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Well first new this came out charged we raise
$40 million laid by state view capital. subscription management startup charge be said on Wednesday
that it has raised $40 million funding in round laid by hedge fund state view capital.
Existing investor inside Venture Partners and XL partner also participate in their own
charity which was founded in 2011. by Chris Subrahmanyam, KP sovereign, Rajaraman s. And
theologian T, currently offers a payment subscription billing platform, which is compatible with
other global payment network and gateway such as stripe and PayPal enterprise is raising
startup recognize the value of subscription based businesses, unlike transition revenue
model subscription require companies to evaluate longer term metrics and redefined key performance
indicator for success. Sarah courage Subramaniam co founder and CEO of charged up it raised
18.5 million dollar from inside asset and us Tiger Global Management last year before
which you to raise $5 million in 2015 from asset and Tiger Next is JM financial we he
buys stake in Nokia GM financial private equity has about a significant minority stake in
nutraceutical firm in OK, Life Science Private Limited, a person aware of the developments
in the valuation of the deal will not be independently verified. However, the transition will happen
across two tranches based on achievement of operating milestone negotiated between the
two parties. The person said requesting anonymity JM financial private equity is investing around
4500 rupees in the nutraceutical film. He added the Navi Mumbai based company founded
in 2014 by late cawood one DP Norma Chandan Raja and VJW says vendor nude radical cosmetics
and dietary supplements across India The company plans to use the fresh capital to fuel its
expansion plan. The person said the proceeds will also be used to argument you know care
current product portfolio and expansion into new therapeutics area. Next is RB bus cross
700 crore rupees GMU, which is gross merchandise value in financial 2019 plans to launch train
ticketing online bus ticketing platform RB was which competes with go IB will own the
red bus cross 700 crore rupees in annual gross merchandise value, which is gmu for financial
year end March 2019 and subsequently broke even in the year according to the top company
executive we have to close 505 million downloads of a reverse mobile app and we do about a
million transition a month on our platform and how close in around 35 or transition to
date around 80% of those transition on mobile sales who are ready who is TAZ to have a rebirth
in an interview a current to ready A B bus is growing 40% year on year in terms of total
GMU and company plans to achieve thousand crore rupees GMU by the end of financial year
2020 to meet the target the company is on track to launch 10 ticket booking on his platform
within the next two months said ready it also range into online hotel booking through partnership
with hotel aggregators such as oil and rainbow. Next news is coming out from a two startups
to create one lakh air deep learning expert by 222 startup incubator at Indian Institute
of Technology Madras how join hand with a mission to create one lack experts in artificial
intelligence and deep learning by 2020 movie which offered platform for student entire
two and three cities to learn in vernacular language is now collaborating with one for
labs and a startup founded by IIT Madras faculty which offer advanced a course at nominal fees
at starting at 1000 rupees is one of the dominant technologies of this generation, which has
helped machines reach human level performance on specific tasks such as identifying face
classifying images, playing complex strategies, game detecting and Amir in medical images
and so on. There is a huge demand on a talent in India but the supply is limited due to
a shortage of affordable courses which takes student from basics to advanced topics. And our last news is came out from KTMJTM
eyes healthcare space seeks to add Dr. to widen user base digital payment company PTM
values about $15 billion is said to enter the healthcare payments is to widen its customer
base last month. PTM had said it was expanding his educational service from fee payment application
forms and career counseling to education insurance, loan and job application. The firm now aims
to create beta merchandise solely for doctor to help them receive consulting fees using
ATM to and make bulk purchase such as medical supplies. If you want to daily updates about
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