Pete Buttigieg Unveils Health Care Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg Unveils Health Care Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

96 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Unveils Health Care Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. If it's not #medicareforall then forget it. Too bad; this guy had some good things going for him, but he's just another centrist/corporate shill like most dems have been since the 80's. Time for real change: Warren/Bernie 2020.

  2. This seems reasonable and doable, building on Obama's administration. Even the countries with the best health outcomes in the world, allow space for some private sector involvement in their healthcare systems. Sanders/Warren's model is frankly deranged.

  3. Automate a Gov. health care system that competes with the current system…
    Gov. system will make fewer medical errors resulting if fewer patient deaths, distribute cheaper drugs Nationwide, eliminate the cost of Human Staff lowering cost for the whole system!

    Private companies will be forced to improve quality, cut fat & produce results, Just as the market demands or go the way of the Caveman Society!

  4. Who cares about what Pete Buttigieg have to say about his Health Care Plan when he has already been bought and paid for by corporate America. Why aren’t you talking about the scandal in West Bend. The plot to fire the only black chief of police and the part that Buttigieg played in the cover up.

  5. #BERNIE has been fighting for the average American for over 40 years. He is the champion of healthcare for all…. if you want health care vote for #BERNIE

  6. (1) The key point here is: Medicare for All is popular. In a Morning Consult poll from July shows that 55% of voters SUPPORT phasing out private insurance, but get to keep their providers:

    (2) If you believe in giving Americans true choice, you allow them the option of picking their hospitals and doctors. Under the current, profit-driven system, people's chocie is limited because of the private insurance companies.

    (3) Those 160 million Americans on private insurance would not get displaced; they would get comprehensive benefits and better under Medicare for All.

  7. So is that the healthcare plan for illegals too or the rest of the 7 billion people on Earth? Asking for Liberals Democrats.

  8. I earned lifetime health care from my job when I retired, and I would like to keep it. If Medicare is better than what I already have, then I would like the option to switch over. On the other hand, my boy hates the insurance his job offers. He can't wait for medicare for all. Options are always better.

  9. the main difference between Pete and Harris plan is that Pete's
    plan had a 1.0 version that was less detailed that was ALWAYS medicare for those who want it
    and a transition, which everybody knew the major points of…
    ….while Harris plan was initially to get rid of private insurance, and within 2 days
    she changed version 3 times!.

    But then she decided to take the Pete Buttigieg route and plan.
    SO Basically the difference is a consistent plan by Pete, which was the first and only
    such plan, and then Harris decided to mostly adopt it, once she saw her voters didnt like her plan.

    So its kinda weird to say well whats the difference between Pete's "new"(its just more detailed) plan
    and that of the gold standard plan of Harris… its rather the other way around: what is the difference between Harris plan and the one of Pete.

  10. Good thinking! Allow just a little bit pharmaceutical and insurance industry political and financial corruption, but not all of it. Now you are probably thinking “why not go the whole “Bernie” and remove all corruption from healthcare. Well, that’s all well and good for Bernie’s principles and the American people, but what about the oligarchs, the overpaid celebrities, like Joe Scarborough , and the legally bribed politicians like McConnell and Pete? They need to wet their beaks too don’t they?

  11. How does a small town mayor with no national experience running at 7% receive so much corporate media exposure? He's representing the interests of the CEOs of the health insurance industry.. The health insurance industry, big pharma and the MSNBC talking heads are well aware if we join the rest of the world and eliminate the private health insurance middle man we'll save billions of dollars, have a far better system and we'll never turn back..

  12. all MSNBCannibal candidates are running because they were involved in massive fraud and ANY ARRESTS of them will label them as Political prisoners (This is why there is a super stacked list of criminals all running for President) Beto is a human Trafficker ButtPlug probably engaged in some serious financial crimes and human trafficking like BETO .. The list goes on and on

  13. Just allow people to buy into Medicare and outlaw drug companys to use rxcards to undersell ACA prices. The loopholes matter.

  14. I just don’t understand why this conversation is mucked up. Medicare for all will cover everything. Who cares if you “lose” your private insurance? You won’t need it you’ll be full covered for Cheaper. If insurance is given to you as a perk for your job you Get higher wages with Bernie’s plan go make up for that. What’s there to argue against? It’s how it’s done every where else..

  15. If the insurance companies want to stay relevant, they need to stop gouging the people who keep them in business. They need a more patient orientation.

  16. Is the Fire Department inconsistent with personal freedom? If I don't want to subscribe to that service I shouldn't have to pay for it, i'll take the risk to put out the fire myself, right?

  17. The very notion that most people are happy with their company provided health insurance is ludicrous, no one is happy paying massive CO pays with high deductibles for what is worse and worse every year

  18. Most Americans are a medical emergency away from bankruptcy and debt, Pete, isn't addressing the actual issues most of the middle to lower economic class are experiencing. I want a candidate, who isn't taking money from the insurance companies, charging people exorbitant rates, and offering little to no coverage. My votes set, I'm voting Sanders on the ballot.

  19. I am half Maltese and obviously can speak the language. Buttigieg is pronounced as follows. NOT Buttijudge , it’s Buttigeeg . Thank you 😅

  20. What a farce. It’s just comical is the climate change propaganda. There’s no climate change crisis. The climate is as it always has been. There’s actually less unusual weather right now according to statistics. The atmosphere extends up 391,000 miles according to SOHO. Each Carbon dioxide molecule effects the weather less and less as there’s more and more of it. More carbon dioxide at this point makes no difference whatsoever. They are not sure if it’s causing warming, but if it does, that’s a good thing. There will be more food. Thousands and thousands of scientists from places such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford universities have denounced climate change is pure propaganda. You won’t hear any of that on the propaganda media that we have these days. It’s even hard to find true information from Google since they manipulate their search results. Google admitted that they manipulate search results to try to change the way we think. Psychologists have said that Hillary Clinton that 20% more votes because of what Google did in 2016. Google is disgusting. But if you dig hard enough you will find true information. It’s definitely hard to do but you can do it

  21. My union negotiated excellent health insurance for my family and I. We live in the NY metro area and have access to the best healthcare in the country for a minute cost – this would destroy my plan and force out private insurance while replacing it with junk, government run crap

  22. Mika: What's the difference between Pete's healthcare plan and Kamala's?
    Establishment crony: Simple, Pete's was written by Aetna, and Harris' was written by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

  23. I don't know anyone who is happy with their health insurance – some still go broke because of what they don't cover and super high prescription costs – stop saying we're happy with it

  24. Recently, Israel has been accused of spying on the White House. Is Israel the source of the alleged communication between Trump and a Foreign Official?

  25. in Canada we have government run health care, but I still have a private insurer for the extras , it's not one or the other here we have no choice of the government run one but we can and do supplement for things like dental, eye glasses, private rooms ect.

  26. Nobody wants half-measures, Pete. Medicare For All is what we want! It's already up & running, all you need to do is expand it overtime, starting with the oldest folks under 65 & working down. There will still be private plans for the affluent folks who want nose jobs & tit jobs, that market won't disappear. But Senile Joe is trippin' — nobody I know loves their current private health insurance through their job, even if they love their doctor. With M4A, all the doctors will be part of the plan. The rest of us won't need or care about private insurance.

  27. This solves none of the problems we have! How is he going to pay for the expansion of the Medicare part if people are still sinking tons of money into their private insurance company shareholder's pockets who get richer off us the more medical care they deny people? Is he gonna make it so the person who chooses private care can't get the medicare cause they hadn't paid into it like the people who put their money into the Medicare system the whole time? In order to pay for it, you have to either broaden the base of people sharing the cost for the government plan or have a plan like the 2 Cents plan Warren has. Half measures don't work, it is the same problem as what we have now!

  28. OMG NOBODY is, "quite happy," with their health insurance companies!

    If you are, you either own some of their stock, or you've had a MASSIVE head trauma!

    Whether it's through their employer or not!

    Nobody likes their deductible, or their co-pays.

    Nobody is quite happy having to choose between buying food and medical bills.

    Grandma shouldn't have to sell the house that Grandpa BUILT because they get sick or injured and his insurance goes up, or won't cover what they need.

    Every other country on the planet guarantees that their people don't have to pay an insurance company for health care, regardless of how many extra dollars a week their taxes increase.

    PLEASE, take my insurance deductibles, co-pays, X-ray and ambulance, and dental costs AWAY, it's WORTH the few bucks a month extra in taxes to me so I'll never get another hospital or doctor bill again.

  29. Mayor is in trouble. He take private insurance money which is horrific. He's taking money from everyone.
    Now he's in trouble again with people back home…..yikes

  30. Your plan is NOT medicare for all and how dare you invoke its name bc of its popularity and then bastardize it with your establishment BS. Sidenote: quit calling yourself a progressive, you're not. All you do is attack progressives left and right. Good thing your poll numbers indicate you wont make it past the primaries 🙄

  31. I like how MSNBC Let's this Poof follow around the only President Canidate who happens to be a Bumboy. Cowinsedense I don't think so.

  32. Please come join us on Facebook at Team Pete Buttigieg 2020 for breaking news, great discussion, and resources for all things Pete. Hope to see you there.


  34. An example of how employer based health works is GM revoking it for the autoworkers on trike. They went on strike and GM said ok, your healthcare is suspended and now thereon COBRA for the duration. All the power is under corporate control, not the employee/worker. They decide what your plan is,not you.

  35. Warren or Sanders are not proposing a government take over of healthcare. That would require nationalizing the hospitals where people receive care. All they're proposing is to take the profit motive out of the middle man which is the insurance companies, by having medicare replace it. Since medicare isn't a private company, it doesn't need to make a profit and hence doesn't need to inflate the price of healthcare higher than what it needs to be. That's why the cost of healthcare in countries where insurance is nationalized is way less. It would also prevent the collusion between the hospitals and insurance companies from marking up the prices even further. It's better to have the private hospitals negotiating the prices with only medicare so that way the hospitals can't price gauge you as well. You notice that roads and fire departments save you a lot more money when they're government run. People on medicare also prefer it much better to when they had private insurance. When you have all this fear being spread about medicare for all, the source are the private insurance companies who don't want to lose business, and unfortunately the media and politicians are happy to parrot their talking points cause they're also taking money from them. The media runs insurance ads, remember that

  36. Buttigieg is intelligent and strategic. His plan speaks to a wide American population. A public option could be enrollment in the Federal healthcare plan which Trump and his family benefit.

  37. If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance……But you have to pay for your own health insurance out of your own pocket..

  38. Buttigieg go back home and fix the problems you created. Your city officials are corrupt and you want to replace Trump's corruptions!!!!! You're bought and paid for.

  39. He is a socially liberal and fiscally conservative Democrat. He will not get the nomination because the Dem party is not with that wave.

  40. Has Karine Jean-Pierre forgotten that Kamala wanted to abolish private coverage just 2 months ago? Mayor Pete has been consistent on his stance regarding health care coverage. Kamala ripped a page from Pete’s Medicare for all who want it page.

  41. 3:30 Yeah, private insurance companies might be able to stay competitive and offer comparable coverage, but it would mean that their CEOs won't make an average of $18 MILLION A YEAR! Maybe they'll have to get by on, I don't know, $3 mill? Could they do that?

  42. Command me to pay less for Medicare for all than I pay for the private insurance scam I’m trapped in now. You corporate media fools get paid by the corporate health system. You are disingenuous.

  43. Nobody is happy with ANY insurance, be it health, car, home-owners, flood, etc, etc etc. Stop spreading this lie that people are so attached to their insurance company that they are not willing to lose it for something much better….

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