My Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipe

My Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipe

hey guys welcome back to our voyage I
hope you’re having a good week in today’s video I’m gonna share with you
my healthy vegetable soup recipe and voila here are all the ingredients and I
love this recipe for a variety of reasons but the main ones are it’s
simple it’s quick boom boom about 30 minutes and you’re
done and it’s also really affordable which is really important to my husband
and I if you guys have been with us then you know this and the last thing is it’s
really adaptable so you can throw any fresh or frozen vegetables in here and
it’s probably gonna work I can’t really think of one from the top of my head
that wouldn’t work so that’s what I love about it I pulled these from what we had
already here in the house I didn’t go to the grocery store and buy anything
special for it so anyway I’m excited to share this with
you guys now for those of you who’ve been with us you know that I’ve been
trying to eat healthy I’ve been trying to have a healthier lifestyle and I got
off track recently doughnuts cookies ice cream all those things and so I need to
get back on track especially with the holidays coming up and I think the soup
is the ticket for me it always resets my immunity and it just gives me a burst of
energy so without further ado let’s get started you when I tell you this is a simple recipe
I mean it I can’t tell you guys how frustrated I get when I come across a
recipe that claims it simple but then I’ll look at the ingredients and then
I’ll think to myself this isn’t simple at all because they’re asking you to
find these obscure ingredients that I don’t even know what they are you have
to go on a wild goose chase to find them and then this is the kicker it’s when
they call for like a quarter of a teaspoon of that obscure ingredient it
drives me crazy this recipe is not like that so I’m gonna walk you guys through
why I chose all these things to put in here and why they taste so good
so let’s start with the first thing which is the stock now you can also use
broth you can use chicken you can use beef if you want I’m using vegetable
stock today because my my husband Joseph he’s vegetarian and I want him to be
able to eat some but all let’s turn alternate sometimes between the
vegetable and the and the chicken I get organic got the superior Joe’s really
affordable next up we have a leafy green today I’m gonna be using
cabbage but I’ve also used spinach in the past and kale and cabbage happens to
be my favorite so I’m happy that this happens to be what I have in the fridge
next up we have onion I normally use yellow onion but I only have half of a
purple or red onion left so I’m gonna be using that today really adds a lot of
flavor to the soup and then we have the veggies that really add beef up the soup
a lot in a lot of ways especially being a vegetarian soup because if I do
chicken soup sometimes I’ll add chicken into this but this really really adds a
lot of volume to the soup so first we’re having broccoli really healthy for me a
full way in here and carrots I have two carrots left so I’m gonna be using those
and then I have zucchini I pretty much always have zucchini in the soup I just
think it’s really good as a lot of texture and you get a lot out of
zucchini when you cut it up as well if I was going to the grocery store and
picking out whatever I want to put in this soup I would be also doing yellow
squash green beans and of course potatoes so yeah that’s everything here
it’s really simple so let’s get started that’s why I like this recipe so much
because it really is if you can chop things up I mean even if you can’t you
can buy things already chopped that’s what’s so great instead if you could
just throw these in the pot and let the heat do the work for you just let it
cook it works really well I’m gonna be like those cooking shows where they go
like oh I wish you guys could smell this it smells amazing it smells like I’m in
Italy but it smells like onions look I’m being honest
onion and vegetables everything is in the pot except for my cabbage so my
general rule is I put in the Greens the the leafy greens at the very end because
they do cook very quickly and so I don’t want to put these in let’s say when I
put the zucchini in because it will probably overcook so the zucchini looks
like it’s almost done and now I’m gonna start putting the cabbage and what I
normally do is I’ll tear it apart as I clean you the cabbage but when I put it
in the pot I’ll kind of go through it and just make sure that I don’t have
unusually large pieces of the cabbage in there because and it just kind of makes
it more difficult to eat you hear that you hear that the sound of success
because if I eat this every day and not eat sure I will be healthy once you get
all the ingredients in here you will cover it up lower the heat and let it
simmer for about 15-20 minutes and then check back on it and see
cook the way you like it the cabbage is done so glad all the ingredients in here
last thing I’m gonna do before I cover this up
it’s add some salt pepper and I’m gonna add a little bit of basil leaves and I
just I’m really into basil leaves lately and it really epic flavor I’m gonna add
a little bit of that put in and then when you’re done with the soup you can
really just season it to your liking not everybody likes the same things so you
can hold a pre-k in it or kind of you can put fresh herbs in it really you can
just do whatever you like cover up and then lower its cooking on low and then
I’m gonna set the timer for 15 minutes I’ll come back and check on it the timer
just went off and I think the soup is done so let’s check it right there yeah
so everything looks really good I always check the carrots to make sure
those cook through yes they did all right so I’m gonna go ahead and just
trim this off I leave this on the stove because it’s still hot and you’ll still
simmer a little bit but the soup is really good I’m gonna go ahead and try
it for you guys and make sure that do a taste test on-screen I feel like you
can’t do a cooking show without doing a taste test yes so another thing I do is add a
little bit of lemon juice and you can carry fresh lemons on hand what I do
because I use lemon juice so much is I just keep organic lemon juice in a
bottle the ingredients are only organic lemon
juice there’s no other chemicals in here so it just makes a lot you here I am
going to go and I don’t know if it gets healthier than this you guys this is
really healthy okay it’s hot this hop is really good oh I’m
telling you guys this just gives me so much energy I’m not a coffee drinker but
something like this just makes me feel like I can go and conquer the day I hope
you guys enjoy this video and let me know in the comments down below if
you’re going to try this recipe if you have tried it and you enjoyed it just
let me know in the comments down below I’ll see you guys on the next one bye
like that’s that’s good it’s so good okay we’re good
do you want me to put your bowl together can in a bit but first let’s let’s cut
let’s put everything away I want to finish the soup you can do that after did
you stop recording no no okay I’m gonna go finish the soup

5 thoughts on “My Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipe

  1. OMG!!! I was so thinking about making a vegetable soup, but I made some beans instead. Once I finish my beans, I'll definitely make vegetable soup. In mine, I like to add chick peas, corn on the cob, and a lot of cilantro. Once the soup is done then I'll make a pot of rice, add it to my bowl with some avocado slices and just a tiny bit of munster cheese. It may not be the healthiest but its soooo good!!!

  2. And she cooks too. Lol thanks for a great idea, I love vegetable soup. Actually I make soup all winter. It is a healthy meal and really helps the grocery budget. My favourite lately has been a zucchini carrot soup, the recipe calls for powdered milk and this adds a creaminess to the soup. i like that you are making good health a choice.

  3. Thanks for this!! I soooo needed this video today…. totally fell off the wagon this past week! I literally just ate ice cream before watching this 😭😂😋 Can't wait to try this soup & get back on track 😊😊❤️❤️How long before you put the cabbage in?

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