Top Health Official Says U.S. Coronavirus Testing Is ‘Failing’ | NBC Nightly News

Top Health Official Says U.S. Coronavirus Testing Is ‘Failing’ | NBC Nightly News

75 thoughts on “Top Health Official Says U.S. Coronavirus Testing Is ‘Failing’ | NBC Nightly News

  1. "Nearly 20,000 people are being tested every day for coronavirus in South Korea, more people per capita than anywhere else in the world. "

  2. I have a friend who's daughter came back from an Italy school trip. They all ended up with high fevers and chest pain and went to the local hospital. They said because she herself wasn't the one who went out of the country that they don't need to test her and her sick son. Now who knows how many people she and she can't have been in contact with and nobody is doing a thing about it.!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for speaking truth Dr. Fauci. By "keeping the nimbers artificially low" for the Silly Orange One, we lost a generous opportunity for successful containment. I'm in healthcare. I did not fear this virus before, but I do now. We have seriously fallen down on the job & now some of our best citizens are likely to pay way too dearly!

  4. Elections have consequences. The people who voted for Trump are responsible for this. AND the people who did not vote. That's right I said it!

  5. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is now in charge of the U.S. gov't. actions to fight CoViD-19.
    VP Pence does not "believe" in evolution. He states "creationism" should be taught in schools as part of the science curriculum. He has announced smoking is safe, just media hysteria.

    He has ordered that all official government statements from all agencies must be cleared by his office.

    Source: Just google his name and evolution or creationism. Lots of citations.

    Retired librarian, Michigan

  6. It's a health issue, but also an economic one, mentioned it in a video I just made, events are being cancelled and folks are staying home and businesses are becoming quiet. You need money to help run all of this, so it's really a disaster to deal with everything going on now.

  7. The U.S. CDC has had it's budget cut several times by our current administration. Last year another 10% was cut. Also monies for state epidemiological work and laboratory work was "zeroed out". Source:: Just google U.S. CDC budget.

    Retired librarian, Michigan

  8. Don't blame the President for what he says ; He lacks Recognition of Lies when He Lies !!! It's a Syndrome!!!

  9. a country like America you probably got at least 20,000 cases but will they tell you that truth ????????

  10. To whomever is reading this I want you to close your eyes and imagine a world, a world without BOOMERS, a world without boomers is a world without debt slaves a world without poverty, wars, famine, drought, natural disaster etc..A world without boomers is a world of peace stability and prosperity,
    This is why the coronavirus is targeting exactly those same boomers who've resulted in today's misfortunes BOOMERS your time is up leave your jobs you've proven to be incompetent

  11. Does Trump not see his republican support base dropped 9% over the last month and a half? His base was 49% of the country as it was now down to 40% hmm 🤔 , I guess he just did not get the memo. He is simply getting to involved stepping on Pence's toes who he put in charge of the Coronavirus task force. He simply should step out of the way and let pence with the CDC handle this and keep his mouth shut for once with only providing pence and the CDC and well as the state Governments the needed resources they need, nothing more than that. With him stepping in the way is only putting up a obstacle from getting things done. The CDC is begging the Government to help them save lives from this deadly Coronavirus that America is not ready for still since Trump is not, it's clear as day.

  12. Public health in the US has been getting cut since Reagan. Trump did cut the CDC by like 30%. But the larger reality is America health care is about profit, not health, and they are extremely profitable.

  13. I knew I shouldn't read these comments. I'm so tired of reading all the lies that are being spread that this is Trumps fault, by the anti Trump demon-crats. Wake up it's the fault of whoever's created this thing that came from CHINA!

  14. In Israel health care workers come to homes and test patients for COVID 19.
    Is ,nt it a shame we give billions in Aid to Israel and we do not have a system that pays health care workers to care for our own.
    We are like pitiful, sorry Americans.!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  15. The 🇺🇸 want to pick who they test. No symptoms. You won't get tested. China went Door to door to find out who had it. Covid 19 Smh Mmm

  16. This is amazing!! Good job NY Governor! You are more reasonable and better in problem solving that our President and Cabinet members.

  17. 0:53 – Has any had that test? AHhhAAaHHhHhhHahahahahahahahaaaaahhahAAjHH!!!!
    I had that for Whooping Cough once. Holy jeezus.

  18. Lil birdy told me that the pentagon will be closing major stores and airports soon… U.S Lockdown so stock up now😬

  19. Trump is more concerned about his political survival rather than human lives. This is what happens when you elect a narcissist. He doesn’t care about you fools, so stop defending a killer.

  20. Obama set up an organization to handle these issues like the Ebola crisis, but Trump got rid of the plan and took the funding away. So, if you didn’t realize how dangerous Trump was in 2016, open your eyes and mind and see what you voted for. This time, get it right!

  21. 12,000 Americans died under Obama Biden from swine flu before they even issued a public health warning. Thank you President Trump for taking swift and decisive action to save American lives.

  22. Yea, China got their “test kits” from a university running clinical trials on COVID 19 IN WUHAN …….same place as the outbreak.

    “Developed by a research team led by Xiamen University, the kit can be used for clinical cases, suspected cases and the screening of high-risk groups, improving the testing efficiency of front-line medical institutions.

    The kit had conducted clinical trials in hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus outbreak. The combination of nucleic acid tests and antibody detection has improved the detection rate.

    According to the developer, three antibody reagents for Covid-19 have been approved by the European Union and exported to countries including Italy, Austria and the Netherlands. — Xinhua”

    You people giving Trump a hard time, have NO CLUE what’s actually going on.

  23. NBC's key word here is "FAILING". Talk about being Mr. Insidious! it takes away any hope, does it note!, such as it is with the Media… when everyone working hard to counter this virus… NBC there to pull the right rug out from under your feet. NBC's mentality is their they glass is half empty or is it half full, all that matters is the public can't place in the hopes in CDC concurring this virus & for Americans there is no HOPE. NBC wants panic & chaosis. Like the American Medical Association, NBC knows your illness is money in the bank. "HAIL HYDRA!"

  24. Because private healthcare organization cannot spend millions of dollars on something if they ain’t sure it will be a pandemic. They need to make money.

  25. So my message is… Don't give up hope, stat healthy & clean & wash those hands, limit your public life & don't let anything or anyone, like NBC, get you down. "HAIL HYDRA!"

  26. NOT Inspiring stuff
    L.A. County, a region of 10 million people, has tested… 72 people for the coronavirus, per public health director Barbara Ferrer.

  27. If u wanted to stopped the virus ,you needed the identified people the virus carrier ,you needed to be tested ,
    -if u have positive you must be in quarantine room and getting the treatment (symptoms and not symptoms) (mild and conditions)
    -if you have negative you must be in self quarantine 14 days at home (contact and no contact suspected)
    -if you have negative you must be self quarantine 14 days at home (history travels from China ,Iran Italy,Korea….so Everywhere
    -if you have negative you must be self quarantine 14 days at home (public train ,transportation, cars and event where infected area)
    -if you have negative you must be in quarantine 14 days at home ( prevent to spreading virus)
    -if you have negative you must be in quarantine 14 days at home (until you being tests again )
    ….started over again from top to bottom above
    Meanwhile if u have positive blood test you needed to free the virus ,check out treatment and discharge program
    Now you can be victory reform

  28. Trump isn’t going to let this thing destroy his chances for re election, or his voting pool. He’ll find a way to stop it somehow.

  29. Plot twist , they put co-vid 19 on those swabs in the drive through testing to further spread the virus 🦠

  30. Here in Detroit airport they are not checking for Coronavirus..I am so scared.. the no of cases in Michigan raised to 12 now..everyone please be careful

  31. What is the point of indiscriminate testing of everyone. If you were tested for the virus and the test came back negative you could get the virus the next week and not know it. In other words you'de have to be tested every week in order to know if you were exposed to to virus. In short.. The only people who should be tested are those who are actually showing symptoms of the virus.

  32. USA have 5 strains of this virus ,and China has 1. USA is the Zero patient. America shut down a millitray bacteria labotary last year, then mass unknown pneumonia, e-cigarettes was blamed


  34. CDC should think for the government on this one because they're having a hard time with figuring out what to do.
    Everyone can't get tested all at once simply because it's not enough to go around.
    To the people who are still traveling back and forth to other countries… Never mind 🙄

  35. The US is the 3rd most populous country in the world. Unlike China and S Korea, we are not a homogeneous nation. Diversity in the case for coronavirus is our weakness.

  36. You know why??? Because you have to by those test kits from China…. Including drugs…. We need China…just as ask for help…

  37. I wonder how the tests work one doctor said they shove a long qtip up your nose and it feels like it's going to your brain and the other is rubbing it on the back of your throat along with gagging and coughing

  38. Trump is the perfect example of liar. And American people show how ignorant they are. From “0” casualty in Iran’s airstrike retaliation, to “tremendous” testing for COVID 19. Is it that hard to see the fact?

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