Lawrence: Dem Healthcare Plans Exist In ‘Fantasy’ In Which McConnell Is Not Majority Leader | MSNBC

Lawrence: Dem Healthcare Plans Exist In ‘Fantasy’ In Which McConnell Is Not Majority Leader | MSNBC

58 thoughts on “Lawrence: Dem Healthcare Plans Exist In ‘Fantasy’ In Which McConnell Is Not Majority Leader | MSNBC

  1. Lawrence, wow.. never felt he was so lacking before. Of course candidate plans require them to have the power to implement them. I want to just say 'duh', because really why does that vacuous sentiment need saying? What is he expecting from the circus that 'debates' have become? These are just stump speeches with more arguing thrown in. These are not the pubic access political debates from the black-and-white era.

  2. Amazing. Bernie's M4A saves $450 billion a year without insurance companies including dental, hearing and vision care and in home elderly care. Why is there a question about this?The interview with the director of infectious disease who was a head of the scientific study at Yale for the following report.

  3. However, it would make it obvious that the Republicans were maliciously preventing the delivery of better health care to citizens.

  4. Mitch will NOT be the majority leader after 2020…and if you feel anything else, give up your salary and go dark. Hope and desire is half of the work and we will succeed. NO MORE OLIGARCHS

  5. I remember 2009, the democrats had a super majority in both the house and senate, the republican party was on life support, then came Obamacare, the democrats got obliterated and the republicans took over everything. Healthcare is political suicide.

  6. It's quite admirable that Mitch has worked so hard to push through the lower drug price, election security, gun safety, and healthcare bills. All in the name of helping the Americans who put him in office.
    Wait, what's that now? He hasn't done any of those things and is letting those problems go unsolved? 🤔
    That doesn't sound like the republican party I know! 😄😆🤣

  7. You poor scared little millionaire. Americans used to march into machine gun fire to keep our people and democracy safe and you run and hide because of McConnel? Coward.

  8. I would rather have someone at least trying their best. Rather than a usual corporate shill who promises and then does nothing.

  9. Whichever dem candidate wins, he/she will have 8 years to get the reforms approved. And Republican senators may have to approve it, if they want to be re-elected, or see other Republicans elected.

  10. The oracles of the oligarchs have spoken: "Thou shall not have any idols before my golden wee-wee." Media is in the can for "anybody but Bernie" again.

  11. We all know we must vote out the
    Corrupt Mitch and his GOP to have
    a working government. Eyes Open America the people deserve more
    than we are getting.

  12. Lawrence has lost it. You fight for M4A , AS A country, until it is passed. Mitch might stop it, not having 60 might stop it, but you continue the fight. This is not an idea that goes away in the absence of Sanders. This is going to happen.
    But not if you don't fight.
    O'Donnell disappoints me. He has become a manufacturer of consent, not a journalist.
    The facts are, no one will stop fighting for M4A that supports it under Sanders, until it gets passed.

  13. When 80%+ of the country is clamoring for Medicare for all when Bernie gets elected we shall see if the Republicans can block it. But unlike other Bernie Bro's I do not necessarily disagree with Lawrence about the difficulty if there is a Republican Senate. I am hoping that my instincts are correct and that only 35% of the country are stark raving lunatics.

  14. I know that you being Republican, that you are so ignorant that you don't realize you are ignorant. I could be considered a Bernie supporter, but I would like to consider myself Bernie burner. The thieves and the criminality oh those who you support can be defeated and we can have health care. We will put all y'all in jail, because your biggest beef with Bernie is that he's going to stop you from stealing, and if you think you have the right to hit me in the face and not get hit back then everything that's been said about you is correct. Most glaringly that you are a fool. REALTALK

  15. Lawrence got the point..!
    DNC should also rule up to eliminate candidates from mocking each others up on their past issues, paticularly on the subjects that most people had already known..
    The aim of such debates were originated from how to provide voters with substansial knowledge of the candidates presenting their best and acceptable thoughts, ideas and programs to deal with their pursuing leadership.

    Their BIG AIM is to INFLATE with more voters, not to DEFLATE others

  16. 1. China was mentioned.
    2. Hard to discuss foreign policy when certain candidates don’t even know the neighboring President
    3. If they are to discuss only what Mitch will agree to, let’s just all shut the lights off and go home.

    What a terrible analysis.

  17. If we have learned anything it's that the Democrats need to control Congress if anything is going to get done. Stranglehold Mitch needs to go.

  18. MSNBC, you know how hard it is to put the puzzle back together? If you cut shows down to pieces of 1 or 2 minutes it's impossible to hollow. You're gonna lose viewers! Who here wants soundbites? We want substance. If I need talking points I go over and watch FOX News! You started about a week ago with this. End it please.

  19. Lawrence is afraid of Mitch McConnell, we're not.
    I'll fix the description: "Lawrence O'Donnell discusses the 2020 Democratic candidates' just giving up and becoming Republicans."

  20. The USA is not a democracy with politicians in the senate determined to frustrate the will of the majority in the House of Representatives.

  21. It is more vital to success to keep every democrat senator and add as many new democrat senators as possible so, we take the majority and do away with Moscow Mitch and as many GOP (Goons of Putin) as possible.

  22. Exactly!
    Until the Senate is flipped over, nothing will matter.
    GA, TN, KY, CO, ME, IA, AZ, AK. Must be pressed hard for CHANGE.

  23. Finally Lawrence has a good sense of knowledge about this healthcare bill that these debaters is trying to get in which it will never get in thank you Lawrence for giving the voters a little bit more knowledge on these healthcare bills that’s never going to pay us

  24. Good call, Lawrence O'Donnell! People vastly underestimate how much Moscow Mitch McConnell hates the American people .

  25. The only way out of the Ayn Rand trap set during the 1980s under Ronald Ray Gun is to have a Progressive majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, with a Progressive President. Neither the Corpocrats nor the Republicans can help us.

  26. STF, Lawrence. You were once greatly respected, but these days you're becoming a senile old coot.
    MFA may not be able to pass THIS CURRENT Senate, but no bill can, thanks to the traitor Moscow Mitch. Bernie will set the benchmark for the future. He will set the GOAL, and change the overall tone / thinking both in Washington DC and in the country as a whole.  Then when Republican senators get kicked out en masse in the next Senate election,  real progress will be viable.   Millions of Americans are suffering RIGHT NOW. We don't need some wishy-washy middle-of -the-road candidate, who want to change slowly.  
    And the money is obviously there!   Americans will simply pay a little more in taxes,  and then save a FORTUNE on healthcare / insurance costs. Health care isn't free,  we will still be paying for it,  just with government control over costs and corruption.   I mean,  DUH.

  27. What Lawrence said about McConnell is just one more reason why Democrats have nothing to lose by speaking out for the complete repeal of McCarran-Ferguson, rather than just the occasional politically safe amendments.

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