Trump Admin COMPLETELY Unprepared for Coronavirus

Trump Admin COMPLETELY Unprepared for Coronavirus

All right, let’s get into Corona virus. For the last few days, I’ve been more and
more concerned that Donald Trump is utterly and completely unprepared to deal with the
Corona virus and it potentially becoming a pandemic that will affect the United States
as well as the entire world. As of this morning, there are more than 81,000 coronavirus cases
that we know of and more than 2,700 deaths. Yesterday we spoke with a, I spoke with a
doctor specializing in infectology about their trajectory prevention, how to manage something
like Corona virus. The cases are still mostly centered in China. More recently, there’s
been a pretty significant uptick in South Korea. Then you’ve got Italy, Japan, and Iran
as of this morning with a lot of, with more cases than most countries in the U S 60 cases
as of this morning. But there is every expectation that this is going to get worse before it
gets better. And a presidential administration has a large role to play in managing the situation. We will talk about preparedness. We will talk
about who’s in charge. We will talk about fairings. That will certainly be a disadvantage
to dealing with coronavirus and even Republican Senator. Mitt Romney is willing to say that
the Trump administration is completely unprepared for a widely spread Corona virus in the United
States. There’s a report that Mitt Romney actually confronted Trump administration officials
at a private briefing in D C yesterday. As Trump has continued to publicly downplay concerns,
say it’s under control, it’s going to go away. When it gets warm, we’re going to be fine.
The stock market’s going to be fine. The reality is that this is now a red alert. Even Republican
Senator John Kennedy during a hearing made it very clear that he doesn’t believe the
Trump administration is even remotely competent and prepared on this issue and when everything
is sport to the president. Being unprepared for something like this will lead to deaths. I tweeted earlier today, people who say, I’m
not into politics. If there’s any silver lining about this whole coronavirus fiasco, it is
that I hope people who say I’m not into politics realize that politics can very quickly become
life and death. Look at Donald Trump’s recent tweets tweeting it’s self congratulatory,
pablum quoting Gordon Chang on the Laura Ingraham show saying quote us acted on the Corona virus
very, very quickly tweeting how great he is doing at handling it. Quote, CDC and my administration
are doing a great job of handling coronavirus, including the very early closing of our borders
to certain areas of the world. It was opposed by the Dems too soon, but turned out to be
the correct decision. Trump is focused on attacking Democrats, making fun of many Mike
Bloomberg and claiming victory for things he hasn’t done, like building the wall instead
of actually dealing with a deadly contagious disease. It’s just not a priority for Trump. It’s underfunded.
Trump has no idea what’s going on, so we have a twofold problem here. They are woefully
unprepared, but they are also downplaying it for political reasons. It’ll disappear
when it gets warm. They’ve been saying more and more, almost like it works that, uh, you
know, th th th like the disease is going to melt or something like that. And dr [inaudible]
told us yesterday that this is not something we can assume that this will go away when
it gets warm in the Northern hemisphere. We’ve already heard from Harvard, epidemiologist,
Mark lipstick, who predicts that Corona virus will ultimately not be containable. And within
the year it’s conceivable that up to 70% of the world population could be infected. Now,
the death rate may never rise beyond 2% but when that many people are infected, you are
going to have many people die if it gets to that level. I’m not being alarmist, I’m showing that even
experts say this could happen if it’s not taken more seriously by all government. And
that includes Trump. Now additionally, it’s important to look at death rates by age. When
you do that, you notice that below age 40, the Corona virus death rate is just 0.2% even
between 40 and 49. It’s just 0.4% above 50 years of age. The death rate starts to climb.
And of course if you’re 70 or older or even more acutely, 80 or older, you are the most
at risk. That’s the case with regular flu. That’s the case with pneumonia. That’s the
case with a number of different conditions. And I’ve actually seen what seemed to me like
horribly a macabre arguments that we don’t have to worry about the economy because the
people of working age are not dying at a high rate from Corona virus. So we don’t really have to worry. Can you
imagine? And Donald Trump’s ignorance and the denials are, are, it’s not just a political
game at this point. We’re talking about people’s lives and after this short break, I want to
get right back into Corona virus and talk about who Donald Trump is putting in charge.
Hint, it’s Mike Pence who barely believes in science. And then I also, uh, after that
want to continue talking about this because there is a talking point spreading that Donald
Trump fired his pandemic response team and there are a bunch of people saying that couldn’t
possibly be true, could it? It is very true. It is not only true that Trump fired his pandemic
response team, he also reduced funding to the CDC and it is all just bad and we’ll get to more of it after the
break. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman show on Instagram at David Pakman show
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100 thoughts on “Trump Admin COMPLETELY Unprepared for Coronavirus

  1. Many illegals who invade through our porous border are Chi-comm nationals. Blame democrats for encouraging them to invade, and for not securing funds for a great , big wall to keep out the diseased riffraff. If a pandemic occurs, demoncrats will not be treated kindly.

  2. The trump administration is unprepared and incompetent. When his base starts dying, he'll blame democrats. Idiots will believe him.

  3. Reminds me of the way Raygun treated the AIDS outbreaks in NY and CA. He left the gays and drug addicts to die 'cause, as an evangelical nutter, he figured he could get rid of 'the sinners' that way.

    Trump figures he can save money by letting a lot of old folks die. Imagine the money they could save on Social Security, Medicare and Meals on Wheels.

  4. After the reign of trump, hopefully the following words will evolve these new meanings:
    Tweeting Saying irresponsible garbage without thinking of the consequences.
    Golfing Avoiding a problem and procrastinating instead of taking actions to solve said problem.
    Trumping Refusing to take responsibility for your mistakes.

  5. Great photo at the start. Since Trump does not play the fiddle, show him golfing while US citizens get sick. A new meme. Trump golfs while the US burns. Photoshop an inferno behind Trump's golf course.

  6. The orange faced cretin has no idea about anything! When the pandemic is declared and millions die the sob will be removed from office at last!

  7. Comrade Trump has a bigly brain and he knows more than any doctor ever will 😷🎃😷🎃😷🎃😷🎃If not Comrade Trump will blame White Mike and Obama 😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒😷🎃😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🔒🎃😷🎃🔒😷🎃🔒

  8. This is why down trump put pensee In charge hes gonna need someone To blame when things go sideways and Hang it around their Neck neck

  9. Trump doesn’t have the skills to deal with a REAL Crisis (like his businesses failing), that’s why he makes up Fake crisis (like The Caravan).

  10. One further news item. It turns out that people who are asymptomatic can spread the virus, and a person who recovered from the virus had a recurrence after three weeks. Does Trump know this? I doubt if the orange faced moron has any idea!

  11. Hey David, you should do a segment on Trump allies on the website, Cameo. It's absurdly cringey. Sean Spicer, George George Papadopoulos, Rod Blagojevich, Corey R. Lewandowski, Anthony Scaramucci, Gretchen Carlson, Omarosa, Joy Villa, Tomi Lahren, Stormy Daniels (lol), etc. You can download a lot of the videos there to use as examples. There's one on Rod's page where he's telling someone that "He waited eight years to tell them the Eagles suck" since people just request random shoutouts.

    But it's really bizarre. There's practically no left leaning people on it. It's all right wingers on the site. I find it interesting because it further shows that Trump has turned this country into a reality show. All his allies are making weird videos for people. I think it's a cool service for entertainers, etc. but for politicians to be on it is quite awkward. I know it's not big news, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

  12. Australia is fine, We are now on Pandemic Alert and taking it very seriously compared to the bush fires (I guess they learnt)

  13. What I hear now is all communications avbout the Coronavirus is to go through the Political Office, of the Vice President Taskforce, and no longer from medical professionals.

  14. I subscribed here because I thought you were the only one to truly bring the democrats to the fore… Your trump derangement syndrome is getting worse by the day and it shows. I'm changing sides. Milenial Milly is funny, pretty, and brings more facts to the table. The democratic party is finished. Rip and good riddance you unhinged lot.

  15. Don't panic, as our "thoughts & prays" will fix-it. … And, if not; well then, that's God's Will; for we evangelicalists are praying for the coming apocalypse.

  16. If corona has a vaccine I want tRump to take it.
    David YouTube has erased a Ted Talk where Bill Gates stated vaccines will control the population as in depopulation.

  17. Something you said made me think of a new danger in the US. Right now, the testing system for the coronavirus is a mess, not able to do the number of tests needed in a timely manner. If the virus explodes in the next two weeks from all these people with no symptoms walking around spreading it to others, people will be getting sick and looking to the CDC for guidance. But Trump will not want that! He knows that could damage the stock market further, and he wants to appear in control, and have attention on always on himself and his objectives, keeping the stock market up and being reelected. When people's children and family start getting sick, they aren't going to respond to his happy talk or the type of statements he made about the wall, and how it will fix so many problems. His stupid wall can't fix this. A death rate of 20x the flu death rate is frightening to many people.

  18. Waaaaaaiiiiit a beautiful karmic minute!
    What are the mortality rates! This is no virus. It's a vaccine. A boomer vaccine! Hallelujah!!! Someone trap Bernie in a bubble. He is not to exist outside of it under any circumstances!

    Dear covid-19,

    You are hereby invited to infect the United States of America. Kindly eliminate the boomer population immediately. Bring the DNC and the wealthy to their knees.

    A fan of karma

  19. Coronavirus? Covid? – nothing "thoughts and prayers" can't fix. BTW here's your copay bill. or shall we sent it to your inheritants?

  20. Um, no. Sorry to disagree with you David but. the President said this morning that there were like 15 cases in the U.S and more than half of them were already cured..

  21. Trump is prepared. He is prepared to blame it on the Democrats. If history is an indication, the panic is overblown in this country. Ebola had a relatively small effect on this country. Part of that was we had confidence that the government had the competence to deal with Ebola. By the indications of the stock market this week, the country doesn't have the same confidence in the Trump administration.

  22. The Trump administration is completely unprepared for mayonnaise on a chicken sandwich. They are inept, incompetent, ignorant and worse than that lying to the American public about this health risk.

  23. It is hard to believe that Chump has closed his pandemic team, forbidden experts to make public statements about the current virus state, and he has appointed a man to head the virus outbreak who failed to manage an earlier virus in his own territory and who has stated that smoking does not lead to death! Further, Chump has even defunded CDC. I find it hard to believe that the USA accepts this schooled but uneducated idiot to represent their views to the world.

  24. I'm telling you, tRump is going to lay the blame on his VP. Does Pence realize this? Does he care? tRump never blames himself for ANYTHING.
    I hope his base suffers. Its they who worship at the foot of their ORANGE IDOL!
    This is serious $hit people. Look at what history has told us about pandemics. You think it won't happen because we are so sofisticated, so worldly, so prepared? Ha! We are going to be in a world of hurt.
    Best thing to do is follow my advise. I'm earthquake prepared. Hubby and I have enough food and water to last us a good month. Now we will step that up.

  25. Not to worry Mike has your back. Just pray for good health and hang a wreath of garlic and wolfsbane out your windows. Everything is going to be fine fahghetaboutit.

  26. I work for a small family business in my city and my boss has already told us were gonna have to run some back orders due to shipments being suspended from China. We are not the only business in town facing this. Luckily, we have the capability to wether this and make it thru but idk about other companies. We do world wild shipping/sales. Other business just do local.

  27. Donald Trump is an incompetent dumbfuck, he doesn't have a clue how to respond to this global crisis and eventually it will become our national crisis and this idiot on charge will be playing golf instead of dealing with this deathly virus….

  28. If it doesnt have anything to do with revenge, revenue and profits or power and stroking his ego, he has no time for it. Hes a business man, not a president. Remember?

  29. Germany is about to have a major outbreak. A couple got sick and they spent the last few days partying for Carnival and the wife is a Preschool teacher.

  30. The United States is in so much trouble with that fool as president he knows not of what he's doing and we're the ones who have to suffer we are going to be a lot of people losing their lives because of him

  31. He is not dealing with it because USA probably started it. Cripple China and the world economy cos y'all got no money and broke. So the racist can't stand to see another non white nation get the best. India is his only option toward slavish trade. Go India you are dumb and racist too. Irony is now that it is in Iran and yet all the Imperial countries seem to have it under control. But Karma a biage look at Italy ,it will morph out of control and then see that obese orange turd hide away whilst y'all rot and die.

  32. My theory is that drug companies are fine with mass infections soon so they can start selling all the medicine for it.

  33. Some scary math for you.
    2 days ago it was at 24 cases.
    Today 60.
    If one assumes just a doubling of the 24 cases in 2 days to reach 60. This means 4 million people would be affected with in a month. (Roughly 1% of America). Roughly a doubling factor of 13.
    And 40% of America in 45 days at that rate.

    Say they can slow the pandemic by a factor of 4 on this, would mean it would still only be 144 days until 40% of America is infected. (8 days to double amount of cases, as an average)

    With 15.4% of Americans over 65 at a 2% death rate this means of the 132 million infected(40%) you would have 406,000 deaths in the next 5-6 months.

    That is only accounting for deaths of over 65 in age where that age group is hit at 2% death rate, some are estimating as high as 4% in the sept and octogenarians.

    Ya that hell one man will be to blame for. TRUMP. Remember well how this all started, as if it takes off, 6 months could be half a million dead.
    I would suggest to all Trump supporters they refuse any treatments, surely it is a plot by the deep state to inject them with conformity to Berine communism, just God and the leader Trump will take care of them just fine. Surely it is all lefty commie fake news… all you have is a cold. Just go on as normal. Really.

    Go Darwin go !!

  34. This is really indicative of how the world will treat the climate crisis. They'll censor news and the internet, and muzzle experts to keep markets afloat. Coronavirus exposes that government's priorities aren't in line with their citizens.

  35. The medical expenses to come are going to make people run to vote for M4A! Sad but true. Coronavirus is going to crush a big orange Cheeto under it's boot.

  36. Oh my God you bunch of pansies. All you ever do is gloom and doooooom. You keep worrying you pansies I’ll keep living. Also I thought global warming will kill us all soon anyway lol.

  37. And who is the head of HHS – the main agency overseeing our protection? Is he a doctor or a specialist in Public Health? No, Azar is a former LOBBYIST, for God's sake! Welcome to the Age of Insanity.

  38. Senator Garamendi says there are no test kits and the CDC will not allow testing at the excellent university labs in California

  39. Hey trumpeteers, voted for someone who would "shake things up" eh? Well, now that it has happened, we could all die shitting ourselves. I sure do hope you are happy, too bad it took a deadly disease to kill a large portion of the planet to acheive that.

  40. Trump WANTS the virus to spread through the US. His cult believes him that it'll go away once it gets warmer so they'll be saved by the placebo effect and all the ppl on the left who say thats bullshit will die out.

  41. According to WebMD and the CDC only 2% of people who get the Coronavirus do not recover. Let's put that another way, 98% of the people who get the virus recover! The people who died after getting it, whether it be coronavirus or not, died of complications due to a compromised immune system. These people are usually the elderly and people who have had other health problems in the past. This virus has been around for decades according to WebMD and the CDC. It is nothing more than a common cold! All this hype is nothing but scare tactics. Remember SARS and MERS several years back? It was the same fear-mongering! Nothing ever came of it. Please educate yourself.

  42. Oh my God! 60 cases of the common cold! What a catastrophe!

    Here is a quote from WebMD.

    In the course of a year, people in the U.S. suffer 1 billion colds, according to some estimates

    Since there are only 350 million people in this country, that means that many people get more than one cold every year. That means that pretty much everybody has a cold virus at one time or another every single year. The coronavirus is simply another cold virus. The CDC even says coronavirus has been around, as far as they know, since 1960 and probably before that.

  43. Coronavirus The "tool" that will be used to suppress electoral turnout or an outright cancellation of the elections.

  44. This was one of his great moments in his career to change it to show empathy but fumbled it by not reaching out and giving hope but instead we got a mumbling uncertain leader unsettled by the stock market. Then puts Pence in charge taking the job from a guy knows the job .

  45. For God's sake Pacman! Do you ever tell the truth? Trump was all over coronavirus months ago. He had the jump on this back in January, when he was suspicious that China wasn't being honest with him about it. Here's link to a report on how right Trump was to start restricting travel from certain areas of the world & set up quarantine units in US, for folks returning from areas where they may have been exposed. You lefties are morons. Do some fucking reality checking once in a while.;_ylu=X3oDMTByYnR1Zmd1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg-/RV=2/RE=1582905163/RO=10/

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