Medical Doctor Opposes Healthcare Reform Bill

Medical Doctor Opposes Healthcare Reform Bill

now a dollar dot they’re leaning toward i think she’s against healthcare reform
but we’ll find out how she’s against proposal reliance and guys sheath has
written bro brightly web sites including big government dot com you’re black world dot com and new media
journal dot u_s_ so doctor george for the winter he came to continue to be here alright granddaddy on so of firstly i
understand where you’re coming out this thing for us uh… it would be my right using your
guess is health care reform rolled legislation in general and and wire you against if that’s true i think i’m coming from the petition of the doctor and patient relationship i’m not about in old people who’ve don’t know much about what it’s like to
treat patients implication point of view what like to be taken we need to get
care only nobody seems to be taking debt that packed it’s all about politics and it’s all about trying to one-up each
other and about getting any the next round but it’s not really realistic about how
it’s really would actually like on the ground level i hear you but so why is the bill wrong
in regards to laptop well ectc when we start allen let’s go with but the election that was said that it was intolerant trying to calmly police to take action to tax them
because there had to have his cadillac plant when you look at the numbers cadillac plan actually affects middle and working
class people could go to the people who have dipped
the p_t_l_ plant which is a majority of them out there now that’s going to be
tax forty percent that’s right i want to end up doing is ticking away patient
choice because ultimately that plant allowed people to go to
doctor that they want to when they want to without a gatekeeper that saturday then you’re right but that’s the plan that they’ll
liberals are against they don’t want the cat like plan taxation they what the
house version which that’s the top one percent
incident taxing the plans themselves that my foursome some americans to not
have the health care plan more elusive what have wyatt became pelican like that
right and apparently have no idea where this is going to end up so we have to build you wanted for a good week for kitchen
or dr tim boyfriend i regard you like the house version better now i can’t get out version the profit
while is no doubt but it does if it takes away patient
choice wifi by it subsidize king community-based health care so as a solo practitioner you have
occasion to have a choice either you implied by hospital well you joined a health alumni
community-based health care center but there’s no way you’d be able to stay
in business by urself or with another person if you do out because the reimbursements
dropped already dropped twenty percent they’re going to go even lower so he’s had no choice p to keep it open ticket out to to have any cation data to
be able to put you he’d have to get a calorie that
influenced by set out for us a little bit better this is a lot of people of
course motives are not doctor so they don’t know exactly what you’re referring to so
wildwood this bill in your estimation prevent doctors from setting up their own private practice interfere with the numbers are now everything in front of medicare rate over the past fifteen years medicare
rates have dropped every year women find that i have a problem with it
but it’s reached the point where they open or dictator or three more
patient or extenders in order to keep your doors open and that’s a major problem with health
care get left out the patient contact if doctor topeka many people committed
adores that they actually have left to do with
a tissue had more to do it administration this bill actually exacerbate that but i
have to do is let me think that flip it on you because by analytical about their
friends to complain about similar things and then they say reprise made even
harder because getting them medical malpractice
insurance is is so overwhelmingly costly especially for ob-gyn the in that it’s nearly impossible to do
a private brags that force you into the hospital right site here that
prospective but from that consumer group perspective our
perspective uh… medicare does keep those costs
lower and from a tighter perspective fit it keeps at lower and hence keeps the
budget lowering the deficit slower so if you can see how they’re not sure good
for us is mail eka absolutely untrue that you actually disconnection medicare actually jacks up the price for
people who don’t have health insurance they have to be they have to make up the
shortfall but the people who can actually paid what happened was initially medicare
became p template for reimbursement although insurance follows the medicare
rules tonight go maybe twenty percent higher than medicare
thirty percent higher than medicare but it’s based on the medicare will right because now it’s not just about
anything in terms of real cost taken control and consideration office equipment arnd office staff all dot scott have
gone up the reimbursement regard them so what that means what happens in
hospital stew it’s called cost-shifting and be
achieved fever insurance premium to change if you
look at what happened over the past ten years
canadian i think he’s coming in the ten dollar
cocaine five years ago now i have people coming in with five thousand dollar deductible ten thousand dollar deductible so the cost package injections been shifted fromt the insurance company communications and to the doctor because it’s a big thank the dot
contributing and hostile to getting less in embarrassment naked cocaine more contracted system but no one is getting any now much happy
about it what’s ahead on the network there’s so many problems with that of
your business but you know it the way you framed it it seems as of
these costs are constant no matter what these things are very very expensive and
in a cost that much no matter what and hence if it goes if you take it out of
here well than is going to pop up over here right out but it’s it’s not like
that i’ve seen reports from all over the world and how they do different medical
systems and because so much less than other countries including developed
countries like japan that memo grams cost a fraction of what they cost here
the allies of the same overall they think twenty five hundred dollars per person for health care trips we pay over that seventy two hundred i believe so
almost three times as much that they’re evers life expectancies
eighty-four or as a seven-year so without warning overspending belts while yeah your you can’t compare apples
started night stay tuned not like canada it’s
not like japan it’s nice to have a horrible inserts octet much my two prominent republican
allowed to go karan run amok thirty realty alm cost control in terms
of them they’ve actually taking that money from your premium timeline and
that you could prove to you know that you could forty thinkers they get a productive to deny health
care and nobody skate anything about that they even have monopolies insurance
concerned states so you don’t have a choice so died and
rose as you know anything about that i’d be happy though so on uh… then we agree on that and i’m glad to
hear that so then you would support the public option
for example or medicare buying something to create
real competition these insurance companies they’re taking so much money out of the
system and making everything works as a brawl but the problem is is public option if you look at the house illness senate
bill he’s going to run the public option envy exchange company run by united
healthcare or echo blue cross blue shield there is no that no other you know you know what innocent bystander and
that he’s got something that you must have all scarier theke i have a problem with that
so in that place do you think it in any case you’re saying that this bill is to
water down it’s not economic measures if if purists p i would all four uh… single kidnap people care but i
doubt it headed up a camp completed give complete living in the game that
would actually bring the cost down who work in it for profit and who had no other interests but cute
favorite many people added ed weiler kit pot could possibly have been but that
didn’t happen with the delta build got changed unfortunately soon afterward that
dependability work and actually don’t do what they think
that if you look at them direct access that attacks fish out union and then uh… denied care because
helpless written cokie actually have more people covered and had a complex and get more that’s impossible that’s what they’re promising okay possible were told that doctor
alanna towards the rice or big government dot com new museo about u_s_
that we had this kind of a rather process them you know then they will cover received
some sort of bipartisan compromise we have added intelligent discussion of
the issues abortion that’s not how it unfolded but you know we are about to george if we leave the status quo we don’t do
any of these bills and i by the way it idon’t like the bills and i’m scared to death that senate bill
is so weak and gives so much away to the different shiraz companies et-cetera
et-cetera that i have the same concerns you do that having our premiums are almost certainly
going to go up and and those guys are going to worry
alos but but if we don’t do anything the status
quo stings so unacceptable so three that’s the one there’s that issue too insecurity greeted and that’s great what would you do i mean how would you
change it that if it’s not that simple with you
about for strong republican auction which you have what would you about i would’ve made antitrust i would have made the
insurance company follow-up antitrust no will to life insurance company that’s
about orbit one and they basically alone complete hearing all through the country
folk actually able to fit their prices in the claim
that they don’t they actually do and the government actually it’s the floor what
they fit if anything i would do if tort reform
it’s time to have a change on the doctor unlike anybody practically medicine that’s going to hurt somebody
had killed him but if i’m not against but i am against frivolously who want to change the make appropriate
so that whoever loses the case have to tape the court costs of the one
who wins the cake that was stop people from bringing
privileged didn’t enough food you know you lose i’ve you know if i lose big deal if i
when i get a windfall murphy from consequent for different
fuck the third thing i would do it allow
people doctors to write off that debt so if i can occasionally i don’t get
paid i can’t go after them any can’t collect it and i just ate it but i’d be more than happy to treat
patients for free or basically given reduce rate right off the rest if i
could have a tax break on it so you actually have from some positive reinforcement to keep a
few can afford it or if they can’t make their build you don’t go after them so
you can actually get people break those you could actually work it wouldn’t cost
a lot of money and it with me people it would be in a positive way instead of
hurting gotten tired system and making everybody enemies and
everybody else and i am i’m really tired of the left
and right paradigm because uh… all you know they quickly act against and
it’s not democrats not republicans are all electronic together darted towards
we we’re gonna do that health care some of the roboblogger due on the twenty
fifth instead of the republicans and democrats
country maybe a little better off prompted by a green ticket because you
know on some of the stuff uh… i agree with you on some of them a
little fifty-fifty like for reform is very important and i i i
get that indicates because what a lot of people because you
don’t understand is it’s not the the doctors being sued that
so bat it’s that how much the insurance charges the doctors right that’s right
for getting sued and that’s what’s killing them in terms of cost and maybe we should be
reform on that insurance as well segment reviews they’re making an unbelievable
profit off that as well right you know i would consider section they
had only high-pressure doctored actually get suit five percent you make it makes it sound like
everything in moderation kids sometime in their creator not true and that type returned eighty percent win their case but delete all framed it right on going
to get him going to lose and there and should companies chapter to meet up without any regard so you’ll be able to reality so they’re
not you’ve been treated so for example that issue etc as to to the size though
okay so on the one side it’s the point you’re making a friend of mines ob-gyn
dissipate who hundred thousand dollars a year and
sherry it’s insanity that’s this absolutely nuts right without the flip
side to that is if you do the system that you’re suggesting that then britain the cost the possible cause of a
lawsuit is so high that almost no one is going to bring a
lawsuit if they don’t have the welfare of the money that are our so i don’t agree with that it can be got
hurt and look at silly review medical malpractice suitcases so if you can’t go on and i i’m give opinions actually against doctors and most of it came time no weren’t
afraid to bring a third of its appropriate a different recollections out there
let’s face it into didn’t get into the right college and to be happening obgyn
suite and they get ten fifteen years after the
fact akin appropriate so look at me and my bottom line on
their list nine million my bottom line on that is you know i’m i draw that line in a
different place than you thought but that’s something we could have a
reasonable compromise compassionately parameter right desiring silva finally end i want to brea one other idea with you
see what were your thoughts on a diet this is a pleasure to talk to someone
who actually has a real disagreements relevant
secretly supporting corporate america antennae guys are heading up the
corporate america try it out one right now yeah that certainly square so what
do you think about that idea of paying doctors are believers the mayo clinic
does where they said to a flat rate and they don’t charge per service hence
they remove the incentive to inflate services and order more taxes
that are etcetera possessing seven had a good result
entertaining costs with your notes on that you know look it deirdre actually arab
impropriety came out about the mayo clinic they have an extension in i think it’s arizona then we can stop taking medicare because
they can’t cover their own car all of those it sounds good it’s sound fabulous if you just make it
a flat rate but it doesn’t work that way and i have to tell you most optical order tactical taken
ordered from they order them for a reason and you can’t order cash because
they won’t be prepared to fight because you have to have a reason solvent debuted at the no i just made an
emotional it out future with it but in actuality most active don’t do
this cathy cleaver patient they do the
minimum they’d need to do to get the job done but i need to actually be able to keep
it going to open note that are usually can i don’t agree with it and i’ll say
wife beaters on a case-by-case basis you know we all know many lovely doctors in
and generally they want to do the right thing is setup but when you look at the
macro picture and doctors get paid more based on past
all the son of the most recognizable authorize socialism is our disincentives
matter was a great article redknapp in which magazine a motive in atlantic of about beg italian texas vs the marah no accident
that happens after that i had that article we do that i don’t agree with that i have a good people are going to take a
skin account to pay for a culture kaunsa several paypal order in kashmir that’s not true hospital give right but
that’s not to portray hospital they might see that’s why they don’t that
i’ve heard practitioner that’s a that’s why it’s different in in those counties
the doctors out or not working for a hospital they
several private practice so the more they charge the more money they take
home hence they have an incentive so i think
it is a better balanced to be hand out there and if you say hey look at mayo
played had some issues news was that we can work around that
i’d be interested here but but then i think on the stock law which involve doctor dryer or help you you can’t make a profit audit un honored
can’t enter surgery center you’re not allowed to dr legal so i don’t see how
that is necessary i know that protection nationwide lot
called the stock market and then they watch like a hockey can’t
do that so i don’t know if that’s actually true and that’s a really
inflammatory story out of pre appalled when i read it myself eddie vedder biologic outlined taken out
life it is going on accompany the direction of the places
might at work that way out but i don’t know and when i look at it but i think i
don’t believe that because they would deliver the macro picture of the united
states there’s a part of the reason why these
will cost us rocketing is that yes we compared to other
countries we order a lot more caps and we do a lot more surgeries et cetera me
look at the big picture and that has to be a matter of
incentives and disincentive if park than the average doctor who does the
procedure about ninety though you can’t come a
dollar for doing the procedure and the other key for the article with
the sergeant wrote about when oppression talked about cutting educating free for
making kind of money in about three hundred dollars for doing that this is
not a money-making venture to guess surgery actual coughed up dude caregiver
standoffish it’s actually flipped in the past ten
years click off you more money to go out to be a case detective leaving office if you can
change so you know you have to understand that
the monetary incentives but they play and what if actually true ok uh… felt
at a high tension for people i hear you amma list yet have the last
word on that and but i really enjoyed our discussion and he came as a pleasant out someone who’s coming
out of from a real perspective as it didn’t get a doctor’s perspective here
as well if you can’t i get my web address here we have slicker onyx dr d arguing that the l_a_ riots
george dot com and i write on a lot of cajun cooking the food industry which is
another conversation i’d love to have to keep harmless lucky trouble right now idon’t
know that at all either so in fact there later george dot com is the website thank you so much for
joining us really appreciate you act restate it

50 thoughts on “Medical Doctor Opposes Healthcare Reform Bill

  1. MS Dr. we don't have choose dr's and hospitals let you die if u don't have a health care so what chooses we have? to buy from the company's? well so whats wrong whit a cheap plan that the government sale health care

  2. Ron Paul's web site had his latest policy on it recently.
    He wants doctors to have the 'right' not to treat poor people in ER.
    Not even PAIN relief for the dying.
    RP thinks that people should be treated worse than animals.
    He is scum, a liar and a cheat, no different to his slippery racism and pro worst insurance demands.
    A smiling creep who looks like an uncle
    He believes in 'charity' = the boss decides who gets meds and who dies.
    wake up people.
    Ron Paul is biggest scum in politics today.

  3. see. this is good debating.

    no one is screaming and yelling and acting like Bill O, or Glenn Beck

    although those clowns very VERY entertaining

  4. Doctors feel entitled to live in a mansion, own a collection of exotic cars and vacation on their yacht. They work for profit not health.

  5. All of her points are irrelevant if we actually fixed health care costs, which it appears we will never do.

    An asprin does not cost a hospital $15, yet thats what they charge a patient. Between price gouging and the health care pimps (insurance companies) a solution will never be found until we regulate prices and remove the need for health care insurance totally.

  6. A couple more examples of RP.
    watch his interview on the morning after pill.
    He says the law should be changed so possession = murder charge.
    His biggest financial backer is a bullion salesman.
    He for segregated populations.. and yet sells it as a good deal to the poor.
    look on the web for his links to white racists.
    RP base is the old segregationists with gloss.
    he is the reason Pailn get any support at all.
    People know it is a messed up system, RP recruits the fools. he is pogrom politics.

  7. BTW, it is one of the coolest things in the world to know that others see Ron Paul as a liar and creep. thanks for the nice comment.
    It simply is not good that we make a world where others are harmed.
    Anyone can point to the problems with glossy vids. most don't because it is not that easy.
    we should fix it with reason and peace, not with more inequality, property elites ruling without fetter and less right to know.
    which is what RP tries to lever in.
    more democracy not less.

  8. docs order more tests because of the threat of litigation. So when they end up on a witness stand they can show all that they did to try and save a dying patient.

  9. Listen there is DEFINITELY incentive to do more tests but this "Stark Law" cannot prevent doctors from doing tests that the doctors say they need to do…

    Example: When I was younger they tested me for A.D.D. and I came out negative…. the doctor said the test was wrong and did it again…. negative. The doctor STILL said it was wrong and put me on ritalin. If someone comes in an office to see a Dr. and they are emotional BAM anti depressants. This doesn't happen in other countries…

  10. @jimmybrite OMG that is my pet peave when people do that. ESPECIALLY whe done vocally.

    I say "Man I hate it when the store rips me off" and they say "Yeah but don't you hate it when stores don't give you the right change".

  11. The republicans don't think we should regulate the insurance companies.

    I just added a video to my player that shows how the insurance companies come between the patient and doctor.

  12. good video. this is what pisses me off about the whole health care debate. when people start bringing up stuff like death panels and what not, they take attention away from real issues that should be discussed.

  13. whoops – not meant as a response to you – my bad – however – you can wait a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn long time in any urban hospital ER here in the states and if you don't have insurance they are just as likely to kick you to the curb.

  14. Know what'd be even better then what the lady wanted?

    Single Payer.

    In the US, the left and right paradigm is more like, Right and Further Right.

  15. In Japan, there is cost control on just about every medical procedure and prescription. Doctors don't get paid as much as a result, but everyone gets covered. Their living longer is more cultural. Specifically, the Japanese diet and food products are healthier.

  16. A balanced discussion? How did that happen? She is speaking in her interests, as a practitioner. She is financially motivated, so she is merely speaking on behalf of what change will mean to her – rather than what change will mean in a wider context.

  17. It's sad that politicians can't emulate this kind of debate. It would be easier for the politicians to make an intelligent compromise if everyone who votes could see these kinds of debates. It's really sad that the health care debate has been corrupted by partisanship and corporate influence. We would all know a good plan if we saw one.

  18. @ jimmybrite
    Well that was the first thought that crossed my mind, but I thought that you couldn't possibly mean that. But since it is apparent that you did. I have to disagree. Why in the would would you not want to be able to chose you doctor/hospital? What if you find out your doctor has been sued numerous times, wouldn't you want to be able to chose a different one?

  19. wow… that was a really good interview and she totally changed my mind about the healthcare bill. I was saying "well its better than nothing" but I just cant see that as true any more. In this case you have to go all or nothing. Either go universal or dont change it at all.

  20. @abortabraham

    I think Cenk was very reasonable in this interview.
    I actually haven't heard more reasonable interviewers on blogs on TV, so I think your view is just wrong.

  21. Dr. George has some common sense ideas. i wouldn't mind her approach, and it sounds more like the "good ole days" that people whine about.

  22. I like her tax right off suggestions.I have not seen any projections on the cost but it could be the cheapest way to treat the uninsured. Especially for hospitals that eat the cost.

    She is very pro-doctor, which is fine. I think you have to have two conversations when discussing health care costs. 1) doctors 2) hospitals; the cost drivers for each are almost reversed and dealings with insurance companies are completely reversed. Hospital networks dictate cost to insurance companies.

  23. I watch all TYT videos daily and they are great. But on the interviews Cenk, you need to listen to your guests more. During the interviews all you seem to be listening for are points that can appear to reinforce your own positions… and then you hijack the guest's point of view to make your own. This interview is a classic example…. quite unfortunate.

  24. @DanCdn

    Well, if you think Cenk's misusing the points of the one being interviewed, you'll hate 95% of all other interviews much more than this one, because those are often just off the chain.

  25. I apologize for my previous comment.

    Dr. Elainia George obviously is from the Jane Hamsher/Cenk Uygur school of thought. I'm just interested as to why she posted on Bitchbart's website.

  26. Give it a fucking rest anyone who earns more than legal minimum put in the hours. Most doctors are fucking useless antibiotics dispensers with a viagra and botox concession on the side. Entitled to suck the money out of the sick and weak, despicable.

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