President Donald Trump Moves To Strip Health Care From 20 million | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Moves To Strip Health Care From 20 million | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Moves To Strip Health Care From 20 million | All In | MSNBC

  1. The GOP still has no alternative healthcare system, and now Trump no longer cares. This is more like a scorched earth policy as he is determined to wipe the black president from history before he leaves office.

  2. Even a "3rd-World" country like THAILAND has Universal Health Care.
    According to the US National Library of Medicine, Thailand is the #1 destination for medical "tourists."

  3. Healthcare is not affordable at all! Obamacare is a joke! It has many, many people suffering because of this issue!

  4. People! Trump does not want a second term, his businesses are more dear to him and so he and his family want to get busy protect their wealth from Congress committees and SDNY . Don’t forget he is Narcassist! It is all about him- they think far ahead just for themselves than any casualties that their decision may cause. …..this is a deflection. Don’t let him get away with it.

  5. I hope it’s 20 million trump supporters who lose their health care so that they get to see just how wicked trump and his GOP are.

  6. Best thing ever to happen in America. Cancel Obamacare and all of its policies. Good riddance. Only Americans who can afford medical services should be covered. Even the people who are the beneficiaries of the current system voted against it. America cannot afford health care for all. That is accepted dogma in the US.

    Forget all those other industrialized nations that claim to have universal health care. Like Canada. They are all Communists. You cannot fool free enterprise, red blooded American patriots. If you cannot afford your medical services then you stay sick or die. It is the American way. Trump is now making it official. Darwin awards will be awarded to the most outstanding examples of the new system.

    The free ride is over at last.

  7. "A new strategy, to lie to people's faces." 🤥 This isn't a new strategy, lying to our faces is what they do best…especially Trump. Nobody knows more about lying to people's faces than Trump. That I can tell you! 👍

  8. There is not ENOUGH evidence to conclude The President Of The United States is a Russian Agent…..TIME TO CELEBRATE THAT ONE!…..but imagine how he would have behaved if he were! and if we really want health care change, make CONGRESS get the same coverages they offer regular Americans…things would change overnight.

  9. I am living in a democratic country (not usa) and regarding health cost the following apply: individuals up too 20 years of age and individuals above 85 have absolute free health care ,
    no mattter what desease. from 21 and up to 85 you pay aprox 250 dollars/year. after that your health care is free!! regarding medicin you pay aprox 250 dollars per year, the all medications arr free. Here har though som exeptions for some extremely expensive medicin . In these situations the doctor has to ask for extra compensation wich is granted.

  10. What's wrong with Donald J. Trump (W_W_W_DJT) is medically explained in detail at including the absolutely only *healthy* cure for him.

  11. Southerners and rural haters will be fine with our people not having healthcare. Their Republican haters are most important!

  12. The Trump Files: When Donald Took Revenge by Cutting Off Health Coverage for a Sick Infant

    Read the rest of “The Trump Files”:

  13. Trump could care less…he will say a Americans support him on this as we die and children fall severely ill…elderly won’t be able to get care and they’ll be dropping like flies…all the while trump will be playing golf.

  14. They are not 20 million Americans – They are illegal Immigrants. I saw myself in the hospital and compare it from 5 years ago. They are 70% Illegal immigrants. So Thank You DT – pull the Plug.

  15. What if Barr turned the logic of the Mueller report around? What if Muller proved obstruction through laying out the facts… and then said he couldn't prove the conspiracy due to the obstruction… that would be a whole different kettle of fish. Barr is a evil smart lawyer. No Exoneration.

  16. Trump=Chaos! I agrree with Bernie, I hope he wins or someone with the same view. However Trump will probably win because money and power run this country they only pretend we have a say.

  17. Yeah! Everyone gets protection from the fire department and police. Everyone should get good quality public education and health care

  18. Trump is relying on the American people to be stupid enough as to believe him. I expect that they will in fact believe him. It will be a political master stroke.

  19. take the tax payer funded healthcare away from illegals. that will slow down the flow of illegals. Obama was a total failure.

  20. I don't think we would be in this mess is MSNBC and other mainstream media would have given Bernie Sanders air time in 2015-16.

  21. Sanders is wrong. The countries with the best health insurance are not single payer. They have mandated that the health insurance companies are not for profit. Now it's more complicated than that. But if we want to have the best health insurance look at what France, Germany, Switzerland etc are doing.

  22. Sucks to be a poor American. Every person has equal access to health care and opportunity. You only need a million or two borrowed from Mum or Dad, like I did when I was a struggling businessman.

  23. Stop lying to the public. Obama promised Americans that they could keep their same doctor,
    same health plans and that their costs would not go up. That was a HUGE LIE and providers
    have left exchanges causing premiums to sky rocket. That is a FACT.
    Don't worry, Trump will fix another one of Obama's huge messes.

  24. I would like to see Kushner and Manafort answer questions about passing polling data to a Russian operative in front of a televised Congressional committee.

  25. The US belongs to the World Health Organization and has committed publicly in various resolutions to universal health coverage, so when will we see that in America?

  26. I will lose my healthcare under the Medicaid expansion if this is really struck down. In my field of work, there are virtually no jobs that give you benefits because you are mostly freelancing, we live in a gig economy and I know there are so many other people out there in the same boat. We need Medicare for all not only because it's morally right, but also because it will be nearly impossible to overturn. If Canada or the UK moved to get rid of universal healthcare there would be riots in the streets. The fact is that universal programs are much more durable and harder to get rid of compared to means tested programs. We need to pass Medicare for all so that politicians will no longer be able to play with people's health and lives on a whim!

  27. I agree too much greed only look at corperatation bottom line… it's like hello my bottom line is have to turn to dumpster diving for food… wake up America we are the Mark. The stooge. Not saying Bernie can deliver. No politician delivers but wake up you are being played by the wealthy


  29. This is not “affordable” healthcare! Have you been to the hospital lately?? I don’t know who thinks it’s affordable. It’s expensive! I hope Trump does come up with something better. He wants to be the party of healthcare to make it cheaper for people. Wake up people!!

  30. I believe TRUMP and his cronies do. Keep the "illuminati" strong and rich. Too bad their views on climate change will prevent them from eating!

  31. May every Republican, tRump Kool-Aid drinking, MAGA lemming, who opposes health care for the American people suffer a slow excruciating terminal illness without benefit of medical treatment and care, so die quickly.

  32. The insurance premiums are outrageous. I can't stand Trump but Obamacare sucks UNLESS you are seriously ill and need the care. We need medicare for all/single payer, end of story !!

  33. The dismantling of the ACA doesn't force the GOP to engage in public health.They can simply take the position that the government has no business being a player and it opens the door to privatizing Medicare, Medicaid and VA healthcare. Its no secret that's been their intention for quite some time.

    Leaving people to get sick and die is just another way that Reps are going to pay for the additional tax cuts Reps gave to the rich who have never been richer. Sinclair Lewis once famously stated: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

  34. Is Trump and his people's that stupid. Trump has nothing to replace them. How many will died before the government wake up?

  35. I only watch you when you have Bernie on Chris. Why the blackout of his recent rallies of 35,000 in California alone?

  36. Obamacare took years to develop starting with Ted Kennedy. It withstood something like 60 challenges. It went to Supreme Court and passed. I wish they would stop this.

  37. Go Bernie Sanders. Thanks for standing up for the best interests of the American people. An honest guy.
    We need Medicare for All so that everybody can get medical care they need without going broke.
    With the insurance system today,, when you get really sick, you can owe a lot more money. With Medicare for All everybody pays with a steady affordable yearly tax.
    Medicare for All: No insurance fees, no copays, yes, tax paid yearly. You don't get billed more when you need medical care. The cost is shared across the entire population.

  38. Trump is not taking health care away from anyone….PICK UP THE PHONE AND BUY IT …. THE GOVT. JUST ISN'T KICKING IN A PORTION OF MY TAX DOLLARS TO HELP YOU AFFORD IT…..

  39. MSNBC is misrepresenting the truth, again. Congress voted to eliminate the individual mandate, when that was done Obamacare became unconstitutional. The blame it on Trump thing is dead.
    MSNBC, enemy of truth and America. The time to awaken is NOW.

  40. Republicans will come up with a more sustainable plan then the Democrats. The left only focuses on control and dont care if a system is sustainable. They dont care about stealing from future generations as long as they get something for nothing… sad narcissist…

  41. You see Trump is a Dictator , he's doing what ever he wants not what the American people want .. He thinks he owns the USA .. TRUMP!!! YOU WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!! DAM YOU!

  42. I don't agree with getting rid of pharmaceutical companies. The people that have the money, who want to pay the premium and copays should have that option.besides getting rid of pharmaceutical companies would mean job lost for many.Get a grip Sanders and really think about it. Take an epson salt bath,light some scented candles,chill man.

  43. What a wonderful and thoughtful President. Trump wants to remove health care from over twenty million Americans, steal the funds from the special Olympics and give concessions to the Russians. The Republicans should be really proud of their President.

  44. Trump wants to undue the ACA because Obama poked fun at him at the White Press Corp dinner, in the last year of Obama’s presidency.

  45. Nah not attack mode, it's the old #trump #distractionmode has the #WH been given a full briefing on the #MuellerReport ? Imo Laurie

  46. Universal Health Care – that's the most practical way to go. The "Medicare for America" is simply another disguise for the for-profit insurance companies. It is supported by the politicians who take money from the health insurance companies. Medicare for All is the real deal. "Medicare for America" is not – don't be fooled.

    45,000 people die from lack of insurance per year…right now.

    …I think we both need single payer to save lives, and will only get costs under better control through single payer.

  48. Well done Trump how to alienate 20 million people in one go, what's next ,disband the armed forces, sell America to Russia, oh he's already done that.

  49. Listening to this on my commute. I didn't hear republican party around 3:10 … I heard Pumpkin Party… I feel it appropriate, given the pumpkin in chief…

  50. The difference between liberalism and autism. Autism are gifted and can be understood. Liberalism is the new Retardism! MAGA 🇺🇸

  51. No care it will cost more people going to the emergency room everyday two or three times a day you can't win Trump and his people is just trying to help the rich

  52. This would be horrific for America. The government has ALREADY taken away health care for millions of intractable pain patients who are pain patient migrants searching for doctor as the DEA goes after doctors who treat CRPS, MS, Sickle Cell, Chromes, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and other very painful illnesses. Because of hysteria and big health insurance lobbyist who do not want to treat chronic illnesses, fringe ideology that is not supported by the facts and fake data from the CDC. Why can the talk of health care not include this fact that it has already happened? For saving money.They are being taken off of their effective opioid pain medications after decades of functionality, working , raising families with painful diseases because of government propaganda and public fear that they are the cause of heroin and fentanyl overdoses. While addiction is a terrible disease that needs treatment with harm reduction methods, it is not the same as intractable chronic pain that needs these medications. The pill mills are long closed. Greedy lawyers are suing and taking advantage of grieving parents who lost their kids to fentanyl laced drugs We have a terrible illegal fentanyl crises, not a (patient prescription drug epidemic) of overdoses. These are committing suicide because they have no care for their excruciating pain. Opioids are medications that must be kept away from young people, but not from actual real patients with real illnesses. The excuse for doing this to patients with severe diseases, injuries, and are elderly who have intractable pain have lost access to pain medications because of overdoses on illegal opioids being blamed on prescriptions that has been debunk by the AMA,, Human Rights Watch, and other specialists. They cannot march, lobby because they have lost functionality and are now bedridden. What will happen to millions more who lose their healthcare, they will die. We cannot allow big insurance and other money driven policies to take away more healthcare! What has this country become. The long term effects will actually be more costs for those corporations who are lobbying to deny patients coverage. The destruction of healthcare of pain patients shows what will happen. It is horrific torture that Human Rights Watch has come in and reported it. We cannot let more to be stripped of coverage and treatment. This is showing true colors, red, terrible bloody red. It is hypocritical for politicians to take away healthcare for these millions of patients and then be outraged when healthcare for others (without pain), but not care about those with pain who are now suffering torturous pain and committing suicide. All deserve healthcare, addicts and pain patients included. Medixare for All is the answer, but please include those suffering right now..

  53. t.Rump is the worst thing to ever happen to this country! Barr and DeVos tied for number 2 worst things to ever happen to this country!!!

  54. The term 'pre existing condition' is ridiculous. Just because you may have been ill before stops you getting aid a second time. Crazy. I'm in the UK. Our healthcare isnt perfect but the NHS is loved over here by all of us.

  55. Trump has a history of setting one new fire after another to divert attention away from the Mueller report and other investigations into his dealings. The report may be in, but the real battle has only begun. The timing of this announcement is too convenient not to be yet another diversion tactic to avoid Congress and the media from focusing on issues that may interfere with his bid for another term.

  56. Billion dollar businesses can donate millions, Trillion dollar businesses can donate millions!
    Why do you think Republicans want to privatize everything?

  57. And people dont want to respect this man. Fine, dont vote for Bernie, vote for a Democrat that is fake. Maybe vote for Kamala Harris, who now agrees with Bernie because its popular. All these Democrats running against Bernie are fake. He is for real change and he's the wise old man we need.

  58. Trump supporters are stupid. They vote for someone who makes them worse off. But at least he is racist enough for them so they are happy even though they have to work 3 jobs and have no healthcare.

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