Kamala Harris keeps shifting her health care position

Kamala Harris keeps shifting her health care position

-I intend to co-sponsor
the Medicaid for All bill. And — Because it’s just
the right thing to do. I am proud to co-sponsor it. It is about saying that this is
about a right, not about a privilege
for a few. You don’t have to go
through the process of going through
an insurance company. Let’s eliminate all of that.
-Medicare for All would effectively eliminate
private insurance. It would essentially phase out private insurance companies —
-As the main source, but there would
still be supplemental — There’d still be access
to supplemental. It was in the context of saying,
“Let’s get rid of all the bureaucracy,
let’s get all of the” — -Oh, not
the insurance companies? -No.
That’s not what I meant. I support Medicare for All. It is my preferred —
-As a principle, you mean, not Bernie Sanders bill. -I support the bill.
-Okay. -I support the bill. -If the bill gets rid of private
insurance for everything that — -It doesn’t get rid
of supplemental insurance. -Right, for cosmetic surgery,
but for all — -So it doesn’t get rid
of all insurance. -Who here would abolish
their private health insurance in favor
of a government-run plan. Alright. -Do you believe
that private insurance should be eliminated
in this country? -No.
-You don’t? -No, I do not. -But you raised
your hand last night. -But the question was,
“Would you give up your private insurance
for that option?” and I said yes. My plan will separate your
healthcare from your employer, meaning your employer
will no longer dictate the kind of healthcare
you receive. Under my plan of Medicare
for All, private insurance companies
will be able to provide coverage if they play by our rules.

81 thoughts on “Kamala Harris keeps shifting her health care position

  1. Trumps Accomplishments since your media refuses to enlighten you!







    NO TPP



















  2. Harris was my choice but I am very disappointed in her…warren has energy of a rock star…Sanders is just another Trump only too far left…Biden is a Democrat win over Trump…so right now Harris has caused her own damage and maybe attorney general is her calling…

  3. Kamala is a phony. Honestly shocked she even became a senator in the first place. I guess being propped up by the corporate media helps.

  4. Why don't all the unnecessary democrats drop out and run for the house or Senate for the hood of the party. Bernie/Warren ticket and start going for the win. Iys lime dems want to loose.

  5. Obama took $800 Billion dollars from Paid Medicare, and made obamacare.
    A glorified Medicaid. Who are they going to steal from this time ?

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  7. Like all politicians running for office they say what the audience wants to hear and has little to nothing to do with what they will do once in office.

  8. Just purchased the audio book Brian Banks and what he went through in the California judicial system lead by Kamala Harris…and for this reason young innocent black men like Brian Banks i will never vote for a Kamala Harris….because i know as a prosecutor in California Kamala Harris has prosecuted some young innocent black man and woman and put them in jail…I could never vote for Kamala Harris because she has been a part of the judicial system that has wronged some innocent black person…..I do know some were probably guilty of the crimes they were convicted of…but there are some that were innocent like a Brian Banks…

  9. Harris/Warren 2020 if you don't want a black female President and a native American Vice President you're a racist and a sexist and you should sit down and shut up. You all are a bunch of racist, Nazi, sexist, white supremacist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigots

  10. Hey Kamala,

    1)     You supported and defended a for-profit privatized prison system.  THEN you accepted their donations.

    2)     You jailed 1500 people (mostly black) for simple marijuana possession.  THEN you laughed about smoking marijuana yourself on the Breakfast Club podcast

    3)     You fought against reforming the cash for bail system that has devastated poor and black communities.

    4)     You fought to keep all convictions resulting from a lab technician who was using and selling the drugs instead of testing for authenticity so a judge had to ORDER you to overturn 600 convictions.

    5)     You fought to block an advanced DNA test that could have freed a black death row inmate. The governor had to ORDER you to allow it.

    You may have slept your way into you first position in San Francisco with an old man (verifiable) but you will NOT sleep your way into the Oval Office. We are onto you.

    Major Tulsi Gabbard (the true progressive woman of color) exposed you for what you are.  And your response?  “I didn’t have enough time to respond.”  Well Kamala, Anderson Cooper gave you plenty of time to respond that night in a post-debate interview and the only two points you made were: 1) “Tulsi isn’t a top tier candidate.  I expected that” and 2) “Tulsi met with a dictator.”  So allow me to address those two points:

    1.      After Tulsi got done with you, you too are no longer a top tier candidate (check the polls)

    2.      Yes, Tulsi did meet with a brutal dictator.  She met her on the debate stage and ended her bid for the U.S. presidency.

    Hey Kamala, Going against Major Tulsi Gabbard on a debate stage was a little bit different than going against the poor and powerless from your prosecutor’s throne wasn’t it?

  11. I like Bernie but his online supporters make me feel very uneasy. Remind me of trump and his supporters, kinda cult like

  12. Put a cap on what Big Pharma can charge, like Europe, because Europe does this, American subsidizes pharmaceuticals for them. Put a Cap. Open up across state lines. Donald said this, but has done nothing. Open it up across state lines. See how that affects prices 1st.

  13. Thanks to Tulsi Gabbard, people started to see through her. Amazing how the Wash Post and others in the MSM are so afraid that Tulsi will get a voice. I guess the war industry is really, really afraid that Tulsi's message will catch on. As a vet, who knows that many other vets agree with her, the smears will not work this time…

  14. That's not "goal post shifting." If you had decent listening skills, like she does, you'd recognize that she has been EXPLAINING WHAT SHE MEANS. But of course, all you care about is snipping little clips out from whole videos, trying to take her words out of context, and so on. THAT'S BAD JOURNALISM on YOUR part, WP! UNSUBSCRIBING NOW!

  15. I dont see the problem. Europe does similar stuff where you have both private and government insurance with a degree of price control. It's just that super left Dems just don't want anything private and see this as hypocrisy. 🤦

  16. I feel mean saying it, but this woman comes across as so damn unlikable. Smacks of someone who'd abuse her power, as reported from her days as a prosecutor.

  17. Kamala Harris is just trying to get votes. She does not have a clue about health care or any other issue that means anything to the common person. She is an absolute dumbass.

  18. Man, she just sounds like she's making stuff up. literally every interview she gives it's like she's flying off the cuff. smdh

  19. She started going down from the day she viciously attacked Joe Biden with all her jugulars pumped up, it was not a pretty picture.

  20. This is unfair reporting at best. Elizabeth Warren has equivocated several times on the question of private insurance. Bernie recently changed his plan for unions. Harris never fully endorsed the elimination of private insurance.

  21. She’s black/shes Indian, shes progressive/ shes a prosecutor… those are the biggest flips, how did you not see this little one coming

  22. Cause she's a fraud and a phony. I mean Tulsi exposed her right in the debates in front of MILLIONS and Kamala couldn't even defend her terrible record when presented with the facts. She didn't even try. Just went straight to smearing her.

  23. If you wanna know the core of what "flip-flopping" on a issue is, just look at this video. She's everywhere it's sad…lol! 😂

  24. The DNC Will Be Forcing Out Gabbard, Sanders, Beto, Yang, and Stein Out of Presidential Primary.. The DNC Only Wants Biden, Warren, and Harris In The 2020 Race!!

  25. Howard to Howard? Remember the Mission. Amd let's be crystal. There is only one mission. ONE. Dump Trump and dump the GOP, at all costs. There is no Mission 2. We ALL have a part to play. So. January 2021. Is your best possible place as POTUS, or is your best possible place in 2021 as Attorney General of the United States of America? Me? There is NOTHING I'd like to see better than you standing there while Dipshit Donald is Mirandized and cuffed.

  26. If the DNC put the fix in for Kamala – they can kiss the presidency goodbye. But hey I think they would rather lose and keep that lovely corporate cash.

  27. She is not changing. She doesn’t understand it. It’s too complicated for her to understand. She knows only one thing : Talking over people ( what the Lamestream media calls persecuting the case against Trump officials) SAD!

  28. She has no clue what she is talking about….. She just lies to cover her original lies… After a while she forget what she lied about and changed her position again to cover herself to not look like a fool….Wash, rinse, repeat….

  29. If even the neoliberal corporatist establishment shill media The Washington Post is calling out Kamala Harris for keep flipping and flopping on heathcare, then you know her flip-flopping must have been truly awful.

  30. Tulsi Gabbard may not be able to make the third debate, at least she has delivered a killing blow to Kamala Harris, from which Kamala will never be able to completely recover. Tulsi had brought the much-needed attention to Kamala's indefensibly awful records as a prosecutor and worst of all, the shocking unpreparedness of Kamala in respond to the records. Kamala still does not have a good defense for her records. If she can't even defend her records now, Trump will tear her a new arse in the general election debate. Because of her baggage – i.e., her horrible records as a prosecutor and her inability to come up with even an excuse for those records, Kamala is actually "UNELECTABLE". Her baggage will be her downfall is she ever faces Trump in the general election.

  31. Harris doesn't have a position. Whatever way the wind blows. Women of color. (Dude's got to go) you're so interested in getting the young vote you don't see how pathetic you are. Maybe you can get some medical marijuana you know being a sociopath and all.

  32. Tulsi took her OUT, and Tulsi is the ONLY democrat I’ll vote for. If Tulsi’s not on the ticket, they’ve LOST my vote.

  33. What a wanker. Does she not realize as the pool of healthcare insurance victims shrinks the burden of profits will come from those who remain on private insurance programs? The shareholders are not interested in declining returns. It is completely unworkable. If it did work than you would have this model in other countries and that is simply not the case. Sorry Kamala this is plan is garbage.

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