Riff Raff Muscle Gains Update – FUEL

Riff Raff Muscle Gains Update – FUEL

100 thoughts on “Riff Raff Muscle Gains Update – FUEL

  1. Absolutely zero knowledge of nutrition. He's actually lost muscle mass and put on pure fat. But hey, do you boo boo.

  2. Theres no way hes ever going to feel good eating all that shit. Hes funny as hell but hes pretty retarded. Cant gain weight dirty bulking all the time and feel great.

  3. He has no muscle and is becoming more of fat slob by the day; and this is being documented because? He is a direct result of lost American Culture.

  4. They are in serious need of a personal trainer. They don't even know how to weigh themselves correctly. You can't weigh yourself directly after eating, you should way yourself in the morning before you eat anything and after you take a shit. From this update all I've seen is that they have gotten fatter. Before he was addicted to drugs, now he's addicted to food. It's really sad, I wish I could help them.

  5. Riff will be broke within the next couple years. Sucks to put in this kinda tour work just to waste it on bull. Oh well

  6. This is like satire or a joke or something right?? How does this dumb ass think that a bus FULL of garbage like cookies and chips is the right fuel to bulk on? Wtf is he smoking…. Oh wait lol

  7. I know guys who believe in the gut as power it a straight belief from oldschool… These are guys that are not into the rips and cuts just the bulk of the size especially if they were skinny young.

  8. This is kinda funny, dude eats shitty food and works out and then eats even more shitty food and then weighs himself and gains weight and is like "Yeah muscle!!!" lmfao

  9. He is not working out nearly as much or as lifting as heavy as he should be for eating that much that shitty. Talking about eating look at Eddie or Brian Shaw.

  10. Riff Raff lookin like a cocaine sniffin, lays chips eatin son of a gun! But for real he actually looks like a 1980s wrestler love this guy!

  11. What he’s doing is awful he’s not gaining as much muscle as he thinks or as much as he could be getting. He’s just gotten fatter and it’s very visible. If he ever cuts he’ll see how much he really has. He most definitely has over 35 pounds of fat on him

  12. People are so judgemental. I say good for him, He seems happy and hes off of drugs and alcohol its a step in the right direction.

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