Kid Gets Denied Healthcare For Being Too Skinny

Kid Gets Denied Healthcare For Being Too Skinny

remember last week will cover the story
of baby alex who was uh… considered by his uh… insurance company or the rocky mountain
health plans wid when they were trying to get insurance for maybe alex consider them to fact and a flat-out
told them that uh… the family that be fun to be called the baby leo sorry sir but uh… alistair too fat leaking every but he called his dad and i let him know
that is that having to be a reporter uh… and and news anchors so taking a little bit of media attention
behind it and then everybody was outraged and saying kamon what sip baby cryptic back we can’t put it on a treadmill right so
and then finally said that uh… rocky mountain health plan said okay okay no
ma sqn uh… will cover uh… this unacceptably
fabric an invite will change our policy was of
course a flaw that we had overlooked until there was giant media attention uh… that uh… we’re not covering
babies that are in the ninety-fifth percentile in weight at a bar again the kids can’t do anything about
it they were born that way or the kid was drinking was breast milk assault was p right well now we had the exact opposite uh… two-year-old insulin bates has
been denied coverage because she is tuesday i’m not kidding uh… united healthcare golden rule the very bottom rana khalili both health
insurance company has said that uh… has told the we are in in these quotes
are unbelievable quote we are unable to provide coverage
for a slim because her height than we do not meet our company standards uh… i’m sorry that she did not meet
your company standards as a two-year-old and then they come on the bed of there they say that uh… eighty-nine
process for property that health care both of the eighty nine percent of
people who apply pressure it’s uh… and that uh… insurers have their cop proprietary height and weight guidelines
that they can’t share so they deny kids if they don’t meet
certain height weight guidelines and i said well we cover eighty nine percent
of people eleven percent well that’s a sad day for
you if you get kids there to senior to fact uh… well does but we the people that might be dangerous milic exactly and that’s why we don’t cover now if you try to make a profit and you don’t want to give uh…
insurance to people who actually might need it maybe that’s the way you go godbless couples right and i got no probs with campbell’s them
when yourselves sneakers but when you’re selling health insurance
and if you don’t get health insurance to people and they die well and we got a different issue limit sewed up answers a mass in all the
people out there what did you have a baby or child in
this case is to that it’s considered by these companies
to not meet company standards what do you do that i think is the whole point of insurance the cover you it’s not the whole point of insurance ev if they’re not gonna cover you when
you need it and these kids kids don’t even need to
get it just might need it because of tuesday near too fat uh… and by the way somebody’s gotta be
right somebody’s head in the ninety-fifth percentile uh… uh… or the fifth percentile so all those people or out a lot right so don’t have babies like that all right watch out they’re not grown adults like to do some
about their way and if if they’re only so they sure so people
that they think are perfectly healthy and will stay perfectly healthy then what’s the point of having trips

100 thoughts on “Kid Gets Denied Healthcare For Being Too Skinny

  1. The problem with capitalism is that if it can make a buck, it must be good. On paper, that's a good idea, because it's a free exchange. But then, slavery was at one time considered okay, because it made money. It took a lot of people to look at it and say 'Hey, that ain't right' before it was improved. It's a good system, but it needs people watching it and injecting some common sense. Reform is deffinatly needed, and it needs a lot of people saying so to drill it home.

  2. That is incredible! My daughter will soon be 16. When she was 2 she was about the same weight 22 pounds. I could carry her on my hip until she was 8 years old. Docs told me she was in the 75 percentile aka undertall, underweight. I did not give it a second thought. She comes from short stock. She is now a healthy 99- 103 pound, 5 foot teen. Health insurance companies are ridiculous when it comes to their *charts* for children.

  3. How long is it going to take for our President to step up more in stamping in the Public Option and to restrict these insurance companies for denying coverage to people because of these stupid reasons? This has to stop! It makes me think there should be a high penalty or just shut down these stupid insurance companies.

  4. As I said before, new criteria: Only the deceased get healthcare, but it must be confirmed by a doctor, who wont attend you unless you have been officially declared deceased.

    Next excuses will be:Too black, Too Caucasian, Has Commitment Issues, "Just Not Buying It"

  5. In a society that values capitalism to the extreme, this is the healthcare we get for it. The bottom dollar is more important than peoples lives and societies overall health. Then, if you can't afford insurance for your kids, you have Republicans telling you to "be responsible and just buy some."

    Democrats have been trying to fix this for 60 years. Medicare was harped on the same way as the Public Option now is, back when it was passed. Now those denying us the PO have Medicare! Absurd!

  6. People the reason Obama hasnt stepped up so that YOU can see for yourself what REALLY happens with insurance companies, what real families are going through with the whole isurance crap for once people are really looking into their insurance companies and asking why. I am happy that we are all seeing what the average person is going through with these middlemen and their denial of coverage. If your pro-life then you SHOULD be PRO Universal HEALTHCARE. Simple as that.

  7. Sooo glad I live in Canada with my socialized medicine. I don't have to ask anyone if something is covered or not. I can go to any doctor I want or as many as I want (My mom went to 16 different doctors when she had fibroid because 15 of them wanted to do a hysterectomy – the 16th didn't and she's been fine for the last 20yrs). And the longest I've ever waited in an emergeny room was 20 minutes because there were more serioius cases ahead of me. US is the ONLY 1st world country without it.

  8. do these lowlives ever stop the propaganda and bs hope they have kid who dont meet the company standards cause that is low rockbottom

  9. Obama is a very smart guy and they (insurance comp.) are like a deer in headlights. If you listen to this story that Cenk is talking about it boils down to your too fat baby & 2 year old lil girl your too skinny this is nothing more than the insurance saying give me your money we dont provide any service. Basicaly for you lamens its like saying You paid for a handjob the hooker takes your money and walks away and your left with Mr. winkie in your own hands… to deal with it yourself. lol

  10. I am even happier that they are kids & white. If these were any other enthnicity you would read more hate & racial bullony in the comments section from racist trolls.
    Healthcare for all will happen. I have hope in my fellow citizens of all colors that they will not let my husband die from his illness. One day I will have this huge weight off my shoulders & not worry that he will not be able to get the care he needs since his insurance comp dropped him for doing the unthinkable… surviving.

  11. Have faith Cenk and all you pro untied healthcare for all. We need to expose the assholes first befor we take em out… This is some baddass shit taking place you expose the enemy you inform the public and let them seal the enemies fate at the hands of their citizens. Know this repuklicans from all states including my own Texas we see you we know your intrests lie in furthuring yourself and could care less about us we will… in comming elections vote for the other guy assholes!!!

  12. America….psh, Last in the industrialized world in everything except military expenditures, what a joke of a country.

  13. Can I just say, I am VERY happy right now to see some intelligent opinions on YT. Be strong, brothers and sisters, change happens slowly, but it does happen.

  14. deathmetalwolf85 : "So the company has to weed out the possible sickly people to stay in business."


    Do they deny insurance to the super healthy because they don't need it? Of course not.

    Are the risky health cases not to be balanced by the unrisky health cases?

  15. i know its just a photo of her face, but the child doesn't look THAT skinny to me! i was expecting something much worse… cant believe they consider her "too skinny" for coverage

  16. As much as the Conservatives defend the current Insurance industry and call Obama a Nazi for wanting to change it, isn't it ironic that those very insurance companies are practicing Nazi behaviors with their "doesn't meet company standards" with the people they insure?

  17. MegaVolcano took the words out of my mouth.
    Deciding who gets to LIVE based on preconceived physical attributes was the staple of Hitlers Germany.

  18. Health insurance fascism. Real fascism with real victims. Happening on our watch (and with our silent consent) in the good ol' USA.

  19. How can anyone justify being against a public option when we see clearly that PRIVATE insurers are flat-out saying no? This is mind-boggling. If everyone had a private option, at least then you'd have some sort of a case (a weak one, but a case). But here the private companies are saying, 'no, we won't insure you.' Um… hello! This is proof that a public option is not only needed — it's completely necessary.

  20. Right on, Cenk! It's also ridiculous that these insurance companies aren't even allowing the parents to pay a higher premium to reflect the added "risk" — those families are just shut out completely, so the insurance companies can keep their profits high. It's a farce to suggest that any insurance companies actually care about "health" or medical services beyond the legal minimum, to maximize the corporations' bank accounts. Conservatives who want to keep the status quo are downright evil.

  21. They do have accident insurance. It's called AFLAC insurance. As their slogan goes, "if you get hurt and miss work, it wont hurt to miss work" Sometimes the kids get it at school for a twenty four hour policy or just a policy to cover injuries at school or school functions.

  22. I wish I owned an insurance company. I'd put a policy for only healthy people and if you get sick or hurt we don't pay. We only want your money. I'd call it Aetna or United Healthcare or Cigna or Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  23. Here's one for you, my brother in laws insurance requires them to call for approval before an ER visit, or they wont pay.

    So if one of kids gets hurt, you're supposed to call for approval before going to the ER.

    Someone should really tell them the E stands for emergency.

  24. It looks like the rest of the country like to ride on the wave of the successes of progressive ideas as evidence that they are hard working and intelligent. This is how you win from keeping people ignorant

  25. How much will the wars in the middle east cost over 10 years? No, make that 20 years. Lets not forget the human cost of taking care of the war vets. Since we are throwing number$ around 3 Trillion and counting. Everything cost$ but what is more valuable? The great equalizer here is that everyone gets sick, but going to war is a choice.

  26. ok so bigtex is retarded….and yes the bill is open to reading….secondly you are not "STUCK WITH" it …it is simply a public OPTION. ie you can still use private healthcare if you want (though private healthcare companies are scared shitless because the government wont need the ridiculous profits, and can offer healthcare cheaply)

    Ps where do you get your estimates from lol? public healthcare (like it is for just about every first world nation) is massively cheaper. U fool.

  27. It's because in our political system whoever has the money has the power. It's backwards, we fear our government you guy's make the government fear you. I also really like the "vote of no confidence" option you guys have.

  28. i know, when will these idiots realise its the best resource a country can have.

    i mean they dont get that we can still have private insurance if we choose but having the nhs there assures you of high quality treatment no matter what.

    grow up america and join the civilized world

  29. why would these ins. co. being doing ridiculous things like this while we are discussing a need for change. they always say everything is fine, but it is obviously not. they slap the american people in the face over and over again.

  30. I really don't get it – how is it insurance companies make big money for sick and dying people – when we pay their salaries (bailout),
    And was this child trying out for americas next top model or …. Come on America wake up and get the NHS and stop being last in healthcare for all. GEEEZ

  31. I'm pretty sure you can disable the ads in your settings. Of course, if you're not logged in, you'll probably have to sit through them.

  32. What's next? A kid can't get health care because he is not raised in the same religion as the person who determines who gets health care?

  33. healthcare for profit is illegal, with all the republican bullshit about death panels it's the health insurance companies actually doing it.
    they decide who lives and who dies all for the almighty dollar. what's your life worth? because the insurance companies are putting thier own price on your life….

  34. You lost all credit when you say he's the best man on earth. Nobody is 'the best man' because that's a opinion, not fact.

  35. listen dumbass he couldnt BUY insurance because the insurance company said the kid didnt meet there standards….. What a Fail Douche

  36. Scale the doctors use to say if someone is fat or not is bull shit they just take your height and weight into consideration… according to that chart I am considered to be over weight… However when they did my fitness test in lifetime they actually pinched and measured my fat and I was considered to be in an excellent shape because I have a lot of muscle 🙂 .

  37. You have to be one of the biggest idiots on the planet. No wonder why you're a rethug. The lack of brain cells says it at. Your mother should of swallowed..

  38. other countries spend less but cover more people. america spends 16% of our budget on health care, the next country that spends that much is canada at 11% and they cover more people. Alot of other countries are spending less than 10% and they able to cover all of their citizens. how come america cant cover everyone with 16% of the budget?

  39. society will be judged on how you treat your weakest people.

    Why not put the handicap parking at the back of the store and forget giving up your seat on a bus or train to a senior too bad oldie! Tuf luck

    If you leave health care the way it is, it will rot America from the inside out.

  40. "Alot of other countries are spending less than 10% and they able to cover all of their citizens. how come america cant cover everyone with 16% of the budget?"

    Social Security checks could be a big part of the problem. Can't give out retirement money to 65 yearolds if the average life span is 80 and quickly approaching one hundred. Then the republicans want to talk about free loaders and ignore the old who don't work!

  41. Ahh I see. Thanks for clarifying I honestly never heard of that before.

    I live in Canada… I really don't mind paying longer for health security for myself and fellow Canadians.

    Are those stats accurate when you consider how much you guys pay extra for private health insurance? Where did you get your stats? Are there any metrics when you factor in private health insurance?

    I am curious to see the stats 🙂

  42. I hear ya. I think we can both agree that the proposal as it stands is not satisfactory. I am leaning towards universal health care because… well… I know it works for us up here in Canada. Canada is different than America of course, so you guys need to find a way that works for your society.

    In Ontario we privatized Hydro and created middlemen between the consumer and the actual utility…. we now pay hundreds of dollars more per month for electricity!

    …fucks sakes.

  43. We are not forced into a basic right of equal health. I know if I get sick, my country will help me… no matter what is in my bank account.

    Don't get me wrong… I do understand what you mean and agree with the argument.

    Thanks for the info.


  44. I fail to see the technical difference between Health Insurance Capitalism and Sneakers Capitalism. Yes one has worse consequences than the other, but that doesen't make "sneakers capitalism" all right.

    The majority of people involved in ANY kind of capitalism gets cheated. The loss in most cases is fruit of labor, but when it's human health it's apparently remarkably different. Why?

    Cenk keeps saying he supports capitalism, but never why, and he hates the bad that capitalism brings!

  45. @

    That's a strong possibly, The USA needs Universal Heath Care and more regulation on the private heath insurers.

  46. @

    I have to disagree with you, even with national heath care you still want options. It would be best if the government imposed more laws and regulation on private heath care insures so that they can not screw you over.

  47. In my opinion, if America has the funds to kill people, then it must have the funds to heal people. Over the past 8 years or so, the US has spend over 800 billion dollars killing people, when that expense could have saved the lives of many Americans. Fuck costly and unnecessary wars.

  48. Beat the standards outta them. i cant believe this, both kids were totally beautiful, and deserve health insurance as much as the next kid (no matter what percentile they're in).

  49. Over here we have an NHS. When we gett ill we are more concerned about getting better and we don't need to worry about this insurance bullshit.

    I have private medical care through my work but I still elect for NHS more often than not because until I get majorly ill (which thankfully I have not been recently) the NHS matches private healthcare 9/10. This is why the UK's life expectancy is pretty high. We take care of our own. We value human life more than premiums and insurance.

  50. Well here in AMERICA it's the FUCK YOU system of HEALTH care if you get sick and can't afford insurance!

    Capitalism is great and not so great at the same time, especially when dealing with health insurance…

  51. @Somozusi I agree with your statement totally. Greed is corrupting and clouding people's visions. It isn't socialist, its being humane, valuing human life as you said.

  52. i dont get it, you pay so much fucking money for your insurance just for them to deny you coverage. thats just fucking sad and pathetic

  53. breast fed babies are often chubbier, it's cause breast milk is nutritious, but saying that fat babies aren't allowed on their plan, means that more moms are going to be pushed to formula feeding. they'll have a bunch of skinny, formula fed babies, growing up, and draining their company of funds cause overall, they're a less healthy bunch… good plan.

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