Tired of Living With Pain? A Pain Expert Gives Advice

Tired of Living With Pain? A Pain Expert Gives Advice

34 thoughts on “Tired of Living With Pain? A Pain Expert Gives Advice

  1. Wasn't helpful at all. No real answers. More about him selling his books. We need to know what's best for pain. What to take? What's the best remedies? Fitness plans etc. This guest is too' vague! He talks in circles. 😮😣

  2. 1. Understand why you hurt
    2. Walk in a brisk pace
    3. Get quality sleep
    4. Have some goals or purpose to get out of bed

  3. Thank you. When i I hurt my hip I was determined to get better. I could barely walk 10 minutes. I kept up with my stretches and now I can go on long walks again! I am grateful… blessings to All of you 💜

  4. still fighting the pain (frozen shoulder) to be able to get "good" sleep, doing the movements, just waiting and waiting………..it's a catch 22

  5. And you end up being less compassionate because you have survived the storm without anyone's help. So, you feel if i could do it, why can't the rest.

  6. But, my tailbone pain is lesser than cushion support. Instead of providing more support, the cushions cause more compression. If no compression at the tailbone, totally no pain.

  7. I understand a bit more. I, also take medication, enough to knock the edge of it. Yes I do those 4 things, unable to if not medicated. Always ready with an open mind to decrease my meds. I have a great GP who has given me good advise and idea how to manage my pain without increasing my meds. Which has literally been a life saver.

  8. I am an early retired physio due to mental health issues I have recently broken a couple of ribs and as you can imagine it isn't fun…. Just thinking… we seem to focus heavily on pain…..How about changing the overall concept and focus on 'discomfort'? by doing this we are including other factors as well as pain.. It might be easier for patients when we are doing subjective assessments…….

  9. Please, please make a Video about Lymph – Massage after broken ribs, broken fingers.
    These doctors keeps repeating : Hold up your arm high above your head !!!!
    But the swelling w o n ' t go away by doing this.
    Please: This Lymph Drainage ist so helpful! How can we do is ???

  10. I think PAIN has increased nowadays because of SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE, with more and more dependency on GADGETS…People shud Use mobile phones DELIGELENTLY, As less as Possible…So also other Ways which make life STAGNANT shud be Minimized…Do things which Give PEACE OF MIND,Like YOGA…Practice the ART OF HELPING OTHERS rather than LEADING A SELFISH LIFE..

  11. Can anyone help?

    I rolled my ankle BAD February 12 and it still hasn't fully healed and I don't know what to do to aid the process. I went to a doctor and they did their examination and took an x-ray and told me nothing helpful.

    I've rolled my ankle in the past twice and was back on the court within 2 and a half weeks both times, but this time i think its ligament damage.

    at this point, I can walk completely normal, if you were to look at me you'd think nothing was wrong, but when i try to jog or run it starts to bug me still

    What can I do to recover any quicker?

  12. I get the whole walking thing, but for me, outside the house I need my walker. And if I attempted to walk briskly with that my balance issues would take over and I'd most likely fall on my backside, even with the walker. The "joys" of living with MS are numerous and varied.

  13. Very good, ´´You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. – Bob Marley´´

  14. I have nerve damage from MS. Yes it helps to move around but it is painful to do so without any pain medication. Catch 22 there. Do everything I can but with medication I can do more and therefore feel better.

  15. A lot of talking that I did not correlate at all with any solutions. He should have been a psychiatrist.

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