Self Care Tips For Women | 11 Tips On How To Take Care Of Yourself

Self Care Tips For Women | 11 Tips On How To Take Care Of Yourself

Today’s topic is taking care of yourself
and 11 self-care tips for women to get you started today. Hi I’m Linda Poirier
with bodies after babies dot com helping you fit into your jeans get your sexy
back and find the life of happy. I was the worst when it came to self-care I
still have to remind myself sometimes that I need to take the time to take
care of myself but when I do take that time to nurture myself everything is
better my mood my relationships my outlook everything is better being a mom
is easy to constantly worry and be stressed out and exhausted we can
sometimes get so overwhelmed and give so much that we forget about ourselves it’s
time to reignite yourself and it’s time to date yourself show yourself that
you’re worth it self-care is not selfish and what is the meaning of self-care
it’s scary that we have to even ask what self-care is because we should know but
a lot of us especially because we’re mommies we have so much going on that we
do forget about ourselves and we don’t even know what to do to take care of us
it’s about treating that inner self and and your little inner child you can’t
give what you don’t have so it’s our job to keep our own cups full our own selves
full don’t be afraid that you know people are going to say that you’re
selfish or you know your partner your husband’s going to say that you’re
selfish because it’s not selfish and the people who get it will get it and the
people don’t have a clue in a carload they won’t they won’t know they don’t
have a clue in a carload so it’s okay and don’t be afraid because it doesn’t
matter what they say anyways if you’re taking care of yourself you’re going to
feel all-round better anyway in order to take care of others you have to take
care of yourself in order to give to others you have to first give to
yourself it is so super important self-care and nurturing yourself can be
different for everybody it’s what makes you happy and you can ask yourself each
day what can I do today to make me Hathi it can be super small it doesn’t
have to be anything gigantic but something simple each day it could be as
simple as I’m going to take the time and make myself a hot cup of tea so here are
11 self-care tips that you can start doing today to take care of yourself
number one is schedule time for you take a look at your week doesn’t matter how
busy it is it can be five minutes it could be 20 minutes but schedule that
time in think about each day for doing something for yourself but schedule a
time in so that yep you know each week you’re being taken care of
number two is have a self-care plan what is a self-care plan a self-care plan can
be something that takes care of the outer you the inner you and the all
around you so maybe your hair needs attention maybe you really need a
massage because you’ve been super stressed out and your shoulders hurt
maybe you would want to go paint and do something fun so a self-care plan is
using that schedule and planning it out number three is eating healthy to take
care of yourself you need to eat healthy if you’re on that weight-loss journey
you need to take care of your body both inside and outside well if you’re living
you need to take care of your body so the only place you have to live in right
so take care of your body start eating healthy start exercising do the movement
and that’s a really good way to not only show yourself self-care but also to give
you a boost in energy better sleep and better confidence
number four is have a complements list and what I mean by that is maybe you
have a little shoe box or a box that you can go to that gives you that boost in
your self esteem it can be something that you’ve accomplished it’s like well
I gave birth to three children well that’s an accomplishment in itself just
being pregnant is an accomplishment write it down and then leave you those
things then you can see that wow yeah I did do that you know I I’m raising two
kids I’m going and working out I’m taking the time to feed myself I’m
taking the time to have a bubble bath at night and read that and you’d be
surprised at how much better you feel and you’re not down on yourself read the
things pump yourself up number five is get more sleep we need to get more sleep
we all need to get more sleep get that seven to nine hours if you absolutely
can’t try and take a nap on baby naps or if you have older kids and you’re
working then try and go to bed early at night you can pre record your shows
which is just awesome and get your butt to bed because it really does make a
difference in how you feel number six is do something that you’ve
been talking about for a while now so maybe it’s that all I really want to go
to that paint night with a girlfriend or maybe you’ve been talking about taking
some other course or going golfing or trying out the gym do something that
you’ve been talking or thinking about for a while go do the course go paint go
create music go dancing whatever you need to do to light yourself up and get
it going number seven ties in with that which is
get out of the house I’m a stay-at-home mommy I used to be a working mommy but
this baby I’m a working at home mommy and some days I need to remind myself
that I have to get my butt out of the house I love being at home but I need to
say okay you know what it’s been three days Linda you need to get out and do
something now in the summer months is a little bit easier but I like to
hibernate in the winter I’m in Canada so it’s like Vern will just do something at
home but we do like to stay active so the summer months are way more active
but I do have to remind myself like geez I need to get out and do something for
myself not grocery shopping not any of that going out and doing something for
myself number eight is make yourself a little
cozy surrounding maybe it’s your bedroom where you can make it you know clear it
out get rid of the laundry get rid of what’s that
ever is hanging about in your room and make it like a little oasis that’s your
little getaway or you can make a little corner that you can read in but make the
surroundings better make it happy make it so that you’re in there you’re like
Oh feels so good you know where you go to some places or some hotels or that
you just feel so good in there do the same thing make that in your house
somewhere that it could be your little getaway number nine is a big one it’s
getting rid of the bad eggs in your life and let’s talk a little bit about that
because sometimes I don’t think we realize just how toxic some friendships
or relationships can be and when we’re in it it seems a little harder sometimes
we’d like to see the good in people and sometimes you are having sometimes we
have relationships that are not good for us maybe is friends that don’t want to
see you do better or they really are jealous I’ve had issues in my past it’s
kind of a little bit of a soft spot for me and a sore spot I guess for me last
year I guess it’s almost two years ago I had to let a friend go and why that was
was that she was happier when I was miserable than when I was happy and it
took me a while to figure out you know when you’re in something and you’re like
when you’re in that situation and you’re like I don’t I don’t know if that’s
really what she’s doing or or not but it was really apparent right before my
wedding and it was clear that she preferred that I was miserable and
unhappy then being happy for me that I have moved on and I Korea
a life that’s better and I thought I’d be devastated when I broke that
relationship with her but to tell you the truth I feel liberated from it it
doesn’t make me feel sad anymore it doesn’t make me feel like that you know
when you get that bad feeling like I don’t know if something just not right
and you come walking away not feeling uplifted you come walking away feeling
dragged out and so I actually thought I would be devastated but I really am NOT
I feel better and sometimes we have those toxic
relationships we can love them and we can be kind it doesn’t have to be rude
but sometimes you just have to release and so getting rid of the bad eggs might
take some time and but really think about that because if you’re surrounded
by negative then you’re going to feel negative even if it takes a while it’ll
take an either a short while or a long while but you will soon start to feel
that way and self-care is even though it’s hard sometimes but self-care is
knowing when to say you know what I’m going to take care of me and if you
can’t see that if you can’t be happy for me then I don’t want you in my life
anymore number 10 is take a break take a holiday have a weekend go plan something
fun it doesn’t have to be expensive but plan something fun take a break even go
on a girls weekend I’ve done that I’ve gone to the Okanagan I love it that’s
that’s a special place in my heart I went to the Okanagan and went and hung
out with my girlfriends and it was awesome just a little bit of
rejuvenation and having fun and being an adult and and not just a parent and I
shouldn’t say not just a parent but you have to you have to have that inner you
to to be having fun yes we have fun with kids
it’s different when you’re nurturing yourself and you want to go and and just
pure pure fun number eleven is create a morning and evening ritual and what I
mean by that is in the morning you can say say you want to meditate okay I’m
going to fit that in my plan I’m going to fit that in the morning I’m going to
get up I’m going to wash my face with my awesome products because it makes me
feel good then I’m going to meditate then I’m going to get up and have a
healthy breakfast and maybe at nighttime you’re going to get to bed before 10:30
so I feel really good and rested I’m going to make sure the kitchens clean
because that makes me feel good and just do these things that make you happy and
that’s it by spending that time and taking care of ourselves I can’t tell
you how much more fulfilling your life can be and you want to share yourself
with more people in a positive way when we don’t nurture ourselves we feel out
of alignment with who we are we feel tired exhausted
grumpy we can feel burned out we feel less we feel not fulfilled and we feel
like something’s missing and often times it can be downright
angry so action steps this week is think about what you can do today to start
taking care of yourself write them down and put them somewhere
where you can see it whether it’s on the fridge or in the bathroom and then when
you have a few minutes you can take a look at the list go okay I have five or
ten minutes choose something on the list and do it
so start implementing them and come back and comment on here what shifted for you
or what did you find when you did do these things I’d love to hear about it
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  1. We often forget about ourselves and to do self care, especially as a mommy. When's the last time you took care of yourself? And what ways do you take care of yourself?

  2. Hello, I am a new subbie. I found your channel from The Dollar Dude. I am a new mom and I love your channel. The last time I had a self care was getting a facial. I am planning to get a massage soon.

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