SELF CARE TIPS for STUDENTS | Bullet Journaling, Vision Board, Yoga + More!

SELF CARE TIPS for STUDENTS | Bullet Journaling, Vision Board, Yoga + More!

Hello everyone and welcome back to
Caitlin’s Corner. Today, as you can tell by the title of today’s video, I am
sharing some self-care tips! I thought this would be a really good follow-up to
my study routine video because I know school is a very stressful time for many
students out there, but I think it’s important to, despite the fact that we’re
all busy with tests and assignments, that we take time for ourselves.
Obviously though I think self-care is important for everyone to practice,
because I think if you are in a good headspace and you’re taking time for
yourself that it bleeds into all areas of your life–especially with
relationships! You just become a more present friend, daughter/son, sibling,
partner, etc. Needless to say, I think it’s a really good habit to get into so the tips I’m
gonna share in today’s video– I’m pointing to my laptop, you can’t
see my laptop, it’s not significant to you, don’t know why I’m pointing to it πŸ˜› –but the tips I’m sharing in today’s video are just a collection of things
that I will do regularly, I usually do one or two (three if I’m in a particular
crisis mode), and it just helps me stay motivated and keeping things in
perspective. The rambling has finished, let’s dive into self-care tip numero uno!
Those of you who have been around Caitlin’s Corner for quite some time now
know that one of my favorite things to do is meditate. I will admit that since
being off of school, I don’t feel like I’ve been meditating as much–as much as
I should– because even though I am sometimes going through stress during
the summer, it’s a different kind of stress… it’s related to my business so I
enjoy it a lot more than the stress that comes with my my grades and exams– things that make my mind go [insert crazy sound here]! But now that I’m starting school again, I
definitely am going to be doing it a lot more regularly because I find that when
I do meditate, I’m a lot more aware of what’s going on in [in my brain]. I almost equate meditating to running a virus scan on your computer… a meditation session is
like a scan through your brain to see what thoughts maybe aren’t gelling right, if your having any negative emotions or feelings that are maybe affecting how you operate
in your everyday life, and you can at least be aware of them so that you can
start working to fix them. As you know I really love using this app called
Headspace. It has a lot of guided meditations, and they now have these
packs where you can even do meditation courses geared to
different things…one of which is improving self-esteem, and I’m going to
be starting that one really soon! The app will be linked in the description box
below! I highly recommend giving it a look…I’m sure there’s even a lot of
guided meditations here on YouTube as well πŸ™‚ My second self-care tip.. ritual…thing that I do? is yoga (and this could mean any form of exercise)! Yoga for me is my exercise of choice at the moment because it combines physical exercise
with meditation into one fun, stretching on-the-floor-thing (that was a great
description for yoga). I definitely still deal with body image and insecurities
— I’m human–but I do find that when I’m being more physical regularly,
I am just a lot kinder to myself, and who doesn’t want to be kind to themselves?!
You don’t want to be a bully to yourself, you want to brighten yourself
up, lift yourself up, you don’t want to be the person that’s tearing you down! And I
will definitely have to rewatch this part of the video when I am back in
school because I know exercise will definitely be the first thing to go when
I am busy, so we’re gonna try not doing that this year!
My third self-care tip is to get inspired. I definitely go through slumps
of not being motivated, or just just feeling sluggish…. like you don’t really
have the energy to do something meaningful with your day. One of the ways I like to get inspired is by reading self-help books. I touched on this topic
a lot in my “reading routine.” Currently I am listening on audible to the book “The
Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k” and I’m finding it really interesting right now,
so I will have it linked down below… but whether you’re reading or listening
to self-care books, for me I always try and choose books that, when I read the
synopsis, it just speaks to me… it clicks and then those books usually end up being the ones that really strike a chord with my life. I also like to get inspired by
fuelling my brain with inspirational content. So one of the ways I like to do
this is through Pinterest. If you follow me on Pinterest then you’ve seen all the
boards that I have… and whenever I feel like I need a little bit of a pick-me-up
I’ll go on Pinterest and, again, any photos that really speak to me, I’ll pin
to my boards so that I can always go back to those boards for inspiration…
whether it’s for clothing or for bullet journaling or decor, you know whatever
area in my life, I have a board for everything. So I find that really helpful…
A kind of a real life version of the Pinterest board is a vision board! I
personally have a “vision door”… every once in a while I print images that reflect
my goals or places I want to go, things that I want for my life, and it puts my
day off to a really good start! It keeps me focused and motivated, and just, you
know, hungry to do something today that gets me closer to what I’m envisioning!
I find the vision board really great for me because during times when I feel
uninspired or unmotivated, I find it’s usually the result of losing sight of my
purpose… so if I can be reminded every day of what the end goal is, I
just find I don’t let little things affect me as much… I hope that makes
sense πŸ™‚ Another self-care tip (that I probably do
a little too often) is to treat yourself! This tip is especially important during days when I am feeling kind of down and I need a pick-me-up, so one of the first
things I do when I feel like I need my mood to be brightened is go on an
adventure for coffee! It’s something so small, but it brings me so much joy, and
just that alone can sometimes be enough to–maybe not get rid of what is
bothering me –but at least make it a little bit better! Sometimes I also go
shopping which, I won’t lie, usually leads to bad decisions so coffee is cheap–cheaper–than you know, doing a little bit of a shopping spree πŸ˜› So I try and stick
to the coffee adventure! I do want to point out though that there are
definitely times where I myself I’m like, “You know what, Positive Polly has left
the building today!” and I just allow myself to be sad or upset…whatever
emotion that I’m feeling… I think it’s completely unrealistic to avoid all
negative emotions, but I definitely don’t think it’s good to get in the habit of
letting small things bring you down. And [this is] something even I’m working on
still–my mom would confirm that –she’s had many conversations with me where she
says, “Caitlin, let it go!” My last self-care tip that I do quite regularly
is, surprise surprise, bullet journaling! Today I’m not going to focus so much on
the planner aspect of bullet journaling, I’m gonna focus on the journaling aspect
of bullet journaling. It’s really easy to incorporate a lot of self-care pages
into your spreads… some of my favorites include a gratitude page—where every day
you write something you’re grateful for. I think this is a great thing to do
every day because you know, you initially start off saying all the big things
you’re grateful for–our family, friends, health— and those are so important, but I
find that through doing these pages, I have begun to become grateful for very
little things. You could also do a goal tracker page so that you have something
visually pushing you forward to reaching whatever goal you have, or another page
that I really love is a self love page. I did this in February, where every day,
like the gratitude page, I wrote something –not that I was grateful
for– but something that I loved about myself. It was quite emotional to realize
that by day 15, you’re like, “Okay, what the hell else is there to love?!” Again, kind of
like the gratitude page, it ends up giving you an appreciation for little
things about yourself that you should be showing love to. And that is all the
self-care tips I have for you today. I hope there was
something in this video that inspired you to take a little bit more time out
of your busy day to take care of yourself, because you are very important!
If you liked this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up, hit that subscribe
button if you haven’t already, and I’d love to hear in the comments section
down below what are some of your self-care tips or pieces of advice?
Honestly, I loved in the “study tips” video how everyone was sharing advice with one another, and helping each other out…it makes me so happy, so if we could do that again with this video I think that would be amazing! I will see all of you very
soon with a new video and until then bye everyone!! I guess you could say

47 thoughts on “SELF CARE TIPS for STUDENTS | Bullet Journaling, Vision Board, Yoga + More!

  1. today was the first day of school. i started crying bc summer ended so fast, but your vids inspire me to not hate school

  2. i love the self love log idea but i feel like i too will run out of things to love quickly, ha. But i'm still gonna try it out, see where that leads me πŸ™‚

  3. With respect to feeling a negative emotion: you are SO RIGHT about this. It's all going to come out sometime, and trust me! It's better to cry as you go than save it up for years until it's major depression.

    May I also add that your makeup in this is subtle, natural and completely on point? Looks great!

  4. This video could not have come at a better time. I am currently on sickleave to due several factors in my life including moving cross ountry, starting a new job and overwork. So thank you sonmuch for your good advice. I relay love the iead of a "self love" page and I might have to make one in my journal as well. Keep up the good work.😁

  5. Just in time! I'm starting my second year of Mech Eng today. Thank you for this, Caitlin.

    p.s., Is your blog still inaccessible? πŸ˜•

  6. My latest self care tip is taking a salt bath once a week. I realize this may not be possible for students in a dorm but if you do have access to a tub, it's relaxing. I play a podcast while soaking usually too.

  7. Thank you so much for your tips! Your videos are so inspiring for my goal of being happy. It's not like I was sad before, I was ok, content with it, but I wasn't really living and doing the things that would make me the person I wanna be. I started college last March (I live in the southern hemisphere) and instead of feeling lost and stressed all the time like I used to during secondary school, I feel motivated!
    My tip is self care comes first! Some people believe that because you don't have a lot of free-time during the school year self care should be put aside, when it's exactly the opposite! The better you feel, the easier you'll be able to do everything without loosing your mind in the process. Of course you won't have the time like you do during holidays, but having a moment to relax your mind to just do something for you (whether it's small or big) gives you the energy to continue.

  8. Really love & appreciate this video! (And your channel in general, I always look forward to your videos!) keep doing what you're doing Caitlin!! ✨🌟 good luck with school!

  9. my number one tip would be to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air!! it's amazing how much better nature can make you feel πŸ™‚

  10. Your videos are so helpful!! Keep up the good work xx I am struggling at school (doing my gcse's) at the moment and you have really been helping me, and what I love is you can see how much effort you put into your videos!!

  11. Heyy! I love your videos, you always have such amazing tips!
    Something that always helps me is to have a day of the week (usually saturday) that I don't do anything school related. I don't touch my books, I don't talk to people about projects, I don't even get close to my bag. It's good to make yourself see other things to do outside of school, and usually these things are related to hobbies or random interests of mine!

  12. I have ADHD, anxiety and a few other things because of that meditation has never worked for me and if that's the same for you, that's okay ! We can be the dreamers who one day wish to be able to navigate their very very busy mind

  13. Great tips! We'd love to help you all with much needed self-care on a regular. We're a monthly literature and lifestyle box that promotes all forms of self-care and celebrate your individual approach and "magic," featuring newly released books, 100% soy candles and more. Feel free to check us out and sign up at

  14. This came at the best time! Great advice girly!! I like to make a bubble bath when I'm sad or watch a Disney movie. No matter how old I get- they always lift my spirits! Hehe have a great day love!!

  15. Thank you for creating this video! Self care is essential and is something I feel needs to be promoted more for overall well being

  16. This is so helpful for anyone, not just students. Self-care is so important!!!
    I second those asking for a hair tutorial. I cannot seem to curl my hair for the life of me lol.
    Also, LOVE your nail color. Do you know the brand and name??

  17. What kind of tape are you using for your vision door? I want to make a vision wall, but I don't want to damage my dorm walls and normal painter's tape isn't that cute.

  18. Hi caitlin!! New to your channel, I LOVED this video and you are also super awesome!! Your hair and the sweater look super awesome and I love the pretty but simple background!!

  19. Can you make a video about your residence experience? I'm contemplating whether to apply for residence or just commute and I want to go to U of T so it would help even more!

  20. I have a lot of medical issues so I try and swim at least 500m everyday and I also keep a bullet journal and an art journal. I am at uni studying a Bachelor of Art majoring in writing and visual art so I work on my art on my way to working towards becoming an art therapist.

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