Trump’s Advisers Are TERRIFIED Of Elizabeth Warren

Trump’s Advisers Are TERRIFIED Of Elizabeth Warren

According to the New York Times reporter Maggie
Haberman, who has been covering the Trump administration since day one for the publication. Trump’s advisors are not necessarily as worried
about Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as they are about Elizabeth Warren. According to Haberman, these advisers, the
people telling Trump what to do for the 2020 election. No, their biggest concern right now is Elizabeth
Warren. Now, Trump seems to think according to Haberman,
that Elizabeth Warren is not a threat. He thinks he can occasionally tweet out the
word Pocahontas and everything’s going to be okay. That’s going to be enough to undo her entire
campaign. But his advisors know better. They see Elizabeth Warren not just as a real
threat, but again as the biggest threat to Donald Trump. And there’s several reasons why. First and foremost, Elizabeth Warren, not
unlike Bernie Sanders has a ton of grassroots support and that grassroots support is what
is propelling the campaign. Again, just like Bernie Sanders. So the people on the ground support her, but
the bigger issue they have, the reason they are afraid of her is because she might be
one of the only top tier candidates that can actually appease both camps. You know, the, the progressive’s and the establishment. Now, in recent days, Elizabeth Warren has
said some things that have greatly concerned me as they have many other progressive’s,
you know, starting to say everybody should have access to quality healthcare. That word access is like nails on a chalkboard
because it is in a way a walk back of Medicare for all, or at least it gives the appearance
of being a walk back. Maybe she still supports it. Maybe she doesn’t. She doesn’t necessarily think we should ban
all fracking in the United States, which Bernie Sanders does and he’s correct. We need to. But overall, Elizabeth Warren is the second
most progressive person running for president today and she’s got a really good record to
back it up. She also isn’t too progressive to turn off. You know those corporate Democrats who want
to make sure that Wall Street gets their tax cuts, but that were good on social issues. So Elizabeth Warren, according to these advisors,
may be the one to kind of bridge the gap. We can get some progressive, the progressive
initiatives, not all of them. We’re going to stick it to corporations, but
not as much as we should be sticking it to them. And that’s kind of where Elizabeth Warren
Falls. You don’t get me wrong folks. I Like Elizabeth Warren. She is absolutely in my top two and that’s
why I fall into this next number as well. And this is the number that scares Donald
Trump’s advisors, 57% that is the number of Bernie Sanders supporters who say that they
are perfectly fine if Elizabeth Warren becomes the nominee. 50% of Joe Biden supporters say the same thing,
but more Bernie supporters then Biden supporters. Totally cool with Elizabeth Warren being the
nominee. And again, I am in that 57% Elizabeth Warren
is kind of the the bridge of the gap. She may not be all that we need right now
though. You know, if she was running in 2016 this
would be a slam dunk. Bernie would not have gotten in that race. Folks, if Elizabeth Warren had run, he waited. He essentially waited for her and when she
wasn’t gonna do it, he decided to do it himself and created a massive movement in the process,
a shift within the Democratic Party that continues to pull us to the left today. I’m glad he’s running now. I am backing him right now, but if he were
to drop out or not, when I hope to God the person that ascends to the top would be Elizabeth
Warren and the Trump advisors understand that because I’m not alone, I’m not. You have a lot of Bernie supporters from 2016
who are backing Elizabeth Warren this time round. You have a lot of establishment people who
hated Bernie in 2016 who are supporting Elizabeth Warren this time. She is a very real threat to Donald Trump. The only question is can she stop making these
unforced errors, stop walking back her bold, progressive ideas and finally get on board
and say, you know what? No more of this access talk. We’re going to do medicare for all, and we’re
going to do it in a snap. We’re going to ban fracking, we’re going to
tackle climate change, and we’re going to make corporations pay for all the crimes they’ve
committed over the last few years. She does that then. Hell yeah. She’s the biggest threat Donald Trump will
ever face in his lifetime, but if not, his advisers might be worrying about nothing.

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Advisers Are TERRIFIED Of Elizabeth Warren

  1. It would not take much of a woman that claims she is native american to surpass Biden and AOC. All liberals seem to have loose screws.

  2. Take a look at what’s going on in the South China Sea. Then, take a look at the president who allowed this situation to get to this point-His middle name is Hussein. Now, look at which president is trying to correct Hussein’s mistake. Exactly. You libs are morons.

  3. I think Bernie’s the guy that will make Herr Trump look like the idiot he is and will quickly put him in his place which is the dunce chair.

  4. I'd like to hope that Warren is feigning being more friendly towards businesses and so on so that the corporate media and other corporations don't attack her the way that they have Bernie. That being said, we can't trust our fate to hope alone. And if Warren does become the presidential candidate, we need to be ready to hold her feet to the fire. And make sure that she fights for us, not for corporations.

  5. Even if you best trump, she still has to take on Mitch McConnell, because likely the dems won’t take the senate. She is good, but she isn’t a brawler. She isn’t as nasty as Bernie. And Bernie is Trump like nasty.

  6. Sanders is the answer America truly needs! Though I would certainly take Warren over Biden if it really did come down to that.

  7. Maybe she's a mastermind who's planning to do the reverse of what we expect from politicians (make great promises and not deliver). Once she gets in…then she'll make her stand and fight for the 'progressive gold'.

  8. I think what's happening is the establishment are prepared to hold thier nose and just put up with her progressive policies while not liking them, Bernie on the other hand doesn't appear to be a palatable option. I've been impressed with her plan for everything and also she's a formidable presence on the debate stage, watched the Cuomo climate change piece and she handled the Right Wing BS questions by putting him in his place and calling it out as a means of distracting attention away from the problem/solution.

  9. Warren is the DCCC republicrat schill to split Bernie's progressive ticket and make way for Biden or Harris. Don't be fooled again. Bernie 2020.

  10. Trump conversion to Judaism and his broken promise about 9/11

    On 15 February 2016, speaking to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Bluffton, South Caroline, he promised that he would find out — and inform the American public — "who really knocked down the World Trade Centre.

    It looks that when it was clear to Trump who was really involved in that ‘controlled demolition inside job’ he just kept quiet because he didn’t want to upset his boss Netanyahu and the fact that TRUMP CONVERTED TO JUDAISM in 2017, as stated by now ‘suicided’ David Goldberg, makes it abundantly clear that Trump is never going to disclose who really was behind 9/11.

    For more details on Trump’s conversion to Judaism and keeping it secret from the American public

    look at

    TRUTH VS. NEWS, INC.: Aug 26, 2019 Part 1

    NEXUS STRATEGIC ANALYTICS – Published on Aug 30, 2019

  11. REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith

  12. Medicare for all would eliminate some of the provider overcharges and cause more balance to the patient medical care. High cost insurance is just a way for providers to individually overcharge. Maybe Medicare patients will get better care. It's definitely time to provide better health care for less expense. Medicare isn't the problem, it's finding doctors who will grossly overtreat or grossly undertreat based on insurance. Medicare for all might eliminate that as well.
    I could have saved my arm after an accident if I first went into the forest and used branches and banana leaves to stabilize my injury. Instead, the doctor at St John's told me to do arm circles with a fractured shoulder. No cast, no sling, no treatment. Dozens of repeated Xrays just to add cost and no treatment there.

  13. She's the smartest person on the debate stage. Good grasp of all the important issues. Maybe she can't bring peace to the Middle East but nobody can. And she's cheerful, she looks like she's enjoying it all. There's a bit of steel in that small framed woman. Oh and she's got empathy, a word that Republicans can't spell or understand.

  14. Biden should step aside. Warren definitely can beat tRump hand down. I'd love to see her debating tRump. We need to unite every vote will count.

  15. They should be. Warren more than anyone knows about the banks that are running America. She will break them up.Do we really want to put Bernie in office? Bernie will be 78 next year. Meaning that he will be 86 at the end of 2 terms. Did anyone notice what being President did to a young Obama? Warren is someone that actually knows what she is talking about when she speaks. Unless we do something about the money changers and the insurance moguls, we are going to get the same old crap. She can go against them and win. I don’t believe that Bernie can.

  16. I may be God but all Powers come from the Ghost so the Ghost knows all things were I am limited so the Ghost wiped out the Bahamas for its own Reasons instead of bringing it straight through to hit the US but if Trump was watching me he endangered everyone over this so the Ghost knew something and decided to Mock him yet again so we went around Puerto Rico to Mock him and destroyed the Bahamas to Mock him wiped out the Epstein Island to make a point and now the next round will be directly Aimed at Trump to have him Removed you have Sean what we can do our Storms are not to be taken lightly so now down to Business Trump must be removed or many Storms to come but this time it will hit the US full powered.

  17. Trump's advisers are also terrified of her because unlike Hillary, her name is not even as close to tainted as hers was. The worst they have is the dumb Pocahantas thing, which, was a mistake on her part, sure, but that's pretty small cookies in the grand scheme.

  18. Sanders and Warren in 2020. Can't wait to vote for them. Let's show the world how great the US can be. Make sure to vote in 2020!

  19. I’m for Medicare For All, but I think it’s better to implement it as a public option first to iron out any kinks that may occur. Once word of mouth on how good it is spreads, more people will want to be on it and will dump private insurance.

  20. The Democrat Party has morphed into a socialist party that is anti-capitalism, anti-Judeo-Christian American values, anti-Semitic, anti- law & order, and promotes open borders to let illegal immigrants, drug and human traffickers, criminal gangs and terrorists invade our country with impunity putting at risk the security of the American people. The Democrat party is even now advocating for providing free health care to illegal immigrants at the expense of American taxpayers, and supporting late term abortions and infanticide. The Democrat party has also become the party of HATE & NEGATIVITY that they should now be TOTALLY REJECTED, as they, together with their MSM propagandists, have become the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  21. The Establishment is propping her up. She is more "pliable" than Sanders ever will be. At least as far as the Establishment is concerned.

    She is a Faux Progressive who used to be a registered Republican. Don't trust her.

  22. WArren, like clinton, has never met a war she didn't like! WARren has been parroting Sen. Sanders policies – BUT has NO intention of keeping a single one, IF she was voted in. WARren owes her allegiance to the corrupt dnc and her corporate backers – period. WARren, like the slimy harris, is simply clinton 2.0. God help you all.

  23. I'm totally fine with Satan running against Trump, assuming he existed. I'm hoping for Bernie, I'll settle for Lizzie, but the bottom line is I'm voting for whomever runs against Trump. Period.

  24. Warren had her chance in 2016. She folded foot Queen Hillary. Bernie created the movement, and he damn sure should be the nominee.

  25. good record? Okay maybe so but I've seen her vote yes on things that makes you say to yourself WHAT? Trump appointments for example

  26. People have GOT to stop using the term Medicare for all because people are scared shit of it, especially Republicans.
    If you start using that phrase voters are going to automatically stop listening to you. I thinks thats why Warren stepped back on "Medicare for all".
    Pete actually has a plan for Medicare for all who choose it.
    So you can choose to buy into the pool of universal health care, or choose to buy your insurance elsewhere. And I believe if enough people buy into the Medicare for all pool, then he'll make it permanent.

  27. "Medicare for all" might just mean Medicare at age 50 with a greatly expanded public option for Medicaid for families. Eventually, most people will transition over to Medicare or choose the Medicaid public option for families. Banning fracking might mean quadrupling solar and wind farms while transitioning over to electric vehicles. We would have some fracking for now and end all subsidies immediately with a ban it in five years. We could give oil and gas companies generous bond investments in solar projects, wind farms, and electric battery systems for electric cars and trucks. We might make the first two years of college free while giving generous loan forgiveness programs for public sector jobs or military service. We can will ease burden of the $1.6 TRILLION in student loan debt. The ppint here is a serious of more modest but lzrge incremental steps can do great things to move the ball down the progressive field short of a revolution against corporations.

    These are two examples of changing America for through large incremental gulps that some Bernie people won't like but could learn to live with. I want a national infrastructure bank system managed through the Federal Reserve System. The state legislatures can fund 20 percent of a needed project in their state with approval of a majority vote and a governor's signature. The national infrastructure bank system would be linked to the Federal Reserve Branch district such as Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas etc in order to a secure a loan for the other 80 percent of the project like a home mortgage for state government after proper financial and legal vetting by the infrastructure bank officials. The Federal Reserve backs up the loans. These are things I want done on top of adding Puerto Rico and Washington DC as states to end the filibuster. All Trump and GOzp tqx cuts must br ended immediately in 2020.

    I don't know if Joe Biden is healthy enough for younger voters worried about his fitness for office. Elizabeth Warren is 71 right now. I think her age and sort of bridge appeal to moderates and more progressive Democrats will determine Elizabeth Warren's likelihood of winning the nomination. Do younger Democrats under 35 years old really want an 80 year old forgetful Joe Biden in the White House? We don't know the answer to this question right now. I think Elizabeth Warren has a good shot or bettet shot right now than many people think. I think Biden is going to have a tougher time winning with the nomination than anyone thinks.

  28. I also would love to see a bankruptcy expert go up against a guy who’s had 6 of them. An economics professor school a guy who brags about a fake economic record. And I believe hearing it from a woman would ruffle his feathers more (HRC couldn’t do it, because she was guilty of some of the same things).


  30. Trump trade war causes Recession causes Famine .
    Obama is the horseman of conquest
    Trump is the horseman of war
    Elizabeth Warren is the horseman of famine.
    The seals of the US presidency are also part of the seals in Revelation.
    The Bible is part of humanity history.

  31. Obama slogan ‘ Yes we can’ is a declaration of conquest
    Trump slogan ‘ Make America Great Again ‘ is a declaration of war.

  32. There are among you many thousand secret Trump voters. It's ok to hate him in front of your friends but it's the way you vote in private that counts. I understand.

  33. More proof of the FEAR knowing demoncrats are lefty loonys have been exposed. Now CHILDREN!
    We The People are keeping our heads down.1-dont want antifa to kill us,2-why tell you how we vote.
    Polls were all wrong,DEMONCRATS keep believing on them….. Keep AMERICA Great…:-)

  34. Warren's got my vote and support!!!! I hope she gets the nod and crushes the old orange toddler. Also who gave him that sharpie while he had a map????

  35. for Trump all migrants are second class 🤔 latín black CUBANS chicanos 🤔 blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA 🤔 NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN 🤔 SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  36. Bernie can do a lot even if not President. Half of what he has to do is run the grass roots movement to hold representatives accountable. Even if Bernie was President and Democrats had both houses we know that a lot of democratic representatives and the media would be working against him so the grassroots side is vital.

    If Bernie does not become president, this could be an opportunity to grow the movement to get money out of politics beyond just democrats. IMO if Hillary had been elected it would have UNITED america.. AGAINST her and money in politics.

    People forget how big an issue her pay-to-play corruption was. Things have been so polarised over racial issues by Trump that the money in politics issue has been largely buried on the republican side right now.. but if you remember back there was a HUGE grassroots movement against the establishment and hillary-style pay-to-play on both sides. Maybe those people are also a bit racist, but the instant the rallying issue becomes money in politics instead of racism, it will become ascendant and the racism rallying issue could vanish as quickly as it emerged.

  37. From the time the English government officially announced they were going to their National Health Service to actual implementation, it took them 7 years w/out a highly divided country or parliament. Warren is being practical not writing checks she might not be able to cover in even 8 years with our divided country.

  38. Pokahontas vs BROKAHONTAS Epic!!!
    So, really, Bernie supporters would go for Trump than Warren? If that is the case, Trump should get reelected. Who knew Bernie’s supporters were this stupid???

  39. I’d say any democrat could beat trump could u imagine trump at a televised debate any democrat would put trump on show for all his great work he’s done the environment all the laws he’s broken and how he loves Putin and Kim . Trump will look like a corrupt fool and could never win any debate or election

  40. Got good reason to sour on Biden after the debate he was answering a question asked by a regular guy in the middle of it his wife crooks her finger that it's time to go HE RUDELY LEFT THAT GUY WHILE THE GUY WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORD IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE.!!!I I could not believe my own eyes and ears .true colors people true colors

  41. Terrified they'll have to listen to that whining screeching voice of hers. But I guess that's a native American thing.

  42. Biden/Warren they'd balance each other out. Joe is a bit to moderate and Elizabeth a bit to left. Together wow what a ticket we'd have. You couldn't stop the democrats if that's what we had. We definitely do not need a worn Sanders ticket to far Left About Mary Pete and Biden had be a nice ticket

  43. Hmm Farron I think E is like Trump but a smart one both have great skill in convincing others but to walk the walk she's gone missing

  44. Elizabeth Warren has done absolutely nothing as Massachusetts Senator. Crazy how she gets realected? Elizabeth Warren and her Supporters can't name one thing Warren accomplished as Massachusetts Senator!

  45. Sanders and Warren should be bold, break tradition and do the unexpected by announcing now (before they're forced to undercut each other in the primaries) that they're going to team up and run together. That would blow up the internet, unite their supporters and also show the American people that they're more concerned with what's best for the country, rather than stoking their own egos. Sanders/Warren 2020, (Bernie deserves it, and age is a factor) and then Warren would have a very good shot at 8 more years in 2028.

  46. Warren is not the 2nd most progressive, wtf are you smoking Farron? Trump's advisors and other republicans are just as fearful of Tulsi.

    57% based off one source? I don't think your understanding of recent history is clear to you. Warren left Bernie hanging in 2016 and you think, based off one polling source, most of Bernie's supporters are just gonna vote for Liz Warren? Pffft lol, gullible. Are you controlled opposition or something?

    If Warren is the nominee, she will get absolutely DESTROYED in the debates. She will be made a fool by Trump and his team EASILY. This is an easy match up for them, they are just goading you gullible FOOLS into giving it to them. Pocahontas stuff goes more deep than just the nickname. Her failure to defend Native land are Standing Rock, her attempt to claim ancestry via DNA test results PUBLICLY, and now more forms showing she was claiming native ancestry for a lot of her adult life on applications and forms to garner special consideration.

    YOU ARE DUMB AS FUCK IF YOU THINK SHE CAN BEAT TRUMP. She is TERRIBLE at politics, her debate performances are just platitudes no one cares for.

    You tried to pin Jimmy Dore and some others for that idiot's (Andrew Gillum) loss in the FL Governor's race. We will hold you accountable if WARren wins the nomination and loses.

  47. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha

    Poke a Haunt U. S.


    PROGRESSIVES is what the NAZII's called themselves…..

    Elizabeth Warren is a Liar from the Father of Lies, and the incapable of memory may vote for.

    Yeah vote for liars, thst will ensure your elimination. Go for it, you woll have proven your pavlov dog syokholm syndrome dellusion.

    Those who know not history are hell boubd to reoeat it.

    What a Load of Hogg Wash video.
    Just my opinion.

    Get a Q lou!
    Trump landslide 2020!

  48. People need to ask these polititians WHO are they're getting funded by to actually know their TRUE intentions. If they're getting funded by oil corporations then it's more likely they won't do nothing about climate change, green energy or address oil companies to produce less fossil fuels.

  49. Warren? Scary? Haw haw haw nobody can beat Trump! This is weird because you actually look like a Republican, how you went left?

  50. So,her strength is to be able to bridge the gap, so she must burn that bridge if she wants to have full support from one side ?
    The more I watch those youtube channels and the comments posted under them, the more I'm convinced the dems will snatch another defeat from the jaws of victory in 2020.

  51. I just hope that Biden doesn’t win. I’m sick of him “leading the polls” he is a joke and keeps embarrassing himself and democrats. Yet he still is “leading the polls” I want Warren or Sanders as president. Hell I’d even take Kamala over Biden.

  52. 45 is a mistake, this never should have happened. Not qualified. He's riding on Pres. Obama's coat tails bragging about the economy, which the Obama Admn has turned around from near collapse in 2008 and continues to be strong. So the economy is doing well in-spite of him, not because of him… laughable!

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