We Tried Professional Teeth Whitening • The Test Friends

We Tried Professional Teeth Whitening • The Test Friends

– So only one hour and 20 whatever minutes left to go, Daysha. Sit real tight. (electronic music) – I’ve done teeth whitening
once with a white strip. It didn’t go well. – I just imagine like this giant machine is gonna like like this. – I’ve actually been told
I have quite white teeth. I actually wore my retainer for the first time in months last night in preparation for this. – I’d like to think that
this is gonna be OK. I mean it’s just a guy
playing around in my mouth. (beep) Ryan, I can’t with you
snickering. (laughs) – Teeth become discolored due
to many different reasons. It could be diet, you know. Drinking too much wine, coke, or smoking. The two kinds that we offer in our office. We do a zoom whitening which is mostly hydrogen peroxide in it. Hydrogen peroxide is basically bleach. You’re smiling. You’re thinking like oh this is painful. – Oh I’m glad I’m not doing that one. – Then there’s sensational
one that we use in our office. Doesn’t have any other kind of chemicals to help accelerate that process so it’s a much smoother
process for the patient. – How blinding is my smile gonna be? Like that’s what I want it to be. – You’re gonna be rocking over this. So we’re gonna start with two of you. Who’s gonna go first? Do we know? OK. You have a cool room
back there for the boys. – There’s also a hover
board back there, right? – There is. – I’m gonna ride the shit
out of that hover board while wearing that hat. – So Maysie and I are both gonna be doing the chemical process. – I think my teeth are
already kind of white but I’m pretty excited to
make them like super white. – Yeah you look like
you’re from the future. How do you like it, Daysha? We made it just for you. – Just this looks relaxing. I would love to do this at home on a Saturday by myself. – This looks relaxing to you? – Yeah. – [Daysha] Everybody keeps talking about how it’s about to hurt so like I have no idea
what I’m really in for. I can’t imagine what would be doing for an hour an a half. – Shall I hover board with a viking helmet or a pimp hat? (laughter) – This is great. This is what I want every time I come to the orthodontist. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Maysie] This first two like
phases was like totally fine. I was relaxed. Everything was great. – I’m so scared. Oh shit. It’s moving. – I don’t know what to do. (laughs) – Put some glasses on. – There was just a sharp, shooting pain just on my bottom teeth. (laughter) – What happened? – Just focus. – OK, OK. I’m good. (laughter) – Yes. Yes. – Dude, you’re fucking. Oh you’re going to hit the exit sign. (laughter) Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon. (blowing) It’ll be fine. – Oh yeah minus the fact that Ryan was trying to put his
nasty hot air in my face everything else was great. – So who’s you’re favorite friend? (laughter) (gibberish and laughter) (humming) That’s the wrong answer. (laughter) (air sucking) (indistinct talking) – I’m gonna fuck you. Oh my god. (laughter) Bitch. – The head of this lamp is
going to go right on top. It’s gonna beam you up. – Wait so all you have to do is just put that in their mouth? Oh! (laughter) – Wait, wait. Put the shades on. It’s always cool with shades. – No chemicals. Nothing unnatural. This is all natural, baby. (rock music) – Wala. 30 minutes and we’ll see
you on the other side. – [Daysha] Yeah sleep with one eye open. – I didn’t realize like how much of a discrepancy it was. – Yeah. (camera click) (laughter) – What are you looking at? No one’s going to help you. I hope you know that. No one’s gonna help you. Where’s those sharpies at? (humming) Mhm. Got anything to say? Oh? Nothing? Ryan thought it was cute to blow hot air in my face so I think it would be cute to give Ryan a little tattoo because like I appreciate Ryan so much. (laughter) – Hold my hand. (laughter) Keep your mouth in the light, Ryan. Don’t mess it up. (laughter) – For the most part it wasn’t that bad. I felt it a little bit. It was a little sensitive but for the most part I don’t think my teeth are that sensitive. Like it didn’t really hurt. – It would come in waves. So I would be like fine and then all of a sudden it would just be like
this really intense pain. – No aches, no pains, very quick. I just had a weird little
gelatin thing in my mouth. My jaw got kind of tired after a while but that was it. Very soothing, very relaxing. It was basically just a nap. – The treatment was great. I just bit into a
mouthpiece like Steph Curry. It was all over. I never pictured myself having you know a sons of anarchy style tattoo of the word penis on my neck. – We have like amazingly
white teeth right now. So I also think that if you really want super white teeth this
would be the way to go. So it’s like no pain, no gain. Depends on how like committed
you are to having white teeth. (laughter) Essentially.

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  2. this is a copy of the try guys, but it's still buzzfeed……. I'm so lost can someone please explain?

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  4. 3:40 Sleep with one eye open…
    Gripping your pillow tight!
    Exit light! Enter night!!!
    Take my hand…
    Off to Never Never Land.

  5. Ryan takes up so much space on one end of the couch and then Shane, on the other side of the couch, has so little space left and has to squish himself into the tiny space left for him lmao

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  7. Maybe next time doing a video like this you should avoid CLEARLY editing the the After photos…

    If you wanted to fake the results you could’ve just edited the teeth through a basic photoshop program.

    The contrast differences are astonishing

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  10. The fact that Shane and Ryan drank from their cups at the same time just made my ocd so happy 😂😂😂

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