Medicare Open Enrollment 2020 – 2020 Medicare Annual Enrollment & Medigap Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment 2020 – 2020 Medicare Annual Enrollment & Medigap Open Enrollment

I’m gonna talk about Medicare’s open
enrollment period also called annual election period so confusing they don’t
even know what to call it so I’m gonna show you the things that you should do
and things you shouldn’t do and kind of what you need to consider during
Medicare open enrollment so stay tuned ok let’s talk about Medicare open
enrollment period also called annual election period so again kind of crazy
that they don’t even have a name for it that they can be specific with it
creates a lot of stress for people that are over 65 on Medicare trying to figure
out what in the world they need to do during Medicare open enrollment period
so I’m Keith hour and break I’m founder of Medicare on video and I help people
across the country with their Medicare choices and I can absolutely help you as
well so explain this and make it as simple as we possibly can so that you
know what maybe you should do what you shouldn’t do and kind of how to make
sure that you don’t mess it up because this is the time of year that you could
absolutely mess it up so we want to make sure we understand what our choices are
so first of all let’s talk about the dates and the dates are super important
they are hard dates if you miss the date that’s you know you don’t have any
choice they’re not going to give you a little leeway here they’re so open
enrollment starts on October 15th it runs through December 7th and then
whatever choice you made in that period of time becomes effective on January 1st
so you got to make your choice between October 15th and December 7th and then
it becomes effective on January 1st and one thing I can tell you right now do it
early if you’re going to do something on December 6 it’s probably not going to
work out for the best so make sure you do this early and in the end of October
really is the best time to start everything get it done get it over with
and then you’re not to worry about anymore so what’s going to happen during
this period of time number one you’re going to be inundated with information
your mailbox is going to be full there’s going to be so much information mostly
from Medicare Advantage plans telling you
great they are and you should come to them and they’ll make it easy for you to
make that choice so just understand and slow down and don’t necessarily believe
everything that you read without doing some investigation into it so that you
understand exactly what your choices are now this year we also get the luxury of
having an old quarterback on TV it seems like on every show here comes the old
guy telling us how excited he is that he gets free rides to the doctor now so I
seems kind of crazy to me that a quarterback would be excited about free
rides to the doctor but you’re gonna see commercials all over the place then
again primarily Medicare Advantage plans that are trying to recruit you to come
in to their plan so let’s start off with number one what do we have now so what
did you choose when you came into Medicare when you came into Medicare you
pretty much had two choices you either decided to stay on Original Medicare
which is Medicare a Medicare B you probably got a supplement to cover what
a and B does not and you probably got a Medicare drug plan or you made the
choice to go into a Medicare Advantage plan which kind of takes you away from
Medicare and gives you into the kind of area of an insurance character so you
have a network of doctors a network of hospitals so forth and so on so I can
promise you a lot of people with a Medicare supplement think they have a
Medicare Advantage plan a lot of people with Medicare Advantage absolutely think
they have a Medicare supplement plan so make sure we understand exactly what we
have right now and the main difference between the two Original Medicare again
has no networking could any doctor any Hospital in the country without having
any authorization so Medicare Advantage generally has a network of doctors they
network of hospitals that you have to use that is local to your area so that’s
one way to figure it out the other way is look at your ID card not your
Medicare card but your ID card and it will either say Medicare Advantage or
would likely say Plan F or plan G or plan in that would be a Medicare
supplement so that’s the first thing we got to figure out is what we have now so
we know what we can do because this primarily open enrollment primarily
deals with Medicare advantage so let’s see exactly what we
can do and I’m gonna narrow this down in just a second but this is straight off
of and certainly will clear everything out for everybody so what you
can do what can I do during open enrollment well you can change from
Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan you could change from a
Medicare Advantage plan back to Original Medicare you could switch from one
Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan you can switch
from Medicare Advantage plan that doesn’t offer drug coverage tweed
Advantage plan that does offer drug coverage you can switch from an
Advantage plan that offers drug coverage to one that doesn’t offer drug coverage
you could join a Medicare prescription drug plan you can switch from one drug
plan to another drug plan or you can drop your drug plan completely so these
are everything that you can do there’s only a few things that really happened
during open enrollment for the majority of people and let’s talk about that now
so let’s simplify what exactly happens during open enrollment again we need to
know are we on an Advantage plan or are we on Original Medicare where they
Medicare supplement plan so if you are on a Medicare Advantage plan you can
change from one Advantage plan to another Advantage plan so why would you
do that well with Advantage plans they can change during the year you’re locked
in for an entire year once you choose a Medicare Advantage plan so but they can
change primarily with doctors doctors come in doctors go out so if you have
your doctors and they decide to leave the Medicare Advantage plan you may very
well want to look for a different Medicare Advantage plan whether they
chose to go into other Medicare Advantage plans is a different story so
but this is the time where if you’re not happy and your Medicare Advantage plan
you can look to get into a different Medicare Advantage plan if you are in an
Advantage plan and you don’t ever use it and there’s really no issues simply stay
where you are there’s nothing that you need to do you can also change from one
Medicare drug plan to another Medicare drug plan so why would you do that well
if you’re on Original Medicare back to Original Medicare with a and B and a
supplement you probably got a Medicare drug plan and drug plans are specific to
certain kinds of drugs so if your prescriptions changed during the year
you may do better with a different drug plan than the one that you have right
now so it’s absolutely worth the time to compare so that you get the best value
out of the drug plan for what your current prescriptions are and again you
can change that each year and so if things have changed for you or things
might have changed in the drug plan as well yeah absolutely might want to
change into a different Medicare drug plan we can help you with that and
figure out if it makes sense to do that now what happens I find mostly is people
unhappy with Medicare Advantage want to come back to Original Medicare and you
can do that during the open enrollment period now where there is somewhat of a
caveat is if you come back so if you want to leave your Medicare Advantage
plan come back to Original Medicare a and B you can do that without any
questions asked you can also get a drug plan at that
time without any questions asked the issue is if you want to get a Medicare
supplement plan if you want to get a Medicare supplement plan you do need to
go through underwriting and be approved in order to do that once you’re in
Medicare then you need to clear underwriting to be able to get a
Medicare supplement plan now it’s not complicated
and it’s mostly big stuff that would disqualify you so hard
lung COPD cancer Parkinson’s big stuff just kind of like life insurance that
may disqualify you from a Medicare supplement plan but if you want to come
back in you’re relatively healthy it’s really not a problem it’s just a little
bit of a process and I can tell you well how do people are doing it so if you’re
going to do that you want to do it early because there gonna be a lot of
applications and underwriting and underwriting can take two weeks or three
weeks maybe even longer and just a little bit of a process to get it done
so if you want to leave it my care managed plan come back to
Medicare and getting Medicare supplement just do it as early as you possibly can
if you wait until December it’s going to be too late because you need to get
approved for your Medicare supplement plan before you can make the decision to
disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan and if you don’t get approved by
December 7th then you can’t make that decision to disenroll and you can’t do
it after December 7th with the exception of another period that comes up after
January 1st but again that’s a whole different story so now that we
understand what we can do and what most people do the typical reaction I get now
is what and that’s perfectly understandable it’s crazy ridiculous
on how confusing it is for most people so obviously that’s what I do and I help
people across the country make the right Medicare choice I can absolutely help
you and if you give me a call or visit my website
we’ll get you information very quickly we’ll make sure that you understand
whatever it is that you want to do and that we do it correctly so make sure you
just visit Medicare on video comm I’ve got just a tremendous amount of
information there I’ve got a complete video library that covers just about
every topic of Medicare that helps you understand exactly what you do them says
you don’t feel silly trying to figure all this out I also have guides and
forms so for just about anything that you need relating to Medicare it makes
it easy to get it all accomplished so just take a few minutes
visit Medicare and video comm I’m happy to help with any of this I hope you
found this video helpful and hey hey here we are Medicare open enrollment one
more time so I hope you have a fantastic day Medicare

5 thoughts on “Medicare Open Enrollment 2020 – 2020 Medicare Annual Enrollment & Medigap Open Enrollment

  1. Medigap is optional. You can switch back to original Medicare up to December 7th. You can add medigap anytime, it is private insurance.

    The best time to buy a Medigap policy is during your 6-month Medigap open enrollment period. During that time you can buy any Medigap policy sold in your state, even if you have health problems. This period automatically starts the month you're 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). After this enrollment period, you may not be able to buy a Medigap policy. If you're able to buy one, it may cost more.

    – If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan for the first time, and you aren’t happy with the plan, you’ll have special rights under federal law to buy a Medigap policy and a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan if you return to Original Medicare within 12 months of joining the Medicare Advantage Plan.
    – If you had a Medigap policy before you joined, you may be able to get the same policy back if the company still sells it. If it isn’t available, you can buy another Medigap policy.
    – If you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan when you were first eligible for Medicare, you can choose from any Medigap policy within the first year of joining.

    Some states provide additional special rights to buy a Medigap policy.

  2. Great advice…start early! I have family members who will soon be navigating through this process and this was a very helpful resource. Thank you!

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