The Huge Self-Care Lesson The Sims Taught Me

The Huge Self-Care Lesson The Sims Taught Me

When I put the Sim’s back onto my
main computer earlier this year, I kind of thought I’d be saying
goodbye to my productivity for good, but I ended up getting a boundary and
self care lesson I did not even know that I needed. So in this week’s brighter broadcast, I am sharing why I now make sure to build
in sims time every week and what the sims in particular,
as opposed to any other video game, has taught me about taking care of myself, and what I think it can
probably teach you too. I am Brittany Berger from work brighter
dot co and this is the brighter broadcast, your 10 minute ish tip to a work
brighter and live better this week. Before we dig into all things simlish and
Rosebud and cheat codes and Simolians, comment and say hi and let me
know your favorite video game. And if it is the sims, since it’s honestly one of the
only ones I’m familiar with, let me know which version
and which expansion pack. I have been playing the sims for awhile. I think the expansion pack that was the
first one that I bought was the sims livin large. And I never thought of it as like a
good thing that I love it so much, but I do now.
And today we are talking about why. I have been wanting to do
this topic for so, so long. If you have been part of the work brighter
friend group for a while now you know that one of the things
took me a while to realize, but was super revolutionary when I did, is that rest is work when it’s needed. And after a certain point you can’t work
anymore until you’ve slept or eaten or had some fun. So what does
the sims have to do with that? I have played sims very sporadically
since I’ve graduated college, mostly because I knew how
addicted to it I always get, and so it’s never been on the
main computer that I use for work. But recently I started playing the
sims for a little bit every day, and it was actually at the
suggestion of my therapist. She suggested that since I had a
hard time unplugging from work, partly because it’s so easy to
open my computer and just do it. And so she suggested that I just make
it easier for myself to play video games and relax. And that way when I was looking for
something fun to do on my computer, I could open up,
you know, a full screen game and not
accidentally slip back into work. And at first I thought
that I would get super, super addicted to it again and that
hasn’t happened and that’s because I’m a recovering workaholic. It’s now easier for me to
slip back into work … even if it’s like unimportant work … than it is for me to slip
into something totally, totally fun like Netflix or video games. And what really taught me everything I
needed to know about self care was that needs panel. So if you don’t play, each
character has… Over in the corner, it’s like a measure of how fulfilled each
of the important areas of their lives are… And the six needs that are
really crucial for every sim are… Bladder, hunger, energy,
fun, social and hygiene. Those are the areas of
sims needs to fulfill, to just basically function,
to just do the bare minimum. And you know what, we’re just like sims because the whole
point of the sims is to be like real life!… To an extent. They
still do some pretty crazy ish. But in our lives when we’re stuck in
workaholism and that whole hustle mindset and self care shame,
and guilt for relaxing, we pay attention to a totally different
set of needs that are not super accurate. We pay attention to things like
productivity and revenue and energy, but in a totally different way.
Note that in the Sims, a sim needs fun to function. And they need social
interaction to function. Productivity is not a sim need,
but fun and social are, and that was just kind of like boom. When I realized that and that that these
are supposed to be modeled off of us. And when it gets to a point
where a sims need is too low, they just won’t function as normal.
If the same doesn’t get enough sleep, they just won’t go to work. They
won’t Cook Dinner. They won’t, they just cannot do things. If they are already at work
and their needs become too low, they will literally fall asleep on the
floor. One of the weird things they do, or they’ll come home or their performance
just starts tanking and it starts being better for their job,
for them to be at home resting. They just don’t function as
normal when they haven’t slept. But also like when they haven’t had
fun. I was playing the Sims, uh, last week and this is what reminded
me how badly I needed to do this. I was playing last week and I couldn’t
get a sim to go write their book because they were an author. So they worked from
home. They didn’t have to go anywhere. You know, it was just like
me. They worked from home. I just needed to get them to sit
down at the computer and write. But every time they just would walk
over to the computer and then they just wouldn’t sit down. My girl would just
not sit down and write and oh my God, could I relate to that so much
though when I thought about it, she couldn’t write and do her job and
be productive because she hadn’t had enough fun and she was stressed out. You know, they have the little moodlets in the
corner and if you go hover on them, I could actually tell she was too tense
to write and I think that that was just such an important lesson
for me as a writer, as a recovering workaholic,
and as a self care advocate. She couldn’t work until she had some
fun and so I let her sit down at the computer and play a game
first just like I was doing. That was just so huge for
me that all of their needs, no matter how trivial sounding, need to
be tended to unless you use cheat codes. That was just huge for me to realize. I even messaged my therapist
and I was like, oh my God, this has been more helpful than
either of us ever realized. Yeah, I play this since all the time now.
It is so important for me. It is like my reward after a hard day
because I do like writing at night and then also winding down for a
little bit before I go bed. And so now just like a regular routine
for me is to finish up my writing and then play the sims until my bedtime.
Um, and I’m an adult and I’m more responsible
than I give myself credit for. And so I don’t normally end
up staying all night playing, but just say that hasn’t happened
at all recently would be a lie. I feel so much less guilty playing the
sims and any video game now I realize it’s important and I also,
whoa, it’s just a self care kick
in the butt to realize that. I loved it. And so that was what
I had today to say and yeah, that was it.
Um, if you want to talk about the sims or
your own self care lessons or your own video games, I would love it to
do that in the comment piece. And Rosebud Cheat code out.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching, unicorns! Let me know in the comments: what's your favorite game to play to relax and celebrate a productive day?

  2. Gotta love the Rosebud cheat code, y'all! ๐Ÿคฃ My favorite expansion pack ever was Livin Large for the original game, just because it was my first one and was soooo gamechanging (literally lol)

  3. I love the Sims and you are so right! Who knew the Sims promoted selfcare!? ๐Ÿ‘

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