Speak English If You Want Affordable Healthcare! says Fox News Pundit

really offsets i saw this on Twitter last night and a Voice making Twitter go insane if its its on believable but style it is something that is something that
is something that Dana Perino did yes that’s what I’m going to add I was
reading the tweets in from the right now and I just I’m Dana Perino former former SAR former well she’s current Fox
News contributor and he used to work for the social work for the Bush
administration’s for the white house people I am she took to Twitter yesterday and she
figured out the real problem with Obamacare I mean we’ve heard this all that
Obamacare’s to look the bill was too long %uh we all wanna
read everything that’s in Obamacare god
forbid they’d congress does their job has the rude are
and then and then there’s this whole of look at
the O’bama care web sites healthcare dot gov going down because that’s not mention
that because so many people are going next any health insurance and they want to participate in the program was not
discuss that what a failure this program is the web sites going down they don’t have
the the infrastructure in system ready in place for it to be a for to launch search it’s
a horrible idea no you’re not vet that’s not the real
issue according to Dana Perino Dana Perino has got this Obamacare
problem completely figured out people she took to Twitter last night and she
tweeted offering Obamacare and 150 languages is absurd if someone can’t speak enough English to fill in forms what will the
explain to a doctor up I don’t think so hope I reeve I just I thought pride probably also
muslims are coming mine have some I don’t even its explicit first I’ll their doctors in
this country Michot you Dana Perino but they weren’t
licensed doctors in this country who who went to
school in everything and became doctors in this makes me sad
the speak more than just English all home who there might be doctors at
them speak multiple languages gonna be bilingual or
maybe trilingual or whatever you would call
more languages than that they may be doctors who speak a a decent percentage if that 150
languages in Obamacare is is a offering
translations for now shacking Michael Michalak shocked
right now I’m just you’re blowing my mind wait for
it way for if there’s a doctor out there who
doesn’t speak English I mean I’m sorry if there’s a
doctor they would just speaks English this may sound crazy are
no I mean this might be in new law that
they just paid I’m sides in the Civil Rights Act there must be interpreters at places
such as you know your health facility Shack insane nasa people can actually use
interpreters to communicate with their doctors it’s crazy is actually legal protections
will now that you’ve told Dana Perino something far more upsetting at I mean I mean because now Fox knows that
there’s actually like a legal mandate that people be able to speak with their
doctors in whatever language they need now that we found the real scandal eggs and this is an issue that we should
put let’s put things in together for second hearing just just for second give Dana Perino the
benefit of the doubt and say that going to a doctor was a proud American and he only speaks English and the same
time he won’t have any of your Hire Heroes
interpreters Chris because much like the governor of
PA he can’t find any then want to work from he can find any them then Hispanic folk
want to work for him you what I can find a guy I’ll commute
every day from Guatemala just doesn’t seem his on CNN a I highly doubt that if I A a guy who comes in a speech maybe only
Hispanic only Spanish or only a only Russian or only battalion or only a Greek or only your up any other language
you could think of I’m sure he look if you find a way you
know two were communicate his doctor I’m sure you know something’s wrong you could sort of
figure it out but gave 30 then and there she continued I can understand a few
major languages but a 150 give me a break some %uh view
i nuts this is obviously in response to all the
replies was receiving calling her insane for saying that previous three a
few major languages Micah yeah I had the big ones like the big
ones this is like health care health care access is like the final war in
NCAA tournament lol only the big teams I have tapped
that like 250 what are we trying to turn America into I’m here yet rated Dana Perino wants to
know are we trying to turn American to some sort of melting pot she’s a gluck I have Mexicans cut my
lawn okay I yes I do my part we can’t deal with this the hispanics soared sort of as long as they come to this country
legally analyze a campaign enter wages at the same time yes but listen if
you’re coming from some Middle East country because every China Japan any country I mean this it no forget pro Harbor so school what I
can offer your language it’s here in africa is a big country and can take
a love you from countries like Africa that’s pretty large it year come back give me a burger give me a break celeb
you are knots says Dana Perino right but Dana Perino nah content with ending it
after that one she tweeted a third response and this
one takes the cake after the haters after the haters heaters behaviors applicators has spent a week on a charitable
hospital ship in Africa instead it’ll make a shin how accept
their lectures on compassion huh to which a lot of people said I will accept you paid for be to go to
charitable mission Africa 0 ok I would like to reread that we after the haters spent the week ago
charitable hospital ship in Africa I its set up a bit soon I yet how to accept their lectures on
comparison for that brutal jockey have secure box
making things up complaining about translators medical
offices these people are in a bobble she first ball I have read out hurt
charitable vacate her chart a first-ball let’s take it to the jewish I can tell
by the other getting out of my mind there are people who can afford to even
get health care basic healthcare before Obamacare let alone going on vacations Dana Perino you are disgusting that you are nice to feel sorry for you
or look at you like you’re some love they some sort of spero for pick-up
question it did not go on one reviewer the devotions just give me a break and then you have
he spent a week on a charitable hospital ship in Africa first know what body of water
in Africa oh you’re in this the ship where you just surrounding Africa
getting go inside a bit can add to the country you’re just on a boat going around Africa and what
would what these charitable hospital ship we was it was one of those you know
those those those those was volunteer vacations where people you
know they go they say they gonna go help
build a house in Africa and the shopping just take pictures
while the actual people who are involved with the actual charity build the house they just take pictures
with the African people and all that and they come home going looking all
that good we’ve done so actually good strategy for Fox contributed sleek look
we’re gonna be saying some really sociopathic and discuss the National
next couple months so let’s go do couples fake Africa trip yeah to try to get a little bit have
basic human decency credit and a I don’t even a what do you think
you think that over there in Africa you went over there and they’re like oh
praise the Lord via the white woman is come to save us we
have our white Savior here I mean what is she what she is out of
her mind that she thinks that she can bully people in this country who a can afford healthcare who be don’t
speak English or see don’t speak English I would like
health care she thinks you can believe that but she
but you can’t say anything to her because she’s a compassionate person who when I miss this volunteer vacation its on believable to me that this woman worked for president in
the White House

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