What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting Guide & Schedule

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting Guide & Schedule

Investing in an intermittent fasting guide and schedule. That is what We are going over today in The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler Let us dive right into what is intermittent fasting? A lot of you might have heard of intermittent fasting. We are going to go over that today and exactly what it is
and some of the potential benefits It is really tough to pinpoint an exact definition for intermittent fasting because there
are so many different ways that you can intermittently fast and we are going to go
over some of those a little bit later but basically intermittent fasting is
described as eating on a set schedule while fasting or not eating for certain
prolonged periods of time It is generally considered fine while you are fasting to have water or unsweetened coffee or tea but other than
that you are really not eating anything while you are fasting. This might sound
scary to a couple of people and it really should not be. Research on intermittent fasting is huge. There is a lot of research that has been done on all
different types of intermittent fasting as well as the different benefits or
potential benefits of intermittent fasting. We will get into a lot of those
benefits a little bit later but these include benefits for your eyes and
vision. Basically intermittent fasting can help your body better deal with
inflammation which is huge for dry eye We will get into that a little bit more
for any disease for anybody 98% of disease is inflammation. That is where this comes in Fasting also improves your body’s ability to handle stress which is another big
component of dry eye. Like I said intermittent fasting can be
performed in a couple different ways everyone is different and you should
always talk to your doctor before you start in any intermittent fasting regimen. Women often have a little bit of trouble with intermittent
fasting just because of hormone levels I am going to go over a couple things that you can do to kind of ease yourself into it. I’m
going to go over the guide and schedule for fasting times. There are plenty of ways to
do fasting I’m going to go over the way I do it
which is I actually stopped eating after dinner and then I will go into the other
schedule too but I stopped eating after dinner and that is usually around 5:15 to
5:30 and I don’t eat again until breakfast time around 7:30 to 8:00
depending on Jude when he wakes up Time restricted eating is usually like
16 hours on/off and then 8 hours on. I do 14 hours off and then what is that 10 hours I do 14 hours off in 10 hours on so the usual typical recommendation for intermittent
fasting is 16 to 8 that means 16 hours of no eating usually done from
like a early dinner to a late breakfast or you can do a dinner to a
lunch or something like that and so that’s the easiest way to do that and
just make sure you go 16 hours off You can get all your calorie consumption
in that 8 hour time period but what happens is your body. We are going to
get into benefits later but your body gets into more of a fat-burning state
and it detoxes itself because it’s not constantly trying to fight digestion and
so another way to do it is called the eat stop eat and what you do is you just
choose one day out of the week to fast for 24 hours. I usually pick one day out
of the week too fast for 24 full hours I have not done it in a while but I usually
pick just one day. I think I did it every Monday and I would go from
Sunday to Sunday dinner. I would stop eating at 5:30 on Sunday and I would not
eat again until Monday’s dinner Just picking one day out of the week to
fast for 24 hours. When we say fast just remember that you can drink water
during this time and you can also drink like black coffee or black tea. Make sure
it is organic of course. That is going to help just kind of make you feel fuller
so if you are starting to get a craving for food just drink some water. The other one is called 5/2 fast A 5/2 fast is where you eat normally and healthily for 5 days and then you take 48 hours off. Two
consecutive or two non-consecutive days You can do like a Monday and a
Thursday or something. I usually like to pick Monday because usually the
weekends you like to kind of let loose a little bit and then if you are going to
do that second day I would usually pick Thursday. You are not tempted by Friday
because Friday is the weekend I mentioned a little bit about women earlier and with women intermittent fasting is not always simple. Hormone fluctuations can easily drive women into starvation mode where they
feel like they are so hungry and you just start to overeat. That is because
the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin are just becoming a little bit ramped up. There are a couple things that women need to
consider when they are starting an intermittent fast obviously talk to
your doctor but with the type of fasting that Travis is talking about that’s the
one I like the best for women and when you are starting I would like you to start
with two non-consecutive days a week take for example a Tuesday and a
Thursday are the days that you are going to or the nights that you are going to fast
basically and just do those don’t do every single day of the week to start
out and start out with 12 hours so after dinner at 6 or 7 p.m. until breakfast
the next day at 6 or 7 a.m. That is a really easy way to do it. That is what I
do. I generally do 12 hours and then on the days that you do fast do yoga like cardio walking don’t do heavy lifting or running miles and miles That is not going to be good when you are
fasting. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Then of course if you are pregnant you really need to not fast because that will greatly decrease your
nutrients stores really quickly Again this is the Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler We are going over intermittent fasting today. There is an article in the description If you have any questions over what
we are going over watch the replay for this video. Make sure you
click that article in the description it will go over everything and then of course let us know in the comments below if you
have fasted or if you have not and what your results were with it and then we are
going to pick one winner like we do we pick one comment every show
to win a bottle of Heyedrate one ounce one ounce bottle of Heyedrate Let us go into intermittent fasting benefits. We discussed a little bit earlier decrease inflammation as we know 98% of diseases cost from
inflammation so why not do something that helps you decrease it and so what
that is going to do is it helps lower your levels of oxidative stress
throughout your body. This mean your body is better able to fight free
radicals and a 2015 study found that longer duration of overnight fasting was
associated with decreased inflammatory markers and inflammation plays a big
role in dry eye disease like we said in addition to that study there was a
2011 study using rat models that show that some who were put on an intermittent fasting plan versus having the ability to eat
whenever and whatever showed better lacrimal gland output. That means more
tears for your eyes and so fasting helps with more tears to your eyes
also helps decreasing inflammation thirdly it helps promote weight loss. Fasting allows your body to use fat stores as fuel instead of sugar when you are constantly eating what your body is doing is using sugar from the
food. Your body then starts to react more source more sugar as fat therefore
you gain weight and so if you start to fast your body is going to dip into those
fat stores and you are going to lose weight as a result of that it also helps manage blood sugar intermittent fasting allows your body to
more easily process glucose and helps you regulate your insulin and blood
sugar levels. It is going to prevent build up of insulin. It is going to allow your
body sugars more effectively and this is great if you’re diabetic again
consult your physician make sure if your diet your blood sugars reducing to low
make sure you eat don’t just stop because you have to fast so consult your
physician about that one and then it also has been shown to protect your
brain and heart. Some studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory effects
of intermittent fasting may slow neurodegenerative disease like
Alzheimer’s. May also decrease certain contributors to heart disease.
Fasting helps the body with Auto Fei Jie which is responsible for the body’s
cellular turnover. Decreased inflammation, increased lacrimal gland
production, weight loss, blood sugar management, and protects your brain and
heart. Let us go into intermittent fasting meal plan and what to eat. There are many ways to intermittent fast. My favorite way especially when you are starting out is to start out slow. Do it a couple nights a week but do it at night time because if you think about it breakfast is called breakfast for a
reason because you are breaking a fast You are automatically supposed to be
fasting at night anyway so why not try to go from dinner to breakfast. It is that
simple We pretty much should not be eating
between dinner and breakfast anyway unless you have really low blood sugar or something like that and I’ll go into a
couple more things that you need to take into consideration but we
currently intermittent fast almost everyday like Dr. Travis said I’m still nursing our son. I do not go more than 12 hours and sometimes I just
have to have something That is perfectly fine. You listen to your body because you know your body
better than anyone else Other people besides those that are pregnant or nursing that should be careful with intermittent
fasting are those that have low blood sugar. When you are sick you should not
intermittent fast and if you are currently suffering from or you
have suffered from an eating disorder intermittent fasting is something that
can just be bad news those with thyroid disease and diabetes
also should talk to your doctor before starting this regimen. What are you supposed to eat when you intermittent fast? You are supposed to eat nothing You drink lots of water. Have some
coffee or tea in the morning if you want to make sure you do not put any sweetener
or any milk in it but other than that the rest of the day when you are eating make sure that you are eating a good plant-based alkaline diet
full of vegetables and high-quality protein to decrease your inflammation
more You can get a green smoothie chart in our
whole food detox chart in the description there is a link to the
article and then in that article you can download the green smoothie
chart so make sure you go ahead and do that so you can get our green smoothie
chart and the foods to detox and foods to avoid as well. This is the Dry Eye Show
again I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and Dr. Jenna Zigler and we just went over intermittent
fasting what it is and how to do it then who should do it which is everybody and then also easy ways to implement it in your
life so mainly the key take away is it does decrease inflammation. It promotes weight loss it It helps your body overall just function
and the best way to do it is just after dinner don’t eat anything until
breakfast the next day. Even though that might not be the 16 hours that the study
showed. I do that 14 hours. She does about 12 hours. It just allows
your body to recuperate and it allows you just to feel better overall. Starts to burn those fats. Dips into your fat stores instead of burning sugar all the
time. Just try it and see if it’s for you. It will feel a little
different at first just because you might be used to eating right before you
go to bed or eating a snack at night. That is the worst time to actually eat. Dinner last meal of the day Make sure you don’t need anything else and whenever you feel a craving drink
water. If you have questions put them in the comments below and we will be glad
to answer those. Let us know if you have done intermittent fasting or not. We will choose one commenter every week to win a Heyedrate one ounce bottle. Let’s jump
over to the live questions. Another great way to stop you from eating after dinner
is to brush your teeth. I have already brushed for the day and it is only 7
o’clock. I brushed at 6 Katherine says hi Hello Debra. Jen says she has not tried
it but her son has lost a bunch of weight from it. That’s good. Terri says hello I’ve never tried this Ursula says Hey I have never tried it. Dianne said have started to think about doing this. Go ahead. Tyler loves fasted cardio not recommended. There’s a little crazy. No offense Heather. think about it I get up at 5 in the morning and I go and workout in the morning and I don’t eat anything before
I absolutely agree with you Heather Heather is probably thinking like 24 hours fast well maybe but Heather is the the great Chief Happiness Officer of
Eye Love that you guys talk to on the phone. Diane says my eye doctor found
cloudy cornea from being so dry. What can I do other than drops for dry eyes? I use your eye lid and lash cleanser and other eye moisturizers The lid and lash cleanser is just the beginning. You have to be doing warm compresses. The lid and lash cleanser also making sure you
just clean your face overall with like a tea tree oil soap and then diet. Diet is
huge anti-inflammatory plant-based diet It is going to be better than anything. We
talked about it a little bit last week but I’ll briefly go over it again. Diet
and hydration is probably 80% of your dry eye treatment. The other 20% is
everything else you are doing. The drops, the lid and lash cleanser, the tea tree
soap, the warm compresses. If you can get your diet and hydration under control
everything else will follow. I always tell people we try to heal your eyes
naturally and we teach you how to use or how to do it naturally without using any
of our products but our products are there to help you along the way and if
you need more information go to dryeyecommunity.com and you can get our free book there. Ursula says I received a brochure in the mail where
they are trying to sell you a vision supplement. One thing they are pointing
out is Taurine is an ingredient. What is that and what do you think about it? I
don’t know much about it truthfully We can research it a little bit more for you. It’s not something that’s been in our vision circle. I’m
guessing it has, yes it is just an amino acid. We can do more research on it for you. I remember it being an energy. That is the only thing I know but if you’re looking for a healthier eyes that is what our ocular health formulas for. That is going to be lutein,
zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and a couple other minerals that are going to be like
that amino acid taurine and so if you’re looking for something like that just
ocular health formula should be fine for you What time should dinner be to fast? That is a great question Think of whenever you eat dinner and
then try to go 12 to 14 to 16 hours after that you eat breakfast. You
may have to change things around a little bit but if you can’t change
things around due to scheduling conflicts like maybe your husband works
late and so you want to eat dinner with him when he gets home or you leave early
so you have to eat breakfast early don’t worry about that just the key thing is
to eliminate the after-dinner snacking that you do
before bed. We have traveled around the world this last year stayed
with a whole bunch of different people and the one thing I always noticed is
that every single place we stayed at after dinner a snack till bedtime. It was funny because right after dinner we brush our teeth and then they would offer us snacks and this snack and this snack and I’m just like no I
already brushed my teeth You want a beer? Nope I already brushed my teeth. You want a bag of popcorn? No I already brushed my teeth. After dinner snacking is the biggest thing that we see and if you
eliminate that it will pay huge difference. Not only for fasting purposes but weight loss because you are not getting that extra calories. That looks like it is all the questions. That’s great so again
this is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. We went over intermittent fasting today and so make sure you click the link in the
description that will go back and you can watch the replay once we get it
posted and then preview for what’s coming up next week. We are going over artificial tears and more specifically Oasis, Retaine, Refresh
Mega 3. We actually just started selling Oasis on our website. Oasis is an
artificial tear that you can only buy in doctors offices and since we are doctors
we are allowed to sell it online. We met with their CEO and marketer a couple weeks ago. They’re allowing us to sell it on our website. If you want to try the Oasis artificial tear it is now live on our website. I will put a
link in the comments below and then after that hopefully within the next
couple weeks that we are going over our food sensitivity tests. We did a
quick dry eye show right before we got on live here and we did a food
sensitivity test and I showed you how to perform the food sensitivity test at
home and then we are going to send it in I finally got all my blood droplets full. It took me about 15 minutes. That’s why we are a little late getting on here. Watch that video we just recorded before this and it shows how to
do the food sensitivity test and that might be something that will be selling
soon and if you purchase it from us we will probably be like a half-hour consult
with you to go over the results and everything so pretty excited about that
and the company also does a half-hour consult. We are excited about the food sensitivity test The Oasis should we give a sneak peak
and the other thing we found out last Friday? research and development? Yes you
can. Two other exciting things that will probably come out by a fall is
we are looking into a lid wipe that is hypochlorous acid base. There’s lots of
challenges with that and the challenge is hypochlorous acid. When it touches
that cotton round it starts to become deactivated. When it’s stored over time
not when you spray it on your cotton round and use it. When it’s stored it can become deactivated after six months and so that was a challenge for us and her the R&D department had to figure out how to do
that. They are working on it It is going to be really neat when it comes out and we are going to get samples pretty soon and then we are
coming out with an ointment as well A hypochlorous acid ointment so you can
put that on at night longer contact time equals more healing and you can also use
it on the Nulids device. Pretty excited about both of those. Does
glaucoma affect dry eyes and also the circulating air at night from heater or
air conditioner? Yes to both because glaucoma drops cause dryness and they
have preservatives and then all that circulating air does. I use Xiidra and I have that issue Cheryl says hello. Stay tuned lots of exciting things coming up this year. We are going go over the food sensitivity test live on The Dry Eye Show hopefully
within the next month Take care. Bye and see you

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