We the people see if your Democrat party goes after a president that had done nothing wrong the voters are saying how long before they come after us.

  13. Unlike back in 2008, the black vote will go to Trump. Democrats are racist according to Kamala Harris so I will assume Joe Biden will be the nominee.

  14. Soros money
    Obama's been seen having meetings with Soros at his home (Soros) recently now all of a sudden his friend is running for the presidency of the United States..lmao….

  15. If he is a friend of the community organizing trashbag Obama, he must be a Leftist Marxist lying, hate filled Socialist, Communist Democrat.

  16. Bet Mr studder as loud as I can only got a job cause hes related to someone I dont see how this dude has a job he just shouts and studders over ppl

  17. If this man gets the WH, he needs to do what Obama did: render his authority to Intel Agencies and to the Fake Media. By doing so, he will have an easy ride, and he will be adored by them, and by the rest of the swamp creatures.

  18. chief warren will probably try to scalp anything that comes within range of her or her personalities but the rest really dont have the credentials to claim he shouldnt be in the circus. unless beto learns his lessons and wants to come attempt to market some patriotism again.

  19. Obama is trying to insert him because it is obvious these mutant dem candidates are ultra-nowhere. But his centrist stance is a sham, and he would tear his mask off instantly if ever elected. Obama just wants to get his puppet in, and sees an opportunity in the obvious built-to-fail panel of demo-candidates. Besides, if there is any justice in the world at all, it might just be possible that Obama is going to need a presidential ally to issue him a pardon in the near future.

  20. Any endorsee by Barack Obama is questionable at best….Obama is NOT THE GUY we want to take any word from…he's a crooked criminal (not yet brought to justice) that hides behind a phony smile while he has capitalized on many MORALLY wrong deeds.

  21. The last three years President Trump bring America back again & make America Great again with high respect. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 President Trump 2020!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 Democrats like is Socialism!!  Radical Dems which is by the time. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. We American loves Freedom and Freedom is not Free!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 American  can never except Communist in Our Government! California end of Sanctuary City!! End of DACA!! Barrack Hussein Obama is Commie also the ISIS Founder!!

  22. Hell why not! WASHINGTON is a lost cause! Does it really matter, Treasonous Traitors are running it anyway. Congress is TREASONOUS, Supreme Court is Treasonous, The State Department is Treasonous, The Department of Justice is Treasonous, The Department of Defense is Treasonous. So in reality does it really matter, 1 side is just a little less TREASONOUS Than The Other.
    None of them are going to arrest anyone, so what fricken difference does it make… They all know The American People will accept whatever they do and other than cry about, Today's Americans are PC WUSSIES.

  23. Obama ally Deval Patrick eats the envelop after sucked, licked, chewed by Obama?
    So Obama ally is a threat to the squad? But squad loves Obama and Kamala Harris does love Obama and Coory Booker, Cuban.

    COUNT ON IT!!!!!!
    "Once you have had black…you can NEVER go back!"…Their OWN words!

  25. America, repent of your sins and be reconciled to God. Before it's too late. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your King and do what He commands.

  26. Unfair for the original candidates who spent much money to campaign, spent their time and energy. On the other hand, Mr. Trump can easily defeat him. No sound bytes from him so far..just an Obama-endorsed candidate. He is counting on the black voters who walked-away from the left dem party.

  27. Democrats targeting people like the mafia boss 🤦‍♀️ no wonder people in Government may feel oppressed to speak, they'll go back to your fun years and dig up dirt, zero candor, or character those Democrats, not sure how they sleep at night running around ruining lives for selfish gain like they do.

  28. How many people are running for president now?. Thirty or forty I'm lost. Lol. Phony impeachment, adam Schiff changing his story every ten seconds. Russia, Ukraine, ambassadors with he said, she said storylines, look I'm done. Overload.

  29. Friendship with Obama should be a detriment to any candidate after the exposure of Obama's corrupt run for power/wealth as our 44th President. Under the Obama's administration surviving babies became garbage he fought hard to send to the "ovens" until "lucrative baby-body- part mills" arose in the minds of Planned Parenthood serial operators. Under the Obama admin Hillary ran rampant, heroes died in Benghazu as terrorism flourished and she and her personal business partner Sid Blumenthal were focused on nation building to increase their wealth and power.

  30. Oh do not count on that, Obama has destroyed any trust for a future black President on the left or right for that matter to EVER be elected cuz Rats for sure will never get back in the WH, and Rhinos will be voted out by 2020 and by the end of another 4 years of Trump Presidency, if patriots can have a say, and they do!

  31. Democrats are counting on the black community voting for him simply because he's black. Won't work this time. Too many African-Americans have realized the Dems want to keep them in the gutter and they're not having it any longer.


  33. Devalle is a corporatist scumbag. My opinion aside it's too late in the game to start a campaign. He'll be a Flash in the Pan.

  34. Ol Deval will get shredded at the polls. His attachment to Obama & Company will cause him a great deal of GRIEF, for starters….

  35. The Dems can't criticize Patrick because that would make them racist. Duval is a big threat to Liz Warren and I am happy about that. He will bring some sense to the next debate methinks.

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