[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am so excited for this video because I am not only sharing lots of cleaning motivation but I’m also giving you guys tons and tons of food inspiration just healthy meal ideas and the motivation to get your food prepped out for the week so you can make some healthier choices so in this video I will be sharing a clean with me as well as a grocery haul to crock-pot meals some meal prep and some food prep so I hope you guys enjoy and if you guys want to see more videos like this please leave me a comment down below and if I get enough requests for it then I will definitely share this in the future again [Music] [Music] without the conversation and you seem to agree with me when there’s complications you withdraw and leave me to be when there’s a problem you become [Music] so I had actually ordered from Walmart girl she pick up online the night before so I was about to go pick it up but before I did that I just wanted to clean my main living area so I cleaned up the family room and then just did all of our dishes and I didn’t have too many and so I just decided to go ahead and do them by hand [Music] you [Music] [Music] also every time I shared this little rack that I have laying across my sink I get a ton of questions so I will be sure to link it down in the description box you guys can check it out if you’re interested you can use it for a lot of things but I always use it because I have a single basin sink and it makes washing the dishes by hands super easy when I have a lot of them [Music] the through Google purpose we so whatever role we have today [Music] [Music] we’ll roll with the punches [Music] right now at all with the world it down nothing next I just wanted to wipe down my counters really quick and I am using the snowdrop sent for mrs. meyer’s and then I just left the dishes on the counter to dry and I decided I would put them away once I got back from picking up my groceries through Google purpose so whatever role we have to take [Music] all right so I am sitting outside of Walmart just waiting for them to bring my groceries out to me but while you waiting I wanted to talk to you guys about an app that I’ve been using every time I use my Walmart grocery pickup so the app is called drop and how it works is any time you shop at the stores that are on the app you will earn points that it can then be redeemed for gift cards and they have a ton of stores on their app my favorite of course and the one that I use probably like most is the LaMarcus you pick up they also have stores like Walmart they have old stuff they have overstock and then anytime you go to shop online you just want to open up the app and check out the shop page you can search work for whatever stores you’re looking for and if they were on the app then you just shop straight through that it will take you directly to their store and then you just kind of shop as normal so like today I shopped of course at Walmart girl she picked up I open up the drop app I searched Walmart grocery pickup and it took me directly to Walmart site so I was able to shop as normal and then once you’re ready to redeem your points you just go on to the app and go to the redeem page and you can redeem your points for a ton of different gift cards my favorite is definitely Amazon you guys know I have a little bit of an addiction there they also have best buy Starbucks Whole Foods like the list goes on and on so there are tons and tons of different options of where you want your gift card to go to and one thing that I love about the app is just how quickly the points add up every time I shop at Walmart girl should pick up iron 3,000 points every time I do Walmart it’s 20 points Ulta is 35 like it just really accumulates so you can definitely earn a lot of cash back pretty quickly so I’m teaming up with drop today and they are giving away 50 gift cards they are sorted between 5 and 25 dollars and they have made it super easy to enter so all you have to do is just download the app using the link in my description box and then add in my code crazy life and then link your card and that is it your enter to win make sure that you get entered into that giveaway because like I said there are going to be 50 winners so you have a really really good chance of winning so I’m going to finish waiting hopefully they’ll be out really soon and then we will get home and do the grocery haul get cleaning and do some food and meal prep [Music] all right so I am back from Walmart so I am going to try to go through this pretty quickly because I want to share two crock pot meal recipes one I’m going to do in the freezer and then when we’re actually cooking tonight and then I also want to share like some meal prep just before we get into that I want to share what we’re having for meals this week so on Monday we are having leftovers Tuesday is white chicken chili Wednesday is chicken teriyaki Thursday is beef roast with carrots Friday is pizza and movie night saturday is tacos and taco salad and then sunday is cabbage soup so a few of those have already been made into recipes like the cabbage soup and actually think that might be it pretty much unless if I have wonton tacos also on there but I am gonna be sharing two of those recipes in today’s video and then if you want to see anything else or if you’re curious about like how I make something just let me know in the comments I’ll try to include that in a future video so without further ado let’s get to it first thing I picked up is two bags of organic carrots one or part of one is going to go into our beef crock pot meal and then the other one is just pretty much going to be going for like roasted veggies and then a lot of snacking because it’s just like one of our favorites taxes carrots it’s super easy it’s super cheap and it’s good the next thing I got is this super blend it has Brussels sprouts napa cabbage kohlrabi handling moving em saying that right broccoli carrots and kale you know kind of make like my own homemade salad mix type thing that I can just have ready in the fridge so that there’s no excuse not to have this out throughout the week so that’s why I got this the next thing I got are just some bagels and these are just for like our quick mornings when we were running late and they need something for the boys we will just have bagels and cream cheese for them the next thing I grabbed our two cans of these little chilies they’re like the green chilies and these are going to be going into the white chicken chili one is going to be going in the recipe that I’m making tonight for dinner and then I’m also going to be making one and making it for like a freezer meal for later on so that’s why I got two of them I also got some cilantro this is going for the white chicken chili as well and then I also got two zucchinis and these are going to be going into some roasted veggies I’m going to show you guys how to make today the next thing I got is a green bell pepper I don’t have a specific recipe that I’m putting this into I kind of debating if I’m going to put it in my white chicken chili but if I don’t then this would just be for snacking I also got some mrs. – Chipotle seasoning this is the first time by for me I’m actually going to be trying this out in my beef crock pot meal I have tried similar ones but I just want to try the mrs. – this time I also grabbed a bunch of bananas these are just organic bananas I feel like they taste so much better and it’s not really much of a splurge as far as like price goes that’s why I get the organic the next thing I grabbed was a bunch of strawberries this is a two pound pack I had to splurge a little bit on these they are definitely not on a great deal right now but it’s making me sad because berries are not in season and those are like one of our favorite snacks I also grabbed some frozen blackberries what I like to do when we can’t have fresh berries is I will just get frozen berries because they are a lot more affordable during the winter time and then you can just like either defrost them in your microwave or just set them out for a few minutes and just snack on them and they’re almost like little popsicles and they’re super super good for like a late-night snack if you’re craving like something like sweet they are so super good the next thing I picked up was avocados I do like getting them in these little like containers just because they’re a little bit smaller so when you only need like one serving it’s just nicer to have a smaller avocado and they are also more affordable that way but this is going to be going on a lot of things like eggs or salad or also I’m going to be putting out on top of the white chicken chili tonight I also picked up a pineapple this was not on my list but I saw it when I was checking out yesterday and it just sounded so good I feel like juicy pineapple sounds so delicious right now awesome to cut this up and just have it stored in the fridge for snacking the next thing I grabbed was so many cucumbers these are one of my all-time favorite snacks if you guys have been with me for a while you guys know this and you know that I love pairing it with buffalo sauce it is so delicious so if you have not done it go get some cucumbers and go get some buffalo sauce and make your life a little better the next thing I grabbed was red wine vinegar if this is for one of the recipes that I’m going to be sharing with you guys today the next item is some sugar snap peas you’re just going to be going for like lunches and snacking I also grabbed a big bag of these broccoli florets these are one of my shortcuts just instead of have like chocolate ball the broccoli I can just put this in the dish and they keep it in the fridge and it’s good to go I can even leave it in the bag if I wanted to but it’s just super easy and convenient and it kind of encourages us to eat a little bit healthier I also grabbed two packages of apples these are both Honey Crisp apples honey crisps is usually pretty pricey but they were actually on a roll back this time and so I got them for a pretty good deal especially because I got them in the bag already apples are always a go-to in our family I feel like we are always snacking on them and going through them but one thing that I have shared especially over on Instagram recently but I’ve also shared it here on my channel is I will eat almost an apple every single day at least maybe sometimes two especially if I’m feeling like really sluggish or something I swear by apples for energy so if you’re feeling sluggish go grab an apple I bet you it will make you feel a lot more energetic next thing I grab is some red leaf lettuce this is not something that I typically get but I wanted to just chop this up and prep out a salad for the week and I was hoping to actually just get the big containers that are already like wash and rinse and everything and ready to go but my Walmart didn’t have it at the time when I ordered this so I just got this one so got a green leaf lettuce and I’m just going to chop it up I just kind of like the texture of this and they also didn’t even have romaine so I don’t know what was going on with my Walmart today or yesterday last night when I ordered this but they were kind of low on their leather stuff so these are the options I got this time I also grabbed a bag of green beans these are just going to be going into the roasted veggies that I’m going to make ahead today so that we can kind of snack on them and have them with meals throughout the week I also picked up two heads of cauliflower these are going to be going for snacking of course with buffalo sauce and then the other one is going to go into the roasted veggies that you’re going to make today and snack on throughout the week I also picked up two at red bell peppers these are going to be going for snacking so prep them out today so that we can eat on them throughout the week without having to take any extra time during the week to do it I also got two boxes of each of these Mac and cheeses they were not on a great deal there so I only needed a few just to get me through for the week until I make it to Costco hopefully sometime next week but I did want to get a few just like when I’m really busy working and I need to make lunch for the kids or something like that and I don’t have time to make like a proper lunch I can just make mac and cheese and it’s all good I also grabbed some eggs these are just brown eggs today I’m going to be hard boiling some of them just to have in the fridge and then some I will be keeping just for like scrambles and things like that in the morning I also picked up one of these like big jugs of almond milk this is the almond freeze I’ve gotten this one a long time ago I usually go for the silk but this is a better deal to get the jug so I’m gonna try it out and see how we like it and if we like it better than this might be more convenient the next thing I picked up is this Chuck pot roast this is going to be going in the freezer slow cooker meal that I’m going to be sharing with you guys today last but not least I also got a big five-pound bag of frozen chicken breast I just thought this would be so easy I don’t have to like worry about anything it’s just already trimmed and everything for me and so some of this is going to be going in my meal that I’m making today and then some I’m going to just use for the rest of the week in our different dishes today at the grocery store I spent a total of 107 dollars and 15 cents so I did feel like it was a little bit pricier than I normally do however I did get frozen chicken and I also got the beef which is definitely a bigger spender so and then I just got a ton of stuff a lot of this will last us for more than a week but we definitely are covered for the entire week and then maybe a little bit more so feel like I didn’t do too terrible and the convenience of just having it all picked up today just it’s priceless so I’m gonna start getting some of this stuff put away and then we will start cooking dinner or cooking the crock pot meal and then getting food prepped and just going on with the rest of things and to show you guys so stay tuned I don’t have a lot of motivation for you guys today [Music] we sit by the bonfire gives us bite it’s a feeling so now I was just going through my groceries and I was kind of dividing everything up some things got put away that I didn’t really need to prep out and then a few things got put in a separate area that I’m going to be using for my crock-pot meals and then the rest of the items that I needed to food prep I just put on a separate part of my house [Music] gotta give me some love man [Music] so for both of the crock-pot meals I have included a little recipe card you can feel free to go back and screenshot that I will have all the specific amounts and just exactly how to cook this I’m not really going to explain all this but I just want to show you how I am putting these together and both of these meals can be made into freezer meals to store later like I’m doing here or you can make them as regular slow cooker meals like I’m also doing here I’ve just found that if you are already making a crock pot meal it really pays off to go ahead and make a freezer meal and just kind of double your meal as well and that way you’re doing pretty much the same amount of work for just one meal but you are getting two instead [Music] as we drive [Music] [Music] [Music] gotta give me some love [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here I’m just hard-boiling some eggs I actually shared a recipe card for this on one of my recent videos so I will link that up above for you guys but basically all you do is you just put it in your instant pot and you cook it on manual pressure for five minutes and then as soon as it’s done you’re going to release the pressure remove the eggs and put them directly into an ice bath until they cool off so the next thing that I’m going to be sharing with you guys is how I make my roasted veggies so this is something that’s really great to keep on hand throughout the week you can just heat it up throughout the week you can even add it to make a quick soup but it is so so delicious and you can really customize this to whatever your veggies you have on hand or whatever veggies are your favorite so first thing I’m just chopping up about 6 to 8 cups of assorted veggies I know this sounds like a lot but they do kind of shrink down a little bit as you roast them and then once you have all of your veggies chopped up you will add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil you can use whatever kind of oil you have on hand and then you will add this onto a baking sheet [Music] and then you can add in your favorite seasoning this is one of our personal favorites and then you just bake in a 425 degree oven for about 30 minutes or so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] next I’m just going to start chopping up my lettuce and starting to make a premade salad so that I have it on hand all week and I have no excuse to not eat a salad so again with this is super customizable you can use whatever kind of salad you want but one thing that I have learned is when you are making a salad at home if you put some paper towels at the bottom of your container it will really absorb a lot of the moisture and then your salad is going to last a lot longer and then to the top of the lettuce to just kind of freshen it up and make it a little bit more exciting I am adding that little blend that I got at the store today [Music] [Music] wanna be in out I wanna make this yes wanna go great next I’m just going to be starting to chop up some raw veggies and a few raw fruits and that way I can just have them stored in the fridge and that way we have no excuse not to eat healthy because everything is already prepped out and just sitting there waiting for us and one thing that I found out recently with the carrots I think some of you guys actually had told me this and I looked it up online as well you want your carrots to last longer in the fridge once you chop them up if you store them in cool water and then if you change out the water about once a week they will last for a really long time and they will also keep their crispness so this is the first time I’m trying this but everything I read online said that it worked if you guys have tried this before let me know in the comments but I will definitely be updating you guys with how it works for me this time [Music] three playing my guitar sing my song for some dollars to keep me going I try to act like a superstar get tattoos without colors and a place where it’s your way [Music] [Music] like a rockstar [Music] so this container is something that I always get questions from you guys about whatever I share in my videos it’s one from Amazon and I really really love it it just has a lot of features and it helps keep your produce a lot fresher so I will link this down below along with anything else that I use in today’s video that I can find online [Music] so I don’t really feel like I have a ton of tips on cutting pineapple I feel like this is just kind of the way you can do it but one thing that I will say is with pineapple I feel like I’m always wasting a lot what I like to do is just quarter it and then cut it really thin and that way you actually don’t have to cut out the core because it’s thin enough that it’s not super hard so if you want to try that out I would definitely recommend that otherwise you can also cut the core out and freeze it and then use it in your smoothies and it’s really delicious that way as well and it just kind of minimizes the waste [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] every time I do a big food prep like this it makes me feel so happy because I know that I am just setting yourself up for the week to be successful and it really doesn’t take that long especially when I’m not filming it and I’m just doing it on my own it goes by pretty quickly I can usually do all of this in about an hour so so it does take some time but it’s totally worth it to just do it ahead of time and not have to worry about it throughout the week let me know if you guys usually prep your food at home or if it’s something that you used to do and you want to get back to I seriously just cannot recommend doing it and that it just makes the biggest difference so the last thing that I wanted to do once I had everything all prepped out is just clean the kitchen one last time it wasn’t really super dirty it was just kind of messy from all the food prep and I just wanted to get that all done so that I could enjoy our nice crock pot meal as a family and not have all the dirty kitchen just weighing over me all night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I get so caught up in the middle thinking of traveling is polite I’m losing sight cause I’m falling I’m so deep down deep down [Music] I can hide [Music] so I hope you guys enjoy this video again if you did enjoy this and you want to see more like it please let me know in the comments that’s how I know what kind of content you guys want to see more of and also do not forget to enter that giveaway and make sure that you download the drop app and link your card in that way you can be entered to win one of those gift cards that I mentioned before be sure to subscribe to my channel if you are not already and I will see you in my next one bye guys [Music]


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