Trump Is Scared That Impeachment Will Ruin His Legacy

Trump Is Scared That Impeachment Will Ruin His Legacy

Donald Trump recently had a phone call with
members of the Republican party serving in the house of representatives where he talked
a lot about the impeachment proceedings and he had one thing to say that really stuck
out to me and that was that he’s worried that impeachment is going to stain his legacy.
As one person who spoke with Axios, who was on the call, said the president said, it’s
a bad thing to have on your resume because apparently Donald Trump is concerned about
his legacy as president of the United States, and by golly, if he has impeachment on there,
it’s going to look pretty bad in the history books. Right. Here’s the thing that annoys
me about this. Yes, impeachment is important. I whole heartedly full throated support this
and I think the president broke the law and I think impeachment is a slam dunk. At the
same time, I don’t think that this call with the Ukrainian president asking him to investigate
Joe Biden is the worst thing that the president has done. Hell, I don’t even think it’s in
the top 10 worst things that the president has ever done. I don’t dislike Trump because
he made this phone call. You want to know why I dislike Trump? You want to know the
things that Trump should be worried about with regards to his legacy? Well, let’s start
at the top. How about the fact that his department of justice right now is suing in federal court
to strip Obamacare from the public? They’re literally arguing in court right now. They,
you shouldn’t have health insurance. I’d say that should be in the top 10 worst things.
Trump has done. Top 10 things this monster should be remembered for. How about the fact
that he is repealing all of these environment environmental regulations even though his
own EPA has said, Hey, this is going to cause literally a couple thousand deaths per year
if we repeal this rule. But the administration said, we don’t care. Go ahead and do it anyway.
Go ahead and do it anyway. People are going to die, but go ahead and do it anyway. Yes,
it’s going to uh, exacerbate climate change. You know, at a time when we should be cutting
emissions where we’re increasing emissions and people are dying. But sure. Go ahead and
do it anyway. I’m going to go ahead and probably put that at number one. That’s the number
one worst thing this guy has done very narrowly. Number one, cause there’s a lot of really
bad things here. For example, the trade war damage he’s doing and he’s lying to us about
it every day saying that, don’t worry, China’s paying those. No, they’re not. We’re paying
them. We’re paying them because you as companies are paying them and their sin, uh, passing
those, uh, price increases on to us. Farmers going out of business. Generational farmers
had the same land for decades and generations gone. Absolutely gone. Consumers are getting
hammered manufacturing jobs all time high for job losses in the manufacturing sector
for this millennia. I’d say that’s pretty bad. The human rights abuses at the Southern
border, locking little kids in cages, that’s really bad. People are dying down there. The
situation according to international human rights authorities has been described as massive
human rights abuses committed by the United States. And I don’t want to get into the but
Obama did it to, yeah, he did. That doesn’t make it okay. Now that should be a stain on
Obama’s legacy and I hope it is, but even then, it wasn’t at the level that it is today.
It wasn’t ever official policy. It was official policy by this administration. And while we’re
on the subject of human rights abuses, how about they’re cozying up to Saudi Arabia,
Congress specifically passing a bill saying you can’t sell Saudi Arabia a couple billion
dollars worth of weapons and Trump doing it anyway. And then Saudi Arabia turning around,
selling those same weapons to our enemies according to reports and committing atrocities
in Yemen, including but not limited to bombing children on a school bus. How about the murder
of Jamal Khashoggi? Nothing from the Trump administration. They were fine with it and
they are in fact complicit in the crimes against humanity being committed by Saudi Arabia.
So that’s also up there in the top 10 you have attacking equal rights in the U S the
ban on transgender troops. Your the attacks on the LGBTQ community coming from this administration.
Absolutely deplorable treating human beings as if they’re not quite human beings. You’re
not on the same level as the rest of us because of how you either identify in terms of gender
or because of who you’re sexually attracted to. You’re less of a human to this administration
based on those things. So that’s also in the top 10 and then of course, who could forget
Donald Trump, the inspirational figure, inspiring all sorts of right wing violence across this
country. Whether it’s people who think blacks and Jews are scum or people who think anyone
coming up from the Southern border is basically as Trump has called them an animal that’s
also in the top 10 so yeah, there’s lots of things that are going to stain Donald Trump’s
legacy, but impeachment doesn’t even make it to the top. And that’s what we can’t lose
focus of here. That’s why I’m talking about this today. Yes. It’s easy to say impeachment.
Let’s get them, we got him on these crimes. Yeah, but don’t ever for a second let that
overshadow all of the horrible things that this administration has done that these Republicans
have done. Cause that is the stuff that we need to remember as we move forward as a country.
And those are the items that the next president of the United States is going to have to fix.
The Ukraine situation that’s gone. When Trump leaves office, all these other problems, those
are still there. And that is why they are so much more important than that one phone

100 thoughts on “Trump Is Scared That Impeachment Will Ruin His Legacy

  1. He ruined his legacy himself 40 years plus ago. He's a sick Nazi Kraut Fascist greedy control freak Authoritarian fucking pig.

  2. Outstanding (and terrible) summary. Here's #11: Journalists (protected by the First Amendment) are the enemy of the people.

  3. Impeachment was always destined to be his legacy, from the moment he decided that being president would be "easy". Having so little understanding of the complexities of running a massive and powerful nation, coupled with the lies that were his buisiness "acumen" mythologu pretty much guaranteed that he'd get himself impeached.

  4. HAHAHA – He thinks impeachment is a stain to his legacy? It will be hard to see that stain in the pile of stains he has already spewed all over it. Consider how many women are suing him for sexual assault – that's a huge stain.

  5. This growing list of crimes by the Trump administration needs to be posted everywhere and at all times in full view.

  6. Hes only legacy should be as an example of the fact that having wealth does not automatically equate to any sort of respect or competency at anything. Leadership least of all.

  7. Trump's legacy will be rated as the worst President in US History. And his administration will also be rated as the worst in US History. I have no doubt he will be the only US President to be sent to jail. Why these Republican Congressmen and Senators and his supporters still support to idiot is beyond me.

  8. It's not the worst thing by far, I agree. But this is the one thing that it seems he they can get him on.

    Think of Al Capone, not paying his taxes was not even remotely the worst thing he did but it was the one thing that took him down.

  9. This Channel is the Dumbest idiot on You tube !!! Why dont YOU get Real facts like GEORGE WEBB channel this is nothing more than a far left guys uneducated to real NEWS and FACTS opinion period no news here ?? Unsub. Here

  10. Trump's legacy is already ruined, and his three kids (ivanka, Donny Jr., Eric (aka Ditzy, Retard and F***wad)) will tarnish it even worse.

  11. They bombed a school bus? My god… The number of times a day all I can do is hang my head as I learn another new disgusting, horrifying thing is getting to be so frequent, I may soon not bother raising up anymore.

  12. Great Blog…one of your best.We as a people tend to forget..Keep drilling this into our heads so we can't , won't,an Don't !


  14. What legacy? He has failed at everything. A spoiled rich kid from a criminal family. They, his father and grandfather were better at it than he is. He is the dumbest crook ever. He would not even have been allowed to shine Al Capones shoes.

  15. His resume will be he's FIRED from being a President of the United States of America! His favorite best known phrase, RIGHT BACK AT HIM!

  16. Would the possibility of a rational informed debate, be more likely with the fictional character Hannibal Lector, or the fake, wannabe presidential, corrupt orange sociopath ?!…

  17. I'm sorry to let you know this Donald Trump your legacy is already ruined your division your racism you're dividing of the country ceiling out to Russia China and Ukraine making War killing the millions of innocent people tennis Mexico will pay for the wall now we are paying for the wall shut down the government and half of them haven't got paid farmers losing their phone committing suicide because you make deals your legacy is ruined

  18. Should've thought of that before endearing to the racists lmao
    He should've not tweeted slander at Obama and then waited 4 years after Obama left and then joined the Democrats if he was so worried about his legacy. He's obviously been playing the political pendulum game for decades now; why go Republican now? They're the bad guys in this current American scenario. Plus, if Republicans attack him, everyone could just ignore them because, as I said, bad guy reputation.

    TL;DR: Trump should've waited 4 more years and then joined Democrats. He blew his reputation by endearing to Republican racists.

  19. While still alive, Donald Trump’s mother was asked if she had any children that lived, she replied, “not to my knowledge.”

  20. He does care about his legacy. He knows an impeachment is "something bad." His narcissism makes him need approval. For all the heinous things he and his fellow monsters have done, he is so detached from reality in his psychopathology, he doesn't see most of his horror. Worse, there's a part of his pathology where he enjoys hurting people.
    What we need right now is an Amendment 25 move or mutiny. The impeachment process gives him plenty of time to enact more and more horrors. …and to whip up his ersatz Nazis.

  21. This guy’s legacy will be his vulgarity, his lies, his lack of dignity he is the example of what nobody should be ,on top of his abominable conduct he is the ugliest “ president “ that we ever had

  22. That’s the definition of the greatness of America he was promoting since the start of his campaign . People were concerned about 🤔what kind of greatness he was talking about because America has always been great 🌟. Now we’re all witness of his own definition of Making America Great again.


  24. Okay folks, let us do a performance evaluation of trump and his administration:

    1.  Mexico did not pay for the wall
    2.  No improvements on infrastructure
    3.  Absolute and utter humiliation at a global level.
    4.  No improvements on healthcare.
    5.  No real increase on salary.
    6.  More taxes owed by the middle class.
    7.  A narcissistic moron who is busy sucking his own dick. If he can find it.
    8.  Failure to achieve even one of campaign promise.
    9.  No border wall
    10. Treason and conspiracy to commit crimes against U.S. political opponent.
    11. Failure to speak truth.
    12.  Globally demoralizing behavior on world stage.
    13.  Cheating on your spouse when she has just given birth.
    14.  Violating basic human rights of immigrants without assessment of their crimes.
    15.  Crimes against humanity.
    16. Witness intimidation
    17. Narcissistic personality disorder
    18.  Failure to achieve basic goals that come with the office
    19.  Lack of attendance at work.
    20.  Failure to show up for work and staying at work.
    21.  Attention deficit disorder
    22.  Total lack of empathy for human suffering.
    23.  Personal enrichment in blatant violation of ethics.
    24.  Collusion with foreign powers for political gain.
    25.  Intimidation and forced submission of nations dependent on US help.
    26.  Obstruction of justice.
    27.  Racist behavior born out of racial superiority complex.
    28. Fraudulent behavior unbecoming of office.
    29. Incitement of militant groups for political gain.
    30.  Reckless endangering of national security.
    31.  No acceptance of diversity.
    32.  Racial superiority complex
    33.  Lack of transparency regarding paperwork required for office.
    34.  Obsessive liar.
    35.  God complex.
    36.  Money Laundering
    37.  Racketeering and exploitation of migrants.
    38.  Tax evasion.
    39.  Failure to divest if personal gain while in public office.
    40.  Blatant, unashamed solicitation of foreign cohorts to project seeming real estate investment.
    41.  A vision of a dictatorship in the USA.
    42.  A dehumanizing behavior towards women.
    43.  No value for human life.
    44.  Illiteracy and lack of understanding the basic tenets of the English language.
    45.  Egotistical, vain, narcissistic,  superiority complex, money grabbing pimp with a total and complete obsession with himself.

  25. Worst things he did?
    "There were decent people on both sides (marching with swastikas)"
    "White supremacy? Derrrr, Ku Klux Klan? What are you talking about?"
    "If she wasn't my daughter, I'd be dating her"
    Everything he has vomited on the nation and the world is disgusting… And the worst most recent? Allowing yet another genocide by the Turks….

  26. I can’t stand seeing that evil Monster👹👹👹 Does any of his Monster squad have any kind of soul, do they have nightmares of all the Bloodshed that has and is happening?😢😢😢😢

  27. trumps legacy;;; what a firggin laugh, really, if every infraction that he committed would be a red mark on his report card it would be entirely RED. Even with a extra grand size it will be to small. trump = TRAITOR

  28. No , people will live because the Lord is faithfu.. A great change comming. The wicked will be destoyed alone with their plots & evil schemes. The they shall fall in their own schemes.

  29. He is the worst human beeing ever.. Would be Hitler. I am glad you going to Hell, unfortunately this country is going with you, because republicans have no brains either. I hope you burn

  30. Trump is concerned for his legacy? Oh wait he has been married 3 times, he lies, my fingers can't keep up with his escapades.
    His legscied give me a break.😎😎😎😎😎

  31. Donald Trump giving up the Kurdish people to the Turkish military a lot of Kurdish people were killed I wouldn't want to stay in a building with Trump's name on it stay at your own risk

  32. The American Military should not listen to Donald Trump they should turn around and protect the Kurdish people. Don't turn your back on all allies

  33. Impeachment
    How a officer may be removed
    IncludingThe President,Vice President,and all civil officers(Goverement Officers) all officers of the executive and judicial branch but excludes members of congress,See 1.5.2)of the United States,she'll be removed from office,on Impeachment ( A formal charge or accusation of misconduct in public office,see1.2.5.)for,and Conviction( some crime or misconduct (See 1,3,6,-7,)Of,Treason( The crime of betraying ones own country by giving help to its enemies (See111.3.1) Bribery or other favour in exchanforunjust or illegal conduct in an office of trust)or other high crimes and Misdemeanors ( Such as violating the Constitution or abusing ones-power to harm or get personal gain),)).

  34. New worst thing, abandoned our strategic partners to be slaughtered, while exposing hundreds of thousands of innocents to be slaughtered, forcing and armed conflict in Syria with opponents with nuclear arm effectively stranding American Soldiers and setting the stage for WWIII.

    All to appease Putin and Erdogan… this is fit for a firing squad.

  35. Just being him. He was put there for us to see ourselves. Check out yourself how did he get there anyway. Who are we as a people to have a person over us like him


  37. Trump/Putin Deep State legacy:
    Abanding American soldiers and allies on the national world stage so they could look back and see a Russian flag flowing over their post. We all see that

  38. No his not getting impeach What annoys me is how the Democrats jumped on it without no proof yet and he let it known he release the documents of the phone call and they had nothing on him so y’all are making a stop being a jack ass

  39. ASSET FORFEITURE: Everything Trump owns and everything his family owns should be seized and given to the American tax payers. Do this even if Trump is never convicted of a crime. Remember that asset forfeiture does not require a crime or conviction of a crime. Most of the asset forfeiture in American today is done to poor people who are never convicted of any crime. So let's recover some of the money damage Trump has done by using asset forfeiture, take everytihng he and his family owns.

  40. Came out today: You can now add Tax Fraud. He's been doing this forever. That is why he is fighting tooth and nail to keep his taxes from the public. He totally is a bankrupt buffoon! I am convinced his dilated pupils and erratic behavior is from his years of drug addiction to Adderall, UK Sudafed, Cocaine and Meth.

  41. What a joke. He actually THINKS he is the greatest president of all time! But hes done NOTHING positive. Its all about money and image not any principles, Republican or even American. He sees this as damage to his brand. He doesn't care about the American people or ANY people just money. To use his own idiotic words: SAD

  42. I can’t see that he has a legacy He is a low life and a first rate criminal and pathological liar. He needs to be behind bars

  43. As if Adolf felt uncomfortable and embarrassed about his personal hygiene. #Legacy 🤡
    Impeach and Convict, but Don The Con is fully protected by MoscowMitch, Miss Lindsey, Minion Barr & the Republican party!


  44. How about him being a sexual predator with over 2 dozen accusers coming forward?? We literally have a rapist in the white house.

  45. Trump’s legacy will be not he made America (white) great again, but he will have brought the United States back in every aspect over 100 years and we will have fallen behind almost every other country in this world. That will be his legacy and what he stands and stood for.

  46. He is already stained that the White House the from what this fool and the Senators from the Senate house Republicans who have backed him since we became a Country maybe the only thing about him is that he done out. is the faults Christian's who are not doing God's will but that are doing the work of Satan for greed like him and treat the against humanity which God will take care all that.But we will have take care of the treason he has committed against our Country along with those who have backed him.The American people should hold them accountable for that too and should put on trial for that .To show that this is not a Country like that . And they pay for what he damage he done and not let him get away with it.Treason he should pay for it What are law calls it death . So nobody else will ever think that he 's above the by using the power of our law's . Because of his actions by his words that have come out of his mouth have caused people to die and hardship on people and children . So it's only fitting for them to pay the same and prove to that these Country will expect this against any one

  47. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what legacy??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we will happy that he is gone!!!
    He is dangerous and totally unfit to be a president!!

  48. Desperate Democrats it wont look bad at all we.all know it is a hoax what it is educate the future presidential election runners that the scams by the democrats are below the belt……..the guy who did this video is stupid…

  49. I don't believe she would impeach himself but he is so stupid so stupid that he will be dumb enough to take it Donald Trump

  50. Hey Farron, here come the Republicans, a group of them have declared war on Trump:

    GOP Group Uses Trump's Own Words On Corruption Against Him In Searing Fox News Ad

  51. Huh? He already has a legacy – of shifty dealing. Why hasn't he been anxious about that? If he had managed to control that behavior, we wouldn't be discussing this.

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