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♫ What we do is go back – Good morning. So, today, so far all I’ve done is sleep in, which is always key to
a self-care day, for me. I really enjoy just laying in bed, even if I’m not sleeping. I’d just rather not get up right away. So, I slept in until like 10:30. Woo! And now, I am trying to
manage all the giveaways from our amazing livestream. I have 15 things to ship out today. So, I’m doing that. Take a look at all of that. And then, we’re gonna go about our day and do some things we like. I’m gonna get my nails did. I also would just like to get outside, go get a coffee, maybe. Ooh. So, those are some plans for today. Yeah, that’s about it. So, let’s get at it. Okay. Well, brief update. An hour later, all the packages are packed, I’m going to shower, and I’m going to get ready
to kind of go to town, slash get my nails done, and just enjoy the rest of my day. But, your giveaways are coming your way! Yay! Now, I’m trying to just get dressed ‘cuz it’s hot already. I’m shvitzy, but I’m clean. Yay. And I put on some music as I always do when Sean’s out of town because I get to play what I want. So, now, I got my coffee. I dropped off all of
your giveaways to go out. And now, I’m just about to walk in to get my nails done. I know we were talking
about journal topics the other day on the livestream and it got me thinking, what are some journal topics that I like or things that have helped me think about different things and do more personal work? And, the truth is, that it comes out of the
Faith Hill, Tim McGraw concert because, during that concert, one of my favorites songs of Tim McGraw, he says, live like you were dying. It’s an old song. It was my dad’s favorite. And one of the lyrics is, I’m gonna give forgiveness
that I’ve been denying. And sometimes I think
that can be personal, that can be something that we
should forgive ourselves for And so, what’s something that you haven’t been able to forgive yourself for that maybe now’s the time
to consider doing it? That’s something that I’m working on. So, maybe that’ll spark some thought. Okay. So, I got my toes done, I’ve still got my coffee, and I am just going to walk around. I’m gonna enjoy going out. Something that I always do
when Sean is not around, an I know this drives him crazy, but I like to go out to eat by myself, or I like to order in ‘cuz, truth be told– Come on, bus. I’m vlogging here, don’t you know? But, truth be told, I don’t like to cook. I don’t actually find it soothing. I like to bake, but that doesn’t equal
a lunch or a dinner. And so, when Sean’s not around, I usually order out or I go out and just watch the sunset, get a glass of wine and some good food. And so, that is my next plan. I’m gonna head home, drop some stuff off, and then head back out from there. But, yeah. I don’t like to cook. So, if I’m taking care of myself, it’s not gonna involve any cooking, okay Another thing that I like to do when I’m just hanging out by myself is obviously put on some music, which I muted because I wanna talk to you, but I go to fancy sites like
Net-A-Porte or Moda Operandi. I’m probably saying both of those wrong ‘cuz I’m not that fancy. But, I just shop as if money’s no object. They’re things I can’t afford at all, but I’ll just put them in my cart and then I’m like, ooh, look at all those pretty things. And then I’m like, X out. I can do that for hours. Does that make me crazy? Maybe. I don’t know. But I just really love it. And I know many of you have
asked me over the years where do you find your clothes? And how did you get that? And that thing’s so cute. The truth is, because I do this fancy
quote unquote shopping, I think try to find things at a more reasonable cost on eBay. Usually they’re used,
pre-owned in some way, which doesn’t really bother me. If someone wore my shirt before I just get it washed
and then I’m good to go. So, that’s actually what I do, is I eBay. So, if you’re curious, go to eBay. Check it out. They’ve got some really good deals and it’s ways to make people who can’t afford a $300 blouse– What? But, I can afford a $30 or $40 blouse. So, eBay makes it possible. Thanks, eBay. Oh, this isn’t sponsored, by the way. This is just real talk with Kati. So, I’m off. I’m on my walk. Getting hit by palm trees already. But, something that I’ve always
loved about Santa Monica, and the reason that I
decided to live here, ‘cuz I actually have lived all over LA in the many, many years
that I’ve been here, is that all the homes are different. Ooh, racy Stacy! All the homes are different. They’re not like cookie cutter. It’s like people. Like, each home has its own personality and you can almost tell
what era it was built or when it was last renovated. And I’ve always really enjoyed that. It’s like some uniqueness to Santa Monica and I’ll try to show you some
clips of beautiful flowers and trees and the homes around here ‘cuz it’s part of what I
love so much about my city. And also, I love that I can walk around because, if any of you don’t know, I got rid of my car about two, two and a half years ago, and I actually don’t miss it. I thought that I would last
a few months, you guys, and then I’d crack under
the pressure of LA, I gotta have a car. Sorry, I almost tripped and hurt myself. But, I don’t miss it because the nice thing about a city is A, you can get everything delivered that you need, and B, we have Lyft, which I take to get around town when I need to actually drive somewhere. But, anyway, just enjoying the sunshine, enjoying this beautiful day. I wore my sunscreen. Put on my sunscreen ‘cuz that’s important. Skin cancer’s a real concern. And then, I’m probably
gonna grab something to eat and just enjoy the rest of my day. You guys, maybe this makes me an old lady, but there’s this book called
The Trees of Santa Monica and I’m contemplating getting it ‘cuz we have some beautiful trees. Look how different these are. We’ve got this guy here and we got that big
pine-looking tree over there. Love it. So, that was my day. It was nice to chill out. Sean’s on his way home. I’m sure he’s stuck in traffic, so it’ll be a little while. But I just enjoy walking about. I enjoy looking at my own community. I enjoy the slow pace of a
day that has no real plans. And I think that is what, over the years, I’ve learned means self-care to me. So, I encourage each of you, leave in the comments, let me know what is it that
means self-care to you? Are there things that you do
that make you feel fulfilled? Or make you feel relaxed? Or make you feel more like yourself? Because I find the reason
that I like this so much is because it reminds
me of my single-self, when I used to live by myself and I used to walk around a lot. It’s like a part of the authentic me before I had to worry about anybody else, before I had other expectations and other things that I had to do. I just enjoy the slow
pace of a non-planned day. So, what does it mean for you? Let me know. I hope you enjoyed just
kinda following along. I know there’s not much to today, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. Thanks for watching and if you’re new to my channel, click here to subscribe, and if you want more
content about mental health, ‘cuz that’s what I do, you can click over there and I will see you next time. Bye.

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