100 thoughts on “Self-Harm and Self-Care: Tips on How To Cope

  1. I’ve feel so sad and drained and empty. I’ve gotten so used to this feeling It doesn’t even matter weather it goes away anymore.

  2. I am feeling like cutting right now so thank you for making this video it was the only one that was explaining coping mechanisms

  3. I put myself down cause I deserve it. I've been a Bad Person for 90% of my Life.

    I Cut myself with scissors cause I'm a masochist, also, No one will actually care until I tell them and the only person I could tell is dealing with it, too.

  4. I told my best friend and she brushed me off and my family doesn’t believe in mental health so they’ll just scold me

  5. Thx a bunch. I really needed this being a former cutter myself I really needed these tips. No one helps me quite as much as u guys. I always watch your vids and they help me a lot, so thank u and keep doing this I know I'm not the only one getting help from these vids.

  6. i used to cut my wrists every single day for the past year. it is summer now and it’s getting really hot and i don’t know how to fade my scars. i have tried aloe vera but nothing seems to be working 🙁

  7. Whenever i make a mistake or feel angry i have a really strong urge to hit myself or scratch any part of my body (usually arms or neck). I want to see a therapist but my mom doesn't think i need a therapist. I can't really talk to her about it because she gets irritated really easily and i dont want her to judge me. I dont know what to do.

  8. I planned to kill myself last year in my birthday, I packed everything I thought I'd need, and planned to leave early in the morning when everyone in my house was asleep. I even packed some paper to write my suicide just before leaving. I went to bed crying myself to sleep.

    Instead of my plan, I woke up way too late. The feeling of killing myself was gone. Because I woke up too late that day I didn't kill myself.

    Now my birthday is coming up again, the day I feel most lonely and I'm afraid this will happen again

  9. For all those battling with scars, I bought this stuff years ago. It's scar serum from palmers. It really works, I used to have this huge ass scar around my lips, but with this stuff no-one even notices anymore

  10. Walking away from sharp things. It isn't easy when your nails are the sharp Thing and I'm not gonna rip them of.

  11. I had an addiction to self mutilation. i started to love the pain. It was all i had, my only friend outside of school. Then, it became an outlet for me wanting to hurt others. I became ashamed of myself looking like a tallied prison wall. Then, something odd happened

    I learned how to knit

    I found it as a way to channel my frustration, as i could strangle the yarn and twist all my emotions into hard knots. I became very skilled at it, and people recognized my talent and i started to profit. Sometimes the worst thing you think can happen can be beneficial in the end. Or…..something like that….

  12. Suicide?? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuts?? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cope XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    It really boner's my head when someone puts a gun to there head.

  13. As a self harmer myself screaming doesn’t help, it makes me want to cut all the time, with exercising you will find sharp objects no matter where you do, whipping paper or fabric doesn’t help, watching tv doesn’t help it makes me do it more as it isn’t a good distraction, meditating takes me to the thourght a that are making me self harm, I wrote all the time and it works for me then I let one of my teachers read it as I go into story form, listing uses doesn’t help, I love photography but it doesn’t help, I’m to young to volunteer and I would get attached, I can’t reach out to anyone as the DONT understand and I would be blamed for asking for help and they would judge me for it

  14. My favorite hobby is whittling, but I haven't Been able to do it since my mom took my pocket knife away because I was cutting myself at the time. It's been at least four months now, and I don't think I'm getting it back.

  15. I was told that if i cut again I would go back to live with my mom (I'm living with my gran) and well I may as well pack my bags this video will help me ^_^

  16. What if my mom knows I cut and made me stop but now I don’t eat, sleep, and I sometimes chock myself to get rid of the urges… the urges are growing

  17. I can’t do any of this, I can’t scream, I can’t have a dance party, I can’t watch my fav movie or tv show, I can’t draw on my arms or legs, I can’t do meditation, I can’t do any of this, my parents will think I’m crazy, and yell at me to stop and stop acting like I have problems.
    I love my parents will all my heart, but they do not understand me……

  18. depression is you are tired of watching video about depression but you still watch it anyway because you still want to cope with your depression rather than reached out for help from other ppl

  19. Tomorrow is my first day back to school. My teacher last year is who I trust the most. I am going to tell her, and hopefully she doesn't get mad or judge me. Please pray for me : (

  20. I’ve been clean for a couple of months but had a bad night tonight and started cutting again so looking for motivational videos to make sure I don’t turn it into s habit again

  21. I just started cutting a few weeks ago and to be honest i didn’t expect myself to go this far in depression
    I started crying and blaming myself and i decided something i wanted to do a long time ago
    I held the closest sharp item to me and put the first scar on my wrist
    It wasn’t deep but it wasn’t just touching it was a small yet painful to watch cut
    I was crying and crying i didn’t cry because of the cut i cried because i promised myself to never put a cutter on my body
    But i broke the promise….i cried and blamed myself ….that made me even hate myself more
    I even cutted one more until someone was knocking on the door i threw everything away and I clicked away the depressing song i was playing i put my smile mask on and i open the door

  22. I don’t know why I thought once school ended my depression would do since school is a main source of stress and anxiety but somehow it didn’t make a difference

  23. I always pressure myself to not eat a lot because I hate my body and I want to change it,most of the time when I look my face in the mirror I will only notice my flaws. I never feel confident when I try new clothes, so I just walk out of the store without buying anything because I believe that nothing suits me. Whenever I go through Instagram I will just get more depressed because everyone will looks so much prettier than me in their photos, or that their artworks are wayyyyy better than mine (This is why I have stopped drawing recently too) . I cant remember the last time I said something good to myself and I just hate it.

  24. What if a person does this just for fun?
    It may sound weird.
    But yes.
    Those people are amazed by gore and love to watch it. They self harm so they could enjoy it…

  25. Can someone help me ?

    Ok so I have athletics (basically gym) with this girl. I see her cuts because we have to wear short sleeves. I want to help her but I don’t know how to confront her about it, you see I don’t really know this girl personally but I’m done with ignoring them like everyone else and being a bystander but I don’t want her to not trust me if I tell a teacher about it because I don’t want her to hate me and not be my friend and I also don’t want to make her feel more pressure to cut herself. I just don’t want it to escalate more. So PLEASE tell me what to do I want to make a good difference.

  26. Self harm isn't always physical. I cut, but I also starve myself or even bring myself down. Self-harm can mean anything, it can be you staying up too late, or being too hard on yourself when you feel. Whatever hurts you, mentally, physically, emotionally, it is considered self-harm

  27. I had a very short period of self-harm and had it not been for an accident I would have continued for many months or maybe even years. At camp, it was getting pretty serious because I constantly thought of my friends back home. However the day I got back I realized that I had forgotten my knife, and immediately started panicking. After a little while, I had a full-on anxiety attack. I managed to calm myself down a bit, but the following 4 days were the worst days of my life, and that is no exaggerations. I was having multiple smaller panick attacks a day, and I felt extremely paranoid, depressed and suicidal, and some emotions that I don't even think have names. However after a little while, I eventually stopped panicking so much, and even though since then I haven't stopped thinking about it, I am no longer self-harming. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that self-harm is an extremely complex issue, and cannot be stopped by little things like watching TV.

  28. Sorry but thid idn't how it works, i used to self harm because i hate myself and felt that the outside should reflect how ugly snd worthless i feel inside.

  29. probably isn’t a good coping method but when i want to self harm i just give myself a stick n poke tattoo ,, it helps bc of the pain but some people might b opposed to it bc obviously tattoos r permanent,,

  30. • Scream into pillow🤬
    • Dance 💃
    • Do gymnastics ❤️
    • Go for a walk(enjoy nature) 🌳🦜
    • Squeeze ice ❄️
    • Write on ur skin positive thoughts 🖊
    • Rip a piece of paper 📄
    • Punch ur pillow 🛏
    • Stomp in a puddle 🌊
    • Take a cold shower/bath🚿🛀
    •Watch tv/Netflix/YouTube 🖥📲▶️
    • Focus on breathing(deep breaths/count to 10 in and count to 10 out)
    Relax 🧘🏼‍♀️
    • Write out ur feelings(keep a journal: write ur feelings and find out why/ write down a list of what makes you happy) 📔🖊
    • Listen to happy and upbeat music 🎶
    • Reach out to family and friends you trust: everyone would want you to come talk rather than you keeping whatever that is bothering you inside. It’s very stress relieving to talk about what’s on ur mind ❤️

    Watched the video and took these notes along the way for my younger sister. She copied and pasted the list into her notes and screenshotted to put as her screen saver.
    If you’re reading this right now please don’t hesitate to copy and paste it yourself ☺️

  31. i built up the courage (got drunk im fucking stupid) to tell my friends (who were also slightly drunk) but we couldn’t do much and i started again like a month ago

  32. I have emotional…self harm… and i always do all the tips but…none of them works for me… maybe a bit drawing and music…but…only for a few minutes…then i just restart insulting myself…and all this… JUST COUSE AN ASSHOLE BULLIED ME FOR
    8 YEARS!!!
    Woah…i feel better now…! : )

  33. Today I have to go get bloodwork done, I almost cried at the walk in because they asked if I had depression. I hope they don’t find out today. I don’t want help and I don’t need it.

  34. I do self-harm, honestly. I have more than a dozen, each from something I feel like I fucked up. The best thing to really do is not any of these, but to try and think STRAIGHT. Ask yourself questions which might seem logical. Why are you doing it? If you continue, will it really get rid of the problem? I'm not completely okay yet, but it's helped me slow done and take a breather.


  35. i'm looking forward to stop self harm, i've learned that it's not healthy and won't help at all. so if u do self harm, please stop! there might be a reason why but please stop it.. take care of yourself, we might not know eachother but we can talk in the comment section about it. i care for you. we've been through the same thing and i understand how it is. you aren't alone. please stay positive!! <33

  36. Who's watching while trying to not look at their scars and bruises…?
    (I'll just like my own comment ._.")

  37. i firstt cut yesterday. at school today i had an anxiety attack and it was very bad, i wanted to cut so bad but i didnt have anything. it stopped me, i was lucky. i had very bad thoughts. Goodluck everyone. 💕

  38. The only reason why I cut my self is cause all the pain and stress and emotions I start to not feel them I start to feel the pain in my arm or leg so then I feel better

  39. I self harm not because I'm sad and it makes me calm but because I'm angry at myself and wanna hurt myself. It's as if I'm my own enemy. Often I punch myself not in places where people can see but on my legs and stuff. And sometimes I cut around the area of the hip. Or put my hand between doors and close the door real hard. Such things.

  40. fuck this comment section. your sad comments about how you cut yourself just make this more horrible. i ve seen and heard enough depressing stuff today. i just wanted to seek help not look at sad 10 year olds telling that there is no hope and this video is not good. jesus christ people you are here to find help not sad artists club. probably i am wrong. nevermind do what you want i dont care. fuck

  41. The problem with asking for help is that sometimes they ask what is happening or why it is happening and sometimes I can't explain it I can't explain what is going on so they don't know what to do

  42. Me and my best friend haven’t seen each other in 2 yrs and she saw my cuts and I thought I was hiding them pretty well but she saw them and I made her cry and I don’t know what to do plz help I feel like a disappointment…

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