Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea

Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea

Hey hey hey! I will not accept fighting! It’s very hard to make people calm down. There’s a real fear of dying in the water. I think I have something. 150 degrees maybe… on the horizon. (Unintelligible)… Yea It’s right there. Guys! Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down! Ok?! Don’t come in this way. Don’t come in this way! Listen to this man. My friend, hey! Easy, easy, easy Ok, one by one. Thank you. Ok, much better. Ok, perfect! That was a mess.

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  1. VICE News teamed up with MSF to document these search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean and speak to rescued refugees and migrants, hearing about the suffering they have endured in their attempts to reach a new life.
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  2. Pure smuggling funded by criminal networks. Those NGOs are controlled by criminal smuggling networks pretending to be "humanitarian" and making tons of money by supplying Europe with mainly dangerous young males ready to join the mafias (drugs, robberies, sex trafficking, slave labor). They tell them to not have papers and lie so the process of rejecting assylum (99% are not refugees) take years so they can run their business and crimes free for long.
    Those smuggling NGOs members should be jailed for trafficking, organised crime, thousands of deaths by inviting people to cross the Mediterranean, for supporting criminal rings involved in rapes even child rapes and prostitution.
    Whoever supports this thing is responsible for all those crimes and deaths. Mainstream media and politicians like the fake humanitarian stories because they are touchy so they gain more viewers and also can pretend to be on the "humanitarian side" and they don't care that they are supporting crime and deaths. Lastly there is a theory that those NGOs are financed to flood Europe with illegals to destabilise Europe financially, culturally and politically.

  3. I love my black people mental tenacity. The Syrians are traumatized Africans are singing and shaking ass. I will never take my life for granted. I have nothing but I'm thankful for the little I have.

  4. Them: survived a life risking journey

    Me: naps all day and watches YouTube

    No but seriously…

  5. Being a war refugee myself, my family and I made the journey to America 19 years ago. Although the journey is hard, it was the best thing for my family and I.

  6. lybia have spoil passing lybia is not easy no one one this should try this journey ,If u want to lose your life you can go ahead

  7. They are well payed people smugglers. They take this migrants about 5-10 km from the lybian coast and bring them 400 km to italy

  8. Sad thing is when they get to Europe most of them don’t have true asylum claims just like here in the USA 🇺🇸 and they will he sent right back!! To there home country

  9. Those are the same people that are so proud to spread their culture……of what?……death and disease?

  10. Stupid law enforcement dickheads are the same everywhere. Then they wonder why people hate them. Bunch of douchebags.

  11. Nice documentary Vice. This is the Vice that were talking not that self proclaimed meme historian and sneaker etc… Anyways good job Vice ✌️

  12. Everyone advises dont travel by sea. What else is there. Cant sneek onto a plane or else once they close the wheel well . They just get pushed out or they cant hold on and fall out on take off

  13. The woman yelling about the dirty rug…yo, your in a overcapacited rescue mission at sea. Its gonna get grimey…

  14. That lady complaining about dirty rag? Ungrateful. The boat can handle 500 people and yet they took another 300 people, that’s why they ran out of supplies

  15. Why can't they get people who talk Arabian to do these things, so the Libyans / other people could understand them, you know not everyone speaks English.

  16. It’s all middle aged men they should be fighting to change there country not run. There’s only so much room in Europe and there chancing the rich cultures and efnicaty of a people. Gonna be more crime and more poverty.

  17. Europe native population is declining and immigrants and refugees population is increasing at a high rate after some time we can see that European culture and traditions are now becoming endangered all that was covered up in a white guilt . Why these refugees wanted to go to Europe by go through the long sea route so desperately why did they not go to middle east and Asia and also African Continent is also very big there are lot of big countries that are as big as the size of UK, France, Germany ,Sweden etc. They don't want to take their own black brothers but white people are so open minded by white pride which their ancestors proudly fought and give them the idea of enlightenment ,secularism and democracy .I Don't have a problem with refugees but their Corrupted governments have failed their own people because of lack of living standard ,oppression of democratic principles the homogenous African refugees wants to go to heterogeneous Christian Europe .

  18. Im thankful that I live in a peaceful country. But Im really sad that many people experience this :(( I hope we all equally experience the same, but thats life.

  19. How I wish Im on that boat, doing the same and rescuing refugees :(( I AM MUSLIM BUT I DONT TOLERATE THOSE TERORIST I'm ashame of those.

  20. How does one get over horrible ordeal such as this??? So horrible, the smugglers need to jailed for awhile. These are humans at the end of the day


  22. Is there anybody here like me who crossed the Mediterranean sea in june 2014?
    This people are very lucky that the rescue group caught them at the libyan territory.
    Thanks a lot for the great humanity reactions!!!!
    One thing that make me laugh was when that lady asked them if they speaks French or English,then one of the migrants said English is "Haram"😂😂!
    Why it's Haram stupid ass??? They're there to save your life for free because they're blessed people and go use your stereotypes at your home not outside.

  23. Mob mentality scares me the most in small or confined space. I cant even imagine the mindset of these individuals going through this harrowing journey.

  24. Why do the emigrants specifically emigrate to Germany and Sweden? Why not any of the neighbor countries like, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Pakistan or Russia where there is plenty of peaceful areas? Including Spain and USA. Why specifically Germany and Sweden? The answer is obvious and logical, they want the welfare, solid infrastructure, cars, washing machines, white women, free education, free hospital service, TV, and most of all the high payment check on welfare. That is the truth! Exit EU!

  25. Oh Lord my God I thank u so much for the Gift of life oh Lord😱🙏🙏🙏🙏🙋🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. Vai a Casa Nero!
    That's Italian. It says to go home black man.
    Since the 1960's, Africans have been pushing out the whites, over 80,000 deaths in South Africa.
    And the Africans say, "Go Home White Man."
    Which is now our turn to say,
    "GO HOME BLACK MAN!!!!!!!"

  27. No women and children says it all , I appreciate the fact that they could drown but pick them up and take them back to the country they sailed from , at the rate Europe is turning into a third world shit hole.

  28. Sau. Canh. Nay. Giong. Nhu. Người. Vn. Chung. Toi. Vuot. Bien. Sau. Khi. Csvn. Cướp. Chanh. Quyền. Mnvn. Xin. Các nước. Hay. Tu. Tam. Van. Vong. Canh. Tay. Ma. Cứu. Ho được. Mang. Song. Xin. Cam. On

  29. ‘Allungheremo lo stivale fino all’Africa orientale‘ ora si può dire che l’Africa va in cerca dello stivale che ha finito di allungarsi. A thought to ponder upon.

  30. Don't focus on the NEGATIVE. A THANK YOU CAN BE HEARD. There are ungrateful people everywhere you go. But the majority on this boat are appreciative.

  31. What I really think is that they should be allowed to enter any country that they want. As long as they go trough some kind of education to learn how to live in a new society. It's really unfair that they have to go through slavery etc because of the shit governments. And they really should get a chance in other countries. But if we just accept people that have no clue and enters the country. Then we will have chaos of people not understanding what to do. And what's wrong and good. So this is why these rescue firms should really take these people to som sort of education school first. And if they succsed on general social skills. Then I feel like they should get into the country.

  32. Damn!europe is being invaded on a massive scale!woman and children i can understand but all those healthy looking men?

  33. The good ol creat the problem and the supply solution at work.the usa is part of the creation of refugees to use for invading other countries.this they do together with the elite parasites theire puppet goverments and cia and other criminal organizations.the purpose to use immigrants to destablize.and conquer.NEW WORLD ORDER BABY

  34. The usa is the biggest reason for the suffering of these people and many others they purposely destablized lybia,because gadafy wanted to drop the us dollar and create theire own strong independent economy

  35. Mass migration from Africa and Middle East is destroying Europe. Yes Europe should help these who needs it but i dont want people like that impolite "madam" from the end of document….in this way are thinking many migrants….its just too much different culture and Europe is much more developed in almost everything included behavior. But its problem of EU. I think its good to take these people but its necessary to educate them, they should have obligation to learn official language of country where are they going to live and english, learn basic laws and rules of polite behaving, they must also work and they should be more monitored from beginning and if somebody from them breaks the laws he/she should be sent where he comes from. Some states have big problems with migrants now. I am thankful to my government that they take only some of migrants and they are integrated to society in good way. Not perfect but good. I personally know one syrian refugee . There are many good migrants like him. But there are many people who dont know how to behave in Europe and dont respect our culture and arogantly live their lives like before and its destroying our culture and way of life in some states where is too many migrants. YES to helping but NO to uncontrolled mass migration to Europe.

  36. The liberalism groups especially women in dire needs of these people particularly the ladies
    They need consensual partners for their life desire n intimacy
    Respect thses immigrants

  37. This is why i rather watch vice, because they show both sides of the story, mean while the bbc and cnn our making these people look like they cause threats to the economy, thank you vice for educating the people about current affairs

  38. It is good if these people bide to the country's law and settle…. We cannot trust these muslim peoples… When they need help they will go down and take it… Once they are settled they will turn against the country which helped them

  39. If only America had a asylum or immigration system like this. A lot of people are not dangerous, they are just afraid people looking for a better place. Sadly, some countries in Africa had corrupt leaders who just want money for them. Some people are starving, someone people are homeless, some people are going through a lot. NOT ALL OF AFRICA IS LIKE THAT! Still, I just wished that people had hearts to care and open their arms to people who need it.

  40. Wow, what rescue group is this? I really wish I have the time to volunteer for this kind of rescue. We all need to help each other out.

  41. "women and children" first… Children Yes!!! … women…… hell nah… they can go last, their lives are no more important than any man on that ship! chivalry is dead , because bitches killed it.>> #leykis101


  43. After two or three yes of good life in Europe , they start criticising those who accommodate them and demand Shariah law which they fled in their countries

  44. Oh how the tables have turned my ancestors were kidnapped. 2019 Africans jumping in the ocean to leave Africa

  45. I thought these people were supposed to be downtrodden and poor. Whats with the partying atmosplane. Looks to me as though they're 'aving a great laugh. And-,and, each one of them paid hundreds of pounds to traffickers. Were did they get the money from? In England you'd be lucky to afford a train fare.

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