PPO Health Insurance for self-employed

All right so before you skip this ad
please give me a listen you know I’m self-employed so I’m paying for this
advertisement all on my own I’m here in beautiful College Station
Texas it’s sunny it’s a little hot but you know we’re gonna do this video
anyways My name is Randal Rutledge I’m a licensed insurance agent I help people
that are self-employed small business owners kind of find a better deal on
their health coverage. You know for self-employed people it’s one of their
biggest expenses is their health coverage and most of your brokers out
there they’re not willing to go out and kind of find you the best deal possible
because that’s not what makes them the most money possible I do things a little
bit different I focus on helping people and actually you know helping as many
people as possible save money and/or increase their coverage at the same time
now I’m not expecting you to to spend a lot of time or or give me your
information by any means all I’m gonna ask is if you think that for a second
you might be paying too much for your health coverage that you give me a shot
give me a chance and write this number down I’m gonna stop I’m gonna give you a
second to get a pen and paper and we’ll go from there. stopping here, its getting
awkward are you ready 903 907 0 0 1 5 once again that’s 903 907 0 0 1 5 don’t
worry if you didn’t have a chance to write that down I am gonna include a
link that you can click and you’ll be able to contact me you know get a free
quote at least just look at your situation if you’re in a great spot I’ll
be the first one to tell you hey look you’re in a great position don’t move
don’t change nothing thanks for listening if you watch the whole video I
sure appreciate it you know give me a like a comment a share share this with
your friends like I said I am paying for this advertisement so it sure helps
every little bit of exposure that I can get thanks again guys God bless

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