‘Offensive’: Former SDNY Chief Blasts Giuliani For Attacking SDNY Prosecutors ‘Idiots’ | MSNBC

‘Offensive’: Former SDNY Chief Blasts Giuliani For Attacking SDNY Prosecutors ‘Idiots’ | MSNBC

96 thoughts on “‘Offensive’: Former SDNY Chief Blasts Giuliani For Attacking SDNY Prosecutors ‘Idiots’ | MSNBC

  1. There was much speculation as to how Rudy Giuliani “America’s Mayor,” the widely admired civic leader who presided over NYC during 9/11, could have been siphoned into Trump’s underworld.  We got a Trump thanks to a compliant, sensationalist media apparatus that breathed life into his phony self-made billionaire myth, just as we owe them for Rudy, who they cast as a post-9/11 American hero.

    By the time that the planes crashed into the Towers on Sept. 11, 2001 Giuliani was a master surfer of the wave of public opinion. In the attacks that played out in lower Manhattan, at the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA, close to 3,000 people were killed — 343 of them uniformed New York City firemen.

    Overnight, the media turned Giuliani into a larger than life heroic figure. But the people that were most intimately familiar with the city’s pre-9/11 counter-terrorism preparations knew that it was Giuliani’s failures as Mayor which contributed directly to the horrific body count for the FDNY that day.

    On Feb. 26, 1993, the World Trade Center was attacked with a 1,200-pound bomb concealed in a rental truck that exploded in the basement. The blast killed six, injured 1,000 people, and forced 50,000 to evacuate.

    In a detailed after-action report published in 1994 by the FDNY, the inability of firefighters and their officers to communicate over their analog radios that day was flagged as a vital issue that needed to be addressed with urgency. In 2008 — when Giuliani was running for president — FDNY Lt. James Wood recounted his experiences during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in an informational video produced by the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).

    While the bombing had taken place during Mayor Dinkins tenure as Mayor, Giuliani was sworn in on Jan. 2 1994. As the IAFF recalls it, the critical report about the defective fire radios gathered dust for several years.

    It took until March of 2001 for new digital radios to be deployed, but they were withdrawn weeks later after they were deemed responsible for a near life-ending miscue when a firefighter isolated in a basement fire in Queens radioed a “May Day” call for assistance that none of his co-workers heard over their radios. It was only picked up by another fire company miles away. The new radios were shelved, and the old dysfunctional analogs were put back in service.

    The contract for the new radios was a no bid, non-competitive contract that was, as it turned out, just an extension of an existing contract with Motorola, which has a near-monopoly on emergency communications.

    According to a report issued by the NYC Comptroller the next month, Giuliani had “willfully” violated “city contracting rules…. endangering firefighters in a reckless bid to buy a new type of hand-held radio that it later had to pull from service,”  The Times reported that “the new digital radios were never properly tested before being distributed to firefighters.” As City Comptroller Alan Hevesi documented, “they were purchased through what he described as an improper process that did not allow competing companies to bid for the contract.” At the time, Michael Wolf, who represented Com-Net Ericsson, a Motorola competitor, told the Times he was stymied in his efforts to even get the city to consider his company’s products.

    Just six months later, FDNY’s bravest faced the doomsday scenario as they sized up the rescue operation in the Twin Towers on 9/11 that would take so many of their lives. They were equipped with the same analog radios that had failed them so badly when the WTC was bombed back in 1993. As the IAFF video documents and as the 9/11 timeline confirms, at 9:32 am. on 9/11, an FDNY Chief ordered all members in the North Tower down to the lobby. Even though he repeated the order, not a single company responded.

    At 9:59 the WTC South Tower collapsed; and at 10 am the order to abandon the North Tower was repeated. Inside the North Tower were 121 firefighters who never heard that order. They perished when the North Tower collapsed at 10:28 am.

    “On 9/11 firefighters went into the North Tower and started ascending the tower, yet they were being called back and they kept going,” said Richard Salem, an attorney who has been representing several of the firefighters’ families who lost loved ones when the North Tower collapsed. “Not one other uniformed officer from any other department, who had functioning radios, perished in that tower other than the FDNY.”

    Despicably, Giuliani tried to cover up his own malfeasance by telling the 9/11 Commission that the North Tower firefighters had ignored the radio orders because of “their willingness, the way I describe it to stand their ground.”

    Retired FDNY Deputy Chief Jim Riches, who lost his son Jimmy in the North Tower, will tell this tragic story to anyone who will listen. He and other surviving family members shadowed Giuliani during the 2008 primary and carried on a media campaign that was picked up by outlets like the Guardian.

    “These radios did not work in the WTC in 1993 and they did not work in 2001." Jim Riches stated. "We got the story out there but when the media christened him ‘America’s Mayor,’ it all went away.”

  2. Rudy would shoot his own cousin if it meant a few more minutes in front of a TV camera when the red light is on.

    Even if that made him a widower! 😆😅

  3. Rudy is writing his epitaph. He was "America's Mayor" – but now Rudy Giuliani will only be remembered as the executive conman's stooge and deranged mouthpiece.

  4. The GOP are all just itching to murder the United States of America and all it stands for just to cover-up Trump's big, unwiped (***)… like his toilet paper than act in the interest of the people who elected them.

    Utterly despicable.

  5. Trump sycophant, Alan Dershowitz, has been meeting with Trump, and advising him on the impeachment trial. As Jeffrey Epstein's, lawyer Alan Dershowitz helped negotiate a “non-prosecution agreement” under which Epstein served just 13 months in a county jail, much of it spent on “work release” in an office. There are also allegations by two women who say that they were directed to sleep with Dershowitz by Epstein. And since Epstein and Trump were so close, it seems only fitting that Dershowitz would represent Trump as well. Perps of a feather perp together.

  6. I can see whole episodes of Madow, Rule, KCDC, the last work and Odonnel but I can't find whole episodes of Melber. Help?


  8. Lev Parnas paid Rudy $500,000. Dmytro Firtash paid Lev Parnas $1,00,000. Who paid Firtash?



  9. Lev Parnas paid Rudy $500,000. Dmytro Firtash paid Lev Parnas $1,00,000. Who paid Firtash?



  10. Mr Kelly certainly has some valid observations. Ol Rudy is kinda like a circus entertainor, and he does not want to be left out of the circus. What continues to puzzle me, is the public has minimal understanding, that recognizing a persons self interest working for government, has become common place in politics, government and civil position. Certainly not all have self interest, but obviously becoming a majority.

  11. SDNY has pushed one frivalous lawsuit after the other on TRUMP, and then totally fumbled on Epstein (Dont ask me why Barr covered them) SDNY is now considered the most corrupt district in the USA .. IDIOTS!

  12. Thank you Trump our President ! You love Truth and lead with confidence. We trust your decisions.We do our part by praying for you and your leadership .we also pray for the Nation.We pray for your family and for our own.

  13. Donald Trump won the election fair and did it with less money spent on any presidential campaign that I know of but the Democrats have been such sore losers they have been out to destroy this man since he was sworn in. It's amazing that he has been able to do all the great things that he's done while being in office. He's been nothing but ridiculed since he's been in office. I used to be a democrat but never again. Y'all are some serious screwed up people. Self loathing grow up idiots.

  14. Giuliani should be arrested, questioned and detained. Where is he getting the money to swan accross the World on dubious Trump business? Who are his paymasters? Who are his dubious contacts in Ukraine.

  15. I've been following this Trump fiasco closely from Italy for the last four years. Watching MSNBC, Fox, CNN, all of them basically. The thing that stands out to me so strongly is that the honesty and decency of people like Ari Melber and David Kelley stands out so clearly against the dishonesty and indecency of the Trump pundits and supporters. It's just so clear that one side is untrustworthy and out for all they can get, while the other is genuinely concerned for the state of American democracy and focussed on reporting the truth – often to the detriment of their own cause, when the facts lead that way (like the pillorying of Al Franken, for instance, or the self-destructive focus on Hillary's email transgressions).

    Leave the ideological debate out of it. The simple fact is that if anyone trusts Rudy Giuliani over this guy David Kelley, or Trump over Adam Schiff, or McDonnell over Pelosi, then they're quite simply a fool without the life skills to buy a used car.

  16. Never before have so many with nothing to hide worked so hard to hide so much.
    The continued reactions of the current administration, should if nothing else, motivate an awareness amongst
    DJT's supporters. Clearly, DJT has something to hide, and though, he keeps claiming otherwise, has been unable
    to provide evidence to support his having done nothing wrong.

  17. The longer they take to indict him the more they've got on him. At this point they're probably going to indict his reincarnation as well…😄

  18. This old man has always wanted to get into the WH – if this is the only way he can feel a part of it! One Word: Desperate!

  19. Oh am I glad I have no idea what the context of this clip is because everything that would explain it, has been chopped by the msnbc u-tube guy… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. We need to study Giuliani and Trump's brains. They should be pickled in spirits and sent to the top medical universities.

  21. Rudy has got some type of assurance from Trump that he has nothing to worry about with SDNY(Trump let Barr know to tell SDNY Rudy is off limits). That is the only sane thing I can come up with. Why else would he keep doing things that would land the average person in prison.

  22. democrats are Marxist double agents warning enemy forces when there leaders are targeted in order not to burn there contacts of so called negotiation that only makes the enemy stronger and more capable, thank god that they have backward religion that prevents them to see beyond slave farming.

  23. An innocent person would give them access to anything and everything they could possibly want to get it done and over with ASAP, a GUILTY person? not so much.

  24. Giuliani is still free after all of his conspiracy stunts. Has American justice been buried? R.I.P. American justice.

  25. Ghouliani is just another Trump 1/2 time at the WWE distraction. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that Rudy has lost a couple of marbles over the past 20yrs. His current job with Trump is replacement bagman.

  26. Come on America,we aren't that uneducated to figure out that the redacted emails is totally a cover up to protect Trump! Come on people we need a fair trial!

  27. Please Democrats! To protect your vote go to your local town office and vote Absentee ballot! I urge you to because voting machines will be hacked again by some foreign country,they are doing this as we speak!

  28. Time to have the Doctors on to make an assement to the Mental health of the President. The people who live and work with him closely Day in and Day out could be using his mental State to their own benefit

  29. Giuliani is just desperate, because he knows that SDNY has enough evidence to put him in jail for a long time. You cannot expect rational and respectful behavior from someone in that position.

  30. Why is it when some of these attorneys are asked about an opinion about something they almost all of them answerd the same way"i'm not an expert,I can't say because i'don't know the details"look we all know the details and I'm not an expert either just give your honest intelligent opinion that's all!these lawyer's and politicians are the problem in America!

  31. —- > A Senate impeachment trial is not supposed to be a "circus" or a kangaroo court. Justice Roberts will be there to make legal rulings (includiung about whether witnesses are relevant) but he can be overridden by a majority Senate vote. Those votes are not meant to overturn statutory law or legal rules but represent a political decision based on an impartial belief that the president should not be removed. For example: Adultery is a personal /or civil matter and many believed it didn't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors . However, Clinton didn't violate Campaign Finance law, invite foreign interference, or bribe a foreign ally for his personal benefit. Senate conviction is only about removal and the right to hold an office of honor or trust.

  32. Ari, —- > Technically, the Ukraine impeachment trial isn't about the Russia conspiracy by the Trump campaign inveestigation but I don't believe the Mueller probe is "closed". Mueller said Trump could be indicted after he left office so, essentially, there is a pending trial for Obstruction of Justice in the House and in the criminal justice system..

    Technically, AG Barr terminated the Mueller investigation because he "saw what was coming" and because Mueller refused to make a recommendation or declination about an indictment for Obstruction of Justice before Trump left office.. In his report, Mueller said if there had been a full FBI investigation, there might have been a different outcome.

  33. Add "engagement letter" to the long, long list of things regular decent Americans hadn't needed to know before this administration started.

  34. wow… the guilty party trying to say the investigators are horrible… well THAT's a new twist… did anyone see that coming? but trumps faithful will parrot the same thing – blahblahblah… deep state, conspiracy yadayada… they do love their soundbites. like children, they like to be spoon fed.

  35. Rudy is just an old guy looking for one last throw of the dice!
    One last shiny night in the spotlight!
    He was probably always motivated by publicity and stroking his ego.
    Trump showed him what true narcissism looks like and Rudy liked it!!

  36. Rudy got caught up in trump’s many laundering business with the Russians – if trump goes down….so does he.
    This is why he is sooooo desperate to deflect everything away from trump.

  37. Trump Had Money Laundering Business Deals With The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Which Soleimani Was Their Leader! Soleimani Threatened To Expose Trump's Criminal Corruption…AND TRUMP HAD SOLEIMANI EXECUTED!!!
    Google…Trump And The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps…and you will see Trump was covering up by killing Soleimani…

  38. How about General Milley saying his beefing was 'exquisite' – have all these guys been brainwashed by the same people – it is really weird


  40. Hey Rudi, It never occurred to You! all those pictures? did you ever meet the Lady that you wanted to meet on the video? Sounded real Interesting?

  41. A Parody over Trump

    Flibbertigibbet in a flustery fidget

    Is twisting the truth with every digit

    Unfortunately nonfunctional is his gadget

    Defying his useless charismatic magnet

    Jumping on some ludicrous tactic

    Showing his logic is completely erratic

    Blowing his top acting quite impulsive

    Blatant comments so ugly and repulsive

    Causing an usually uncontrollable chaos

    Grounded in his most recent Russian payoffs

    Flying off miserably from his bloody cuff

    Attempting to lie about a clumsy bluff

    A screwed up base is a blessing in disguise

    Nonetheless it's inevitable his demise

    Maybe we will see him bite the bullet

    Like Silverstein as he said to pull it

    We should give him the benefit of the doubt

    Otherwise he will squeal, screech and pout

    Maybe he'll go back to the drawing board

    And sharpen his teeth and his bloody sword

    No wonder he is full of refute and defiance

    This is typical and so real rocket science

    Playing a game of golf, no pain, no gain

    Only a bunch of bogeys he will obtain

    Always seeming to be bent out of shape

    Avoiding the usual righteous red tape

    Apparently making all matters worse

    Turning the hands of a clock in reverse

    We'll be crossing the bridge when we come to it

    Upheaves his patience and he will have none of it

    Perfectly fit to add some insult to injury

    Destroying motivation and wasting energy

    Magically brainwashing with his altered reality

    Making tin soldiers as a general formality

    Dropping a drone as a secretive surprise

    Hoping no angels will suddenly arise

    Being berserk at what actually occurred

    Actions do speak much louder than words

    Birds of a feather seemed to flock together

    Release them all into a torrential weather.

    Maybe the deluge with gusts so thunderous

    will wake the vile, cruel and unscrupulous.

    No consideration with the drop of a hat

    will begin the rustling thoughtless tit for tat.

    Sending roses to the Nancy's buttercup

    won't conceal this obvious cover-up.

    Uncle Sam thinks every cloud has a silver lining

    but serendipity needn't begin with pining.

    Gagging the witness's with threats and intimidation

    leaves the truth untold with no true deliberation.

    Making solemnity a simple wild goose chase

    doesn't help his efforts to win the race.

    Living on extra time on very thin ice,

    never listening to some decent advice,

    has stranded him to try to dragoon

    all of the monkey and other baboons.

    Making themselves so laughably foolish

    while Melanie looks so terribly shrewish.

    Impeachment he takes with a grain of salt

    hence his arrogance and ignorance are at fault.

    So go ahead and throw caution into the wind

    Your adversaries will wrestle until you're pinned.

    Then you will visit the three ghosts of Ebenezer

    and land in a cold cell; the spiritual deep freezer.

  42. I forgets that Giuliani wanted to be President, if not Pres. a high position in Trump's Cabinet. So in some way Rudy may actually want Trump impeached, out of office and in jail.

  43. Lock HIM OUT, he organises to survey on the ambassador. Why is AG Barr not investigate Him?
    They are all in the loop,

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