100 thoughts on “This Is What 200 Calories Look Like: Junk vs. Healthy Food

  1. A lean cut of steak will be all you'll have to eat.

    Me: Hell no, imma eat whatever I want!!! I will eat all the blueberry muffin and 5 strips of bacon

  2. If you went on a 200 calorie diet, your metabolism would adjust and as soon as the diet was over you would gain all the weight back and then some. Calories are not bad. Nuts, legumes, avocados, and olive oil are all calorie dense foods, but they're also all nutrient dense and have lots of healthy fats that lower your risk for CVD.

  3. Well its on the peoples minds if they want to follow this or not me personally nah dont wanna even belive it cuz everything on the internet is not true. Besides are a scientist youtuber?

  4. I eat many things throughout the day, but i usually choose the healthy food over the junk, i have been on this diet for 4 month now, and i can see my skin became fair and naturally highlighted, my hair is the way i want, and i no more use lipsticks because my lips have a perfect natural pinky color all the time as shown in my profile pic! Go healthy, you'll love and get used to it.

  5. I'm really fucked up. I've been eating fast food for a couple months now and I'm starting to feel really bad. I'm talking about stomach aches. But it's so hard to change man.

  6. Where the calories are coming from is more important than the number. Like calories from added sugar your body can't use and they will be stored as fat.

  7. I have about 200 calories that I can eat today before I go over my calorie count today and this was not useful

  8. You can eat more If you burn that calories!Peanuts are a very good protein source,like…If You dont eat enough nutrients you are going to become weak!
    Weaken imunitar sistem…and its enough!

  9. This makes popcorn sound unhealthy but I can be very low calorie if it's air poped or poped in coconut oil like really low I have a machine that makes coconut oil poped popcorn for around 50 calories per cup.

    Also this makes nuts sound unhealthy when they are extremely healthy just as long as your not eating the whole bag at once they are high in healthy fats and protein

    So eat these foods don't avoid them

  10. I’m lucky I don’t like soda, fried chicken (except for popcorn chicken if u know what I mean 😒) and syrup. Or else I would definitely be fat.

  11. Popcorn is healthy if you make it at home and there is nothing wrong with butter as long as it’s not made with excess amounts of canola oil so basically butter you buy from the store is fine butter on popcorn from the movie theater is very unhealthy back to popcorn it’s fine to eat because it’s basically just corn popped if you want flavoring you can use seasoning

  12. Why would anyone be limiting their meal to 200 cals tho. Your meals should be 500cal each, thats 1500cals per day so you still have some extra for beverage or snack.

  13. why was I made this way…. all I want is pizza but I haven’t tasted one since my last birthday cause I’m cutting

  14. Hey! Just so you know how much should your calorie intake be, here's an aproximate number if you are a short girl like me.

    Short (1.50mt-1.55mt) with sedentary life style should eat 1300/1400 calories a day to maintain their weight (if you have a normal imc, if not you should consult a doctor), however if you do exercise 3 times a week your intake should be 1500/1700 depending on the time and exercises you do. If you are extremely active (4hs+ a day almost everyday of the week) you could be reaching for a high calorie diet like 2000/2500 calories.
    You can also do a 1200cal diet if you want to loose some weight. But you shouldn't believe the "2000 calories a day" lie. That will only make you gain weight, and if you are already overweight, it will make it worse. Most of the teenagers should have between 1500/1700 and consume a lot more due to the stupid "2000 calories a day" idea.
    Hope this helped you

  15. If you just base your diet on foods like unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes you wouldn't have to worry about counting calories so much because they're so low in calories while being so filling and nutritious.

  16. Good video, but the California accent was distracting. It's "HALF!"

    Her: "You can only have like hoff a slice of pizza, dude."

    Grating accent lol

  17. yesterday i must of eatten over 2750 calories withput knowing and today i ate breakfast lunch and a small piece of chocolate with caramel inside and that is about 1600 calories withput dinner

  18. If I follow one meal a day diet plan can I eat a ful doughnuts it's only 400 calories it's ok for one day only 400 calories???

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