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have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in
a miserable way so to start off today we start in the happiest place on the
planet actually probably the second happiest Disneyland is not Disney World
Disney World is the happiest place so what happened in Disneyland you may ask
so there’s a mini outbreak of Legionnaires disease so Disney Park has
shut down two cooling towers at its park in Southern California following an
outbreak of Legionnaires disease and if you don’t know what Legionnaires disease
is they’re Legionnaires disease doesn’t spread from person to person instead the
bacteria spreads to mist such as from air conditioning unit for large
buildings adults over the age of 50 and people with weak immune systems chronic
lung disease and or heavy tobacco use are most at risk
so in Orange County and it is now known that about 12 people have gotten the
Legionnaires disease people don’t freak out if you’ve been to Anaheim if you’ve
been there or if you’ve been to Disneyland recently and you worried that
you might have Legionnaires disease let me tell you the symptoms you might have
most people who are you know around the spread of the mist from the
air-conditioning ducts they will not have any symptoms but if you are having
symptoms these are what you need to look out for so those who do develop symptoms
may experience cough fever chills shortness of breath muscle aches
headaches and diarrhea and Legionnaires disease can be treated with antibiotics
such as azithromycin and cipro so if you’re feeling any of those aches pains
or you have the diarrhea and you feel off and you’ve been to Disneyland
Anaheim in recent past just get yourself checked out you’ll get the antibiotics
you’ll be cured you’ll be fine you’ll be treated do not freak out but if you have
been and you’re feeling shitty freak out go get checked to make sure it happens
moving right along so this is a really cute story that I definitely definitely
want you guys to join in and help out this is where you guys can make it a
difference outside of your day to day work as a nurse so the American Heart
Association is calling on knitting and crocheting enthusiasts to get to work
for a good cause what does this good cause you might ask
the cutest best most adorable cause there possibly can be okay so the
organization is looking for volunteers to knit and crochet infant size hats to
support the 3rd and 3rd annual little hats a big hearts program love that
title little hat big hearts a amazing marketing sidebar amazing marketing just
that name alone is just adorable right wait until you see the goddamn
cutest babies in the world right so the program provides handmade red hats to
the babies born at participating hospitals in February for American Heart
Month the program aims to raise awareness about heart health and
condition congenital heart defects so if you want to do this if you are a knitter
if you know how to crochet this is it this is where it begins
for all you grandmas out there for all you ladies out there and I’d say
grandmas and ladies I don’t want a stereotype if you’re a man if you’re a
young man that likes to crochet and ordinate good for god damn you I wish I
could but I don’t please knit away red hats send them to local American Heart
Association site if you don’t know where that is if you don’t know where to
deliver them and if you want more details on how to make those hats so
they are usable for these infants become the link is gonna be in the comment
section down below very important go check it out go give back this is
something you can do if you like knitting
edifis your meditation if it’s your calming way of living if that’s your
stress relief this is the best way to do it right instead of making sweaters for
ungrateful grandkids you can give it to some babies no most adorable babies on
the planet um and don’t make them huge huge hats
but you know you get the idea um just the only things I will tell you that our
big big big make sure that you using cotton or acrylic yarns and make sure
that you can put it machine washer or the dryer and if you
can’t knit like myself if you can’t crochet like myself what you can do is
donate yarn just go buy it and donate it and someone will be knitting away for
you I love this story I love ways that US nurses can give back outside of when
we’re in the building when we’re at the hospital when we at work so this is your
chance to give back moving on story number three of the day super super
interesting I love this story I think it’s absolutely great so this is this is
sticking it to those who are in power this is how you do it you do it the
right way fight resistance at its greatest right
so a twelve year old young girl in Colorado
assuming Attorney General Jeff Sessions over what the lawsuit claims is an
unconstitutional federal prohibition of medical marijuana what yes did you hear
that right are you confused I was until I read the story this is absolutely
amazing a twelve-year-old girl I obviously obviously obviously I don’t
think it’s a twelve-year-old girl I think it’s the parents but let’s get
some contact before we start you know jumping on the little lady for being on
the Wii the Wii her name Alexis for tell who uses a strain of cannabis oil called
Haley’s hope oh okay can we just pause right there all right so she’s using a
strain of cannabis called Haley’s Oh once you know why she uses it you might
be like oh that makes sense but if I just came through you on the corner and
said I got this new crush crush and it’s called Haley’s hope you’d be like deal
let me get her quick pop of that that’s the system I’ll of that name-o marketing
today you’re winning you’re winning anyways she uses a strain called Haley’s
hope to UM keep her seizures at bay so she has an epileptic issue um the
condition that she was born with and she uses a marijuana to keep it at bay to
keep that on the DL so the lawsuit will at least try to normalize medical
marijuana her best hope she says is that it will legalize it nationwide
so as you if you guys don’t know anything if you’re not in the weed
world if you’re not a smoker you don’t we probably don’t keep up as keen to
what’s going on with legalization of marijuana but marijuana is currently
classified as a schedule 1 drug this is nationwide
federally it’s classified as a schedule 1 drug the same classification as wait
for it heroine who’s considered a dangerous substance like cocaine
methamphetamine and fentanyl and other crazy crazy intense drugs so if you know
anything about these drug who am I talking about what am i yeah I’m talking
abunch of nurses here you guys know all of these drugs very very very well you
do because you hand out these drugs to paint pills to some of the patients who
have just admitted legs cut off we give these drugs to like like this is the
top-of-the-line end of the line drugs outside of heroin because heroin say no
one uses heroin unless you’re a junkie which is a situation that we need to you
know talk about in control but marijuana is definitely in no sense ever in the
same situation should ever been classified with dose drugs in any any
any any any sense of the way it’s just insane that we still believe
that it’s insane that the government so wants to keep marijuana at a Schedule
one drug situation so anyways so though you might say but cute she’s from
Colorado Colorado it’s legal in Colorado that is where the story has ended ok
that’s not where the story started so Alexis and her family Alexis Bartel and
her family moved to Colorado to be able to legally obtain cannabis oil to treat
the epilepsy doctors in her home state home state of Texas so this entire moved
to Colorado from Texas was because she could not use the the cannabis in Texas
so doctors in our home state of Texas has discussed the possibility of brain
surgery for the young girl and when asked about it she said I’d say it’s a
lot better than brain surgery of course if you had two options option one smoke
a little crush to keep the seizures from happening to you or have brain surgery
which would you choose is that even a question
this young girl Alexis you are super super brave from standing up and going
out there someone as powerful as Attorney General Jeff Sessions miss
portal Alexis portal you are a brave young little lady
I am sorry that you have this disorder but for you
stand up and for you to make the decision that you were gonna put
yourself out there for you to stand up and for you to decide to sue the
Attorney General of the United States of America
Oh hats off to little lady hats off good for you good for you
moving on um so this is a story that I am it’s not really a story this is just
a fun fun topic that I like to talk about and I’m doing this not so much not
so much for you but for us so I’m lucky enough
yay Goku Goku Goku Goku Goku that I have gotten a new job in a hospital my first
ever job in a real real Hospital and I say real hospital but I have been
working at a rehab hospital and I’ve gotten the best experience I love my job
there I still love my job there I think it’s amazing people amazing co-workers
but I’m moving on I’m moving on no and I’m going to be new I’m going to be new
all over again and I’ve only been a nurse I’m barely not new now at the job
I might so I am going to be new brand spanking new again at this new hospital
but but with that being said and this goes for me and especially especially
especially for all those brave new spanking new nurses in general that are
getting their first nursing job I want to talk about five tips that are going
to make your orientation yeah beautiful much more much more helpful much more
knowledgeable where you’re gonna be successful through your orientation
orientation can be super easy can be really relaxed if you just sit back and
do as little work as possible um it could be that but you won’t learn as
much it could also be super super difficult if you don’t know how much
you’ve taken and how much to let go and how much so I’m here to break down your
orientation give you five some salt five solid tips on to how your orientation
will be super successful if you do these things I’m actually stealing these tips
from Kathleen Cole de Ville from nurses or I’m going to put the link down below
she has ten tips up there so if you want more extensive explanation on how to
have a better orientation please go down and click that link Thank You Kathleen
sorry for stealing it but I’m giving you credit and
in in a cherry pick the five that I thought were most super super important
/ the ones I need to work on the most as well um number one nursing school you
don’t know jack-shit if you’re coming out of nursing school you know nothing
this is zero just understand that going to the orientation understanding that
you know nothing you just don’t you don’t know anything
number two always ask questions this is when I say always ask questions I
literally mean always ask questions ask why are they doing it the way they don’t
ask how are they doing ask where do you get that supplies ask how many times can
I do it ask do I need help doing this ask ask ask ask ask cuz during your
orientation this is the expectation no one expects you to know anything you
remember number one you don’t know anything people expect you not to know
jack-shit so ask away because that is the
expectation once your orientation is done usually if you’re asking the same
questions over and over again people get no way so take notes ask away but take
notes and try to remember alright that’s number two number two be
observation is key right you can read the skill the procedure you can watch
youtube videos of the skill the procedure as many times that you got
anymore but until you see it in real life until you change your wound back
and you sniff that odor whoo-hoo until you until you give that no even me
giving my first I am injection right like all of these things when you see it
in real life you you pick up on things you would never pick up on a YouTube
video you would absolutely never never even you know to think of in a textbook
so so um when you have your preceptor when you have going through your
orientation if you know that another nurse that is not your preceptor or if
you see a procedure happening that you haven’t seen all day that you know that
you’re going to have to deal with or if you don’t even know if you have to deal
with it but you want to check it out go check it out eyes on the prize the
more you see the more you will soak it though number four and I think number
four and five are very close to each other so number four is um you don’t
need to do everything on your own number five is don’t be a doormat so let’s do
it one second time so number four number you don’t need to do everything on your
own and this is huge for me for me for me for me especially for a new nurse for
brand new nurses when you go to a job you’re 20 years old you just graduated a
year like a couple of months ago this is your first job you get on the unit
you’ve done your orientation you start working and these 10 things you have to
do and now it’s time for you to delegate and you see on your right you see a PCA
that’s been Mia for 45 years you see on your left you see an LPN that’s been
here for 16 years you see a nurse that’s that doesn’t know the unit and they’re
here and they’ve been here for 15 years and it’s your responsibility to delegate
to those three people what to do so you can get your job done the most
efficiently most successfully everyone in the situation including the patients
or winning this is the hardest thing for me to do I hate hate hate with a passion
telling other people what to do I never in the history of my life want to be a
charge nurse I don’t like that kind of pressure all right I just know that
about myself and that’s who I am but I know that this part of my job is to
delegate right so you just have to learn and and I think this is much more of a
you get it the more you do a type of situation there’s no no book that’s
going to of course and the textbook is gonna tell you to delegate this job to
that person but when the time comes in this you know you the more you do it the
more you’ll get it right so this I’m spending a lot of time on this because
not only is to you but this is a whole lot for me as well I’m number five don’t
be a doormat this is simple so yes I just told you that you need to delegate
a whole lot and when you do delegate you need to be smart about it
but on top of being smart about delegating you also need to know when to
say no right now that comes hand-in-hand if you if there’s six things that need
to be done and another and one of the nursing aides a PCA another a nurse
wants help changing a patient and you’re in the middle of the Med pass
you’re not gonna say oh yeah let me stop my med pass and go help you do know
you’ve got to say no you’ve got to put your foot down another time you guys
need to know what to say no is when you just don’t know anything all
the way back to tip number two why I said that you need to ask away
if you didn’t do something you’ve never seen something and someone asked you to
do something and it’s in a rush you need to stand up and voice you you need to
say absolutely not not because I don’t want to I will not do it because I don’t
know how to I’m not comfortable doing it but I will go with you watch learn
observe and then next time I will hopefully do it by myself that’s all I
say so those are the five tips I think that that will help you like I said
again link down below nurse start or Kathleen she’s had ten tips much more
extensive as she explains everything through I love those tips thank you
again Kathleen I’m excited for my knee job and I am definitely definitely
definitely going to use these try to capitalize on these tips myself as I
move forward in my nursing career all right to end the show per usual nurse of
the god damn week so I’m in the camp that I believe that no I do I’m just
gonna say go nurses I’m in the camp that believes Nursing is the most
compassionate career out there right but I also do believe serving for your
country the military the Army the Marines whatever serving for your
country it’s probably the bravest thing you can do especially when you talk
about war it is a very very scary so I just want to shine a light on this super
starvin nurse so as a nurse at Stanford University Medical Center Marian Mullin
could have taken part in America’s first heart transplant so I am going back a
little ways away but this lady imagined this so she’s a nurse
she she has the opportunity of taking part in the first the the first the
first the number one the first heart transplant in the country right first
heart transplant in the country and instead she decides that no she’s gonna
go serve in Vietnam to go take care of the wounded soldiers and put herself an
actual real-life life-or-death harm like right this like this is this is the
decision she made as a nurse and she did this willingly she wasn’t drafted she
just did this willingly absolutely amazing so I’m the Vancouver woman was
one of the American civilians who work in South Vietnam through
State Department Assistance Programs she worked in the num I’m sorry the man I’m
sorry if I’m saying that wrong but she worked in Danang from November 1967
through May 19 1969 Marlo’s chief nurse of the United States medical and nursing
team in the second largest hospital in South Vietnam she’s a super woman she
she did it she’s amazing so I am in the camp of anti-war I want absolutely
nothing to do with war and I’m not just saying this practically you know oh you
know hugs and kisses kumbaya bullshit I am actually anti-war I really do think
that we as a country when I say we I mean you the United States needs to stop
intervening in people’s conflicts I think we need to just be a helping hand
so just like Marian Mullin dead who went to go serve I think we need to go do
that but not go to serve our wounded soldiers I think we should go serve and
help other places in a much more humanitarian type of way versus an
interventionist type of way where we helping or giving arms or fighting for a
different country no no no no no I am too too too far anti-war but without all
that being said with all that being said as I can disagree with any
commander-in-chief any armed general any war general 180
degrees the entire flip of the other way that the one thing I can not disagree
with them is that anyone and everyone who decides to serve their country is
not just only brave but they’re giving their life for people like us to live in
the country with the most freedom and just like it be free and like to think
the privileges we have because of those people who have fought for us is you
it’s it’s everything it’s everything that’s
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