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  1. Happy Tuesday ya Beautiful Bastards!
    Timecodes: #BroomChallenge (00:17), Birds of Prey (2:53), TIA (5:47), Stone (7:11), Coronavirus (8:22), Bloomberg (11:52)

  2. like most DC movies ill watch it on netflix or something lol they've had like maybe 5 good movies in the last 15 years? not worth wasting money on most of their movies (went to wonder woman but didn't go see aquaman even though it was good enough to when i saw it online)

  3. To me birds of prey is doing bad because suicide squad wasn’t a hit and this is connected to it. I really don’t connect to it being a female movie as it doing bad to me, seems more just like bad background movie and bad trailer. Nothing to do with it being female lead. Plus we got a new joker movie why watch a new movie that was based off a bad joker (Jared Leto). also I’m broke so maybe that too

  4. Brooms standing up is harmless but Flat Earth and Moon Landing conspiracy stuff is really not. Just goes to prove there are a lot of…..less than bright humans on this planet.

  5. The doctor died of the "illness" That fool was whacked by the Chinese government. Also, what better way to snub out a HongKong protest and take all the attention away from it. I haven't seen anything about protestors in the news. lol.. Random outbreak my ass. They have the news set up like a virus movie. The shit is reality TV.. Not reality at all. We have a reality TV star as president and people still believe everything they tell us. lol It's all bullshit and it's bad for you.

  6. Birds of prey trailer just didn’t make the video seem interesting to me. I don’t watch many movies but trailers make it or break it for me to get out of the house to go see a movie

  7. My guess to why birds of prey under performed is because of the sour taste "suicide squad" left with most people. And it looks a lot similar on facevalue.

  8. I would love to see Corona become the Chinese government's Chernobyl. Not in the sense of how devastating it was for the people living there but because Chernobyl was one of the biggest nails in the Soviet Union's coffin. To hell with tyranny.

  9. (This turned into a rant, sorry)

    It's so sad that people are actually making excuses as to why they can't watch BoP 😂 my excuse is that I didn't agree with the marketing for it – I'm tired of these movies that hate on men and make women seem better than them, it use to be funny but it's just oversaturated and it seems people actually believe that now. Secondly I really like the OG BoP that doesn't have Harley Quinn in it (if they wanted to use Harley Quinn so bad why not do Gotham Sirens instead?????) Also they butchered two of my favorite characters Black Canary and Huntress, like if you wanted to incorporate more diversity in your movie why don't you use actual diverse characters instead of race swapping??? How hard would it been to use Vixen? Bumble Bee? Etc? Stop being fucking lazy and show more ACTUAL diverse characters on the screen!

  10. I don't yet know where I stand on the stop and frisk situation.
    But I wonder.. Should we not use statistics when making these decisions?

    If one particular group, area, or demographic are statisticly more likely to commit a crime, then shouldn't we put more effort towards mitigating crime in those groups/areas/demographics?

    Surely, our main efforts should be in tackling why the statistics are as they are. I imagine this can be done with education and economic policies. But while the data shows a particular statistic, I don't see it to be racist at all the implement those mitigation.

    Like anything of importance, there's no simple solution. But I feel it's dangerous to start labeling data as racist.

  11. I haven't watched it yet because I had graduation exams for uni, but since it's over I just have to find time after work to watch it ^^
    I'm very excited for it, love Margot Robbie as an actress <3

  12. Why I didn't see it? I didn't even know it was coming out. Almost any movie that I end up seeing is because I saw it in a ad somewhere or by the bus station, i hadn't even heard that this was coming which brings up a point perhaps that it is way easier to sit in a echo-chamber nowadays, where you get the same things you look at regurgitated to you and since the last movie I watched was Godzilla king of the monsters, I wasn't getting anything to do with DC or Marvel.

  13. Only reasons I'm not watching Birds of Prey is that I don't really care about superhero movies. I mean I watch Marvel movies because they're easy action flicks that did a good cinematic universe (but let's be straight here, I watched them at first because of their action/easy marketability, and stuck with em cuz of the story), I watched Into the Spiderverse just because I heard the animation was fantastic, and I watched Joker for Phoenix's performance and amazing reviews. I don't actually care much for the actual superhero side of superhero movies. I hella respect superheros and the comics they come from, but I'm not sold on superhero names alone.

  14. Lol I just want to say youtube has not given me a single update that Phil was back for like the past 8 or 10 episodes but atleast I have backlog to binge now I guess lol

  15. I really liked Birds of prey! It probably helped I didn't see suicide squad, but she runs you threw that back story in the movie. It had action and it was really funny and emotional too!

  16. I dont know how someone can say something 100% true and then be called a racist for saying it. The truth can hurt and it can be used intentionally to hurt but that does not make it false. (like calling a fat person fat). bloomburg kept stop and frisk because it made a huge difference in preventing crimes which was hurting the community way worse than being stopped and frisked. it's a shame bloomburg apologized.

  17. You can tell amazing stories about females, or with a female lead. But when a movie smells like they're pushing this idiotic contemporary feminist agenda… they can F**k off

  18. I'm a big Marvel and DC fan. I've just been boycotting DC as of late because of the whole Amber Heard in Aquaman situation. DC has hired a woman that has lied to the masses. Pretended to be a victim and jumped in the whole 'me too' movement. The entirety of Hollywood only believed her because she was a woman. If you haven't heard the audio clips of her admitting to abusing Johnny Depp. Her verbally attacking him, gaslighting him, manipulating him, admitting to punching him, then I suggest you listen to them. I will not be supporting or watching any DC movies until DC takes action over this shit.
    Because a person like her who has used Johnny Depp to further her own Agenda to get herself higher up in Hollywood. Johnny Depp was fired from Disney for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow over allegations that had no actual evidence just circumstantial accusations SET UP by her. Who used countless victims and the 'Me Too' movement to win empathy and sympathy and get jobs does not deserve it. She hasn't earned shit.
    Amber Heard has said, "Tell the world, Johnny, tell them… I Johnny Depp, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence… and see how many people believe or side with you"
    Because of this, I refuse to give any support to DC as long as they support this disgusting and abusive woman. Fuck DC if they support her.


  19. I almost didn’t see Birds I’d Prey but because Suicide Squad was such a disappointment and the trailer for it didn’t look great. I saw it after seeing that the reviews were good and there wasn’t anything else to see. It wasn’t bad. Entertaining.

  20. I would say DC has actually improved a lot in these past few years. I think Shazam is the most under rated super hero movie.

    I think Birds underperform because they expected Star power of Margot to being in the people and the box office has shown that people don’t just go to the movies to see her specifically. Couple that with the R rating, obscure license, people being more hesitant to watch a DC movie before waiting for reviews.

    I think the movie did exactly as it should have and Hollywood really overestimated themselves.

  21. For the harleys Quinn movie, I didnt go due to the trailor looking as bad as the last suicide squad movie, I dont like her for that role but I do like her, and DCs track record is .. bad. With the exception of Joker, their best movie is equivalent to marvel's worst movie. Imo

  22. HOW CAN YOU HAVE A BIRDS OF PREY MOVIE BEFORE A BATWOMAN MOVIE. DC shouldn't have been so fucking dumb. Harley Quinn ain't gonna save the DC Movies idjuts

  23. I didn’t watch birds of prey because suicide squad sucked and I couldn’t stand harley Quinn in it so why would I watch her movie.

  24. I don't usually care much for DC movies as is. That, added with the fact that Suicide Squad was reported as massively disappointing… I have no appeal to go see a movie from that same setting.

  25. I just haven't seen Birds of Prey YET. It's February, it's winter I plan my extra activities around snowfall and I host an Oscar party so I was busy gathering stuff for that and keeping my driveway clear and salted. Just didn't have time or didn't want to go out in the slush.

  26. I watch most superhero movies but decided against birds of prey solely because of the trailer. It was less about Harley and the "superhero" aspect of her and more about female power and "liberation" from the joker. Not that the message is wrong but it could have been portrayed with more subtlety and grace. This just seemed like something alt left feminists would watch to give themselves an ego boost. (Again this is what the trailer and promotional material portrayed, I don't know what the movies was like)

  27. I didn't see Birds of Prey because I'm just not invested in DcCU. The movies have been lackluster at best, at least since the end of the Nolan era. I think WB is just out of touch with what movie goers want. Additionally, DC should focus on making tv shows. They are good at series, leave the movies to Marvel.

  28. I didn't choose not to see it, it just didn't draw me, I actually am still interested, but not enough to shell out expensive tickets.

  29. I think birds of prey didn’t get a lot of people to watch it cuz of the association with suicide squad… (I don’t blame them) personal I actually really enjoyed birds of prey 🙂

  30. I didnt watch it cause birds of prey has nothing to do with harley Quinn birds of prey is it's own comic for them to make this movie around Harley Quinn is crap

  31. I love Margot Robbie but I won’t see birds or prey in theaters because I couldn’t finish suicide squad and didn’t trust that Margot could save this new filn

  32. I saw the "poster" online and read the title "Birds of Prey"- or the whatever-or-other -"of Harley Quinn" and took another look at what was depicted on the poster and went then and there: "Meh, no thanks". Why name a movie something that it has nothing to do with? If it had been about Hawks and sh*t, at least it would have made sense.

    I hate movies with stupid names that don't fit or don't make any sense! And I am personally not interested in a scantily clad psycho, but I know men are, they loooove that sh*t! Now, of course, not ALL men mind you, but a lot. So when ppl were saying the makers of the film were blaming men for its failure: I was all like "Wut?" o.O Because the crowd for this film should have been men, we women aren't as interested in Harley Quinn as a character or thing, so why they were surprised it flopped and then started blaming men (allegedly) for it, I have no idea.

  33. Honestly I thought birds of prey was very badly advertised. When I had seen the commercial I didn’t really get what the movie was even about. When they advertised suicide squad you knew it was about a band of villains coming together to fight some evil. But with birds of prey it looked almost plotless and I felt no inclination to spend money.

  34. Going to the theatre is a luxury that must be spent on only good movies, all these other superhero movies has some positive recognition cause we can remember some instance where the character was portrayed very well. But suicide squad was one of the most boring movies with deceptive hype ive seen so the overall tendency is to not watch it. Also i think we're being dumb for trying to give only one factor the majority of the blame and control over the situation. Its all of these things combined.. instances in reality are the product of hundreds of factors interacting randomly. All female lead, relatively unheard of compared to other super heroes, the fact that they arent even really heroes, financial difficulties, time of the month, reviewers, advertising, and probably many more factors interact with each other to produce the numbers we've seen

  35. When most crime is committed in a minority neighborhood of course more more minorities will be arrested. that's not racist that's statistics. I feel sorry for law abiding minorities citizens losing police protection because a bunch of liberal white guilt is forcing them to stop arresting criminals

  36. I didn't see it because I'm not a big fan of the character. It had nothing to do with the marketing. I just feel like they have so many good super heroes/villains to pull from.

  37. china: The U.S. is causing this to blow out of perportions.
    also: maybe kidnapped a man visiting a hospital, had a doctor sign a contract saying his accusations were fake,

  38. I didn't see Birds of Prey because DCs track record is crap, and Suicide Squad in particular (which they heavily marketed around Harley) was shite. So I expect less from their version of this character than a standard DC movie, from which I already expect nothing good.

  39. I won't be seeing Birds of Prey because of the disrespect for it's source material. Cassandra Cain is a potentially interesting and complex character, in the film she is replaced with a wisecracking street kid, cute and marketable. Not strong, not complex, she's a bland filler character that seems like some moron executives idea of connecting to younger audiences. Black Canary seems similarly dumbed down. Huntress is, from what I have heard at least, sidelined so Harley Quinn can have more screen time.

  40. Anyone else notice how every one of these Marvel/DC movies claim to be "'The NUMBER ONE MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!'"? Two days after premiering?

  41. I mean, Trump "beat" impeachment with a bogus trial slanted in his favor. Couldn't he just pardon anyone on his team, because justice clearly doesn't matter?

  42. Full honesty, the only thing that put me off from Birds of Prey is that I was worried it would be a flop like suicide squad.

  43. I don't get it, if minorities commit more violent crimes wouldn't it be logical to stop and frisk them more often? Yeah I'm pretty sure that's called logic, often confused with racism.

  44. And still you don’t even mention how unfair the actual prosecution was. 9 years for a tweet and lying about something he shouldn’t have even been shook down over in the first place. Mueller knew Trump wasn’t colluding with Russia over a year before he quit entrapping people trying to find some other dirt or anything else to charge people around Trump with, which wasn’t his mandate.

  45. On the DC Bird of Prey question, idk about other superhero movie fans, but personally I feel like DC just ran out of their opening weekend appeal. Will I see the movie in theaters? Eventually, probably, but with their track record I just feel like going to see a DC movie opening weekend isn't worth it more often than not. Plus movies are expensive! Lol
    Again, just my own thought process and opinion… :p

  46. About Birds of Pray (we live in Ecuador):

    1. I NEVER saw any trailer, or anything anywhere about this movie. Absolutely nothing, and I spend lots of time on YouTube.

    I only realized this existed when I saw a cute reusable cup they are selling in the movie theatre, and then my boyfriend told me about it. If I had to choose a movie, I would have watched any of the Oscars nominated ones (because they show them here again). Maybe bad timing?

    2. My boyfriend watches lots of superheroes movies, and he only knew about this movie because of a youtuber who talks about superheroes. Again, no marketing at all.

    My boyfriend also mentioned that he wouldn't have chosen to watch it, indeed because of the "fame" Suicide Squad has around the plot (characters are good, except for the villain), and the fame DC had created with their movie failures. He has no interest in watching this as he did had when Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel came out.

  47. I didn’t/won’t watch Birds of prey since I think I’m so done with the “superhero revival” thing we’ve got going on and I think a lot of other people are too.

  48. I watched Birds of Prey a few days ago with my girlfriend. It was okay-ish. It was barely about Harley Quin though, just a movie about a kid that stole and then swallowed a ring and Harley Quin baby sitting her.

  49. I didn't/won't see it cause Harley Quinn is over stated nerd fantasy, suicide squad sucked, and that bizarre poster made it look like a lame spin off ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  50. Watching this today, where 14,800 people in China were confirmed in one day, and 232 confirmed dead, is super frightening

  51. Didn't see Birds of prey, and won't because Margot Robbie is terrible. Didn't see suicide squad for the same reason.
    Yes, I'm Australian and so is she, but I cannot STAND her accent in those trailers, so I can't imagine sitting through an entire movie with her speaking like that
    Edit: I don't mean she, herself, personally, is a terrible person (I dont know her nor do I know much about her) that's just my perception of how I feel about her in movies I have seen with her in them, and how I viewed her in those trailers specifically

  52. My reason I never watched Birds of Prey was because I didn't even know it was out until 2 days ago. Thought it was coming out later in the year.

  53. I very much enjoyed Birds of Prey. I’ve been a fan of Harley Quinn for a long time, and her solo storylines are my favorite. I love Harley in her own right, not her “relationship” with Joker. That’s why I was excited to see BOP.

  54. Bruh everyperson at my job truly believed that only on that one day could you do it.. gooood wanted to facepalm myself to death.. still kinda do lol…

  55. I only really watch MCU films because they have a proven track record of making good or better quality films, where as the resent DCCU films are well, fine or worse. I don't really want to commit time to a film that's meant to connect to a bunch of other films when the other films are just average or flat out bad, it's a waste of my time and not really all that fun.

  56. Th first group of bird of prey was it stand a lone thing in the comics. Later on is when Harley Quinn joined. Should have made the first birds of prey then a sequel that actual shows and tells why Harley is joining the BOP team.

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