Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat Is In Danger As His Challenger Catches Up To Him

Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat Is In Danger As His Challenger Catches Up To Him

The latest round of polling has some really
bad news to offer Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has held his current seat in the
Senate for 16 years and is up for reelection in 2020 but according to the latest poll,
Lindsey Graham only has 47% of the likely voters. His democratic challenger, Jamie Harrison
has 45% that’s only a two point difference between Lindsey Graham and the Democrat running
against him in South Carolina. And to make things better, this poll has a
margin of error of 3% which not only means it’s reliable, but also plus or minus 3% for
either of those candidates flips the race. That’s the important thing that we need to
remember folks. Lindsey Graham right now is in a statistical
tie with his democratic opponent. Even though Graham is a 16 coming up on 17
year veteran in the United States Senate representing the state of South Carolina and he’s in a
tie. What needs to happen at this point is that
Democrats, the DNC, you know, whatever other democratic organizations are out there, start
pumping money into South Carolina. We can beat Lindsay Graham. We absolutely can beat Lindsey Graham, but
we can’t do it without some national attention on this race. Lindsey Graham out outside, outside of the
state of the South Carolina is universally hated, much like Ted Cruz was. That’s why Ted Cruz’s Senate race against
Beto O’Rourke was so expensive and why everybody in this country knew who was running against
Ted Cruz. Everybody hates Ted Cruz and that’s why they
gave so much money to his opponent who almost pulled it off in Texas, Texas, a little bit
redder than South Carolina right now, or at the time, not maybe any more, but South Carolina
is also shifting. So lots of things are different. There is no such thing as a state that refuses
to vote for the other party anymore. We’re seeing that across this country. South Carolina can be the next example, but
we can’t get there if Jamie Harrison doesn’t start getting some money from the establishment
of the democratic party, and I hate to promote the establishment or tell them, Hey, let’s,
we need your help, but we need your help. Everybody can chip in. All of us, a dollar, $5 $10 we can do what
we can because this is not just about maybe letting the Democrats take back a majority
in the Senate. It’s about sending home forever. One of the worst people to sit in the US Senate
in my lifetime. Let’s make this happen folks.

100 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat Is In Danger As His Challenger Catches Up To Him

  1. Just more Fake News folks.. Don't get your hopes up Democrats! Remember what these "Polls" were predicting just before the 2016 Presidential Election. Stop falling for this sort of nonsense over and over and over again for Heaven's Sake ✌🏼


  3. Lindsey Graham is one of The Best Senators According to God & HIS Holy Angels!!! And would be a HUGE lose if he is Not to be re-elected. What some of you in these comments say, is an indication that you do not know the truth about what is going on & therefore he is being accused Wrongly!

    Senator Lindsey Graham is a dedicated, very intelligent Faithful to America!!!

    He is The Best choice for a Senator representing The State of South Carolina!!!

  4. ALL THIS BULL SHIT, having congressmen & senators in office longer than two terms should have been resolved back in 1947, when those morons presented, then amended The Constitution with The 22nd Amendment, in 1951 !! Those Shit- For – Brains should have included the Senate & HoR in that amendment as well !!! smh

  5. Lindsey cockhead Graham is a two faced sycophant that is now wearing urine stained underwear as he pisses himself knowing he will probably lose the next election. His own people now think he stinks and has assumed the pungent stench of a pus filled Trumper whose only allegiance is to Russia…..and honestly believes that his own people are so stupid that they will elect him again………I just hope that maggot finds himself swinging from a gallows when all this Bullshit is over.

  6. 16 years too long , he'll be gone in 2020 , just has no credibility left , he's going to be tucking his tail between his legs and leaving in an embarrassing loss.

  7. Judging from some of the comments on here in support of Lindsey Graham losing his seat it's obvious you people are dumb!do you not know that pulls are completely irrelevant? Are you not intelligent enough to realize that? Evidently not

  8. Lindsey needs to go, we all need to go viral and remove Lindsey, Jim Jordan and the Georgia guy, Mitch too they all need to go home and take a nap.

  9. I think if u put a good apponent against linseed they will win him, not the guy the dems currently is running against him. Dems should be way ahead against a weak opponent like linsy Graham.

  10. Traits of Despots and Dictators
    > exaggeration of their mandate to govern;
    > ongoing effort to turn the public against the media;
    > history of repeatedly lying to the public;
    > blaming economic stresses on immigrants;
    > treating all opposition as enemies;
    > appointing family members to high positions of authority;
    > keeping personal finances secret;
    > militarizing the borders;
    > militarizing the police;
    > increasing the military budget.

  11. I’m from Illinois,if I can vote in South Carolina against mr. Lier Lindsay I’m very happy 😃 let’s put him down together all groups of republican Lier away from from the dirt house ,after all been done ✅, let’s clean paint anew color,so that will never remember them , Lier………..The corrupts Republicans…..

  12. Yes Lindsey after 17 years we will retire you on voting date we are watching you closely so stop and honor your oath Lindsey you work for us the Americans people not for a
    Party Lindsey

  13. Get Graham and McConnell the fuck out NOW!!!!!!!!!! they are two of trumps biggest goons take there seats and weaken trump

  14. All congressman and Women needs to be term limited, Graham would've been a mere thought by now if he served out his term and had been replaced. Instead we have to deal with hipocritical minds of the pass who only care about the power they keep as opposed to the constituents they WORK FOR! !!

  15. Also Mitch McConnell is coming up for elation in kentucky where we just voted on a Democrat Governor…. Come on Kentucky do the right thing.

  16. All the GOP have been Anarchists long before Russia's intervention in our Democracy-Election,
    their ideals are in line with Vladimir Putin of destroying our Institutions.

  17. If lindsey graham won't even look at the proof in front of his face, and won't give an honest answer even though the evidence is there. He deserve to be thrown voted out of office overwhelmingly, he's a disgraced to his party and his people who he represents.

  18. I may move to s.c. just to vote against him. He betrayed his friend senator McCain by being just another Trump syncophat.

  19. Yaaaaaaay‼️🙏🏽💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽‼️

  20. This great friend to McCain.  Disgraced the memory of his "friend" by kissing the ass of the moron who insulted him and his service to this country.  He needs to go

  21. Lindsey Graham is a disgrace. He should pull his hypocritical head out of Trump's ass.
    All I can figure is Graham must not believe in God, Heaven and Hell. Otherwise, he would be worried about what his old friend McCain would say to him if they meet in heaven. Of course, if all that stuff turns out to be real, he might not have to worry about running into McCain. Because, siding with Trump, despite KNOWING (and even saying in 2015) what Trump is, should earn Graham an express ticket to hell.

  22. Graham’s seat has been in danger many times before…he’ll just bite the pillow and dig his nails into the bed posts for dear life as always.

    …tomorrow will be the same story…

    Ohhhh, you meant his Senate seat…

  23. Actually it’s great news. LG is outa
    there. He staged all of this b/c he is more than ready to go HOME
    Yes you can beat ole boy b/c he’s ready to fly the coop

  24. Lindsey Graham has gotten so comfortable in his senate seat he has forgotten his oath of office the man has no integrity this joke of a United States Senator it's just time for him to go America is getting sick and tired I've seen the people that they sent to Washington forget why they are there

  25. He acts like he was replaced by a body snatcher compared to his former pre-Trump self. But if this is actually the true Graham, he was a weak lapdog fooling everyone for a long time. He just changed masters from McCain to Trump, and what's grossly obvious is the man needs someone to suck up to. And to think this weakling wanted to be President. What a disaster that would've been.

  26. Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat will be lost next election, Moscow Mitch will also lose his seat 2020, just can't do there job! Both are worthless!

  27. SC resident here, for the sake of our country, Graham needs to GO! and I don’t mean send him back down here, I’m thinking Mexico? Ecuador? Deserted island in the Pacific?

  28. Putin via a cut out gives 1 million to parnas who gave half to rudy, while Panas has phones records between himself (parnas) and rudy and nunes. There goes checks and balances, the executive is to make sure the legislature is not having secret phone calls with Ukrainian Russian gangsters. And balances, the legislature is to make sure the executive is not having secret phone calls with Ukrainian Russian gangsters. Maybe checks and balances is like a moon roof, we don't really need it…not what I learned but hey fuck it right, who cares, it's just a bunch or words right? Pffft, checks and balances, who needs it!

    But Nunes is a legislator and he don’t work for free and Parnas only gave Rudy half the money. So Nunes probably getting paid too and HE KNOWS Putin gave Trump $500K, see phone records. So maybe others are getting paid, they certainly at a minimum know and covering up that Putin gave Trump $500K, and it could be any of them getting paid and or at least knowing, Nancy, Jordan, McConnell any of them, on any side. It's money, they love money!

    So if that is whats up, for McConnell, making these rules, the worst thing would be getting caught right? Imagine if some of them are covering up that Putin put $500K in the white house? Is that the worst thing they ever did. If one could argue that Russia is in a hot war with Ukraine and they are our ally, the enemy of our friend is our enemy and that means, McConnell, Jordan, Graham whoever knows is aiding the enemy. Would that not mean Treason? So this would be the worst thing any of these pricks ever did right? I don't know, does anybody know? Even losing your senate seat is better than getting caught, could this be correct, I mean the money is there, the phone records is there…so there would be nothing Schumer or anyone could say to McConnell it would sound like the grown-ups talking on Charlie Brown, he wouldn't even hear that right?

    So one half broke the government by having the executive and the legislature making secret Ukrainian gangster phone calls, would not matter what they spoke about, the call records themselves does that. The other half was too incompetent to protect our system.

    So 1000 years ago. The King hires a warlord to guard the gold, half the warlords army takes the gold. The other half of the army still gets beheaded or whatever for their incompetence, go get them all out of the capital building all 500 of them…they either did it or were too stupid or corrupt in their own way to stop it. Is that about right? so do we need checks and balances or not, what’s the answer?

  29. Let's turn Lindsey Graham senate seat blue in 2020. Google what Lindsey Graham said about tRump before he was president. Now he's just in the loop with the rest of them. 💙💙💙💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  30. I reject the “Blue no Matter Who”, thing. It’s a loser legislatively.

    That said, anyone short of the devil is better than this guy.

  31. I bet all you LEFT WING ASS WIPES were sure celebrating when president Trump supposably got impeached.. So what's wrong? Are you scared now? Is that why you PATHETIC SNOW FLAKES are talking shit about Lindsey and Mitch?

  32. His ass needs to go IMMEDIATELY! I'm hoping he lose his seat. We don't need a heartless despicable and worst person the world. Next to dirty Mitch McConnell and dirty fatboy Trump.

  33. Graham’s not Going to give it up but die trying. Thank Heaven for checks and balances but not a GOP that insists on denying and defending their chosen leader who they elected and now settled in. Politics and a groups symbolic and chosen leader reaches into a personal realm of archetypal stance that resembles their collective defense of how a person would defend their own father. For example: My dad may be somewhat irrational but he’s still my dad. It’s them against us and no matter how irrational a “father” (or their leader) may behave we still love him and he’s protecting the family. This is the political atmosphere we’re in, a stage of collective energy post 2008 recession/depression that has now polarized based on survival, sort of speak. “Survival” kicks in a level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that is desperately defending a collective rational cause underneath the warped and crooked surface details and rationale. The rich is surviving while in turn their desperation is trickling down to set off those that feel their desperation based off of their traditional party orientation. Their not going to denounce their father who instilled in them critical partisan points of affiliation tied to familial upbringing and now projected on a political and partisan collective scale. It’s like standing up for their own home and taking it away is not going to happen.

  34. Lindsey Graham distorts the other person who is speaking cuts him in the middle with Lindsey Graham putting his hillbillie 2 cent worth of information I hope the people in south Carolina wake up and vote against him in this coming election in 2020 13 years in the Senate is enough for him last I heard he was losing by2 percent vote him out! I can't stand his tactics!

  35. You have no idea how happy I would be to see Lindsay Graham go. Please, please, please South Carolina, vote this hypocritical and cancerous soul out of office!

  36. It’s doesn’t matter how many years Senator Lindsey Graham and McConnell in the office, this two crazy Senators is no near good politician as they thing they are, they are a bunch of flip flops, and Donal J Trump’s big time A-kisser, they’re a really ignorant freak, all is about Trump and themselves to get re-elected so this two greedy hungry corrupt administration/politicians will keep continuing abusing their power violated the laws of constitutional and if this two politicians Lindsey Graham and McConnell and this crazy President seating in the office for 4 more years they will make all of us living hell, we all will live like we were living in communist regimes, under dictator, abusive power, corruption Administration. That’s is the danger we all will face it and we all must act and do something about it to get rid of this massive and dirty politicians. Shame on them, disgraceful

  37. It would be fabulous if this sellout lost his seat right away. He's already sold his soul so his ultimate comeuppance absolutely will come… and by. But an immediate consequence would be tasty indeed here in the meanwhile.

  38. If we replace him it will be with another Republican. Hang on to your bippy folks! The Democrats are trying to ruin our country with their socialist agenda. Since the late 1940's they have lied to us and taken our freedoms away. Pay attention to history!


  40. Jaime Harrison running against Graham in SC. Amy McGrath running against McConnell in KY. We can donate to/volunteer for these quality candidates, regardless of which state we reside in. We should, as the safety and well being of our People, nation and the greater good of the world depend on it!

  41. Hopefully Harrison won't be a token black man who simply does what he's told to do, much like Obama was for the Dems…😎

  42. I have a US passport..but lapsed 20 years..and would renew it just to get this slimebag Graham out of office..
    As the saying goes.."One wouldn't give Graham even the steam off one's piss". A devious creature and aberration of humanity..along with Jordan and Mitch of Moscow.
    Guantanamo needs a facelift to eventually house Trump and crony clan and maybe put Manafort and Cohen and all the other crims.

  43. I saw an old interview yesterday and he was calling Trump a moron. Also said trump was incapable to be president. What happened to that guy?

  44. Lisa Grande should be pulled out of the Senate by his feet and throw him back into the street as a regular citizen because he is worthless by that country for that state or anybody in this country

  45. I would definitely give up money to get Lindsey Graham out of this office in the Senate that is the worst guy I've ever seen in history I'll kick up $5 easily for that

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