100 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren pitches her Medicare-for-All plan

  1. What a bimbo this woman Elizabeth Warren is for example. Just think about this all you middle-income people when did any tax changes in government spending not affect you EVER. THE BIG BOYS ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL FIND A WAY TO BRING THE BEARING ON MIDDLE CLASS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MAJORITY. BUT DIZZY LIZZY REALLY APPLIES NOW. SHE MAY BE AS CRAZY AS PELOSI AND WATERS. SCARY ISN'T IT. WHO THE HELL GAVE THEM THE VOTE. IF THEY ONLY KNEW THEN.

  2. Here is a Little math for you.

    One second = One Dollar, so you can see how much we are talking about:

    One Million seconds = 11.5 days

    One Billion seconds = 31.5 years

    One trillion seconds = 31,600. years.

    Cost of medicare for all

    52 trillion seconds = 1,643,200 years

    Not include One million new immigrants per year with open boarders

  3. I don't know what the answer is all I know is Healthcare in America is incredibly expensive it's in the realm of insanity. I went to the emergency room just to get a simple prescription filled and they charged me $1,800 for a 5-minute conversation with a doctor, and that was with insurance. Healthcare system is completely sucking the life from Americans financially and physically. I now avoid hospitals at all costs.

  4. News flash: men won't vote for Warren. If you seriously want to get rid of trump… We must elect Biden as the candidate.

  5. 13. Illinois DEMOCRAT Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago West Side Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge to Illinois State Senator. 10/28/2019
    12. DEMOCRAT Mississippi Mayor ARRESTED, Faces 100 YEARS BEHIND BARS

    11. Rising Democrat Star ARRESTED, State Democrats SHOCKED

    10, CRYING Democrat Superintendent SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

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    7. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

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    1.Democrats PANIC as FBI CHARGES Lawmaker & Daughter, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

  6. No thanks! I'll keep my prosperity. You all can keep your middle class or more like 3rd world country for all (Socialism). All these Democrats running for president are absolutely f__kn' CRAZY!!! Currently, regular Medicare is barely fiscally sound, and most people have paid into it for years to fund it. The idea that we could have Medicare-For-All from year one is a pipe dream. The taxes to fund Medicare-For-All would be astronomical.

  7. Put the concept of money in context. Use seconds as an example.
    1 million seconds = 12 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years
    1 trillion seconds = 32,000 years

    You do the math.

  8. This is bullshit, she’s just lying her ass off. She said that the middle class won’t be burden but it will be. The middle class carries everything.

  9. Current Medicare recipients have their assets seized after they die to pay back the government. Medicare sends a notice to recipients every year telling them the government will take their home, bank accounts and whatever else of value they own after they die to pay back for their health care. Is this part of the plan in Medicare for all? No one is talking about this.

  10. Or we can:

    1. Have the government set up a protoype M4A system that people can buy in for almost +70% less than what the insurance and pharmaceutical company are gauging people

    2. Unionize doctors so that they can actually get paid while the funds into the protoype M4A system gets used to actually set up the free version of M4A.

    3. Insurance companies lose business and close their doors because money isn't going into their pockets (since everyone would love the cheaper protype M4A).

    4. Have full-on M4A without any chance of the private sector trying to lobby and buy politicians in order to dismantle and revoke the newly implemented free version of M4A because not only would people favor M4A overwhelmingly, but they would also have $100 in their pockets to donate to their candidate of their choice which would wash out corporate lobbying by a ratio of 8:1.

  11. Everybody should have equal access to health care. Why should someone who has paid into Medicare for 50 years have a higher priority for appointments than people who got here last week? Why should someone who has saved their money and been prudent get better care than spendthrifts? That's silly. Everybody is the same. All people should be treated the same. One of the great things about Warren's plan is that it pays all doctors exactly the same. That's fair. Why should someone who worked harder and was at the top of their class be paid more than those at the bottom of the class? Why should people are better at their profession be paid more? That's absurd.

  12. We currently spend $3.5 trillion a year collectively on insurance, most of which is due to government spending… How exactly is us paying another $1.5 trillion a year and simultaneosly losing 2 million jobs helping the country at all? It doesn't. It helps the 10% of the country who doesn't want to earn their way like the rest of us. This is sad and short-sighted pandering.

  13. Stop bitching about American healthcare. Try visiting a hospital in the Middle East and then please eat your words.

  14. What Elizabeth Warren won't mention about her plan, if enacted, is that the ultra rich and the mega corporations will immediately move their business addresses to ireland or other tax havens and never allow themselves to get taxed. They will then lay off their workers and she'll be on TV saying "hey guys, not fair not fair" after the damage is already done.
    No thanks warren.

  15. 10 years before it goes into effect?! Are you effing kidding me?! We need Medicare for All NOW! Warren, "your plan" doesn't sound like it's "dreaming big," it sounds like you took Bernie's Medicare for All plan and are purposely "dreaming small" to the benefit of giant private for-profit insurance companies, but to the detriment of the American people. How many more millions have to die every year? How many more decades have to go by before the American people stand up to these for-profit insurance extortionist?

    Watch John F. Kennedy's famous 1962 speech pushing for a Universal Medicare 4 All Single Payer National Healthcare system:

    The CEO's of the giant private for-profit insurance companies and Big Pharma who control CNN are so frightened of seeing their bonus pay-outs dwindling, that they are literally pumping BILLIONS of dollars into propaganda fear mongering ad campaigns to scare the American public about Medicare for All. The same socialized National Healthcare system, which JFK was advocating for over 57 years ago. #HealthOverProfit

    #BERNIE2020🇺🇸 #JFK🇺🇸 🔥 #NotMeUs 🔥 💙 #MedicareForAllOrBust 💙

  16. Warrens Plan is just a Political Stunt to get Votes… She knows that her Plan would Never pass the House or the Senate…

  17. Definitely, Medicare for All. Medicare for all with high quality dental care. Why not? Aren't teeth part of the body? People are walking around with infections in their teeth and gums because they don't know how they would pay for implants or bridges.

  18. We should fight for big ideas
    But we also should realize that the implementation of big ideas should be done in multiple steps, not one huge leap

  19. Anybody remember Obama if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor oh God help us all

  20. She's truly an idiot. 43 trillion dollars. If you want socialized medicine you confiscate all hospitals and labs etc. You then hire doctors at a fixed salary and admin etc. Collect taxes to pay for that. It's like Kaiser Permanente. It's managed care. same for dental…She's an idiot. Of course the best way to do it is leave it open market and have small businessmen but that requires 50 dollars per month per child and not 5000 per month per child. smart people…she needs a dirt nap and I'll tuck her in. The Nordic nations have a medicine plan and that includes euthanasia. good for them…

  21. All these idiots don’t realize they are going to be paying for all this from taxes, there isn’t enough 1% out there to pay for all these programs😂😂😂

  22. Liz
    I’d be so mad if I were you doing all of this work campaigning and then to hear rumors that Hillary was going to join the race in a couple of months. You know DNC would steal the nomination away from you just like they did Bernie to give to Hill.
    She is why the DNC is broke
    Even though I would never vote Democrat, you are working hard and It would be a shame if DNC stole it from you to give to a third time looser.


    Now of course there is people that need health care for some reason or another. I am 57 and do not need any health care plan. I have only had a need for simple health checkups. Basically a colonoscopy in the last 7 years thank GOD. But I try to take care of myself.


    American's take better care of yourself and stop doing the things I just said.


  24. I'm starting to see her as President, Bernie has been rubbing me the wrong way on Black issues. I'm torn between then now. Sorry Bernie…

  25. Well for starters with her being the president you can bet there will be a lot more money that could go towards this . Ail most sure she doesn't golf . If so then there's a HUGE chunk of money that will no longer be wasted .

  26. Is she really part Indian? Do you trust this bitch? Can we keep our doctors like Obama said we could? Duhh. Pocahontas is keeping up the proud tradition of being the biggest liar of all Democrat/Communists. $20 trillion is of course a low-ball lie, it's actually $100 trillion. To pay for it Pocahontas will sell authentic Indian bead necklaces.

  27. Oh, and what's the cost, ONLY 52 TRILLION, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/01/upshot/elizabeth-warrens-medicare-for-all-math.html, and who will pay, NO ONE, America is BROKE!

  28. Go read her plan before you start generalizing and assuming shit. She is the one who knows this industry inside and out. She is precision-focused on exactly where corruption exists and why. She is this country's best hope to actually breaking down the corruption game and all the loopholes that these huge mega-pacs exploit. Before you start talking out your ass about things you dont know ( like… President Warren is a Socialist…ha!)…READ HER PLAN. You owe it to yourself and to everyone around you who has to hear you speak before you know anything.

  29. She knows this industry about as well as that silver-tongued bastard Obama knew the medical industry when he forced that bullshit Obamacare crap on America. Obamacare cost my family plenty. Pocahontas can keep her bullshit Medicare for All. Medicare for All is Obamacare on steroids.

  30. Over the weekend,the Senator said and this is a quote,"those that lose their jobs in the Health Insurance Business,can simply go sell Auto,Home, Mortgage, Title insurance.Wither she is really DUMB, or she knows her supporters are and she LIES to them, 24/7! A different product specific license is required for the different insurance plans. Health Producers license does NOT allow that salesperson to sell Auto,Home,what ever, and not only are the license's different, you have to work directly under a Broker with the same product specific product Broker's license. This is proof positive Pocahontas knows NOTHING about what she is talking about.Or has legit respect for who she is talking to . Trump 2020 is a reality,get over it baby's.Join the Army ,help my son's out and grow the fuck up

  31. Even if it were possible to pay for this, do we really want a bunch of bitter, arguing politicians being completely in charge of the healthcare industry? Look how much hasn't gotten done the past 3 years because politicians would rather hate each other than work together. Do I really want that mess to be completely in charge of my well-being, instead of people who actually understand the healthcare industry? It's like hiring a bunch of lawyers to be doctors.

  32. 52 TRILLION!?!? That means TAXES TAXES TAXES on the middle class. How does an extra $1000/week in taxes per person work and you call it FREE HEALTHCARE??? Even Saturday night live can figure this one out. I hope she gets the nomination….what a slaughter fest that will be

  33. Ok. I'm just going to say it because I've never seen them in the same room. Are Elizabeth Warren and Kaitlyn Jenner the same person? Either to feminine for a man or too masculine for a woman

  34. Before this conversation goes further, we need to see the numbers. Estimates place her plan somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 Trillion over 10 years. That's $5 Trillion per year. That's $5 Trillion per year OVER what the government already spends for all other spending categories. And we already have a national debt of $23 Trillion. For perspective think about this: If we tax all US Citizens, 320 MILLION people $100,000, we will raise $32 Trillion in total revenue. Even if we break that over 10 years, to reach $32 Trillion, we would need to tax every man woman and child, regardless of whether or not they are employed, $10,000 EVERY YEAR for ten years. Let those numbers sink in.
    Now, if we tax the 1% of wealthy 100% of their wealth, meaning we seize EVERYTHING they have, we can fund this for ONE YEAR, about $5 Trillion. But, to do that it means we have taken 100% EVERYTHING they have. EVERYTHING! We can only take it all once, then there is nothing left to take. We probably should talk about the implications of this. But let's say for the sake of argument that Congress allows her to seize 100% of all assets from the top 1%. Then what? You've funded M4A for one year. Then what?
    If we cut ALL Defense spending (nearly $800 billion), we can fund M4A for TWO MONTHS.
    So let me get this straight. You want a voter like me to believe that a program which we cannot afford is going to pass a bipartisan Congress before it even gets to her desk? This is a pipe dream!

  35. There is no greater threat to our freedom than the unaccountable career politician. I give you all Dem candidates, and especially unaccountable career politicians Bernie, Pocahontas, and crooked Joe Biden.

  36. And Elizabeth Warren goes tumbling down…Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Why do democrats like this candidate? She's not as intelligent as she pretends… kinda like that whole, "I'm a Native American thing". All pretend, lol.

  37. POCAHONTAS! You can keep your doctor, keep your health plan……wait that was the other liar, Obama! This game of "3 card monty", will go over like a "fart in church".

  38. She knows this industry about as well as that silver-tongued bastard Obama knew the medical industry when he forced that bullshit Obamacare crap on America. Obamacare cost my family plenty. Pocahontas can keep her bullshit Medicare for All. Medicare for All is Obamacare on steroids.

  39. Yup target the middle class the working class. The ones who pay taxes, her idea we will go after the ones that work and tax the shit out of them so they can pay for others. This lady is crazy she is going to kill the working class

  40. She talks about strengthening the mid class and no one gets left behind but she is not telling the whole story. They never do.

  41. The wealthy are already meeting with their attorneys and will be moving wealth overseas because of this moron. Under her you'll wait months for a surgery(like England, they're going to France). She's as goofy as Mickey Mouse. You can kiss your lifestyle, 401k, and any savings goodbye under the tax burdens of the socialist nut cases. Millenials, you better think about what you're supporting… because it's smoke and mirrors.

  42. Say someone breaks into your house. In the morning do you say to them: Well, since you broke into my house, I will let you have the living room and one of the bedrooms. And I will put you on my medical plan for free, and you have full privilege for breaking into my house. This is the ridiculous system the USA has for illegal aliens.

  43. What is even worse about her plan is that:
    1) Elected officials like herself would be exempt from this plan, the political class have their own deal going on apparently, and
    2) Anyone who has a fairly decent private plan will have their employers say, "oh hey this is great, now they can all go on the public plan, it'll save us millions", putting even more pressure on the system.

  44. Doing a flat head tax is actually regressive, not progressive, the way taxes should be. Person A) making 200k and person B ) making 40k should not be paying the same flat medicare levy. This is a Medicare program something that Chuck Schumer or Nanci Pelosi would make if they had to write it.

  45. This woman is bold and clear. This is what we needed 15 years ago and never happened. This is what is common sense in rich countries in Scandinavia and the Netherlands

  46. Medicare for all is NOT socialized medicine; it is not state control over the healthcare system. Instead, it just means that our taxes go toward paying for health insurance so that 100% of Americans have access to any healthcare they want. Doctor visits and check ups, surgeries, hospital stays, medical exams, vision care, dental care, prescription drugs, etc. Every person in the United States would be free to access any of this at any time. It would save consumers a lot of money because there would no longer be out of pockets costs, no more premiums or co-pays, no healthcare fees, etc. The plan does require more federal revenue, yes. In the long run it saves a lot of money because if healthcare is funded by a single source, that single source will want to keep it as cheap as possible; administrative and all for-profit costs will be eliminated. Most importantly, it means no more medical bankruptcies. No financial headaches. No more being forced to stay at a job to keep insurance. No more wondering whether your expensive insurance even covers what you need. It will save everyone a lot of money, which in turn will be more efficient and boost the economy. Additionally, if employers/companies no longer provide private insurance plans, they will save money that can boost wages, expand business, etc.

    If this was government controlled healthcare decisions, I would oppose it. It's not though; this plan guarantees that all Americans still get freedom in their healthcare choices. If anything, it makes us freer by allowing us more choices at no cost out of pocket. Lives will be saved, people will be healthier, and Americans will save a lot of money. By the way, the medicare for all plan is a LOT better than the systems in Canada and the UK. Plus the fact that the USA is a much richer country with a younger population on average suggests that it will be easier to fund a system like this without having the burden put on middle class taxpayers.

  47. L4E – Loopholes For Employers. There's a reason the stock of health insurance rose with the introduction of her plan signaling that the elites are ok with this plan which will eventually devolve into Obama/Romneycare just with extra steps

  48. Australia has an amazing public health care system at the moment, if we need help as a citizen we get it and for free! Elective surgery is extra and so be it but health care for citizens should always be universal and free and in the end that is the most important thing in life….. Your life!

  49. I recently had a molar that was broken, went to a laser dentristry that claimed no drilling, 2 hrs and 3 drilled titanium pins later, I left the dentist with a $700 bill, pretty stiff for a guy on disability. That being said, as a former democrat, I cannot and will not support their hair-brained and bullshit spin. Wake up people, they don't give a shit about you and I, they're consumed with power and greed. Look at any Democrat run city, poverty, crime, homelessness, that's who they are, that's what they give you. The government ain't your daddy.

  50. A clever way for politicians to buy votes is to promise free stuff. That way they pay for them using taxpayers money, not their own.

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