Trump’s Budget Proposal Will Destroy The Republican Base

Trump’s Budget Proposal Will Destroy The Republican Base

Well, we now have Donald Trump’s 2021 budget
proposal and it is absolutely a slap in the face to every working class citizen here in
the United States. Massive cuts to social security, to Medicaid,
to Medicare, to the snap program, food stamps, to student loan forgiveness programs, cuts
to the EPA, cuts to housing and urban development, cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts until of course
you get to the Pentagon part of the budget. And that one, he actually called for an increase,
right? He wants a couple billion more for his wall
in there too. But the Pentagon, now that’s $740 billion
a year that they get. Trump says that’s not enough. We have to increase that. And the way we increase that is obviously
to slash a couple billion from social security. Slash a couple billion from Medicaid and food
stamps. Slash a couple billion from Medicare prescription
drug programs, which means grandma and grandpa are going to have to pay more money for their
prescription drugs now on their already meager social security. Oh, but wait, that’s going to go down too. So Donald Trump might effectively be sending
our grandparents or our parents or even us to an early grave because we won’t be able
to afford healthcare anymore. But by God, the military industrial complex
is going to get fed and that wall’s going to get a couple of billion dollars more. Some of the specific cuts, we’re talking about
$130 billion cut to the Medicare prescription drug pricing program. $292 billion from things like Medicaid and
food stamps. $70 billion from restricting access to federal
disability benefits. The EPA’s budget is going to be cut by 27%. Housing and urban developments budget is being
cut by 15%, and the center for disease control and prevention, their budget is going to be
cut by 9%. Right? It’s not like there’s a horrible virus out
there that we need to fight or anything, right? So let’s go ahead and cut the one office of
the federal government that actually deals with stuff like that. But he wants more money for the military. And as always, there is a bit of irony here. Studies have repeatedly shown that the people
who most depend on federal benefits are the red Staters. Red state citizens use federal government
benefits, Medicaid, SNAP, social security, at a higher rate than those in blue States. So all of these budget cuts that Donald Trump
is proposing here are going to hurt his base the most. And the real kicker is that they don’t care
because they don’t think about that, right? They just think about MAGA. They think about that red hat. They think about finally feeling like they
belong to a movement and they’re going to vote for him as he continues to just slash
their benefits and then lie to their faces about it. Because three days ago, Trump told us, no,
we are never going to touch social security or Medicare. And then he releases his budget that does
exactly that. If you support this man, you’re an idiot and
he thinks you’re an idiot. And if you continue supporting him after this,
all you’re doing is proving him right.

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Budget Proposal Will Destroy The Republican Base

  1. Blondi Dondi and the GOP social spending cut proposals are the reason why there are revolutions to over throw reactionary regimes.

  2. All your MF believe all that BS that Trump tells you eat your FK heart out all those excessive massive Healthcare and Social Security funds cut prescription drugs senior citizen Trump budget cut It's a death sentence for all low class and middle-class except millionaires and billionaires the 1% Who couldn't give a rat's ass for the working class? Son's and daughters Going to have to take care your grandparents out of your own pockets Think about that? If you got little children who goes to daycare because you have to work, You can thank Trump Just cutting the funds daycare? His budget proposal for 2020 it is only for his wall and Military and FK the rest of our country? You have a choice We can vote his ass out of office? Or you can get FK in the ASS? The choice is up to you?

  3. I have said for 3 years that the republicans will destroy social security and medi care after they slash taxes for the wealthy, now they have done the tax part and soon will do the rest. Enjoy destitution republicans you asked for it, no you demanded it.

  4. Duh..Uh-huh…Must be fake news the Orange Sphincter wouldn't do that he loves his enablers. He ith still our prethident tho.LMFAO

  5. It couldn’t happen to more deserving traitors. I hope the maggot destroys the GOP, we’ll get the garbage out of the WH and the senate.

  6. This is how he took his revenge on American people for opposing him all his white house tenure. This is how he profits blackmailing other countries to snatch opportunities by showing force like he did in Ukraine, china, s.a., Russia etc.

  7. Trump with his new budget is certainly providing his presidential opponent a lot of good fodder with which he can be soundly defeated if the voting goes legally without foreign involvement.

  8. Just like so many farmers who vote GOP no matter what, the general belief is they'll take it on the chin if it angers a Democrat. We're talking of generations of programming and social-conditioning at play. You're not going to change that easily. Few in that group will change their minds until something directly impacts their life in a negative way. But personal bankruptcy won't be it.

  9. Probably because they believe that either
    The cuts will only affect those commie leftists who are bludging off the handouts. It won't affect people like us who actually are needing those bailouts.
    That they aren't receiving these handouts, or using those benefits, and all the money they are getting through social security isn't a handout, and so won't be targeted by these cuts.

    It is truly amazing the lengths some people will go to in order to delude themselves that it won't affect them, only everyone else.

  10. If you support this man you're an idiot and he thinks you're an idiot. 👏👏 but the cultists don't care it's for the good of the country.

  11. Trump is shitting on our heads!! Wait,'s magical chocolate rain drops Yay!!!!!! Praise our Godlike Leader for the gifts we are about to receive!! Trumps base are the reason there are warning labels on microwave dinners!! Caution Hot!! Why does it burn?? Why does it burn?? Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!💩💩💩 😠😲😭😢😨😖😵😷💀☠👻👺😈😈😈

  12. At this point I am conflicted as to whether or not this might be a good or bad thing. Republicans need to feel the effects of the trump administration, suffer from the pain and then be reminded they can choose Bernie who will actually help them.

  13. Anyone remember when Democrats tried to reform healthcare to pay for healthcare that would benefit everyone including Republicans and they responded by scaremongering with the absurd idea of government run "death panels"? Republicans are giving their base the real thing now they are in power. You'd have better luck against those suicide booths from Futurama.

  14. It is always the working class and very poor who has to pay for any increase in the military budget. Donald Trump is the rich and the big corporations president. It is either or.

  15. That's exactly how the Nazi mess started in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, a bunch of outsiders, losers and lowlifes wanting to belong somewhere. That created a movement that sweapt away the entire country and finally plunged the world into chaos.
    Only this time the supreme leader has the access codes to the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world.

  16. I would love for my father, who is 83 and a Trump supporter to hear this. And he wonders why I decided to take a chance and vote for Sanders.

  17. Cuts after cuts to everything Trump swore he would not touch in 2016. No surprise there…….. and still the deficit controls to grow each year…….

  18. The MORONS in middle America will still vote rethuglikkkan because they're all COMFORTABLE with the WHITE SUPREMACISTS. GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB.

  19. And of course he wants to renew the tax cuts for the rich. What's even crazier about this is Congress won't go by his budget so one would think he wouldn't want his base to know he would do all this if he could. But it's like he gets off on the fact that no matter what he does to them they still support him

  20. Trump already destroyed this country in many ways and until these asswipe trump supporters realize what’s going on in our country.

  21. Middle class GOPers don't care because they are too dumb to know Trump is hurting them with this stuff. They believe what he says instead of thinking about reality and facts. They will vote against their own economic interests and then be very proud of themselves for doing it. Total dumbasses.

  22. His cuts to SS and Medicare are just bargaining chips. He’ll give those up in exchange for wall and military funding. Juggs Pelosi boasts that she saved SS from evil Trump; meanwhile Trump gets everything he really wanted

  23. There has to be a place where the American people say “ enough”
    And take a big broom and sweep the idiots out of the senate and White House

  24. Let's be fair, just about every politician votes to increase the military budget every year. Trump's an asshole, and cutting those things is messed up, but the war mongering is across the party lines. I'm sure they all get "campaign support" from the military industrial complex that runs our country.

  25. Typical of Greedy Old Pricks in general and Slobba the tRump in particular. Screwing over the poor and powerless in the name of giving more to themselves. And their moronic supporters continue to believe every like that they say. They're proof positive that Darwin was completely wrong.

  26. when his knuckle dragging followers lose the food stamps and medicare then they will learn the hard way
    but then they are republicans

  27. the rump tards do not care if he makes them live in a cardboard box, they only love and vote for the moron because he hates non white peeps, the hate is the only thing that binds these rump lovers to support him, so i say let them live in a paper box, i sure as hell would not help any one of those ASSHOLES.

  28. This is like in 1984 – they cut rations of chocolate to (can't remember exact numbers) from 40 grams per week to 30 grams and in news it said they increased it to 30 grams…

  29. I truly feel so sorry for you guys 😰 I’m from Denmark 🇩🇰 and got family in America who will suffer under Trumps insane political ruling. I truly hope and pray that he’s not doing a second turn in the White House. He is a disgrace and not worthy the title as President…

  30. It's not just the red states that use these services more, it's red counties, even ones in blue states. Tea partiers sucking up government subsidies like disability, home energy tax breaks and grants are the first ones to cry 'socialism' and 'soviet' the minute a Democrat gets elected.

  31. I think the military needs to uphold there oath to protect this country and go and remove trump and his vice president and cabinet from the white house and the FBI keeps a close eye on Trump's supporters to keep them for being domestic terrorists

  32. "If you support this man, then you are an idiot" ding

    Sorry, someone I watch has an idiot dinger and that was the first thing I thought of.

  33. Meanwhile the religious right supports this immoral man who now comes out with an immoral budget that would hurt the most vulnerable!

  34. GOP equals GuardiansOfPuntin with the entrails of the last priest hang the last king then and only then will we truly be free

  35. When are American ever gonna learn. Dwight Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Project. US spends 12 times more on its military than Russia!
    When is enough enough?
    What hsppens with the poor, the vulnetable, the young who will have to be strong and well prepared to contribute to a future America? More disparity, more division, more spitting down the ladder. In short; America is torn apart.

  36. Does his " base" realize now how he was involved in 6 bankruptcies? And when the consequences come it's the Democrats. The libtards. Or his go to " Obama.

  37. The only consolation I have is that the ones that voted for trump are going to get hit the hardest…And they deserve anything coming their way.

  38. The democrats are dumb enough to pass his budget for him because it has military increases,neither party has any interest in helping the people,except for Bernie 2020.

  39. I doubt that his worshippers stop worship him because of the budget. It is DOA anyway.
    The sad thing is, such a waste of paper.

  40. The citizens of old Germany were governed by hate…………………and they were more than happy to throw common sense and logic out of the window in support of their warped "feelings".
    The American citizens of today are no different. Their hate for others blinds them from seeing how much it actually hurts them. In other words, they will burn down their own house in hopes that others will choke on the smoke.

  41. The most socialist program is the military and police! Nobody seems to understand that! If it's taken from your check it's not a handout! Bye GOP your out!

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