President Donald Trump Slams Obama Administration’s ‘Failed Economic Policies’ | NBC News

President Donald Trump Slams Obama Administration’s ‘Failed Economic Policies’ | NBC News

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Slams Obama Administration’s ‘Failed Economic Policies’ | NBC News

  1. That's pretty funny…trump continues Obama's successes but at a slower rate and calls Obama an economic failure? riiiiiiiigggghhhhtt

  2. The USA is one of only three countries in the world not to offer statutory paid maternity leave, according to analysis by the International Labour Organization. The others are the Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea.

  3. A nation divvied, until Americans unite America will continue to stumble … work for the common good, rather than tribal hate.

  4. Another Trump pack of bald face lies and con's for his hapless Trump Snake Oil consumers to ignorantly gulp down. Study carefully today's economy is the now 11 year continuation of the Obama recovery economy Trump inherited. The only thing Trump and Republicans have raised is our annual debt to over $1trillion a year. $1trillion created by their massive tax cuts for the wealthy for average Joe and Jane to repay. $1trillion of stimulating deficit spending necessary to prop up their economy to almost maintain the Obama pace. FACTS not lies.

  5. Nancy and the Dems are childish. They definitely don’t have the country’s best interests at heart. Thank goodness Trump is president.

  6. The democrats don’t give a crap what trump does only care about him doing something wrong so they can impeach him absolute corrupt DONKEYS!!!!

  7. What a lying sack of crap. Since the banks failed under Bush, we have had a 140 months of steady growth; that's 96 months under Obama and 44 under Trump. All this lying sack of pus did was jump on the Obama train when it left the station, and claim he did it. Obama also got rid of more illegal aliens, while Trump was and probably still is hiring them, since we just caught this orange toad with 40 in his NJ golf clubs. As for failed economic policies. The NJ Asbury Park press just printed a story of all the contractors who built Trumps casino in Atlantic City , who he cheated out of millions of dollars, and who had to lay off thousands of American workers, because Trump is a cheat. This pig even cheats children.

  8. a house divided. a country divided. we have never been more divided in the history of our country. trump should take credit for that.

  9. Things should be called to a halt……
    One should observe the facts:
    1. Bill Cosby's victims got time in court to be heard.
    2. Epstein's victim's were going to be heard.
    3. Weinstein's victims are being heard.
    4. Trump's (documented) sexual misconduct allegations have yet to be heard in court.
    Someone on this side of the planet please answer, "what is the major reason that Trump's 22 plus (alleged) victim's have been denied the right to be heard in court?
    Someone phone
    1-800-SUF-RJET or
    1-800 THE MTOO

    The courtroom has been moot and unconcerned about the alleged victim's of the current POTUS.
    For the many, trusting a man that has been accused of so many wrong doings is frivolous.
    He (the potus) needs to clear his name as much as the alleged female victims need to be heard before this country can rightfully move forward.
    It is important to in an unsullied leader of our country.

    Remember back in the day of the sufferget? The women organized and spoke up. Thus they gained the right to vote.
    Why are a chosen group of women being ignored?
    We speak against female victimization, yet many of the we bask in the glow of "taxpayer's 3/4million for trump's member only super bowl party at mar-a-largo," while looking the other way.
    Seems the majority of the decision makers are denying a basic right to the victim's in one of three very similar cases in that many of the allegations go back years. Funny how one walks so freely and unaccountable.
    22 plus women must have a day in court to be heard.
    Same for the accused. Then the issue will be brought to the table.

    Our leader should not be sullied by any allegations of misconduct on a criminal level.
    His name should and must be cleared.
    Or courts will look like a pool full of gendered chauvinistic out to placate the alpha male.
    "The hypocrisy insults ones intelligence."

    "Clear the 22 in 2020."+

  10. I Didn’t imply that I like trump. Your right he’s a smooth salesman tells us all what we want to hear , although he has appeared to get thing’s done it wasn’t that hard as the previous administrations did not do much of anything positive. This is an old tactic of politicians taking advantage of bad situations , in this case. What Scumbummer left behind . So then the NWO sends in Trump for the save, and everyone is sold to his word and performance. The results will be that what ever he presents to the American public will be done with little or no resistance This was planed out along time ago Just like Done before throughout history in other parts of the world Hope I’m wrong. We’ll have to wait and see

  11. Pelosi this, Nancy that.

    All they speak of is her. She must be doing very good since she’s in their head.
    Poor lil Cancervatives😂❄️😂❄️😂❄️😂❄️

  12. The turnaround of the economy started under Obama though. Nobody will admit how bad the economy was when he took office. The economy was in decent shape when Trump took over. Pelosi is mad Trump lied about Obama’s impact on the economy.

  13. By the way, the unemployment levels have likely gotten there by Obama era policies, not Trump policies. He has only been in office since Jan. 2017.

  14. Обама на пенсии, не время прохлаждаться, -деньги любят девальвацию.

  15. Трамп свинья, -сколько на счету Обамы, с учётом девальвации. Звони Обаме, -клоуны востребовательны в мире офшора.

  16. The same economic policies that brought the U.S. and subsequently the world out of the recession? The benefits of such economic policies that Trump is still reaping the rewards from now without giving due credit? Yea… nice try Cadet Bone Spurs.

  17. Why is Thumper so fascinated by Obama ?? It's Obama this, Obama that. Its been over 3-1/2 years … GET OVER IT ALREADY …

    Oh … and .. well … there's nothing to see here …

  18. Failed economic policies of the previous administration? If you believe that bs then google "Bikini Graph". It was the previous administration that reversed the failed economic policies or the one before. This administration inherited a healthy economy and it has continued to improve. But where is that 4% growth Trump promised after the tax cut? Growth was 2.3% last year, below the 3% required to pay for the cut and the deficit is exploding. Of course Trump ignores that "minor detail".

  19. Obama, the 1st person to bring 2 sets of balls to the White House and still be the 1st vagina ever elected as POTUS

  20. Can you stop showing Nancy in your videos? I'm tired of looking at Nancy everywhere! Especially if I fetch my sister from her elementary schools. They are Nancy pelosi everywhere!!

  21. Is it possible for this SAP to go a day without mentioning Obama?

    And by the way, more jobs were created in the last three months of Obamas presidency than Trump has created in his first three.

  22. This Man is disgusting. He's a lowlife. He's a liar. And for anyone that can stand to hear this man Fabricate lies on top of lies in front of millions of people is disgusting he had nothing to do with the economy. He inherited A booming economy left by President Obama in fact He has the slowest growing economy in history under his Administration Way more job should have been created.

  23. Regardless of whos speaking, the speech is all pro american. While pelosi dosnt clap or even agree once! Whos really for the usa?
    Food for thought

  24. The Republican Party is looking an awful lot like North Korea, the way they repeatedly stand and coddle Trump's ego like a bunch of spineless sycophants every time he says anything.

  25. He know how to lie and put on a show.This man Bought all of these guest for made 4 TV moments. He is trying to rally up his base.give a real sotu not a fake show. He told lots of lies. The president is the biggest liar I ever seen. Then he always dissing obama when obama job growth was higher then his administration. People look up the facts before you pick a side. Sad day for our nation. Plus vote for president who stands for black latino all people not just white and the wealthy.

  26. There wasn't anything that Trump said that we didn't already know….. Obama was anti American & his policies reflected it.

  27. Obama never did anything for us. No accomplishments whatsoever. Unless you consider letting grown men in the little girls room an accomplishment.

  28. Notice how he keeps saying Black Americans unemployment is at an all time low as if that’s our biggest problem in this country as if he went specifically to see that all non whites get a jobs first👌so he could bloat dearly for votes. Let me guess, no white folks need jobs?? With the multiple issues happening in this country, you’d think he’d speak more on the whole issues the country faces from suicides, to addiction, poverty, home grown terror, wack school systems, cost of college and steps of bringing a divided country together instead of exploiting for votes. You want to impress blacks, apologize to the Central Park 5, start fact checking the truth of the REAL problems in THIS country and know that not all Americans need your singling out because it will never ever ever triumph the integrity most hold dear. But nah, let’s continue this charade with all your political friends on both isles.😑IMO.

  29. Trump remains the most corrupt and failed president in the history of this country and he also remains impeached!

  30. Everybody wants to poke fun and arrogance towards the parties but nobody’s looking at the real problem in that room. Smh.

  31. Look at him! He can stand up there and talk! Almost like a big boy! Good job Donny good job! Seriously who is running this country because this is undoubtedly the dumbest and most self centered clown I have ever witnessed!

  32. Funny I don’t seem to remember so much historic stock market volatility under Obama.
    I don’t seem to recall such a decrease in manufacturing under Obama.
    I don’t seem to remember a revolving door of administration employees either resigning getting fired or getting caught lying to federal investigators during the Obama administration.

    Keep huckstering, Donny boy. Keep huckstering.
    Your stock market is a sham. And it looks like it’s an engine that is about to explode. Funny… I seem to remember the same thing happening back in 2008… But I don’t expect you to know history Donny boy.

  33. Barack Obama made a remark about maybe Donald J Trump had a magic wand to improve the economy, what Barack Obama didn't realize is that there was a magic wand, but Obama didn't see it because it was covered with tons of regulations and taxes

  34. Trump will never get the black vote because he hates Obama and the more he talked about Obama and slam Obama and hate Obama the more blacks turn away from him except for the Candace Owen type they can have Trump.

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