Medicare for all doesn’t make sense | IN 60 SECONDS

Medicare for all doesn’t make sense | IN 60 SECONDS

Democrats rightly attack Republicans when
they promise their math-defying tax-cut plans will slash government revenue but somehow
not balloon deficits. Well, what tax cuts are to Republicans, single-payer
health care seems to be for Democrats: a populist policy idea that’s far more attractive in
theory than practice.  
Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan is the perfect example: Recall that economists
sharply criticized his presidential campaign’s health-care plan for severely underestimating
the costs of the benefits it offered. It turned out the taxes needed to pay for
BernieCare were twice as high as estimated.  
His plan would also phase out employer-provided health care, even though some 70 percent of
workers in those plans say they’re satisfied with their coverage. In other words, the Sanders plan fails to
recognize either economic or political reality, similar to many Republican tax cut promises. The economy is doing pretty well right now. Now is hardly time to gamble on ill-considered
populist schemes from the left or right.  
How about this instead: Stabilize ObamaCare. Reform the tax code to encourage more domestic
investment. And do both in a bipartisan, fiscally responsible

44 thoughts on “Medicare for all doesn’t make sense | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. I don't understand the like to dislike ratio. This was pretty reasonable. Honestly we should try to incentivize more companies to provide fringe benefits rather than providing them through government programs.

  2. Obama care was part of what killed the economy and health care the economy isn't doing so great

  3. US could easily afford medicare for all. Check out the F-35 project. But I don't live there, so whatever. Keep fucking yourself :^)

  4. "The economy is doing pretty well right now"

    Try telling that to the family who cannot afford to pay for the healthcare of their parents who are sick with strokes and heart attacks and cannot afford private insurance. Tell the children who's parents died because of the extortionate private schemes that it's good that they will be orphans for their entire lives so that the economy is 0.05% stronger for a few weeks. You can't fucking sacrifice peoples' lives and tear families apart and excuse it by saying 'MUH ECONOMY'. That's the exact sameshitty argument slave owners used- 'People who want to free slaves just don't understand economics! How are the cotton farmers meant to make a profit and grow the economy if they have to pa their workers?'

  5. … take the price gauging & the for profit motive out of Healthcare – single payer or medicare for all is the key !!! You can even call it Trumpcare if it makes you happy.

  6. Yeah, it would be expensive. And? One of the reason we've created countries is to task them organizing services they can do much better than individuals did beforehand. People pay taxes, and it is time to spend more on those who are in need.

  7. Here in the UK we have universal healthcare (Medicare for all). We spend 10% of our GDP on healthcare. The U.S spends 18% of its GDP on healthcare, and has a lower average life expectancy. America is the only developed nation on Earth that doesn't guarantee medical care to all of its citizens as a basic public service. Lobbyists want you to believe that it's impossible and impractical to do something in America that has already been done in every other developed country on Earth.

  8. Bullshit. Every other country makes it work just fine. The only problem Canada has is US meddling trying to destroy the medical system and US corporate pharma companies trying to rob the rest of the population of any wealth. If the US spent 1% of the present military budget on healthcare they would have a better public system than the rest of the world. It's not a matter of having enough tax money it's about priorities. The US would rather bomb and kill others than provide health care to their own.

  9. you say its twice the estimate sanders makes are your estimates taking into account medicare being able to negotiate better prices

  10. God I love Canada. Saw a random doctor, took 30 mins to get a prescription, paid 0 dollars. When to a nearby pharmacy, paid 6.5 dollars for pharmacy dispensing fees.

  11. Actually Bernie laid out the plan to pay for healthcare and college when he was running in the primary. But, it involved higher taxes on wall at and the top few percent so , you know, how will the poor billionaires get by if they have to pay a few more percent in taxes? People cry wealth redistribution when it means the ultra wealthy have to give back to the poor and middle class. But when ots the ultra wealthy taking from the poor and middle class ots just good ol capitalism. Fear mongering horseshit from the oligarchy strikes again.

  12. US healthcare is a big conservative failure. Americans pay much more and get less then the rest of the world. Conservatives simply have lost any credibilty on that topic.

    Why exactly doeas health insureance need to be linked to the employer? What if one is unemployed. Anything else is better than the status quo. Why not learning from the rest of the civilized world. Most have some sort of single payer model.

    In Switzerland we have though exclusively private insurer, however, they are strictly regulated, prices are negotiated/defined by the state. Any human being living in this country, is being singed up at an insurer – there is no way around it. Wether this system is better, than single payer, I don't know. Maybe something americans could relate to better.

    For any European it is incomprehensible, that it is possible not to have guranteed basic healthcare. For sure not in the civilized world.

  13. People in power want to keep the status quo by making "the middle" seem like the only reasonable place to be. The truth is that we don't have the money for our defense budget, and to make it work, the government shifts over 80% of personal income tax to the Department of Defense rather than the places that would help the average person. How anyone can say we don't have the money for people's health care without mentioning that tremendous elephant in the room, is beyond me.

  14. The only real solution to the healthcare issue in the United States is a free market health care system. No state boarders, no government requirements or limitation. Allow people to pay for the health coverage they want, force competition between providers, provide more choices and more importantly zero governmental subsidies. If you want to see how much of a failure a governmental single payer healthcare system would be in the United States, look no farther than the VA health system. It is a disaster, and anyone expecting the government to do any better with a general population single payer health care system is deluding themselves. As for the claims of how well European single payer health care is working out, they are hemorrhaging skilled doctors, every system is approaching bankruptcy as quality goes down and taxes go up.

  15. Instead of student loans, people could have a medical lifelong loan account for medical insurance fees and medical expenses that can never be forgiven and would be paid back over time or on death with estate.

  16. Many countries has done it, it has been proven to be economical. I just don't see the argument this video is trying to make. Maybe take more than 60 seconds next time because this a failed to explain anything.

  17. Every western democracy has government funded tax payer funded health care, except for the United States!
    Says everything!

  18. Australia has a Medicare single player system which covers basic doctors service and hospital care. Its funded by a medicare levy of 2% on taxable income. If you are in a high tax bracket (>90,000 AUD) and you don't buy private health cover you have to pay an additional levy surcharge of 1% income. In addition to that there is a "Lifetime health cover loading" , which increases your private health cover premiums by 2% each year once you turn 31, for each year that you delay getting private health cover.

    Basic hospital cover under a private plan is around $100 a month

  19. You had me till "stabilize Obamacare". Obamacare, specifically the public option, was admittedly designed to put private healthcare out of business and lead to single-payer. It's awful and should simply be repealed ASAP.

  20. 1) "The economy is doing pretty well right now" Oh really? In which alternate reality do you live?
    2) "Single-payer won't work" (paraphrase) Sure. You're saying the US is too stupid realise that, although expensive to set up initially, a healthy populace is actually less of a drain on the public purse and more productive – like almost every other country on Earth. Brave move, Jim, but I guess it's your porch the flaming shitbags will land on.

  21. If we can give trillions in tax breaks to big companies and for weapons of war and people die because no money, what are we even calling ourselves a country for? much less a God fearing country. Medicare for all~ like yesterday!

  22. This guy is an excellent stand-up comedian. Maybe 60s of comedy isn't a good measure of skill, but he still had me rolling on the floor laughing the whole time!

  23. Apart from the fact most 1st World countries already spend less per capita that the US using a Medicare for all approach

  24. I would have shared this video had it not been for his attack on Republican tax cuts. You're really not showing your understanding of economics if you are bashing the ridiculousness of medicare-for-all but then not understanding what the Laffer Curve is when it comes to tax cuts.

  25. The economy is doing well right now????!!! Wow, you lost all credibility right there. I don't know where you live but there is a lot of hurt in this country.

  26. Bernie is a champion. This guy in the video is a huge dumb fuck. Single Payer just switches the funding. And people with employer insurance still have too high of deductibles and shit. Do your own research beyond the corrupt clowns in the media who are literally paid to oppose single payer. Even right-wing governments use a form of single payer.

  27. Forget the number and just realize one thing, other countries less wealthy than ours covers everyone. Yes I know the could be a wait on some proceeders but never the less they are covered, and it boils down to money. This country is sick.

  28. I'm afraid that your lies are proven as such by the 155 nations around the world that use universal healthcare. Your greed and inability to care about people is showing.

  29. Dr. Claudia Fegan: Single-payer health system works

    “we already spend enough on health care in this country, we just allow too many people who are not involved in the delivery of care to take profit from it.”

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