Why Your Workout Plan isn’t Working (HARSH TRUTH!!)

Why Your Workout Plan isn’t Working (HARSH TRUTH!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today I’m going to get right here, in your
face, talk man to man, give you the truth because you know there’s one place you can
come – I hope you know that by now – that you can come right here on this channel. I
am not going to bullshit you. I’m going to tell you how it is, but I know it’s going
to make you better in the long run. Today I’m going to talk to you about results.
You can take a look at that thumbnail and you’re going to see two pictures on there.
Both of me. You’ll say “Well, there’s not that much results there. I can’t – maybe
he’s a little bit bigger. I’m not really sure.” I can tell you I’ve made some small changes
here even in this past year. I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve actually gotten
more muscular – something you’re not supposed to do at the age of 40. At least people will
tell you that. Guys, don’t despair. If you’re over 40 you definitely have hope. But it’s
not that. That’s not what I’m trying to show. What I’m trying to show is that those two
pictures are actually taken 365 days apart, almost to the day. To me, that’s progress because a lot of people
watching this video right now already know – if you’re a regular viewer of this channel
– that wasn’t just me 365 days ago, that was me 342 days ago. And 310 days ago. And
289 days ago. Any day you want to pick; that was me. I don’t go up and down throughout
the year. I practice what I preach and I preach to you what I know on this channel because
I can get you into that same place. A lot of guys would kill to have that level
of consistency and to be able to be there. I tell you what, when you get locked in, it’s
downright damn easy to do. It really, truly is because it becomes a lifestyle. You’re
not following and chasing leprechauns, as I say, looking for the latest trick and tactic
and shortcut and all that bullshit. You’re not looking for that. You are down the path to consistency because
you’re locked in. But getting there is the problem. I can tell you right now I know why.
I know why a lot of guys can’t get on that path to consistency. Even if you’re going
to the gym regularly, even if you follow my workouts and you’re doing them – which I
really congratulate you because guess what? There’s a lot of lazy asses here on YouTube
that will watch it and never do a damn thing with it and everybody who’s doing that knows
who they are. You know what? They don’t feel good about that, but you’ve got to do
something about it. It’s okay to not feel good about it, but you’ve got to change your
habits and start doing something about it. Even the guys that are consistently going
and doing the workouts, there’s one thing missing. There’s one big level of commitment
that you might be overlooking. That is the fact that even if you’re doing an hour workout,
there’s one other thing that you may be overlooking. That is the most important. What are you doing
in the other 23 hours of the day? 23 hour. That’s a lot of damn time because 23 hours
becomes 46 over two days, and 46 becomes 69, right? There’s a lot of hours. If you add that up
over the year there’s a lot of time for you to do some serious damage. If you’re not worried
about what you’re doing in those other 23 hours, or focusing on them. We all slip up
there. I’m mostly talking about nutrition. There are a lot of things that you can do
– a lot of styles of eating, diet plans, different things that you can do – with
how you manipulate your intake of food that can help you to start losing weight right
now. You know it. You’ve probably tried a bunch
of them. If you’re able to only do that for 23 hours and maybe you can string together
two days, maybe you can string together two weeks, maybe you can string together two months;
can you do two years? Can you do six years? Can you do 20 years? If you can’t: fuck that
shit. It’s not going to help you get to where you need to be and where you could be. That
is living at a level of consistency. Living there. It’s your lifestyle. It’s easy. You’re
locked in. It’s not work for me anymore. I have to do
my work. It’s part of my life though. So it’s not something that I really consider. I recently
had twin boys. Some people on YouTube were projecting my doom. “Never will he be able
to be in shape ever again.” You know, as a father with responsibilities to his kids,
and his wife, and his family, he’ll be a fat ass very, very soon. Guess what, guys? It
ain’t going to fucking happen. You know why? Because it’s part of my life. It’s part of
my life. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do it. It’s
like showering for me. I don’t go a day without showering and I don’t go a day without
at least doing something to make sure – even if it’s not training – to make sure that
I’m eating well to stay on that path to consistency. So you have to start realizing that amount
of time is going to take another level of commitment. You commit yourself to get yourself
to the gym. As I said, that is a noble thing. The fact that you can do that, I, personally,
am very proud of the fact that you can get yourself to the gym and regularly get your
work done. But there’s another level of commitment that you’ve got to ratchet it up. It requires
paying attention to those other 23 hours. You know right now – look at me right here.
You know if you’re not seeing those results that you think you deserve because you do
regularly show up at the gym, guess what you’re probably doing? You’re probably not doing all that well in
those other 23 hours. Maybe you’re doing great in 20 of them, but you’re screwing up on the
other 3. That’s enough to do enough damage to hold you back. But, if you can find a plan,
whatever it is that works for you – I talk all the time, every single video I talk about
ATHLEANX training system and how simplified I’ve made it. It’s the exact same way that
I eat. The exact same way. It’s the exact same way that allows me to
stay here every single day, 365 days a year, and do my videos and practice what I preach
to you. I don’t give you shit that I don’t follow and practice myself. I give you the
same advice. The same steps. The same simplicity and I build it in. It doesn’t have to be that.
If you don’t want to follow the ATHLEANX training system, or the way our ATHLEANX meal
plans and how we eat; fine. Find what works for you, but you’d better
have one thing – and don’t come back to me if it’s not true – your thing better
work for a lifetime. That is the only thing that’s going to allow you to find the happiness
and being able to stay locked in on your goals. Instead of feeling those ups and downs where
half the year you want to hide yourself behind clothes and half the year you’re excited to
show it off – I know what time it is. I know and I see a lot of athletes do this.
It’s the time of year where people start wanting to show off a little bit. So they’re trying
to get rid of all the stuff they’ve done wrong over the last few months. How about if you
never screwed up in the first place? How about if you enjoyed it every step of the way and
were proud of the accomplishments that you have by maintaining that all year? It’s a
much better feeling, guys. It’s a much better feeling than having to
feel like you’re doing this all the time. So, what I’m asking for you, and begging of
you is to continue to do your workouts, continue to show up. While the lazy asses continue
to do nothing, you be proud of yourself for doing what you’re doing, but let’s take it
up another level now. Let’s start worrying about the other 23 hours because they matter.
They matter a lot. As you can see, when you compare them to the
time you spend training and in the gym, it’s a really lopsided balance right there. All
this extra time can do a lot to undo this little time that you spend training. I want
to make sure that you guys can focus on something. Again, I don’t care what style of eating
it is. It doesn’t have to be mine. Whatever works for you, but make sure it works for
a lifetime. If you guys found this to be a little bit
of a wakeup call, then good. But most of all, I want you to know that you can get there.
You can do this, guys. Again, I stand up here 365 days a year making sure that I can practice
what I preach. People say “Jeff, why do you do your videos with your shirt off?” Because
I want to prove to you guys I’m not a phony, I know what it takes, I know how to make it
work, and I know how to make it simple. I say it all the time. At ATHLEANX.com, in
our ATHLEANX training system, the program that I designed, and the program that I live,
the program that I breathe; it works and it works for a lifetime. I’d like to be able
to have all you guys find that same level of consistency, but it doesn’t have to be
through that program, okay? You can find whatever works for you. I just want to see you get
to that point that you’re happy with where you’re at. That, for me, is a victory. Guys, I’ll be
back here again soon. Make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me
know what you want to see on this channel here. This is your channel. I’m happy to come
up here and make the videos that you need. If I need to give that little kick in the
ass when needed, then so be it. At least, as I said in the beginning, it’s truthful. I’ll be back here soon. See you.

100 thoughts on “Why Your Workout Plan isn’t Working (HARSH TRUTH!!)

  1. Hi Jeff can you please make a short video about the importance of recovery time in between sets. I’m never sure how long to rest in between big compound movements such as deadlifts and squats. I think I’m cheating by waiting over 1 min 30 secs to recover but when I had a PT he would kick my ass if I was over 45 secs I can lift more with a bit more rest but am I sacrificing gains by staying in my comfort zone?? Please help.. Love the channel keep up the good work.
    Dave from Wales

  2. If you lazy-asses don't start seeing results soon, Incredible Hulk Jeff is going to rip your lazy ass off of your body…

  3. jeff , total respect for u, but fuck u, u always say dont bulk and cut, how the fuck can i do this? fucking explain that shit, i dont want to buy athlean x program because i dont have the fucking money, but fucking explain that shit? how much calories should i consume to build muscle without fat????

  4. Work.. 8_10 hrs.. plus 1.5 or 2 hrs driving time,. 1.5 gym n shower.. 6 or 7 to sleep.. I hate being poor

  5. Jeff, you are always asking for suggestions on a video. I would love to see how you progressed over the last 20 years with pictures each year of your progression from the skinny kid you talked about when you were younger to the 40-year-old you are today

  6. Came in here for a quick tip on Workout Schedule – came out reaching Arahant enlightenment – baptized and renewed. I feel an aura of human supreme.

  7. just bullshit. you ve became a miilionaire by selling shitty plans to frustrated loser who think six back will get them pussy. most people arent millionairs. the have to work months to earn the money you are making in 24 h. yeah as a millionaire who can afford high class high price foods every day. who can easily spent 24h considering everything hes doing. all fitness gurus are liars. because the speak from the position of millionairs to ordinary popele with ordinary jobs. THATS the actual problem here.

  8. I know exactly why I'm not seeing results. I eat healthy — oatmeal for breakfast every day, vegetable-based meals, fish for protein, white meat for meat needs (sorry vegans), and fruit for dessert while drinking only water (no coffee or alcohol at all) — and I work out four to six days a week (a solid mix of intense and light, weights and cardio). However, because of my job, I can only get six hours of sleep per night if I'm lucky (it's almost always fewer). That's not enough time for recovery, and that results in plenty of stress hormones being released. That's why, even after a year of following this routine, I'm still at 18-22% body fat (right where I started). Sure, I'm seeing more muscle definition, but I set out on this to lose body fat, not just to see definition. It's downright disappointing.

  9. It gets so easy when you make small changes and it just becomes your life after a bit. A couple years ago you’d never catch me eating a salad every day, but these days it’s just normal, and I enjoy it. I don’t seem to get sick with colds/flu anywhere near as much since that happened. I’ve also given up crisps, my major downfall and I don’t even wanna go back. That alone made me lose half a stone.

  10. I do 2 hours in gym. 5 days a week, eat healthy, just used to doing it now, been doing it 2 years, it's life, consistency is easy now, was hard to start with but you push through.

  11. Hello jeff, kind hello’s from Sweden, my workout plan isnt working as well as it should i think, my problem is i am not gaining weight in muscles, im just above skinny and i gym atleast 4-5 days a week, i eat well and sleep well, i love gymming and its part of my life but i cant progress im stuck at the same weights for half a year now, im not sinking but not getting anywhere

  12. People need to be honest with themselves. As you say, it's a lifestyle and it all about consistency. Once we get to that level it just becomes easy and you just do it. Just as you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. I am 63 and I am ripped. Love cycling and doing body type workouts everyday. My children see how I am and they follow in my footsteps knowing that our health is our wealth. I watch your videos and understand and admire your dedication to staying healthy and ripped. It's the only way to live a full, healthy and happy life. Those who live the kind of lifestyle you live understand where you are coming from. God bless you for inspiring others to be healthy and fit.

  13. Alright Athlean X guys and gals. Ive been working my ASS off for 5 mnths almost. My body has changed. It is beginning to look a BIT muscular. I started at around 149lbs. And am now at around 156lbs.
    But im NOT chiseled. I have 2 top abs…haha the bottom 4, not so much. Should it take THIS long?!
    Ive been going nuts trying to eat alot..and healthy.
    I train sometimes 6 days a week for 45 min or 1 hr.
    I reach failure. I push through. It seems I gained WAY more at the beginning!! With isolation exercises!! I have tried to move to more compound, because I work 10hr. Days 4 days a week.
    What in the HELL am I DOING WRONG?!
    I should be ripped by now from what I read online. So frustrated. Its killing my drive. Help!!

  14. Actually I feel like I missed something if Im skipping my workout 😂 thats what it feels to have lifestyle in training

  15. Is because of you I can perform better than before. I’ve been doing reps without good posture. Now, I can rep perfectly without elbows popping on each count.

  16. True animal! speaking the truth in his natural habitat. Stay consistent, train smart, eat right. Follow athlean-x 🔑 to life!

  17. How much time should a workout session last? I couldn't find this in your channel. Thanks, your info is really good, and is really helping!

  18. You have to be able to do a sustainable exercise program and more importantly a sustainable diet….especially as you get older.

  19. You are the real deal Jeff. I’ve been watching your videos religiously for the last 8-ish months sine I’ve found your channel and you’ve changed he way I look at working out and my “nutrition “ as you put it. I have been will be making this my lifestyle. Keep doing your thing brotha.

  20. Keep in mind that if you would not use the f word in front of your twin boys ,I can’t take the chance of watching any of your videos in the presence of my boys. Leave the high school talk back in high school. Please

  21. Notice he never tells you what you’re supposed to do for the other 23 hours. That’s the problem with his program too, it’s always 5-7 exercises and you leave the gym never really feeling like you did enough

  22. I love how blunt you are. My wife won't let me train her because she says I'm mean. I know i need to tighten up my other 23 hours. I have 4 young kids but it's not their fault. Its mine. Keep on keeping it real.

  23. The biggest motivation for me to eat healthy was when I made the comment that everyone hears all the time, “I don’t even remember what I ate for breakfast.” So my friend looks at me and says, “Then you definitely don’t remember what you ate all day last Tuesday right?” Of course I didn’t. I didn’t remember what I had for breakfast. So then why the hell was that bag of chips, donut, and fried food so important for you to eat when you can’t even remember you ate it the next day? Been eating healthy ever since and the best part, I like it more than all that garbage I was eating.

  24. youre an amazing guy Jeff, as real as it gets. Humble, professional, caring…etc. This was a video well worth watching..every 9:02min of it.

  25. Correct. It is a matter of life-time well-being solution. I went to gym, deciding to be stonger at the age of 40 than I was 10 years earlier. I was. So, I decided to be as strong on my 50th birthday as I was 10 years ago. Wrong, I got stronger. Further-on. I decided to be as strong in my 60th birthday. Wrong again, since my power lifting record 392, 5 kg already came at the age of 58. Training is a life-time progress, getting better and better. Current LBM is 120%, while fats are 8,3%. Looking fwd to my 40th gym anniversary to become even stronger, more flexible, and constantly determined. Keep it up, Jeff👍.

  26. Eat real food only just consume plant based whole foods not that man made gmo crap and Ingredients you never heard of. And if you don't know where the source of protein is produced by nature: spirulina has 114gs per cup, sesame flour is 80gs per cup, hemp seeds are 62gs per cup and garbanzo bean flour is 28gs per cup, you can easily consume more protein than your body actually can convert and it'll just be carried over into fat so make good choices and keep it real much love. RIP NIPSEY , RIP DR SEBI

  27. I know if I was lucky enough to win one of the athleanx programs I would end up looking like a MONSTER!!! I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STAY LEAN FOR ABOUT 16 months straight now so all I need is to add size and I will be set!!

  28. I love Jeff's TRUTH videos. There is always at least one thing in them that applies to me, and the way he talks to us is very supportive and comforting.

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