VICE News Daily: Chile’s First Legal Crop of Medical Marijuana Harvested

[Applause] it’s Wednesday April 8th and here’s some of the news beyond the headlines [Applause] Indian police have killed 20 suspected sandalwood loggers in the country’s south a forestry officials said the loggers attacked police with axes and sticks but rights groups dispute that saying they were actually unarmed laborers exporting sandalwood in India is illegal since the trees are endangered high demand from China and Japan means that one ton of sandalwood can fetch as much as eighty thousand dollars on the black market Chinese tourists will have to be on their best behavior while vacationing abroad Beijing has announced new measures to monitor its residents actions in foreign countries and keep a record of so-called uncivilized acts for up to two years the move is a response to a stream of incidents that the tourism ministry said reflected poorly on the country one involved Chinese tourists drying their underwear at a temple in Thailand the Libyan military is helping to address a serious shortage of medical equipment as violence continues across the country troops have secured a major I hospital in Benghazi so that medical staff could salvage the critical supplies city hospitals have appealed for gloves surgical knives and even bedsheets amid ongoing fighting between Islamist militias and government forces [Music] Chile harvested its first legal crop of medical marijuana on Tuesday it’s part of a government approved program aimed at helping cancer patients manage their pain Chilean still face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of growing or selling pot for recreational use check out the vice news YouTube channel for more original reporting and documentaries from around the world 2012 the city Chicago which had run 12 mental health clinics spread throughout the city decided to cut that in half and make it six it’s much easier for many of these individuals to see the local drug dealer on the corner waiting for them than it is to take two trains and a bus to the north side of Chicago to see a psychiatrist for five minutes [Music]

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