100 thoughts on “Why A 650+ Lb. Man Says He Turned To Food At A Young Age

  1. So this poor man was not only sexually abused from a young age, he’s then bullied and tormented at school and grows into an adult thinking he’s worthless. Then add the pain of him not able to say good bye to his dying mother. On top of this, he’s humiliated again on TLC when he’s called a 650 lb virgin! Did the show not now his back story?? They probably didn’t care. I’m praying he can heal from all this trauma and find his self love

  2. He needs major support. He needs someone that will not only push him but give him that emotional support that hes getting from eating. I understand how he feels. Ive never been super overweight because my metabolism is good but i definitely have downed a whole pint of ben and jerries and eaten a family size bag of chips in one sitting because of something going on in my life.

  3. My blood boils when I hear about these bullies. This man deserves all the help he can get. He has so many people on his side. Rooting for you.

  4. These stupid weight loss reality shows have to consider that this is an eating disorder! No one in their right mind chooses to be like this. It's not just about losing weight. If you don't treat the underlying psychological issues, they will go right back to where they were. I feel so sorry for this man

  5. With all my heart I hope this young man finds this comment section. You've all got me misty-eyed with this outpouring of compassion and encouragement and love. What wonderful people you are!

  6. Omg, I seen him before when he was smaller, believe it was utube maybe, he use to be a motivational speaker about his weight 😭

  7. I really feel this. I have severe depression and when I have those days where I feel so out of control, I dont eat at all, for days sometimes. It's the only thing I feel I have control over…

  8. Everyone blames molestation on things…. It happened to me but I turned it around. Bad behavior from others doesn't mean you have to continue it.

  9. Its crystal clear what this man is doing. He is making himself unavailable both emotionally and physically quite literally by building walls around himself with his weight. The only way he can get over this is by realizing that he did NOTHING wrong and that those people were the ones with evil intentions and messed up minds. Then he can finally start to heal.

  10. no, no, no you don't have to lose weight, All the millennial are saying that you are just fine the way you are, don't conform to what society wants you to look like. Fat is beautiful, I mean look at Lizzo! joke

  11. My heart goes out to this guy. I'm overweight myself. It's so hard. It shows on the outside but it's basically a mental illness.

  12. Eating is a choice not an addiction, I have been on both sides weighing 120 and 225 at 5.6 height . The food choices you make are an every day decision and you should be very conscious of what you put into your body.

  13. Wow! What a roller coaster of a life! This is very frustrating Im sure! I knew someone who took their own life after regaining a couple hundred pounds! Hope this man can turn it around

  14. This is why I hate when people say fat shaming “”””motivates”””” people. Encouragement motivates people, shaming them enables their self destructive behaviors

  15. As awful as that is for ANY child or even adult, it seems to be more than having been molested, he seems mentally delayed (?) too, perhaps due to his trauma. I wonder if that plays a role in how he chooses to deal with food.

  16. See if ye start smoking again you cant see how black your lungs start to get again….. its very unfortunate the side effect of food addiction…

  17. Drugs, food, alcohol, automutilation, anorexia, boulimia etc etc, either way people have different coping methods when it comes to trauma

  18. This man is brave and strong, and even though he is big, he doesn't have a problem facing the world, just like President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow of Turkmenistan. I love you President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, and you are best leader.

  19. This sad excuse of a man is everything you shouldn't be,
    Blaming a childhood for his current state is just deflection that only a mentally weak person would find comfort in.
    Hes all about taking the easy path obviously….

  20. This man chose to use food as an emotional coping mechanism and eat himself to this point, HOWEVER, I hope what most people take away from this is that words, actions, bullying…they really have an effect on a person. We need to be more kind to one another.

  21. This is why mental health needs to be treated as seriously as physical health, they go hand in hand. Obesity should be treated the same as anorexia, neither should be encouraged or glamorized. When someone is going through a weight loss journey like he did, they should be getting therapy as well to target why they over eat in the first place. It's rarely if ever done, why so many relapse. People treat losing weight and being healthy like it's all about esthetics, and it's so much more than that. This busy world we're living in makes it so hard to get help, not to even get into the financial end of it.

  22. Wow i remember this segment when this young man had lost his weight.He looked awesome.I am sitting here watching dr phils show where he gained his weight back and some.His appearance is shocking.Hard to belive he is this big.Hope he succeeds in losing weight again and feal with his others issues.

  23. I completely feel this man… I was heavier as a child(I still am) I was taller and heavier than basically everyone around me. I was extremely antisocial and had awful social anxiety(again still do) aka as everyone simply assumed "I was just a little bashful"… I made myself an easy target because I was heavy, i didnt care about my physical apparences, and I avoided contact with others as much as possible. It was the hardest thing for a child to go thru and it hurts me to think abyone ever had to or has to today deal with it because its not fair being tourmented on a daily basis for 8plus hours a day…I still to this day go up and down in my weight and deal with social anxiety and being antisocial etc etc. So I completely empathyse with this dude and I just hope he gets himself back to that good place he was in and im so sorry he had to be in a bad place long enough to get back where he was initially 🙁 stay strong man!

  24. David I have faith in you. You walking on that stage was hard I'm sure, but you did it. You've gone through so much, and your still here!! Your stronger than you know!! I can see it ❤ God bless you and you are going to do this!!

  25. It’s so incredibly awful when someone steals a child’s innocence. You literally ruin a persons life; they don’t even get a chance to live a “normal” life. This poor man never got a chance like so many others.

  26. I think deep down he's a beautiful person who has just been hurt a lot. I think a lot of us viewers can relate to that to some extent

  27. This made me cry. Poor guy – clearly has a lovely heart and the poor thing had to deal with so much cruelty. I truly hope the next chapter of his life is filled with the brightness and love he so deeply deserves.

  28. I can relate i lost 65 pounds and i weight 185 and still look in the mirror and feel disgusting. im pretty sure its a mental thing because everyone tells me i look good but i still see the same kid who was bullied since i was a kid.

  29. this makes me so so sad. i really hope he loses the weight.. he has so much potential and he was so attractive when he was skinny ..

  30. This is so deeply sad and disturbing. Trauma has ruined this poor man's life and he has little chance of overcoming his demons. I wish him the best.

  31. This is why I don't support the men or women who affiliate themselves with the anti-body shaming moment. These are usually individuals who eat unhealthy, are overweight, try insufficient (and uneducated) methods of gaining becoming healthy due to multiple factors, and claim that they are just built to be physically unfit. There are SO many side-effects of being overweight that the media refuses to high light, its disgusting what most of society has allowed themselves to follow.

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