Under Trump Americans Are Losing Money And Healthcare

Under Trump Americans Are Losing Money And Healthcare

According to new data released yesterday by
the US Census Bureau incomes for American workers here in the United States did not
increase in 2018 well I guess that’s technically untrue because they did increase by 0.9% but
the Census Bureau says that that number that increases statistically insignificant due
to the fact that inflation also increased. So real wages essentially remained stagnant
and for those following along at home with your recession Bingo card, stagnant wages
is one of those boxes you have to check off before you head into a recession. So that’s a bit of horrible news for everyone. But here’s the thing, last year, 2018 the
year for which our wages did not increase across the board was also the year that the
corporations had their massive tax cuts. Cause keep in mind it was passed at the end
of 2017 and immediately went into effect for corporations starting on January 1st of 2018
so we operated all last year with the corporate tax cut American taxpayers. For those of you who got a tax cut that didn’t
go into effect until January of 2019 I personally know my taxes did not change one bit whatsoever. And statistically, most working Americans
taxes didn’t change at all. And if they did, they probably went up according
to IRS statistics. But nonetheless, wages are stagnant. They told us this tax cut was going to give
us all raises. They said four to $9,000 extra in your pocket
every year. It was a lie. And now the federal government itself is coming
out and saying, you didn’t get more money last year. This is an in controvertible fact. You cannot argue it. It is a fact. They ran the numbers and you didn’t get a
raise. but they told you you would. It gets worse. In addition, in 2018 an additional 2 million
people in this country lost their health insurance. So we went from a 25.6 million without health
insurance in the year 2017 to 27.5 so just under 2 million people lost their health insurance
last year. So again, under Donald Trump, under republican
rule, you’re making less money and you’re losing your health care. But to be honest, that pretty much should
have been expected folks. It’s what happened during the Reagan years. It’s what happened during the bush senior
years and it’s what happened during the George W. Bush years and now it’s happening during
the Trump years because that’s what Republican policies do. They take money out of your pocket, they give
it to the wealthy elite and they lie to your face and tell you that somehow it’s going
to trickle down. They also tell you, the Democrats want to
force you to have health insurance. How authoritarian is that? No, you shouldn’t be forced to have health
insurance if you want to die from a preventable disease, that is your choice. Republicans tell us and so they do everything
they can to make us lose our health insurance. And that’s what this administration has done. That’s what Republicans in Congress have done. You know, they took away the tax penalty for
not having health insurance and so people drop their insurance and that is not good. But that is exactly what Republicans wanted
to happen. This is the result of their policies and it’s
been the result of their policies for 40 years. You vote for Republicans, you end up with
less money in your pocket, you end up with less healthcare coverage and the wealthy elite
do better than ever.

100 thoughts on “Under Trump Americans Are Losing Money And Healthcare

  1. I was shocked at how much more my wife and I had to pay in taxes this past year, so much more, in fact. that we have to pay quarterly estimated taxes this year. Not a couple happy campers.

  2. Those some turd supporters will never see it coming in face I bet they still welcoming it even thought they know it's going to harm them. But for the rest of us who seen this coming we need to do more to stop this from ever happening. It's the same thing again with Russiancans makes a mess of the country and some Democrats have to fix it again. But this time I think it's start to show a little more with the turd approval ratings getting lower. Some of the his supporters now realize those tax cuts are not helping. The only thing to do now is to let them know to vote these Russiancans people out of congress and get people in that will do their jobs that they was sent there to do.

  3. (Sighs) Is there a possibility that America might become a second-world country if Trump is not impeached, or Heaven forbid, sits a second term? 😔😢

  4. Trump supporters: We don't care! We enjoy seeing libs "getting owned" by him and that he's attacking a group of people that we hate. As long he wins..we win! MAGA!

  5. Republicans stick to the same, decades-old lies no matter how many times they're disproven and wonder why no one wants to talk to them. They prove themselves incapable of change and reasoning, then turn around and say democrats are the ones that won't negotiate.

  6. Problem is, is the raise you got because of the Tax Cut is being taxed at end of the yr… RepubliCon's don't tell you that part… I heard that if you claim zero on your W4 form and then claim one (yourself) or your dependents if you have children at the end of yr…

  7. It ain't over yet! By the time fucker Trump is done next year it will be worse. Recession will hit all of us include those morons Trump's base. Nightmare will never be over until we get this son of a bitch out of the W.house.

  8. Even my mom, the die-hard trump supporter, had to acknowledge she didn't see any change whatsoever in her taxes. My personal favorite though is how my copays jumped from $10 to $60 to $300 in less than 2 years. What's the point of paying out of your check if you have to pay more than that to actually see a doctor?

  9. But we have an economic miracle going on here.Who would ever think that giving greedy bastards even more means it gets worse for everybody else.

  10. In fairness, the "argument" I see isn't that Dems wanna force people to have insurance, it's that they want to force people to go OFF of their insurance and onto a government plan. Which, really, is just a fearmongering point used to scare people to want to keep their 'good, all-American' insurance, which is screwing them over all the time while raking in money hand over fist. Is Medicare-for-all gonna necessarily solve all our problems? No, it isn't. But I'd rather take a government plan that EVERYONE ACTUALLY GETS, then a for-profit system.

    The other big scare tactic I see is that idea of 'Oh you'll have to pay 90% of your money in taxes!', which isn't a total lie, just only mostly a lie, considering that a high tax rate would be only on the rich, and how popular the idea of the 1% paying a high income tax is. Nobody actually likes the rich not paying taxes, and the rich know it. So they try and scare people into fearing 'socialist' programs that are so awful and get people to vote against their interests by saying how bad a government program would be, all while insurance companies and other wealthy elites pocket everything, and give nothing.

  11. I don't know why Americans go completely silent when I bring up the following: Forget about the tax cuts. If the 1% were to be paid just 2% on the accumulated $30 trillion they have but are not spending, that interest payment would completely overwhelm the entire 2018 GDP gains of $560 billion.
    2% interest is nowhere near the actual amount of interest (free money) the 1% are piling up at the expense of our national economy, because S&P500 index funds have been paying over 9% since 1994. We simply cannot have $30 trillion chasing a "rate of return" in a $20 trillion annual economy without depressing wages or increasing cost on housing and health care (just to name two).
    Where is the outrage?

  12. Today the top 1 percent of households own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. How much proof do these Trump-turds need that Trump's tax cuts did not benefit the working class/middle class? Trickle-down policies does not work for anyone except those already rich. Wake up and smell the covfefe–it stinks. The Trump-turds are coming after your health care next.

  13. That was their plan all along. Does anyone else notice similarities with the top 1% because of trump and the movie "Elysium?"

  14. See the Republican Sweep 🧹 Dan was Down 17 Points three weeks ago…..President Trump steps in and WINNER………Keep Crying

  15. Let’s not forget to add the people of Fake Israel get free healthcare and education paid for with our stolen tax money everyday. #CorporateMurica #Freedumb #LandOfTheFeesHomeOfTheCaged 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸 🦅

  16. sick of corperate and top1% socialistic welfare—trump is strangling the life outta this country–go figure,reps always rob us,ALWAYS.

  17. Meanwhile, bush sr. Barely died, mccain barley died, bush w. Still alive, they get taxpayer healthcare and paid by big pharma and corporate, till they die while americans are dying from cancer and work related injuries.

  18. "Americans are loaded up with money, they're at Walmart spending like crazy. The tax cuts have worked tremendously, this is the greatest economy in history and China is paying us billions of dollars!" – Donald Trump on Sept. 3rd.

  19. Over my adult years I've observed that for most of us "life's a bitch and then we die". We grew up with the truism that our hard work guaranteed success……SOMEBODY else's usually.

  20. Trump is a piece of shit no doubt about it. But if people think that ACA was good, then why did Obama set it up with the Insurance Giants and Big Pharma to maximize profits while Americans were paying insane deductibles?
    Other than progressives, when was the last time a Democrats or a Democrat President actually cut our taxes? Obama made Bush's tax cuts permanent and Obama took us from 2 wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) to 7. Obama signed the domestic surveillance act so the NSA could continue spying on all of us. Trump is a piece of shit because he's a narcissistic greedy bastard, you really think the corporate checks that Hillary took and Obama somehow makes them better but not Trump? And if Trump is as psychopathic as corporate Democrats and corporate media says he is, why the fuck would they vote to increase the military budget when more Republicans voted against the increase than Democrats did. And you know who didn't vote for the increase? Gabbard, Sanders, R. Paul. If Trump is in bed with Russia, why give him a bigger defense than requested? Why did Trump send more battle ships to Mediterranean and increase the number of SOF?
    I fucking hate Trump, but he is not the reason for the problems we have today. These problems have been on going for 30 years and because Hillary fucking Clinton acted like we owed her our vote and rarely campaigned, rigged the primary against Sanders, destroyed servers with proof of rigging the Primary, lost to Trump and suddenly the DNC days Trump and Russia rigged the election? WTF! We have Trump because of the corrupt policies and politicians who have been fucking over the American people for 30 years and because Trump is fucking us, suddenly it's all his fault? Bullshit. You truly want change and want a glimpse into that future? Look at Venezuela. A socialist country that pulled itself out of poverty and gave the citizens free healthcare, free education, taxes the wealthiest, who happen to be white people through generations of migrants from Europe, and now that the country is thriving the U.S. tried to pull off a coup 3 times and have failed to put their corporate why neocon in charge so we can take their oil and the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, and Banks can all align their pockets while keeping the people poor and suppressed so the elite can rule. If anyone thinks Trump is the problem and Biden, Warren, and Harris are going to do something about the broken system, you're absolutely indoctrinated into propaganda. The system isn't broken, it's fixed. And not in our favor

  21. That's a good point, we who knew better than vote for Donny are paying the price of his psychotic sociopathic fantasy and those who did vote for him are paying an equal price and are happy to do it. His psychopathology must be communicable with no vaccine to cure those afflicted. And self flaggelation won't work.


  23. That age old question politicians always ask "are you better off today than four years ago?" has definitely been answered and the answer is "hell no!". Millions losing healthcare, corporations allowed to poison the environment, going backward on any efforts to combat climate change, becoming a laughing stock around the world and the daily assault of ignorance from Trump's twitter feed are just a few of the ways we are worse off. The only one who's better off is Trump and his cronies who're looting the treasury to line their pockets.

  24. Farron, I watched Fox News yesterday morning and Charles Payne said Americans are prospering under Donald Trump. In fact, Charles said – "It's really amazing." So, where is Fox News getting their information?

  25. Wake up America, youse give televangelists billions of dollars and still put Republicans in power, they get richer as you get poorer.

  26. Only ignorant people were expecting for different results. This is main reason, my family will vote for Bernie – the best candidate to make medical system reform.

  27. That's how propaganda works . They tell the degenerates that they are doing great , & the degenerates believe. How great is that ! Reality not welcomed here . That's why trump said he loves the uneducated people. They believe anything that he sais ! Oh the greatness is upon us ! America is almost "great" again !

  28. Trump kills everything he touches. 45 years of history to back that fact up. I'm very glad the GOP let the Big Cheeto "touch" them. They certainly won't be missed.

  29. No shit!! I knew this was going to happen. Trump is a lier, he has been a lier all his life. So why would he change. All he is doing is making money for his self off the tax payers. Don't you see it. You have to be dumbass not see what Trump is doing.

  30. Trumps bullshit got my disabled child kicked out off his health plan. He’s 3 for fucking sake. What if my son got sick or died. Fuck me because I’m poor but if I’d had an abortion I’d be a murder. The country is going to hell.

  31. No raise and I owed $500 instead of getting back around $1000. However I'm glad they dropped the individual mandate (penalty), it was never the way to go about assuring everyone had healthcare. What would work is either 1) Single payer / Medicare for all , or 2) Having affordable options that are good. Lets be honest the plans offered through Obamacare were neither affordable nor good coverage

  32. D.D.T., Demagogue DEATH tRump, Pesticide of America and CONman!
    Do not forget the Children kicked off SNAP now without school breakfast & lunch.

  33. The February after the tax scam was past when it was taking affect I found out one my employer dropped my insurance coverage and never notified me and two I was losing an extra $30 bucks a week in higher taxes. Still had coworkers claim its great though.

  34. Even Fox Business acknowledges that workers who earn under $75,000 annually will have to pay more tax by 2027; yet tRump cultists still deny that fact by pointing to their… one-time bonuses & meager wage-increases which inflation wiped out with little efforts; as if other working-class tRump critics don't exist.

  35. Awww quit complaining about your wages people! At least you have a job! You're not walking so you can have your cars! You seem to have plenty of money to keep up with your tech crap! How may of you who whine about your wages are STARVING? None of you! How may of you whining about your wages are homeless? And I mean HOMELESS not living in your car and calling yourself homeless? NONE of you! What do you get paid? 10/hr? 15/hr? Is that the going rate? When I was working it was 4.25, then 5 then 6. We seemed to survive and life wasn't exactly cheap!

    Get your own health insurance! Stop depending on the government to provide you with it! My goodness in my day and my parents day we paid for our own! Before Trump you complained about wages! Before Trump you crabbed about health care expecting the government to help you while yammering about Poor trying to get health care help which is still not adequate!

    Maybe if you stopped seeing a doctor over every little sniffle…maybe if you stopped wasting your money on tech crap, Lottery and scratch off tickets, plasma TV's the size of football fields…

    The whiny Middle Class could have the best health care and complain, be paid 100/hr. And find something to crab about!

    Before Trump you complained, now you complain, and when we get Trump replaced you'll whine!

  36. If inflation went up 2.2% and wages went up 0.9% surely that's a small pay cut. I wish these were medians, since pay in New York went up 14.7% in 2018 we dont see a clear picture.

  37. The DATA and your anti-Trump crap should be flushed with the toilet paper and thats a fact!!! Up your …!!!
    TRUMP and USA,USA,USA!!! you DEMORAT!!!

  38. You know what, conservatives have a point that comparing Trump to Hitler is a bit unfair. The way Trumpists view Trump makes me think Trump is more like Charles Manson, a killer who never killed, he just wants to bring the worst out of people and be adored for showing hes just a terrible person.

  39. Both sets of voters,[the fear-mongered & bigoted 'right' and the pacifist & purist(?) 'left'] got what they voted for.
    With the added bonus of at least 30+ years of the likes of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and at least 80+ right-wing nutcases on the federal bench.
    What a party for the next generation.

  40. To all of you Trumptards and RethuglieKKKlan supporters…"I told you so" doesn't even come close to saying it. This is what Agolf Twitler and the Greedy Old Pricks have been doing for decades. Don Fatti Dotardi is a con artist who has gleefully screwed over people left and right in the name of making a fast buck. RethuglieKKKlans have been the party of corporations and the wealthy elite for as long as I can remember, giving big tax cuts to the rich and the shaft to everyone else. What does it take for you idiots to wake up and smell the coffee?!

  41. Bull shit incest orange removed the tax penalty. I couldn't afford insurance and got a whopping $240.00 from my taxes. It would have been over 1,000 but no insurance.

  42. Credit card debt just hit a record high also, and now Trump wants to go to zero interest rates or maybe even negative. My God, if the Fed keeps printing more money to try and offset Trump's idiotic decesions, we could end up with hyperinflation in the US

  43. Trump-lovers just want to keep feeling the warm feeling they get from his bigotry. He could walk up and bitch slap them and they would deny he did it.

  44. Read "The Healing of America " by T. R. Reid there are ideas that we could use from healthcare plans around the world that we can incorporate into our own.

  45. Then you could have Government Tax financed "free" Healthcare for all democrats and Insurance Company Tax based Healthcare for republicans. Then republicans will pay twice as much as democrats and still not be sure that the Insurance Company will pay if they get seriously sick. The democrats will go to doctor or hospital without taking out their wallet. They've allready payed the bill through the taxes.

  46. Recently Trumpsterfire said America will not fall into a recession because everyone is rich, guess what?

    News flash, circa 2000: He wasn't talking to middle income folks, people, nor those deplorable bunch stuck in their self-indulged quagmire. His base are the 1%; you all always was, always will be fodder for their money-grubbing wars, at your expense. Proven by how screwed up the economy has been for decades.

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