Sanders Campaign Senior Adviser: Medicare For All Saves “Substantial” Money | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Sanders Campaign Senior Adviser: Medicare For All Saves “Substantial” Money | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Sanders Campaign Senior Adviser: Medicare For All Saves “Substantial” Money | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

  1. How we gonna pay for the status quo? Wowwwwwww now we know why people are bankrupt and why the insurance mammoths who eat each other for anticompetitive advantages exist and are frequently used to shame America and rightfully so

  2. Taxing anyone making over $29,000/year AT LEAST thanks Bernie..the government can't spend $5 right so YTF would anyone vote to give them $50 instead?

  3. I just cannot imagine having the most ridiculous STUPIDS squad terrorist in this Old Sanders campaign. If he win, will be a disaster. We as a Americans will have to migrate somewhere else! Just so ridiculous to have open borders for any terrorists soldiers to protect this old Sanders and supporters. That won't ever happen!

  4. Why turn 🇺🇲 socialist? Seems it would be easier for B.S.anders to move to any 1 of the numerous thriving, powerful & prosperous socialist countries in the world, such as:

  5. They just said Medicare for All would cost $30 trillion and business as usual would cost $50 trillion. This would be a $20 trillion savings for Americans. Here is a report saying Medicare for All could save the US $5 trillion. "Medicare For All Saves $5.1 TRILLION | New Study" Dec 11, 2018. Go, Bernie go!

  6. When discussing progressive platforms Corporate Media and right wing "pundits" always talk in 10 year projections($30 trillion).
    When moderate or right wing platforms are discussed Corporate always talk in yearly projections. Hypocrites!!

  7. Don’t smear on Bernie!!! Only make us donate more!!! Bernie is transparent Bernie is tough and Bernie is for the people by the people – US… 🇺🇸BERNIE ❤️ 2020🇺🇸

  8. What I don't understand is, if medicare saves the government money, after giving everyone medicare, why are they talking about taxing us more? Shouldn't we get a tax break if that's true? Or are they saying itll save the consumer that much all together?

  9. Yet isnt it funny how not one single left wing economist agrees…because its all a lie. Sanders has no chance of defeating Trump if he takes the nomination because moderate Democrats will not for an open, full Socialist.

  10. If you have not already given half of your crap away, stopped driving your car and taken in an illegal alien family you obviously do not support Bernie.
    Or maybe you do.
    After all he isnt calling for anyone in government to be required to use medicare for all.

  11. Federal spending on post 9/11 military action in Iraq and Afghanistan stands at 6.5 trillion through fiscal year 2020, according to a study at Brown University. In March of last year, the department of defense estimated that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have cost each US tax payer around 7,623 dollars to date. If we can make that kind of long term commitment to death and destruction, we can also make a long term commitment to health and reconstruction.

  12. Americans – you're overpaying for health care and getting an inferior product that only the wealthy are allowed to use. Stop trying to run a country as if it's a business.

  13. Does the word substantially have to be in quotes, like it shouldn't be believed?? Independent researchers at Yale University said medicare for all would save $450BILLION PER YEAR (13% reduction in annual healthcare cost) and save on average 68000 LIVES PER YEAR. Is that insubstantial?? Bernie Sanders has also released the exact same health records as all other candidates and has stated he would happily release more if more is requested of ALL candidates. You guys should be ashamed of calling yourselves reporters. You're fiction tellers.

    Here is a link to the video regarding the Yale University study on medicare for all so at least some honest reporting may be heard.

  14. Featured in the Financial Times’ “Lunch with the FT,” former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein — who was featured on Sanders’s list of anti-endorsements last year — told the paper: “I think I might find it harder to vote for Bernie than for Trump… At least Trump cares about the economy.”

  15. Bloomberg campaign heads to Israel, 51th state, to drum up primary support

    Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is expanding its bid to accumulate enough delegates to compete at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July by reaching out to registered voters in Israel ahead of next month’s Democrats Abroad primary.

  16. Not only Bloomberg is a racist, warmonger, hates working people, and poor, but he is in love with tyrants, like Trump is. Bloomberg said that China “is doing a lot” now and said, “The communist party wants to stay in power in China, and they listen to the public. When the public says ‘I can’t breathe the air’ — Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.” So two racist Oligarchs running against each other is the dream race for the 1%, and rest of us and world will be screwed for sure. If these Oligarchs don't care for democracy, which they don't, to people of this country, which they don't, and to the world, which they don't, except for money and power. Then let's do everything we can, so people's power can defeat both billionaires, and elect Bernie to be our next president.

  17. Americans hear Medicare for all and automatically think Soviet style socialism. It’s unbelievable to me who is actually Canadian, but lives in the US, and is a nurse and clearly understands that cutting out the insurance companies which cost billions per year in paperwork and salaries including executive salaries, would in fact pay for it. Furthermore regulating the pharmaceutical companies as they have done in Canada for fifty years will also save the public billions. Americans have been getting ripped off for decades and they just don’t know any better. Go Bernie……

  18. Wow… I hope your corporate bosses are proud of you cause I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror after that line of MSM propaganda questions.

  19. Lieing libber,,, we all know gubamint does nothing cheaper or fast than the private sector. Gubamint health care will be like going to the DMV

  20. Bernie is winning because he has the best policies, he is the most authentic and he has the best chance of beating Trump. It’s that simple

  21. I have never seen the media call on senators, presidents or generals to ask about how the government planned to pay for any war. Nor have I seen them ask why the tax cut to corporations, or why there has not been regulations on health insurance companies so they don’t rise premiums any more.

  22. It saves substantial amount of money, eliminates the bureaucracy of the health insurance companies and saves 70,000 lives per year.

  23. What the liberal fake news (MSNBC) doesn't want to acknowledge is why did someone like Trump become the president after 8 years of Obama/Biden leadership? Simple… Obama/Biden failed at their task. Had they been successful, you would not have seen such a magnitude of change in America voters in 2016. Why sign up for another 4 years of Biden? The era of "moderate" politics is over. Liberals with "Beltway fever" are simply too blind to notice it. Progressive politics/policies are the way forward to combat the injustices the common American has been facing since the dawn of the industrial revolution.

  24. These out of touch establishment bobble heads are unbelievable they use the same tired talking points over and over and over. It is maddening 🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. Heh! Craig, do tell, when you get a chance to interview any the pundits from the tRump regime, do you ask the same type questions, or do you already know when they do answer you'll be up to your armpits in BS?

  26. Is that why Denmark has closed 25 % of their hospitals??? They are broke with government run healthcare.. The UK is right behind them.
    Both have 70% PLUS tax rates to boot….
    It never works, unless you go to Cuba where the free healthcare is non existent…

  27. We already have Medicare for all, you pay in your working years for maybe 10-20 years of coverage but even that doesn't cover everything. It's highly recommended you get private gap insurance to cover things not covered. Venezuela passed health care as a right years ago, hows that working out?

  28. #BERNIE2020 With all this Bernie bashing I’m officially going to stop watching MSNBC..disgusting and immoral, it’s disrespectful to all of the ppl who haven’t decided on a nominee.. @MSNBC Who’s side are you guys on??????

  29. So the Bernie Bashing on MSNBC is very obvious .So why are the establishment so worried about Bernie's record and yet there sit a lifelong criminal in the white house who is hellbent on corrupting the rule of law and the destruction of the political processes . I Bet Bernie will release his taxes

  30. So, Sanders is pulling the same tactic, with his medical records, as Trump did with his tax returns.

    It is almost like all politicians are capable of lying

  31. If other countries can afford Medicare for everyone why not America. Everyone know why? America if you want change vote Bernie Sanders if not vote trump and die.

  32. February 2020 and some journalists are still asking how Sanders is going to pay for Medicare for all and cancelling Students loan…!? Geez

  33. Because they don’t have an answer for that. Sander promises for everything is free, he can’t even spare a dollar for the poor and he wants get money from the rich and give to you his voters. Give me a break. Lmao

  34. They didn't bring up Trumps medical records this much and his Dr. outright lied and said he was the healthiest person and could easily live to like 200 yrs old.

  35. If comrade BS becomes the nominee, remember the scout's motto… Buy a gun stock up on food – "Be Prepared". Cuba, China, Russia and Venez didn't become Socialist without bloodshed and the Antifa brown shirts are getting ready to attack Trump voters.

  36. Bernie is releasing his Med records….
    But I'm still waiting on Trump tax returns which I never got after he became President….lol!
    Also, what kind of shape is the McDonalds eating current President in….?! Mind you in his 70's!

  37. If Mr Sanders suffered a hearth attacked. Mr Trump is still suffering from a mind attack and still running the country on half of brain..


  38. The thing is, the first mainstream corporate media outlet to grow some integrity and show that they really love this country by embracing Bernie is going to gain like 35,000,000 instant viewers and send their ratings through the roof. They probably know this unless they are really dumb or they are shilling for someone who is really lining their pockets. Because these relentless smears have obviously not been hurting Bernie very much but certainly are not making his supporters very happy.

  39. Prewritten script designed to take a specific view on Bernie. How will you pay for your plans? Health concerns? People don’t support M4A? Come on MSNBC talk to him about policy.

  40. The pathetic msnbc attacks/lies just keep on failing!! It’s getting funny how these hosts still don’t get how the whole country hates them and sees through their bs

  41. If socialized healthcare was so bad you'd think the rest of the industrialized would would have abandoned it. Except they haven't. Not one. So you have to ask yourself – whose interests are advanced by serving up these endless lies in the mainstream media?

  42. Why doesn't anyone mention that insurance premiums, administrative, out of pocket costs will be far more than any costs. The prestigious med journal Lancet produced a report recently that explained that M4A will save us $450B a year. That's$4.5T over a decade.

  43. #MSNBC is the #new #FoxNews…. so basically it’s #FAKENEWS. Your #ChrisMatthews should be FORCED INTO RETIREMENT after his comments on Bernie. We the people are not stupid. This segment was absolutely DISGUSTING on #MSNBC’s part. I’m gonna find every company that invest in this lame network. You guys literally just went out on your shield 🛡. We’ll NEVER TRUST YOY EVER AGAIN

  44. So Craig, should Bloomberg drop out? He's 78 too!!! Didn't ask that huh? They don't care about the other candidates health issues!!!! What a maroon!!!!! In my Bugs voice. lol

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