My 1 year body transformation Calisthenics (Poland)

My 1 year body transformation Calisthenics (Poland)

hey guys I just want to share with you my one-year journey it was me one year ago 57 kilos I really hated my look I did gym for 3 and 1/2 months but it wasn’t for me I really loved the idea of full body control and skills that you could achieve only by hard work it all started home with basic exercises I had certain goals I never skipped workout after one month [Music] [Music] it was my first muscle of actually getting on the bar [Music] one gold principle I learned is to try no matter how it’s gonna look or if people are watching you just try don’t limit yourself because of that [Music] [Applause] stay awake a lot of faith [Music] after six months no matter if it’s rainy or sunny there’s always time for work of you can do it at gym you can do it at home you can it’s not only about exercising and pardoning it’s about relationships [Music] [Music] hundreds of repetitions fine allocated or device [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] member [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “My 1 year body transformation Calisthenics (Poland)

  1. Занимаюсь большим теннисном..
    Много чего не получается.. НО БЛАГОДАРЯ ТВОИМ СЛОВАМ Я ЗНАЮ ЧТО СМОГУ!

  2. Ложь, как за 1 год можно достичь такого? Я 5 лет занимался каратэ и имею мышцы, но не такие рельефы! Я кидаю жалобу за враньё. Никогда не видел, чтобы за 1 год можно было так натренироваться. Не нужно вводить людей в заблуждение.

  3. это конечно все классно и мотивирующе, но чел, платить 150 баксов за программу тренировок на, мать его, турнике , это сильно…

  4. I'm running, and started to training in the last week. Will be a long journey for me, but I want to push and do whatever it takes to become a machine. Thank you for the video, boosted my hungriness, for real.

  5. 0:10 Don't get me wrong but your problem was all inside your head and I can bet it's still hidden in there. Good luck with your aging.

  6. I've worked out with weights myself, and you don't gain that type of muscle without help my friend. You're a fool if you think you can fool us by calling this a "One Year Calisthenics workout". You have what is considered an Ectomorphic body type and it is very difficult to put muscle (the kind you show as having been put on in only one year) on your kind of body, but more than that, when you stop working out it WILL go back to its genetic type.
    If this was truly attributed to Calisthenics then I'd say you are at least two to three years older than the picture you showed us in the beginning of the video. IE: I don't buy any of what you are selling !!!

  7. Сильно мотивирует. Я думал что при таком маленьком весе невозможно набрать мышечную массу, но видимо я ошибался

  8. For what reason u wasted that time? U are not sportsman, u not doing that as professional sportsman. U did it for muscles? Or to charm girls?
    From the side you look like a monkey jumping on tree branches.
    To maintain health it is enough to do morning exercises, evening jogs, time to time sex and eat quality food.

  9. So what do you for your living and what are your responsibilities? if you want to inspire people you should tell about this because people have things to do.

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