What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

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  1. I can actually imagined myself trying to pay off med school by sharing 11:58 so that I finish a 12:02 and a shower for today and for tomorrow so that I'd save money and not feel dirty.

  2. You’re so so sexy Doctor 👨‍⚕️ can’t wait to be done ✅ with medical school. My Masters is in education and this is my second career and most expensive lol 😝 but looking forward to it. You’re awesome 😎 Happily Married but my husband agreed you’re awesome 👏 Love your channel

  3. He reminds me of a replica of my ex boyfriend, even everything he eats…. scary…. I almost thought It was him for a second lol

  4. If I eat breakfast too soon after waking up, itll actually upset my stomach and make me feel like Im gonna puke. I have to wait a couple of hours. I usually drink water until then to curb the impending stomach growling

  5. Everything you eat you gave a lot of useful information's about their health benefits. Another great content. I am following you.

  6. I love love love sushi. It's my comfort food. It's simple, it's healthy and it's just simply delicious.

  7. it would be really cool if you did "what i eat in a day vegetarian" or something similar. i'm vegetarian and my family once every 2 weeks like to try the stuff that i eat . so instead of meat i usually add beans, tofu or soy meat. (:

  8. Whole wheat gluten, spiking your blood sugar to the roof and making you hungry all the time, is an excellent choice for making more people diabetic and the health care system seem more manipulative. Thx doctor for knowing next to nothing about nutrition

  9. Man u r handsome
    U make me fall in love again….😥
    It's sad coz i was married very young
    I wish i could at least meat you once

  10. Chipotle is really high in sodium. And while the oil they use now is better than the one before, it's still not good oil.

  11. Hi
    I am a doctor preparing for exams before residency!
    My only curiosity is how do you find so much time for activities other than hospital and studying

  12. I’d love to hear him try to give me diet advice when I’m allergic to like everything.
    Salmon. Almond. Milk. Egg. Wheat. Goes on.

  13. You know that the research on brown vs white rice shows there’s little to no difference aside from about .5g of fiber right?

  14. In Europe , we consider omega 6 to be essential and imperative . Chipotle serves the food cold and that's a no no , not good for the digestion ..I prefer white rice just like the asians , brown rice contains too much fiber .Fiber can reduce your glucose and provide you with less energy .

  15. Hi I was wondering if exercise can counter balance poor diet? For example someone eats fast food every day, but they also have a high energy job and they do upwards of 12 hours of exercise each week.

  16. Hi Doctor Mike I really like your channel but I just really wanna ask aren't you hungry? Let's be honest you are a 6'3 man, and you weight around 220 lbs according to your other videos. You are pretty athletic and go to the gym regularly. But is it for real that you only consume 2069 calories a day? I am slightly more than half of your weight 125 lbs. I exercise 4-5 times a week and I need to eat 2400 calories to keep my energy level up. I had bad experiences of dieting and calorie counting. I used to eat 1600 calories with the same level of exercise, but I felt constantly starved and have severe palpitations for lack of carbohydrates in my diet. So I am wondering if you are really eating this little amount of food?

  17. Ok so this guy right here, eats healthy food all the time… I’m here, drinking Coke and eating cookies!
    DIsApOInTmenT!!? 🤙🤙

  18. Perfect bar lol. Those ingredients are crap. Chipotle lol. I’m done. This is supposed to be a doctor though. This guy doesn’t know anything about nutrition. Haha

  19. What I eat in a day: (Indian version)
    Breakfast: Chapatti, Vegetables with a lot of spices, Milk
    Lunch: Rice and Dal
    Dinner: Chapatti, Vegetables with a lot of spices… Sometimes curd too
    Delicious food🤤

  20. I like it when you act real and start saying weird nonsense or dance out of no where like all of us do…or am I the only weirdo around..!?
    Keep it up man 💪💯

  21. Haha…. Mooom i brought you some green testicles from the market. Hope you enjoy them with some salt and lemon juice 😂🤣

  22. 5:06 I feel you…. Just happened to me during eating a apple 🍎…. (ouch)

    I think an apple a day doesn't keep the doctor always away 😶

  23. Does this play a major part in gaining muscle? This might not pertain to the video, but I’m personally a smaller/skinnier person who consumes a normal amount of food but have a fast metabolism. Does the type of food/how much food I eat weigh into gaining muscle? Or is it more of a necessity for working out? Thanks!

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