Medicare Advantage Plans – All About Medicare

Medicare Advantage Plans – All About Medicare

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  1. Just as an update: Here are Medicare Advantage & Medicare Part D Commissions for 2017 as regulated by CMS: This changes every year and is announced by CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) in the last quarter of the year. You can find the same information in spreadsheet format direct from CMS here:

    Medicare Advantage plans can be the right choice for you, but only after you have considered the benefits and costs of a Medicare Supplement plan. For those on a limited budget, a Medicare Advantage plan offers a way to keep a cap on medical expenditures without increasing your monthly premium.

  2. The volume is so low you can barely hear it and I have it at highest volume. I really need to hear this video on the medicare advantage plans. Listened to one of your videos on medicare supplement plans and it was excellent. My husband just enrolled in a medicare advantage plan this past Dec. and we need to know if we made the right choice. Please re upload this video. Thank you so much!

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