Mentally Unstable Trump Claims The Wheel Was Invented In America

Mentally Unstable Trump Claims The Wheel Was Invented In America

So yesterday Donald Trump sat down with a
reporter from CNBC while they were at the world economic forum in Davos. And Donald
Trump, when asked about Elon Musk, U S intellectual property and inventors in general in this
country went into one of the most incoherent rants we’ve ever heard the president give
us. And here it is. Tesla was now worth more than GM and Ford.
Do you have comments on Elon Musk? Well, you have to give them credit. And I
spoke to him very recently and he’s also doing the rockets. He likes rockets. And, uh, he
does good at rockets too, by the way. I never saw where the engines come down with no wings,
no anything and their landing. I said I’d never seen that before. And I was worried
about him because he’s one of our great geniuses and we have to protect our juniors. You know,
we have to protect Thomas Edison and we have to protect all of these people that, uh, came
up with originally the light bulb and the wheel and all of these things. And he’s one
of our very smart people. And we want to, we want to cherish those people. That’s very
important. But he’s done a very good job. Uh, shocking. How well, you know how it’s
come so fast. I mean, you go back a year and they were talking about the end of the company
and now all of a sudden they’re talking about these great things. He’s going to be building
a very big plant in the United States. He has to because we help him. So he has to help
us. The whale, that amazing American invention,
the wheel who for a, I guess before the U S invented the wheel, nobody could move anything
ever. We just had to carry it. And if we couldn’t carry it, Oh well. Got away from those wonderful
Americans to invent that wheel. Here’s the thing, folks, the earliest recording of human
beings using the wheel for transport goes back to at earliest 3,500 BC. Right? So we’re
talking thousands and thousands of years before the United States existed as a country. I
mean for the most part, before any kind of international laws existed, let alone intellectual
property laws anywhere on the planet. The wheel is in the public domain. It was not
a United States invention, not invented by anybody who ever knew the United States would
ever become a thing. And here we have the president of the United States claiming in
an interview that we’ve got to protect it. We got to protect that patent that us intellectual
property. This is more than just Donald Trump saying something stupid. This is Donald Trump
saying something stupid on an international stage about something that’s completely untrue
to begin with. He, he should know better. If you were to meet someone on the street
and they told you that the wheel was invented by an American, you would automatically assume
that that person has an IQ below room temperature. Right? And yet the president goes out there,
says this publicly in an interview that is now available for anybody who wants to watch
it. And we’ve got to live with that. We got to live with this crazy guy as our president,
let alone the fact that earlier in that little clip we just showed, he’s talking about somebody
being good at rockets, not really great at science or engineering good at rockets. He
make good rocket, go fast, boom in sky. This is insane, folks. And so as the president
of the United States, as a country, we deserve better. You know, I know we talk about Trump’s
horrible policies all the time, all the damage he’s caused this country, the damages caused
to the environment, the damages caused to our global standing. But we also have to talk
about the fact that this man is dumb as a box of hammers. And that in and of itself
is one of his most dangerous qualities.

100 thoughts on “Mentally Unstable Trump Claims The Wheel Was Invented In America

  1. This morning I woke up feeling a bit depressed but then I had the good luck of hearing what Trump said about the wheel. I am still laughing even as I am typing this comment. Thank you so very much for your fun video.

  2. He really believes in his intelligence. On top of that he loves the sound of his own voice. So much so that once he gets rolling, he won't stop talking and invariably repeats himself along with any inane, loitering thought that pops out of his spare change drawer he calls his genius brain.

  3. As a country you are fu*ked! Your populous are so media-doped it is sickening! Look at your whole political system & how the amount of $$ means anything as to how electable one individual is over another! Is the ability of critical thought so repressed that people vote like sheep for the person who spends the most money on adverts??

    Absolute shambles, shame on you

  4. The real unintelligent trump is being exposed every time he does a sit down interview. He brags and say basically the same rhetoric in front of his followers to get them excited. Also trump has early signs of dementia. This truth is being hidden until he get out of office

  5. Trump has sanitised corruption and legitimised chaos.
    A new order has now begun where lying and cheating are the norm and morality no longer has any relevance.
    Is this what Americans really want for their children?

  6. Folks. You are ALL stupid! Many have voted for this moron. He speaks hyperbole, doesn't have a clue about the real things, and I have disliked this man since 1992. I was a blackjack dealer at a casino he tried to sue because we made more money then all his shit places combined. So WHO the HELL voted for him??? You are all to blame. And many of you (I have a friend who admitted to it) voted for him because you didn't like Hillary?!?!?! WTF! Now you deserve him.

  7. An idiot, but you guys wanted him! Voted for him….and STILL cannot be 100% sure he'll not come back as President again. About time to question the American voters, if and when they have time to think.

  8. "A year ago they were talking about the end of the company" wrong. The propaganda machines were talking about Tesla going bankrupt but only the bubble of stupid that envelopes Trump and the right could have given any credence to it.

  9. "He likes rockets"… He claims he knows big words.. and he can't come up with a "presidential" -like praise. Is Trump already jealous of Elon for being more popular (in a good way) than him being the butt of popular jokes and memes?

  10. Just when you think you've heard it all, and nobody could possibly be any Dumber, than Dumb and Dumber, along comes the self proclaimed Genius, and stunns us with his highly intelligent and educated conversations such as the one about the dishwasher with more water on the first cycle rather than 10, or how about the one about more water coming out of the showerhead and only having to flush the toilet once, also rather than 10 times…. lol. I guess Trump never heard of the courtesy flush and the demand for it!!!
    I swear, that embicil leaves us scratching and shaking our heads everytime he opens up his shithole mouth.
    Unbelievably though, he has managed to do it again with this one here,…. "He is real good at rockets", (hahahahaha) what a moron!! Where are his hotshot lawyers that should be advising him, or better yet, not allowing him to go out in front of the whole world and make more of an ass of himself. Confirming what we all already think of him, and that is that he is mentally challenged and a cheeseburger short of a Happy Meal!!!

  11. We need trumps genius in Wuhan China! He needs to infect himself with the Coronavirus and give us his thoughts feelings and ideas about how the virus is working its magic in a perfect physical specimen, honed by years on the golf course and in front of the TV with buckets of chicken. Meanwhile we can bet on how long he can survive! 51% of america would openly celebrate trumps end and another 20% would celebrate secretly and 30% would hopefully fall on their swords!

  12. Only the masses can make this right the PEOPLE MUST RISE as a typhoon the tectonic plates have shifted in America and Mount St.Helen must explode with A Hurricane of Justice Bigger than any in our history. If this beast TRUMP walks away from this while everyone knows crimes have been committed and the promise of worst crimes to come. They should have never opened Obama's tomb this is the curse of Obama.

  13. And the dude is a raging psychopath what have I been saying for years he’s completely fucking nuts he is dumb as shit and his base is dumb as him love every stupid fucking thing he says I have never seen anything like it our government is fucked we have a dictator now there’s no more democracy he shit all over that

  14. Come' on guys that's just Trump being Trump off the cuff, locker room talk you heard him say he can act like a President if he wants too. BUT THAT'S BORING. Stealing your medicare is very entertaining. Giving the rich money he takes from truck drivers good interesting party talk. PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR TRUMP ARE COMPLETELY BRAIN DEAD.

  15. The automobile wasn't even really invented in the U.S. That credit goes to a French man who invented a steam powered truck for pulling military weapons in the 1700s

  16. I'm ultra-liberal. Give the guy a break huh? He's getting up there in years and he's been on the road. There are so many things of substance you can hit him with that are truly consequential.

  17. On top of this, we also have the deification of entrepreneurs that Donald Trump has promoted here. Elon Musk didn't invent the technologies he claimed to have invented & his brands are rather overhyped. If anything, his overworked workers helped to improve upon gov't created technology w/Elon Musk getting gov't money while shitting on the concept of subsidies for startups or gov't agencies inventing things. Both Musk & Trump are narcissists, but the difference is that we have to vote out Trump in 2020, while Musk, we can choose not to buy his products.

  18. Kick the incompetent, incoherent, shameless, illiterate, ignorant pos thug out. Come on America aren't you ashamed of this impostor you call president, it will take you a decade to clean the mess he created it.

  19. The stable genius at his very best.
    But his followers also probably believe that the USA invented the wheel.

  20. No one is dumber than Impotus. Total ignorant moron and this pos folks is president. But as usual his cult does not see a problem with him. Sad!

  21. The so called white man only invented the patent office which they used to rip off other nations inventions mainly so called black people.

  22. Yes Donald forgot To tell everyone how america invented day light!
    And by the way everyone has to pay America the monthly daylight bill!
    Don't know wether to fall down laughing or keep digging this bunker before it is too late!

  23. Hey man, if The President says the wheel is invented by an American, the wheel is invented by an American.
    (they know where you live)
    Yes Mr President Sir. Thomas Edison and the american who invented the wheel must be protected.

  24. Well i guess he mentally disabled so pay backs a bitch huh what he gets for making fun of the disabled the blank blank

  25. You are so funny…HE KNOWS WE DIDNT INVENT WHEEL!! He spoke 'wheel', with emphasis meaning our USA is responsible for birth of many great Americans & great innovations that have benefited our world on a very large scale. Example: electricity, telephone, Morse code, tv, man on moon, computers, sewing machines, automobiles…and the list goes on and on.. possible USA is responsible inventions that changed world more than any other nation. Our Founding Fathers constructed a constitution with unheard of concepts, like no nations prior. One of greatest concepts ever is : life liberty & pursuit of happiness (for every individual) via (capitalism which gives minds of people to dream big & 'beyond' what may or may not be possible. Included in ones dreaming comes the possible benefit of financial gain, which equates to financial prosperity for the dreamer and for America itself(jobs jobs & more jobs).. We Americans are not limited by GOVT controlling the masses. We were 1st nation ever to allow people to pursue….beyond the limitations most govts in past history allowed. POTUS SAID IT…BUT CERTAINLY DID NOT MEAN IT LITERALLY… IT WAS A WORD TO EMPHASIZE THE USA ENCOURAGES INNOVATION. AND ITS TRUE, WE DO.

  26. Is that idiot Trump going to protect Thomas Edison from the grave? LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ F'in idiot!

  27. I'm surprise that Drump didn't say the he was the one who invented the wheel. Stable genius, now he is a very stable jackass.

  28. POS lugnut cant help but trash trump while their obvious news for 4 years is utter garbage. Well I spose you have to say some shit since your Dem idiots impeachment is now looking like another epic failure

  29. Okay… The guy is a real dumb ass… That's pretty much a given… Now it's time to figure out the mindset of those who supports this idiot… They are the real threats

  30. Did you know that there is a new governmental organization, in opposition to non governmental organization, called IDIOTS WITHOUT BORDERS? Its founder and president is Donald Trump, and its members are… they know who they are

  31. Has anyone ever noticed that regardless of the subject Trump's responses are literally exactly the same?

    It was tremendous
    It was a really good thing
    It was a perfect thing btw

  32. He’s that dumb kid who refuses to study for the tests because he thinks he can bluff his way through and no one will notice. β€œHe really likes rockets.” OMG

  33. It’s trump ! What do you expect ? This is NOT the first time that oxymoron embarrassed us . He’s graduate from his own university, the chosen is a stable genius, dumb as a rock or a box of nail as you put . The world is laughing at us and we’re laughing @ him .πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  34. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. America as a nation wasnt even a dream when the Romans were using the wheel. What wheel is this joker refering too? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  35. Most white people in white countries are automatically given a senses of superiority and therefore racism by education systems that focus almost exclusively on NOT teaching about non white peoples massive contributions to civilisations and technological inventions and innovations.

    It’s disingenuous for white media to act as if it’s unreasonable for a white person to ASSUME that the wheel was invented by white People.

    The wheel was actually invented in Africa thousands of years before its recorded use in African Ancient Eygpt at a time before there was any such thing as a β€œroman” or even a Greek civilisation.

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