The Game Changers | Official Trailer

The Game Changers | Official Trailer

The one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger! I ate a lot of meat.
They show those commercials… Steak, that’s what a man eats. …selling that idea that
real men eat meat. Serious man food. But you gotta understand,
that’s marketing. That’s not based on reality. I’ve been teaching fighting techniques to
government agencies for more than 15 years. Then, I got injured. Unable to teach for at least six months,
I spent more than 1,000 hours studying science on
recovery and nutrition, and stumbled across a study
about the Roman gladiators. The gladiators were predominantly
vegetarian. How could the original professional fighters
be so powerful eating only plants? When I made the switch to a plant-based diet,
I qualified for my third Olympic team, I broke two American records. I was like, man, I should have
done this a long while ago. When I went plant-based,
I wasn’t sure if I was gonna survive. And I actually became like a machine. One of the biggest misconceptions in
sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein to perform at a high level.
That’s just not true. Sometimes you have to do things that you
know your competitors aren’t doing. Today’s blood and yesterday’s blood. Damn. I think this is going to wake
a lot of people up. I was recovering better,
and not getting as sore. This was our best season
in the last 15 years and we had 14 guys
on plant-based diets. We all wanna feel great, have more energy. Cholesterol was 276, today 169. Whoa! Now you’re talking. Most guys my age
can’t keep up with their grandchildren, my grandchildren can’t keep up with me. It’s not one set of dietary guidelines for
improving your performance as an athlete, another one for reversing heart disease,
reversing diabetes— it’s the same for all of them. Someone asked me, “How could you get as
strong as an ox without eating any meat?” And my answer was,
“Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?”

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  1. Wow game changers finally did something once thought impossible, it made nutritionists, dieticians and coaches all finally agree on something, that this is pure propaganda tripe

  2. Love how people are acting like the truth has been revealed when it’s quite obvious that to be healthy you eat healthy foods.

  3. we are carnivores. period. Look at wild tribes – all hunters, that's our Genome. wild animals don't have a footprint. eat those, eat small animals and small birds. vegans have less testosterone and many Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies. Glycation is melting vegans and their health away.

  4. i just want to take a moment and thank everyone who is going vegetarian or vegan, itll certainly lower the cost of meat for me in the long run. lol you damn sheep (pun intended)

  5. I would very much liked to have their oppinion on raw vegan vs cooked vegan, because in the film is a lot about cooked vegan diet…

  6. Yes but hasn’t an ox got like four stomachs small intestines which is built to digest plant based foods whereas a human one🤔. I’d really like to see science behind all this. Then again whatever works to lead healthy life style I say

  7. Great movie based on true facts
    Loved watching it dude
    You guys has killed man
    Everyone should see this movie it will break all your myth

  8. This is what our Indian Yogis said a thousand years ago… now these guys are just reintroducing the same concept with thrr label..

  9. Maaaaahketing huh?Just look at how huge Arnold was when he ate meat vs how small and decrepit he is now that he's a hipster OOPS! I mean vegan ….Sure you aren't maaaaahketing for a plant based diet movement? Always 2 sides of a coin. Lastly, I was in the Corps and as far as that injured martial arts trainer that looks like a anorexic IV drug user… all any of my USMC trainers that clearly ate meat wouldve had to do was sit on this little guy…Or fall extra hard on top of him 🤣

  10. Have you ever seen an ox eating meat? The dumbest thing I've ever heard.
    An ox spends 99% of it's waking hours eating and digesting its food because of the serious lack of nutrition in its diet, it simply hasn't got time to do anything else, that's why their brains are so undeveloped!

  11. Just remember this could also very well be marketing by companies who sell plant based supplements and alternative plant based foods

  12. All their life they were on a high protein based non veg diet including arnold

    but now suddenly they want you to be vegan….why because they have to launch some new protein brands on vegan basis



  13. dis movie dum. Who in the hell ever thought animal protein was a source of energy?!? From the jump this movie starts from an idiotic presupposition.

  14. Lock at the Elephants they never eat meat but they are the biggest in the planet in the other hand the fastest animal in the planet eats meat every day it call Cheetahs.

  15. I respect the ethical side of veganism but i cant stand it when people pretend that its somehow healthier. Vegans look anorexic and weak as fuck and dont get all the food sources they need. Stop spreading false information its annoying.

  16. And yet they still serve processed meat and dairy to patients in the hospital. This is simply disgusting that even most doctors have no clue.

  17. I ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and now I switched to KETO: = protein, fat, veggie, nor carb/sugar diet, …. AND my mood, my brain, my body feels and look is 100times better !!!

  18. Okay, regardless of whether it's true or not that plant-based diets are better, that last part is completely retarded. We don't have the same physiology as oxen. Go eat grass then, dumbass, we can't process that shit.

  19. One day every so called developed country has to admit that india was far far better and developed than them in every aspect of life.
    India was saying from the beginning that veg is far far better than nonveg, using salt in toothpaste, etc…

  20. I need a juicy , blood soaked, T -bone right now. Covered in Montreal steak spice…mmmmm. enjoy your pallet don't punish it with tasteless vegan crap.

  21. Well, not everyone can afford healthy food even though the documentary made look easy but lot of people around the world can’t even afford clean drinking water just to start with.

  22. The amount of plant based foods the animals are fed to make them healthy for consumption to then go into our stomach after being slaughtered didn't anyone wonder what could have happened if they wouldn't have been fed with plant based diet and we directly ate a plant based diet.

  23. Almost all top athletes are meat eaters. These are second tier athletes. To perform at your strongest, you need the extra creatine in pork, the complete amino acid profile and bio availability of protein combined with high fat in red meat and eggs. Riboflavin and vitamin e6 help recovery. These are just a few reasons. I'm a vegetarian lifter because I'm ethically against factory farming. Sometimes plant based diets rich in protein are extremely irritable for people with ibs and acidity as we can't tolerate fodmap foods like wheat, soy, whey, legumes. And a carnivore diet is shown to be better for some people with autoimmune diseases So where do we get the protein from? For sure being vegetarian is much healthier for teh average man and I'm not a competitive athlete so it doesn't matter. But I won't go out and deny the strength advantage my meat eater counterparts have. I'm not stupid enough to start dick riding a lifestyle just because it's a new fad or a documentary has been released. They vilified fats, then they vilified carbs. It's only natural they come after animal protein smh.

  24. 0:40 The Gladiators wanted size,….to create more flesh, to protect their vital organs. They were mostly flabby and a little fat. They wouldn’t have ONLY eaten vegetable. Vegetables and fruits, was just another way of getting more calories in.

    Protein made you full quicker, they wanted to just keep eating, they would have eaten lots of grains also ( which will be classed as vegetarian). The grains like breads, gave you more of an appetitive, because it’s empty calories in many cases.

  25. This is propaganda,… crap.

    However, corporations who slaughter animals, need to do a much better job as killing animals in a humane way, and keep a higher standard of quality control.

    But as far as Living on vegetables and becoming stronger is not gonna happen. It will work for a short while, …while your young and your hormones try to adjust and do more with less.

    But that will nit last.

    Plus the athletes today, take so many different types of drugs…and god knows if they are just lying to get into the movie or documentary.

    There has been lots of science on this topic, and this has been tried many, MANY times before.


    Guilt is a natural response, humans, with a higher consciousness to animals, …need to deal with. Guilt along with curiosity, was some of the first emotions we had to deal with, …and we did this through a long evolution, ….growing and learning adding on wisdom with generation after generation, until we reached a great height, with Christianity.

    However, we also have to deal with differing political ad religious ideas which would compete. Politics seems to have won out in the west, and has left our latest generations, without religion, and they are starting to re rite the book and start all over again.

  26. God people are so stupid and gulible, first they've made as destroy animals, now they'll make us destroy plant life, you'll see. The key to everything is balance, they healthiest diet was hunter gatherer style, eat wild life and what you gather in the woods. Let me ask all the smart vegetarians and vegans, what plants should people in antarctica, alaska and syberia eat???

  27. Maybe also just miss information to promote the 'Green new deal? I'm a vegetarian and I know it takes much more than a plate full of plant protein to obtain the same vitamins, minerals, and protein as a small piece of meat. Research and don't just believe !!

  28. Great i eat no meat and cowmilk products, animal suffering for years now and feel much better!! You can take ijzer,vitb12 , vit c,magnesium and live good!

  29. Hinduism Sanatan Dharam FTW. Haryanvi pehalwans(wrestlers) are amongst the best in the world and most of them are hindu vegetarians

  30. This is common sense. Of course you can be a successful athlete in any sport without every eating a single animal. The whole reason people eat animals is for the taste and feel of meat. That's why scientists are working so hard to replicate that experience.

  31. An ox has a completely different type of digestive system than a human being has. Just sayin. And all the examples of meat shown in this trailer have carbohydrate-laden buns and other breads associated with them. That's the real problem: EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF CARBS/SUGAR/PROCESSED FOODS. Who is behind this video? I'd almost bet it's the Coca-Cola Corporation.

  32. Everything in moderation and balance.
    Eat your meat and plants as nature intended.
    "Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die"-IMHOTEP 2980 B.C.
    Telomeres eventually expire thus resulting in our death by design.

  33. 2:14 ,..An Ox has lots of powerful hormones to make him grow muscular ….maybe that guy is inject that same…
    The OXE has to eat continuously….aswell.

    Pandas went from carnivore to vegetarians,…….and they had to spend all their day eating and lazying around,…to compensate somewhat.

  34. This is a perfect example of sanctimonious liberals teaching us about the "morals" of humanism, which when examined closely, is nothing but putting man on a pedestal. God was right to divide us in Babel, because we have the tendency to define morality on our own terms…which is not good.

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