Self Care Tips For New Parents // Sponsored by Aetna

Self Care Tips For New Parents // Sponsored by Aetna

– Are you a new parent? Are you wondering when life
is gonna get back to normal? Well, we’ve got some great
self-care tips for you. (upbeat music) – Checked out of the
hospital this morning. We just got back. You wanna come visit with all the kids? That sounds great. Fantastic, we’ll see you soon. – Mama, you spent 48 hours in labor. They can wait 48 hours to meet that baby if you want them to. Let’s see how this should’ve gone down. – Oh, you wanna come over. Um, we’re actually not gonna
take visitors until next week. Okay, man, thanks. Appreciate it; alright,
we’ll see you soon. (upbeat music) – You guys need any
help or anything or…? – No, I don’t think so. – Yeah, we’re good. – Yeah, we’re doing it. – New parents should always
accept help when offered. I recommend keeping a list on your fridge of things that friends and family can do when they come over and give
you that empty offer to help. Let’s see how that should
play out in real life. – Actually, yes. We’re out of milk and diapers. Can you go to the store
and get some please? – And the dishwasher is full,
if you can empty it out. Oh, the baby’s new clothes
are just sprawled out all over the living room. What else; I don’t wanna forget anything. – Diaper pail. (upbeat music) – Hey. – There is nothing more important than making friends with other parents. No matter how cool your
regular friends are, they live on a different
planet from you now. So, let’s see what Shawn should’ve done. – Hey, how’s it going? – Oh my God, man. Am I ever gonna sleep again? – Depends, how old is she? – She’s two months. – Well, with my first,
she started sleeping about four to six months,
so you gotta a little time before the sleep starts,
but hang in there. (upbeat music) (yawning) – You and your partner
made this baby together. Try to remember each other’s names. Can we see that again? (yawning) – I love you. – Te quiero. – Muchisimo. (upbeat music) – You’re not truly a parent until some well-intentioned stranger tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps. And while that can be great advice, it’s just not always doable. Here are some other options. You could do something you miss, like take a shower, binge watch a show, spend some actual time with your spouse. (upbeat music) (baby crying) – Can you take her? I can’t handle it. – I can’t take her right now. There’s a headache. – I’m trying to get her to stop shrieking. Stop please. – It is hard enough
those first couple months if you guys are battling each
other every step of the way. Try to remember that you
made this thing together and you’re a team. Let’s see how dad could’ve done better. – Oh my God, I can’t, she’s
been crying for over an hour. – Okay, okay, let’s tag team this. You go outside; take ten, and I’ll get her fed. (upbeat music) But you come back. You come back; ten minutes.

90 thoughts on “Self Care Tips For New Parents // Sponsored by Aetna

  1. I just had my baby a month ago and I totally agree with this video! life is never back to normal but I'm enjoying it 🙂

  2. as tempting as it may be do not resort to cough syrup or tranquilizes to quiet the baby my mom was driven to that by my little brother. we think that might have something to do with his autism

  3. This video hurts so much. My husband died two weeks before our daughter was born. She is now 5 months old and I am very happy. Of course I'm still grieving but she makes it so much better. You know that saying "God only gives you only what you can handle" well she has been the best baby ever. I could have 30 if they were just like her. I have a feeling her daddy has a lot to do with it. Parenting isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be. If you knew going in that your life will never be the same then your okay. My life is definitely never going to be the same and I'm trying to future it out little by little. If I can do it. Alone with no family or mother or his family ( well I have to say his mom lives 4 states away and is fantastic) anyone can do it. I don't know when the real grieving is going to hit. If it hasn't came yet will it? That's what I'm terrified about. There is no way I could distance myself from this angel though. My whole world revolves around her now.

  4. buzzfeed should do an interview on a 9/11 survivor for September 11 i really wanna know what it was like for someone that survived a big thing

  5. sleeping when the baby sleeps in the bomb. y'all don't know crap! especially when you're nursing, just roll over and pop a boob in their mouth. so easy.

  6. you guys should do one on how be a more outgoing person. different scenarios where something goes down but it should go down this way. Saying hello to someone you know instead of ignoring etc

  7. 0:28 on average labour lasts about eight hours.So if you've been in labour for forty eight hours then you have a problem

  8. The last one is so true !!! and I hate those kinda of dads . Women was in labour for 30 hour and now she is feeding baby every 1h, and she despretly needs break, but no! Dad has to watch TV beucase he had a headake from crying baby !!!
    Like mom doesnt heard it …UGHH I HATE THEM HATE !!!

  9. I'm a new mom my beautiful daughter is almost 6 weeks and she does nothing but cry never sleeps and is always wanting to breastfeed more so I don't get to leave the house but I love her so much and wouldn't change it for anything I found out a bunch of tips the hard way

  10. Life doesn't go back to the way it was before. You find a new normal. sometimes it's worse and sometimes it's the best thing ever.

  11. Every time I tell someone "I'm never having kids" they say "ohhhh that's what you say NOW but just you wait.."
    Ummm no… I'm NOT having kids so what exactly am I waiting for?

  12. Hey Buzzfeed, can you do stuff like this again. I zip this sort of stuff around to new parents I know and they love it but the recent stuff you have done is absolutely awful, that F**ked is bad!!! This mindful education or pintrist fails is fun

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