Medicare & You: Mental Health Benefits

♪ Hi, I’m Angela at the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services. I’d like to let you know about how Medicare’s
mental health benefits might be able to help you live your happiest and
healthiest life. Here in the United States mental illnesses are common. One
in five American adults experience mental illness in a given year.
In fact, mental health conditions like depression or anxiety can happen to
anyone at any time. This is a good time to learn about Medicare’s mental health
benefits in case you ever need them. These benefits cover services and
programs to help diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Outpatient and
inpatient mental health care like psychiatrist visits, and annual
depression screening, and family counseling, are some of the services that
Medicare helps cover. Plus, if you meet certain income and resource limits you
may even qualify for extra help from Medicare to help with prescription drug
coverage. If you have problems that affect your mental health,
like thoughts about ending your life, trouble concentrating, or lack of energy,
talk to a doctor or another healthcare provider. And if you’d like someone to
talk with right away, you can call a crisis counselor at the free and
confidential National Suicide Prevention lifeline at one 800-273- TALK. That’s
one eight hundred, two seven three TALK. Learn more about mental health and
medicare benefits by visiting

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