Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

[Music] [INTERVIEWER]: Does the government have a
responsibility to provide health insurance for the 50 million Americans who don’t have
it today? [MITT ROMNEY] We do provide care for people
who do not have insurance. If someone has a heart attack, they don’t
sit in the apartment and die. We picked them up in an ambulance and take
them to the hospital and give them care. Different states have different ways for providing
for that care. It is the most expensive way to do in the
emergency room [MITT ROMNEY] Again, Different states have
different ways of doing that. Some provide that care through clinics. Some provide the care through emergency rooms. [Music] [MITT ROMNEY]: It doesn’t make a lot of
sense for us to have millions and millions of people who have no health insurance. And yet can go to the emergency room and get
entirely free care, for which they have no responsibility. Particularly, if there are people who have
sufficient means to pay their own way. [Music] [MITT ROMNEY]:We picked them up in an ambulance
and take them to the hospital and give them care. [COMMENTATOR]: Any Governor knows emergency
room care is the stupidest possible way to provide care to people.

33 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

  1. So, its the job of private hospitals to care for the patients, for free? Romney has no clue what its like to be poor, on the street, without hope. He has no idea. I work in a hospital, and I see it everyday. Most nurses I know are voting for Obama because Romney is out of touch with America.

  2. No, Emergency Rooms are not free! I learned this the hard way when I was younger. However service cannot be refused, unlike any other medical service provider.

  3. i have no health insurance. And last year I was bitten by a dog. not a bad bite. No stitches, but it needed treatment. I went to the nearest Emergency Room. All I needed was them to clean the wound and put a bandaid on it. Total bill: $ 1,211.00

  4. Romney is the ultimate flip-flopper. He will say ANYTHING to get elected. This millionaire just want to buy himself the presidency.

  5. Not True… My Mother was turned away from three hospitals because she had NO Health Insurance and NO Money. The ER does turn people away who have no method of payment for treatment, ask my dead Mother…

  6. Can I just vote right now and get this over with? This man keeps stuffing his rich foot in his mouth, I am ready to vote for Obama-Biden 2012

  7. ER care is the stupidist thing Romney has said in the past few days, it is the most expensive way to be treated for anything. People need insurance coverage so that they will get preventive care, treat a cold before it becomes pneumonia. Romney is so out of touch with 99% of Americans.

  8. I don't remember a political party ever running on the message of "Less healthcare, insured Americans!" Clearly the republican party has been utterly high jacked by ideologues.

  9. OMG are you serious? A family member was once uninsured and had to go to the emergency room. the ambulance ride alone cost an arm and a leg let alone the treatments at the ER… Mitt Romney should just go away. He doesn't understand anything …

  10. ~ I guess 800 dollars is not much to Mitt Romney, but its alot to me. Something needs to change in regards to health care, and Mitt Romney is not it. The system we have now is not working. Its ridiculous that we are supposed to be the richest nation earth, and yet we can't provide decent health care for its citizen. I'm not expecting free health care, but a system where you don't go broke everytime you go to the hospital. Obama/Biden 2012!

  11. Health insurance is a universal need for people. It's sad to see people breaking bones and getting diseases without even knowing what to do because it would cost too much to find out. If the government wants to spend their money on something important, how about human life?

  12. I had to go to the ER at my local hospital in 2007. I had no health insurance. The bill I got was quite expensive. I know of a friend who had to stay overnight in a hospital w/o health insurance and she had to fly to Europe to get surgery because it was too expensive here. Please…don't vote for Romney. This guy has no clue what the real world is like.

  13. This is the mentality of a man who has not work a single day in his life, has been silver spooned fed the entirety of hes life and believes Working class Americans are dispensable . The common Man will NEVER VOTE FOR YOU! OBAMA/BIDEN2012*

  14. If you have health care (insurance) then you don't pay for the ambulance because it's covered by health care.
    Health insurance generally covers the cost of doctors or emergency room visits, medicines, routine vaccinations and tests, surgeries, psychological care, and anual check ups.
    So if you have no health care and an ambulance comes and picks you up, you'll have a fat bill which is about 2K. Sure they can care for you, but you get a bill. DUMBASS.

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